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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 10


The man’s voice was cold and rang in the empty hall like a cold wind blowing through the open window.

The guard bowed his head and reported, “This subordinate has constantly been paying attention to the King’s Mark and found that it is in a constant state of brightness.”

The King’s Mark was a sacred item and would only light up when the owner was within a limited range.

The King’s Mark had been sleeping for so long. The fact that it was bright could only represent that its master was around.

The man was stunned and only whispered after a long time, “Search the capital and lock down His Majesty’s position.”

The guard replied, “Yes!”

The hall emptied and the man stood still. His appearance was hidden by the cloak and the only thing that fell outside was the white hair and clenched fists.

It was a very beautiful hand even if it was tightly held in the form of a fist. It could be imagined how perfect the hand would be when it was spread out.

Xie Xi wasn’t aware that his whereabouts were revealed in this manner. He was currently panicking about his little lion…

Was it this bad? They just slept together and the little lion entered the estrus period?

Xie Xi didn’t want to die in bed.

Jiang Xie quickly shot up and almost fell off the bed.

Xie Xi wanted to pull him up but couldn’t. “Little…” He couldn’t continue because he saw Jiang Xie’s risen clothes.

Jiang Xie also noticed his gaze and turned red as he rushed into the bathroom.

Xie Xi also felt an awkwardness from his own body. After all, he just had such a dream.

He weakly drew a cleaning ball and washed his clothes. The advantage of his clothes being white was that the cleaning ball couldn’t make it whiter.

It didn’t seem to be estrus yet? Xie Xi thought about the situation described by Huer’s mother and felt that if it was the true estrus period, the little lion wouldn’t be able to leave so calmly.

Was it just that after growing up, the lion had thoughts about him? Xie Xi never doubted that Jiang Xie would like himself or that Jiang Xie would fall in love at first sight. After all, he had witnessed it so many times.

It was just a bit wrong this time. Xie Xi was afraid to do anything when his body was so bad. The little lion was young and vigorous. How could Xie Xi endure it? Thus, he couldn’t drag it out and had to hurry to find a way to cure his body!

On one side, Xie Xi was suffering while on the other side, Jiang Xie was also in shock.

He kissed Xie Xi, it was a real kiss. It wasn’t a dream or a fantasy. It was a real touch on Xie Xi’s dry lips. It was as beautiful as the dream… no, it was better than the dream. It was soft and sweet enough to paralyze his heart.

After the unspeakable taste was an abyss where he couldn’t see any light. Xie Xi’s panicked expression and the uneasiness at which he clung to the quilt were deadly vipers that bit at Jiang Xie’s internal organs.

He was… surely disgusted. Jiang Xie clung to the edge of the bathtub as if to crush the wood.

What should he do? Was Xie Xi disappointed in him?

By the time Jiang Xie emerged from the bathroom, Xie Xi was already dressed neatly.

Neither of them spoke or looked at each other.

Jiang Xie thought a lot… it didn’t matter if Xie Xi scolded him or felt disgusted.

He couldn’t leave Xie Xi now. He could only safely leave after the other person’s body was healed.

The thought of leaving caused Jiang Xie’s heart to split into two halves.

In his short life, the memories of his family were limited to his father’s kind smile and his sister’s warm words.

He was too young when the accident happened at home and it was a miracle that the little lion could escape the disaster.

Then there was only Xie Xi in his life.

Xie Xi’s body was weak but this man gave him the warmth of a family, working tirelessly to treat people and exchange food for Jiang Xie.

The people of the village said that Jiang Xie was obedient and did all the housework. It was appropriate for Xie Xi to take care of him.

However, without Xie Xi, the young Jiang Xie could only starve to death. It was the man with thin shoulders who really supported the family.

Jiang Xie knew all about it and was very grateful and willing to do everything he could. He didn’t know why such admiration had changed.

Why did he have dreams like that, why did he think too much about Xie Xi, why was he so greedy?


Why was his beating heart full of attachment to Xie Xi? It was just estrus. Why did he want a male like himself? Why? Jiang Xie didn’t know.

It was just that the thought of separating made him as sad as if there was only darkness in front of him.

There was a knock on the door and the staff member asked, “Are the guests awake? Breakfast is ready.” Last night, they had mentioned the time they would get up which was why the employee came.

Xie Xi replied, “We’ve woken up. You can enter.”

The employee opened the door and served a simple breakfast. “There is a bowl of rice porridge and meat. The eggs and side dishes are served in the hotel. The two of you will have to go there.”

The employee put down the things to leave when Xie Xi asked him, “Is there a spare room today? We’ll be staying here for a few more days.”

The employee asked, “You want another room?”

Xie Xi replied, “Yes.”

“I’m not certain yet. If someone checks out in the afternoon then I’ll keep it for you.”

Xie Xi thanked him.

The entire time, Jiang Xie didn’t speak. In fact, it was enough for the two of them to live in this room. The hotel had prepared two sets of bedding and it was very spacious.


Jiang Xie’s heart was bitter. It wasn’t easy for Xie Xi to save money and now he had to pay twice as much.

Xie Xi didn’t mention the morning incident and treated Jiang Xie as if nothing happened.

However, Jiang Xie was sharp and noticed that Xie Xi was keeping a distance from him.

They weren’t face to face when eating and in the carriage ride, they weren’t next to each other. Even at the medical center, Xie Xi went up the stairs alone.

Jiang Xie didn’t dare take the initiative to help and could only carefully follow along, afraid of this person falling.

Xie Xi’s faint alienation was torture for Jiang Xie.

He thought he should be thankful and this was the best result, but he couldn’t control his sense of reason. The huge sense of loss was like a collapsed dome thrown at him.

He had never thought it but after being so clearly rejected, he felt very uncomfortable.

They lined up at the medical hall and it was their turn around noon.

The doctor was famous in the city and had many banners hanging behind him such as ‘Miracle Doctor’ and ‘Doctor’s Heart.’ The doctor himself was kind-hearted. Despite working all morning, he wasn’t irritable at all.

Once Xie Xi sat down, the doctor asked, “Do you have a past medical record?”

Xie Xi shook his head. “I was previously in a remote village and haven’t seen anyone.”

The doctor didn’t say anything and gave him several tests. This world was quite mixed. It had an ancient style but a lot of technology was also developed.

The doctor’s brow became tighter and tighter. Xie Xi saw him like this and knew that it wasn’t curable. On the side, Jiang Xie couldn’t help asking, “How is it?”

The doctor paused and asked Jiang Xie, “You are…”

The villagers called them father and son because they had seen Jiang Xie as a child.

In front of an unfamiliar person, the tall Jiang Xie was more like Xie Xi’s brother

Xie Xi replied, “He is my family. Doctor, you can talk directly to me.”

The word ‘family’ was quite vague but this was a private matter and it wasn’t convenient for outsiders to ask.

The doctor looked at Xie Xi’s demeanour and sighed, the thoughts in his heart unknown. “I will give you a prescription. Go back and take it a while to see.”

Xie Xi understood that this meant there was no cure but Jiang Xie didn’t understand.

Xie Xi didn’t want to let Jiang Xie worry and answered, “Thank you, Doctor.”

He took his prescription and Jiang Xie immediately stood up. “I’ll go and get the medicine.”

Once he left, Xie Xi asked, “Doctor, is there really no cure for my illness?”

The doctor looked at him. “I can’t do it. In today’s world, if there is anyone who can cure such a serious illness, I’m afraid it is only the national teacher.”

Xie Xi was shocked.

The doctor shook his head. “It is just that the national teacher is busy with the country’s affairs and has no time to see ordinary people.”

The implication was that even if there was a cure… Xie Xi couldn’t afford it.

Xie Xi hadn’t thought too much previously but now he had to pay attention to the Tiger Country’s national teacher.

This was Leo’s quasi-world. How was this national teacher so important.

Xie Xi couldn’t help thinking about when he saw Virgo when entering this quasi-world.

It shouldn’t be…

Xie Xi wasn’t unwilling to admit it but he felt it was impossible.

It was true that there was an angel and demon version in Gemini’s world but in essence, it was Gemini and only the memories were sealed.

This was Leo’s quasi-world. How could the collapsed worlds mix together?

Wait, Xie Xi suddenly woke up. Collapsing 12 Boundaries itself was 12 broken worlds!

Xie Xi’s heart jumped at such a thought. Was the national teacher really Virgo?

The quasi-worlds of two constellations became one small world?

It was broken… He only cared about the little lion and completely neglected Virgo. Wasn’t this ruining himself?

At this time, Jiang Xie came back with the medicine.

The two people said goodbye to the doctor and went back to the hotel together.

Xie Xi thought of many things along the way. He was the beast king. If Virgo was the national teacher then they must have a pre-existing summary!

Why did he disappear? What happened with the national teacher’s betrayal of the beast king? In addition, how did his body become like this?

Xie Xi was thinking about business but Jiang Xie thought he was still troubled by this morning.

He was somber as he told Xie Xi, “Once you take this medicine and become well, I..”

Xie Xi didn’t understand what he was saying. “Hrmm?”

“I will leave.”

Xie Xi, “!”

Jiang Xie told him, “I always wanted to walk around and see the scenery of the Tiger Country.”

Xie Xi let go of Virgo and first appeased the little lion. “What will you do if your estrus arrives?”

Jiang Xie started to hate these words. In order to let Xie Xi felt at ease, he replied, “…I can meet the person I like when I go out.”

Xie Xi was startled and didn’t answer.

What the hell was this?

If he didn’t clarify things, the little lion would want to run. If he did, this body would kill him. In order to cure the disease, he had to go to the national teacher. The national teacher was likely to be another Jiang XIe and this… Xie Xi realized the long-lost taste of death.

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything else and took his clothes to go to the other room.

Xie Xi wasn’t sure what to do and could only let him go.

Jiang Xie didn’t sleep all night because he didn’t want to have that dream again.

Since he would dream of Xie Xi when he closed his eyes, he wouldn’t sleep.

Once he was too sleepy, he wouldn’t have the heart to dream those messy things again.

He would be leaving soon and it was absolutely impossible between him and Xie Xi. Rather than letting Xie Xi hate him, it was better to separate.

Xie Xi could be considered to have a good sleep and didn’t dream anything.

He was still a bit tired when waking up because he had too many worries.

He had to find a way to see the national teacher. As long as he saw the person, he would know if it was Jiang Xie or not.

Once he judged Virgo’s presence, he could decide what to do next.

However, how could he just meet the national teacher?

Xie Xi was anxious all morning and couldn’t eat breakfast.

He looked up and saw that Jiang Xie was also tired. He couldn’t help asking, “You didn’t sleep well?”

“It was fine.”

Xie Xi requested, “Accompany me for a walk today.”

He couldn’t make any progress staying in his room. He would go out and have a look.


Unexpectedly for Xie Xi, there was big progress the moment he left his room.

This hotel was a three storey building and they lived on the second floor. The two people finished breakfast in their room and went out to find it was silent.

Xie Xi just walked down the stairs and saw a group of kneeling person.

The man in the front was particularly eye-catching. He wore a white cloak as he knelt on one knee, his cold voice incompatible with this little hotel. “Your Majesty, I am requesting you to please return to the palace.”

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