GL: Chapter 46

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Lost Atlantis 17

Xie Xie Xi blinked and found this situation wasn’t right. The sixth prince’s state is very problematic. Xie Xi tried to organize his thoughts and words but then a hint appeared in the lower right corner.

[The dream is coming to an end. Please be prepared to leave. The countdown time is 30 seconds.]

There were only 30 seconds left so Xie Xi had to hurriedly say, “Sirius, I hope you will be happy in the days to come.”

“Yes.” Sirius replied softly. “I’ll be happy.”

However, there was no happiness in his tone! Xie Xi looked at him anxiously. “Don’t be blinded by hatred. You deserve a better life.”

He saw that the two different colours of Sirius’ eyes had become extremely shallow, as shallow as a bubble about to break under the sun.

Sirius smiled but it was more heart-wrenching than if he cried. “Sein, there is no light at the bottom of the sea.”

Xie Xi was shocked but he had no more time. He couldn’t let Sirius find him and could only leave the dream. He quickly hid while Sirius hadn’t woken up yet.

There was no light at the bottom of the sea. There was a beautiful legend of Atlantis.

Atlantis was once a beautiful empire. The people could embrace the vast sea while looking up at the bright sun. They could enjoy the bleakness of the water while appreciating the warmth of the sun.

This lasted until Atlantis fell and they sank to the bottom of the sea. There was no light at the bottom of the sea but the people of Atlantis created light and warmth by loving and caring for their fellow citizens. Sirius was telling Xie Xi:

Once Sein died, the bottom of the sea no longer contained love and care for him.

Xie Xi hid in a corner and saw Sirius open his eyes.

Sirius woke up but didn’t immediately leave. There was no confusion on his face after he woke up. He was calm enough to be frightening. He put his face on Sein’s bed and stayed quietly for a long time. It gave the feeling that his body was here but his heart had long been pulled away.

Xie Xi felt so sad that he couldn’t help swearing at X! What a broken task, turning an excellent young man into this!

Once the sixth prince left, Xie Xi also sneaked away while taking the communicator that the third prince gave him.

Sein Hall couldn’t come back here again. His true face could no longer be used and he directly replaced it with the second face.

The information on the second face had already been filled and he even redistributed his room. Xie Xi found his new residence and temporarily settled down.

Xie Xi looked at the task progress. The orange bar still had a bit left. After three days, he would enter the dream again and it should be full.

Xie Xi took care of two princes but he wasn’t happy at all. If this was the ‘revenge’ trio that consisted of the housekeeper, vampire and maid, Xie Xi would clap with praise.

The fifth prince and sixth prince didn’t provoke him and gave him most of the task progress. Xie Xi was reluctant to part with such a good person.

He didn’t know what would happen after this. If he cleared this world, what would happen to X’s soul? Would they stay in this world?

After clearing the world, the Zone will close the entrance. X’s souls belonged to the Central World? Would they stay here? Or would they go back to X? Xie Xi was curious and suddenly wanted to leave this world to ask X.

He just opened the communicator when he received a message from the third prince. “Where are you?”

This arrogant tone made Xie Xi’s lips thin but he naturally sent a respectful reply. “I just finished my shift. Your Highness, what is your command?” He also sent a smiley face.

The third prince stared at the little smiley face and the other person’s childish and cute face appeared in his mind. He coughed lightly.

His lieutenant asked him, “Your Highness, are we going?”

The third prince didn’t say anything. The lieutenant asked again. The third prince turned his head and cried out angrily, “What’s with the noise? Am I deaf?”

The lieutenant shut up. The third prince held the communicator and stared at the reply box for a while. The lieutenant stood to the side, eyes full of curiosity.

The third prince felt it and turned on the anti-peeping device. The pop-up projection turned black. The lieutenant felt regret.

The third prince was too lazy to care about him and kept staring at the reply box. He was about to write ‘Nothing’ but this wasn’t appropriate. If there was nothing then why send a message?

Xie Xi waited a while but the third prince didn’t reply. He thought the signal wasn’t good and sent it again. It was a direct copy and paste so there was also the smiley face.

The third prince looked at the two smiley faces and said, “Since you love to smile so much, I will take you somewhere.”

Xie Xi, “???”  When did he give the illusion that he loved to smile?

The third prince kicked the lieutenant. “Why are you in a daze? Let’s go!”

The wronged lieutenant murmured, “I just asked you this.”

The third prince turned back. “Hrmm?”

The lieutenant stood upright and gave a military salute. “Your Highness, the airship is ready to go at any time!”

The third prince grunted coldly and got up to leave.

Xie Xi looked at the communicator and couldn’t figure out this third prince. He asked again, “Where is Your Highness going with this subordinate?”

This was like a stone sinking into the sea. No one responded. After a while, a tall mermaid in a military uniform knocked on the door. “Excuse me, is Colin Hall here?”

Xie Xi heard it and opened the door. “Hello, what can I do for you?”

The uniformed mermaid told him, “His Highness is waiting for you. Come out quickly.”

Xie Xi wanted to ask about where the third prince was taking him. It was just… for the sake of the task, he had to put down his knives.

Xie Xi was ready to go out. Once he saw the airship, the blade in his heart became sharper.

Wasn’t this a military ship? It wasn’t true. After all, this was the palace. Even if Gars Atlantis was an army commander, he couldn’t bring airships in.

Xie Xi cautiously got into the vehicle and heard the third prince’s voice. “Why are you dilly-dallying?”

Xie Xi, “…” This fiery fish, soaking him in fish couldn’t reduce the fire! He hurried to sit next to the third prince. The third prince stared at him.

Xie Xi reacted with, “I see Your Highness. He gave a slight salute.

The third prince frowned slightly. He wasn’t satisfied. Xie Xi knew his brain circuits. “Is there anything on this subordinate’s face?”

The third prince raised his eyebrows. “Why aren’t you smiling?”

Xie Xi’s face was stunned. What smile? The third prince was a typical person who didn’t like showing joy but anger would clearly appear on his face.

Xie Xi couldn’t provoke him and could only make a fake smile.

He smiled and the third prince instantly shifted his gaze away, staring straight ahead of him. Then he uttered a typical line from a Mary Sue novel, “Just wait, you soon won’t be able to smile.”

Xie Xi, “???”  Crazy third prince!

The third prince maintained his cold air and Xie Xi didn’t find it easy to open his mouth.

Halfway there, the lieutenant brought them a fruit tray. The third prince frowned and was about to become angry when the lieutenant said, “It is early and Colin hasn’t eaten yet. He should eat something.”

The third prince still scolded him, “Do people only eat fruit for breakfast?”

Xie Xi hadn’t reacted yet. The lieutenant was used to being scolded and immediately said, “There are some salmon and sweet shrimp. I will go get it.”

The third prince didn’t forget to show contempt. “A waste.”

Xie Xi felt somewhat surprised. The third prince looked like he had a violent temper but this mermaid lieutenant wasn’t afraid of him? He also didn’t use ‘this subordinate’ and spoke directly.

A moment later, the food was sent. Xie Xi really was a bit angry. The third prince told him, “Be careful, don’t get it everywhere.” Then he got up and left.

He wasn’t there so Xie Xi felt more at ease. He carefully ate breakfast.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion but the airship that was originally flying wildly became slower and more stable. It was like a sports car that became a steady business car. Slowing down made it convenient for him to eat.

Once he finished eating, they reached the destination. The third prince had brought him to the northern border. It was no wonder why he said that Xie Xi wouldn’t smile.

The speed of the airship underwater was extremely fast. On land, this trip would take two or three hours with the plane. The airship only took 40~50 minutes.

The third prince got out and looked at Xie Xi. “Stay close to me.”

Xie Xi nodded. The third prince didn’t go fast, making it easy for Xie Xi to keep up.

He should’ve come here for some military affairs. Some people came up to report to him and the third prince was serious and efficient when doing his work.

In order to avoid suspicion, Xie Xi moved to the side and pretended not to hear anything.

The third prince looked back at him. “Keep close. You won’t understand anyway, right?”

Xie Xi, “…” He wanted to avoid suspicion but he wasn’t given a chance?

The third prince saw it and sneered, “Do you understand?”

Xie Xi was silent. The third prince picked him up like he was a chick. “If you aren’t clean, I will deal with you immediately.”

Xie Xi was used to carrying Roast Pork Bun. He didn’t expect to be carried like this!

“Your Highness, please put me down.” Xie Xi was exasperated.

The third prince poked his cheek.”To be honest, there are field exercises here. Don’t look at the g*ns for too long.”

He released his hand. Xie Xi tidied his clothing and looked towards the corner of his field of view. The red progress bar had risen by 3%.

What was going on here? Sure enough, this fish heart was an undersea needle? He was baffled.

Xie Xi followed the third prince and saw many things. The technology of the sea floor was truly amazing. It was a different direction from science and technology but it was still great.

The third prince’s popularity in the army was really high. The people were respectful to him but it wasn’t because of his power. They truly admired him.

At this time, Xie Xi didn’t take it seriously. Soldiers adored the strong. The third prince was excellent in combat and it was natural to worship him.

At least, until an accident occurred on a training field and a mermaid was blown up.

Their group had just arrived. Once the third prince saw it, he rushed over at a very fast speed.

The people at the scene were stunned. This training used real ammunition and was indeed dangerous, but this shouldn’t have happened…

By the time someone reacted, the third prince was rushing to the infirmary with the wounded soldiers. People around him reacted, crying out, “Your Highness, give it to me…”

The third prince had blood on his face and his glorious uniform was stained. However, he didn’t care as he shouted, “Can you be faster than me? Don’t talk nonsense. Go check if someone has touched the shock cannon!”

He moved quickly as he spoke and left everyone far behind him.

Xie Xi was shocked when he saw this.

The third prince wasn’t quite as he imagined.

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