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Collapsing 10 Boundaries 8

It was one month before the test. This was a good time for a surprise attack.

How could Candidate Jiang miss out? He must be used to g*n attacks, quick and light!

Xie Xi was happy to accompany him.

In the past year, he discovered there wasn’t a big problem in this small world. Maybe he just had to accompany Jiang Xie and make him happy before they could leave together.

There was such speculation because Xie Xi thought of one thing.

The degree of collapse in the quasi-world could be strong or weak and wasn’t the same.

For example, some quasi-worlds originally had a high level and many souls participating. The collapse was very serious and it would be much more difficult to repair.

Look at the previous quasi-world of US President Xie. There were four souls in total and after the collapse, the problem was very big. It was troublesome to repair the world.

For these 12 small worlds, the difficulty must be relatively low or they couldn’t be grouped together.

It was estimated that each of these small worlds had two souls originally. After one was taken away, the other could hold up half of the sky and temporarily stabilized the whole world.

In addition, Jiang Xie entered the word. This was equivalent to a pillar, making the world peaceful and stable.

Xie Xi’s repair was more like calming the soul. Once the soul’s faith was firm, the world would be able to stand up on its own.

The quasi-world might be incomplete after the remaining soul departed but it wouldn’t continue to deteriorate. It would wait for Xie Xi and Jiang Xie to redesign it.

Xie Xi didn’t feel panicked about how to leave the 12 Boundaries. His priority was the immediate repair task.

In fact, this was quite wonderful. The future might be unknown but Xie Xi’s heart was peaceful. It felt like as long as they returned to Central and Jiang Xie got all his soul s back, he didn’t have to fear anything.

It was such a contradiction that people would be infinitely timid but also infinitely courageous because of one person.

Regarding the pre-examination special training, Jiang had good regulations. He told Xie Xi, “You can talk more to me tonight.”

Whenever they slept on the same bed, Jiang Xie was afraid to let Xie Xi speak. He was floating just holding this person. How could he stand hearing Xie Xi’s voice as well?

However, for the final assessment, Jiang Xie decided to challenge the highest difficulty and force himself to adapt.

Xie Xi obeyed his foolish lover and cooperated with him. “Do you want to sleep on the bed?”

Jiang Xie replied solemnly. “Let’s take it step by step. I will first adapt to your voice.”

Xie Xi really wanted to laugh. “There is only one month left. Won’t it be too late if we take it step by step?”

Jiang Xie was steady. “More haste means I won’t be able to reach my goal.”

Xie Xi laughed crazily in his heart but his face was calm. “It makes sense.”

His appearance caused Jiang Xie to be soft-hearted and he couldn’t help saying, “I will definitely ensure that I become qualified as an exchange student.”

This was a promise to Xie Xi but also to cheer himself up.

Xie Xi nodded firmly. “No problem!”

For half a month, Xie Xi saw Jiang Xie making himself miserable and thought of a clever trick.

He suggested to Jiang Xie, “Let’s do it.”

Jiang Xie, who was only one step away from madness, thought it was an auditory illusion.

Xie Xi wasn’t deliberately teasing Jiang Xie this time. He sincerely analyzed the problem. “The final assessment is to hold back against temptation. I didn’t say it before but if we do it before the assessment, you won’t want it.”

Who would’ve thought the simple Little Rose could speak such seductive words?

Jiang Xie’s head burst and he was like a hungry green-eyed wolf seeing fragrant meat.

Xie Xi approached him and asked. “Is it okay?”

Jiang Xie looked into the dark eyes as if to see Xie Xi’s soul through the window to his soul. “Have you forgotten what I told you before?”

Xie Xi naturally didn’t avoid this person’s eyes and gazed at him straight on. “Yes, I like you.”

The words were like a thunderstorm and Jiang Xie’s mind turned to hot magma.

Xie Xi wasn’t casual and spoke seriously. “I studied carefully during this year. We go to class together, eat and talk together, walk together, say good night before sleeping, wake up and say good morning…”

They were in love for one year, really in love!

Jiang Xie’s heart calmed and he felt sweet and nervous. “Do you hate this type of life?”

Xie Xi stared at him. “Why would I take you to the Demon World if I hate it?”

Yes, if he hated it then he wouldn’t help Jiang Xie train or continue with him like this.

Jiang Xie felt like a honey jar had been knocked over in his heart and his throat was itchy. “Me too.”

Xie Xi laughed. “I know. We are in love so we can make love!”

Who knew that Jiang Xie would control his body and not rush to kiss Xie Xi.

“No, I can’t.” Jiang Xie closed his eyes. “If it does happen, I won’t be able to control it on that day.”

If a person had never eaten chocolate in their life, they could saw that this thing was dark and sticky and definitely wouldn’t be delicious.

Once they tasted that sweet taste, how could they not want more?

Xie Xi really didn’t expect this…

Jiang Xie spoke softly, “You can rest assured, I will definitely go to the Demon World with you.” He never wanted to be separated from Xie Xi.

He didn’t say it but Xie Xi understood.

What could he do?

In the fact of such a lover, Xie Xi could only be surrounded by thick syrup, sweet enough that he would no longer want to eat sweets.

This month’s surprise course was carried out in an orderly manner under Candidate Jiang’s arrangement.

Xie Xi was afraid that Jiang Xie would be uncomfortable and didn’t deliberately tease him. He could be called very restrained.

Jiang Xie also realized his good intentions. Jiang Xie needed to endure for a short time and it was better to have less sin.

Xie Xi was obedient and silently waited for the final assessment.

As for the succubus’ adulthood ceremony, Xie Xi carefully checked it.

The records in Heaven were very vague and confusion. It was difficult for ordinary people to understand.

Xie Xi felt there should be more detailed explanations in the Demon World but he had a heavy course and didn’t have time to go to the Demon World to check.

This Xie Xi wasn’t really a succubus after all. He was unfamiliar with the Demon World. If he went there and provoked something, it would be troublesome. Thus, he waited with peace of mind and prepared to go with Jiang Xie.

In general, it was the same time. As long as the two people were alone for an hour and Jiang Xie didn’t move, they would pass the assessment. Xie Xi would certainly help Jiang Xie cheat!

He thought this and the last days finally arrived. Xie Xi was more nervous than the candidate. “There are no problems?”

At this time, Jiang Xie wasn’t nervous. “It’s fine.”

Xie Xi told him, “We will sit face to face for an hour. It isn’t difficult!”

They were okay sleeping together all night. What was this?

Jiang Xie knew it might not be as simple but he didn’t want Xie Xi to worry.” Yes.”

The so-called succubus adulthood wasn’t just reaching the age of adulthood but undergoing a baptism.

Angels in Heaven gained wings while the Demon World differed according to the major. The pattern of baptism wasn’t the same.

This time, it was a succubus exchange student so the ritual was related to the succubus.

The university had long known the steps of the ceremony and was ready for Xie Xi.

Xie Xi didn’t think too much and stood in the centre of the formation. The teacher told him, “Close your eyes and relax your body. The ceremony will unlock the shackles for you.”

Xie Xi did this and heard the teacher’s singing voice.

The contents of the spell were quite clear at first but Xie Xi gradually couldn’t hear clearly. He only felt something inside him breaking free from the shackles and rushing towards his limbs.

He couldn’t see anything in the outside world. He could only feel the agitation in his body. Wherever a red rose fire occurred, there was a burst of heat. He watched the cluster of sparks rising in the wind. Finally, they joined together and set his whole body on fire.

He was uncomfortable…

It was hard…

Xie Xi opened his eyes and saw that Jiang Xie couldn’t help approaching him.

Jiang Xie’s eyes were narrowed and his voice was anxious. “What’s the matter? Xie Xi, you…”

He was kissed hard by Xie Xi, a hot and burning kiss.

However, this was far from enough. Xie Xi lost his sense of reason and couldn’t remember anything. He just wanted to stay close to Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie had already noticed the strangeness. He couldn’t wake up Xie Xi and rushed anxiously to the door.

Xie Xi saw Jiang Xie go out and cried out, “Don’t… Jiang Xie, don’t…” He couldn’t say that he didn’t want Jiang Xie to leave.

There was the sound of footsteps and Xie Xi vaguely heard the voice of a teacher.

“How did this happen?”

“No, the ceremony is correct. He is an adult.”

Jiang Xie was angry. “His state is obviously wrong!”

There was more back and forth before someone said, “Yes! There was a record about this! In some cases, a succubus undergoing the adulthood ceremony will need s*x or they will suffer extreme pain.”

Jiang Xie’s eyebrows gathered together.

The teachers hesitated.

Jiang Xie’s voice was low. “Give him to me.”

A teacher said, “You are still doing the assessment. If…”

“I can’t leave him alone.”

After this sentence, Jiang Xie drove everyone out of the room.

Xie Xi came forward and held him tightly. “Jiang Xie…”

Jiang Xie patted him on the back. “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Xie Xi’s hot lips fell on his neck…

Jiang Xie persisted for so long and gave up at the last minute.

What could he do?

He could endure a year of pain but he couldn’t stand Xie Xi being in pain.

If this was seduction then Jiang Xie really couldn’t hold on. He wanted to expel the pain for Xie Xi and would willingly do everything.

Xie Xi woke up and stretched his body. It wasn’t an exaggeration when he felt that his body was full of powerful, as if one finger could push down a mountain.

So amazing, the adulthood of a succubus…

A mountain didn’t fall but Xie Xi saw he was holding onto Jiang Xie.

The two people…

Chaotic memories poured out and Xie Xi’s face was hot as he pushed at Jiang Xie. “Did you fail the assessment?”

He asked the question but it was obvious. Jiang Xie’s hard work of one year was wasted.

Jiang Xie squinted and saw Xie Xi. “How do you feel?”

What, a, rogue!

Jiang Xie knew he was misunderstood and explained, “You had a rare mutation during your adulthood ceremony… are you better now?”

Xie Xi remembered. HIs body had been really painful for a while, so painful that it was like his body was burning…

“It’s fine.” Xie Xi replied, “I feel light and as if I have slept for 10 nights.”

There was a smile in his eyes as Jiang Xie said, “You didn’t sleep at all last night.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Jiang Xie kissed him and lowered his voice. “My waist was almost broken.”

Moving non-stop really needed physical strength.

Xie Xi blushed.

A succubus was truly a magical species. Every time in Central, Xie Xi was tired to death every time. Here, he stayed awake all night and wasn’t tired in the morning. He was full of energy and could go out to run a marathon.

If it was like this every time then he really…

Cough… he couldn’t be brainwashed by Jiang Xie. This wonderful setting was entirely Jiang Xie’s own thoughts!

Xie Xi asked again, “Then the assessment was a failure?”

Gemini was so miserable after two rounds of fun?

Jiang Xie spoke slowly, “There is still a chance.”

Xie Xi was slightly surprised. “What do you mean?”

This was really a ‘survival life’. Jiang Xie might’ve fallen but the situation was too special. The Demon World learnt the news and sent a heated message, “Fortunately, Jiang Xie ignored the assessment. If he really endured for an hour then Xie Xi would’ve exploded and died!”

An ordinary adult ceremony wasn’t so dangerous but Xie Xi was truly in danger this time. He only thought it was painful and didn’t know it was a crisis.

Xie Xi was shocked. “Then…”

Jiang Xie explained, “This assessment has been declared invalid and they will give me another chance.”

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