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Collapsing 9 Boundaries 14

This was embarrassing. Yan Zhe hadn’t expected to see such a scene.

Little Chirp had no clothes after changing into a person. The white feathered cloak shielded him well from the back but the front was bare.

Little Chirp didn’t understand but they couldn’t let others see him like that.Therefore, Yan Zhe 100% approved when Jiang Xie took him back into the room.

However, after returning to the room, the two people…

They weren’t dressing!

Yan Zhe was frozen for three seconds. He didn’t know if he should turn away and leave or yell at Jiang Xie to hurry up.

Wait a minute… it was more like Little Chirp was holding down Jiang Xie.

Yan Zhe, “…” What the hell was this situation!

The two men close to each other were also shy.

Needless to say, the clothes were put on at a rapid speed, causing one to wonder if this was the person who couldn’t even walk before?

Yan Zhe experienced a fierce psychological struggle before finally asking, “What happened?”

Xie Xi only just remembered Yan Zhe. He was about to get up when Jiang Xie suddenly held his waist.

The hot hands touched slippery skin and both of them trembled.

There were white feathers blocking it so Yan Zhe couldn’t see the situation. He was about to come over but Jiang Xie patted Xie Xi’s head and stated in a low and hoarse voice, “Little.”

Xie Xi changed back into the little bird that was the size of two fingers.

The white feathered beauty disappeared and the atmosphere calmed down.

Jiang Xie’s throat surged as he held Little Chirp, “He hasn’t adapted to the human body. He wanted to walk and we ended up wrestling.”

This was what happened but Xie Xi couldn’t help saying, “If it wasn’t for you, how could I no manage to walk?”

Jiang Xie only heard chirping and he patted Xie Xi’s little head, coaxing, “It’s fine, I’ll teach you later.”

Xie Xi, “…” Fine, he was right.

Just now, Jiang Xie refused to let Xie Xi get up because he would be exposed in front of Yan Zhe.

Jiang Xie didn’t know the reason but he didn’t want anyone to see such a Xie Xi, even if it was Yan Zhe.

Yan Zhe still felt doubts but he asked, “Do you need any help?”

“No, I’ll teach him myself.”

Yan Zhe hesitated.

Jiang Xie changed the topic. “Can I trouble you to help him find clothes?”

Yan Zhe didn’t react at first.

Jiang Xie explained, “He can’t wear our clothes. He needs tailored ones.”

His mouth was a bit dry as he spoke.

There was no doubt that the body of the white feathered beauty was completely human but it also retained the characteristics of a bird.

For example, the beautiful feathers mixed with black hair and the white feathers that spread from the shoulders down to the ground.

The white feathered cloak wasn’t the type that could be taken off. It grew from the shoulders, forming a fluffy ring around the round shoulders, revealing a slender neck and s*xy collarbone. It was similar to a skirt around the shoulders but this was a cloak and exposed the entire body.

Presumably, this was the incarnation of the previous feathers. It was impossible to take off and ordinary clothes couldn’t be worn. They had to consider the location of the cloak.

Yan Zhe had seen the previous human form and could understand. “I will go and look for it.”

Xie Xi thought, ‘I can draw my own!’

It was just that Jiang Xie and Yan Zhe didn’t understand him.

Once Yan Zhe left, Jiang Xie didn’t immediately turn Xie Xi into a human.

Xie Xi spoke from his hand, “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Xie looked down and couldn’t imagine how such a cute little guy could become the heart-stopping feathered beauty.

Jiang Xie spoke to himself, “I always feel like…”

He hadn’t finished his words before he shook his head and told Xie Xi, “Shall I teach you how to be a man?”

Xie Xi was curious about the unfinished words but he was soon distracted by the second sentence.

Teach Xie Xi how to be a man?

He understood that it literally meant this but he still wanted to spit!

After all, the ‘praise’ that Jiang Xie received most in Central was: old evil!

Now Jiang Xie wanted to teach Xie Xi to be a man!

Xie Xi was more than an individual…

He gave out a helpless cry.

Jiang Xie thought Little Chirp was worried and spoke to him in a warm voice. “It isn’t difficult. I will first teach you to walk.”

Xie Xi once again cried out.

How could he be happy?

Jiang Xie took a deep breath, psychologically prepared himself enough and patted the small head. “Big.”

Xie Xi didn’t feel any different from when he transformed into the big Chirp. It was just that he became a person.

Jiang Xie stared at the white neck, fine white feathers and…

Xie Xi had to ask, “Brother?”

Jiang Xie, “…”

The red brother found his voice. “Let’s find some clothes to wear first.”

“Is it necessary to dress first?”

Jiang Xie’s ears heard, “Is it necessary to chirp first?”

What was instantly being emptied of blood? People would understand just looking at Jiang Xie!

Xie Xi couldn’t know about the chirping or his ashamed and angry self would want to commit domestic violence.

Big Chirp gave two chirps in seven chirps. Once he became a person, Jiang Xie couldn’t face the chirping!

Jiang Xie told him, “Clothes are very important, just like a bird’s feathers. You can’t be without them and they have to block you…”

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie corrected, “I mean, you must wear them well. Right, wear them well!”

There was no need to explain. The explanation was the biggest cover-up!

Xie Xi helped him calm down. “Are there any clothes that suit me?” The white feathered cloak could be manipulated and felt a bit like wings. Thus, he gently shook it to remind Jiang Xie not to forget the white feathers.

However, this in turn caused Jiang Xie to look at…

The snow-like white feathers and the white body, it was unknown which one was whiter or more dazzling.

Xie Xi, “…” The two people had done everything and he could tell what this person was thinking by looking into his eyes!

He honestly asked again.

Jiang Xie’s senses returned. He tried to stabilize himself and said, “Wear mine first.”

Xie Xi didn’t dare shake his cloak and directly asked, “Where are the clothes?”

Jiang Xie told him, “I will make the collar bigger for you to fit it.”

The cloak grew from the shoulders and the clothing could only be worn over the cloak.

Xie Xi had no opinion while inwardly he was thinking, ‘How much resentment does Jiang Xie have for my clothes?’

There was Gemini where he couldn’t wear clothes and in Cancer’s world, he became a birdman who couldn’t wear clothes…

Was it related to Xie Xi putting on clothes every time he was tired and didn’t want to let Jiang Xie mess around?

Come on, if he wasn’t dressed then this guy couldn’t stay in control!

Xie Xi was thinking this when Jiang Xie found his own clothing.

The pants were good. They might be big but they covered his white legs.

The clothes took a lot of effort. Jiang Xie was afraid of damaging Xie Xi’s white feathers. After all, it was a part of his body and painful to lose the small feathers.

In fact, these white feathers might be soft but it wasn’t easy to pull them off the neckline.

Jiang Xie was sweating hard but he somehow managed to dress Xie Xi.

Xie Xi actually felt a bit of dislike. It was so troublesome to wear clothes that it was better not to wear them.

Oh… was this what a certain someone intended?

After wearing clothes, Jiang Xie could teach Xie Xi to walk like a person.

Xie Xi could walk but he hadn’t adapted to it. He needed to be familiar with stepping instead of jumping.

Seven or eight days passed and Xie Xi was already used to being a person.

Walking and eating had no problems but wearing clothes was very problematic.

Xie Xi had tailored clothes but unfortunately, there was the white feathered cloak. It was very troublesome to dress by himself.

Jiang Xie took the initiative to volunteer for this difficult task, helping him dress and undress.

Yan Zhe had reservations about the fact that it took them half an hour to dress every time!

Did it need to be so slow? Was Jiang Xie doing something bad to Little Chirp?

So many days had passed and Yan Zhe had long seen Jiang Xie’s mind. He obviously liked Little Chirp.

It was understandable since the original Jiang Xie and Little Chirp were dependent on each other and regarded each other as the most important existence.

Previously, Little Chirp didn’t have a human form and Jiang Xie didn’t have such thoughts. Now that Little Chirp was like this, how could Jiang Xie not like him?

Little Chirp was originally placed at the apex of the heart and it was normal to want him now.


In the end, Yan Zhe was older and could see more thoroughly.

Jiang Xie liked Little Chirp but what about Little Chirp? Could a bird understand the feelings of a human?

In these days, Xie Xi accompanied Cancer.

Thanks to the example with Yan Zhe, Jiang Xie wasn’t willing to let outsiders see Xie Xi.

The human Little Chirp was too good-looking. He might not have Yan Zhe’s physique but Jiang Xie wasn’t reassured.

After all, Little Chirp had the ability to create anything.

Xie Xi also agreed with the need to be careful.

Besides, it was just not letting anyone else see him. This didn’t mean he couldn’t see others.

As long as Jiang Xie made him small and he sat on Jiang Xie’s head, he could see whatever he wanted to see.

The black fog receded and the entire world was busy rebuilding their home. Jiang Xie was no exception.

Since he was the only one to come out of the dark fog, everyone was very respectful to him and didn’t dare look down on his young age.

This meant people no longer tried to go after Yan Zhe’s physique or tried to hurt him.

Of course, it might only be temporary. After a long time, the happiness of escaping death would fade and new contradictions and disputes would be born accordingly.

The world was different and the people who survived were no longer ordinary people. Those with strong abilities were bound to breed greater ambitions.

The world’s patterns had been broken and a new beginning was sure to have a new class of rule.

Xie Xi wasn’t too worried about these things. This was just a small world that had collapsed. After the repair, it would be redesigned and the final independence was nothing.

The thing that made Xie Xi confused was that since the black fog scattered, why hadn’t he left this small world?

Wasn’t the repair completed yet?

However, what was the danger of the current situation?

Everything was moving in a good direction. Did he have to wait for a new city to be established before it was completed?

Or… did Cancer still long for a home at the bottom of his heart?

Did he need a home to end the world?

This wasn’t quite right.

Didn’t they have a small home right now?

The meaning of home wasn’t just one’s flesh and blood. The three people were dependent on each other. Wasn’t this a home?

Xie Xi couldn’t think of a reason.

What was still wrong with this world? What else did he need to do to pull Cancer away?

Xie Xi just had an idea when a strong resistance formed in the bottom of his heart.

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4 years ago

Indeed it does seem like all these worlds don’t want Xie Xi to be dressed X”D But for Xie Xi to feel like it might be better not to wear clothes… Does that mean he got influenced from his time as a Succubus?

1 year ago
Reply to  Avis

Nah, I think it’s due to his instinct as a bird. All animals hate clothes.

4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! 💕