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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 11

A soul could die.

Everything was absolutely true from the moment the quasi-world woke up, including death.

In every quasi-world, the soul was the ‘creator’ and their power and status were above everything. This didn’t mean that they were immortal.

The sixth prince had died once.

At the time, Xie Xi loaded the file but that wasn’t available in this world! What would happen if the soul died? Would it affect Jiang Xie?

Every soul was a part of Jiang Xie. How could there be no impact from losing a part of him?

Xie Xi was concerned and his thoughts were full of the worst case situation.

The sound of one hundred birds grieving was really painful. The relationship between the flower family and bird family had always been good. The roses couldn’t hide their sadness after hearing the cries of the birds.

“How can Lord Vermilion Bird suddenly fall?” Purple Nine murmured. “Such a powerful sage, how… how…”

The old chief shook his head. “It doesn’t matter how strong he is. His life is determined by Heaven.”

Somehow, hearing these words caused a burst of unhappiness in Xie Xi’s heart.

What was life and what was Heaven? Who was qualified to determine everything?

Xie Xi couldn’t sit still. He would go to the Holy Mountain to check!

“Sister Purple Nine,” Xie Xi called out to her. “The little tiger fell asleep in my room. I have to go out and do something. Can you help me look after him?”

Purple Nine was startled. “Where are you going?”

Xie Xi replied, “I’m going to the Holy Mountain.”

“What are you going to do at the Holy Mountain? Lord Vermilion Bird has fallen and the Holy Mountain must be a mess. Going at this time, even Lord Azure Dragon…”

“That’s why I’m going.” Xie Xi couldn’t explain. “Sister Purple Nine, rest assured, I have a reason.”

Purple Nine wanted to say something but the old chief pulled her back and shook his head.

Purple Nine was worried about Xie Xi and told the old chief, “Lord Vermilion Bird had an accident and half of the Holy Mountain is burning. How can us flowers withstand that heat?”

The old chief replied, “Let him go. There must be something with Lord Azure Dragon.”

Xie Xi hurried down the hill and rushed towards the Holy Mountain. He pulled Roast Pork Bun out.

Roast Pork Bun didn’t know that he had an extra brother and meowed when he heard the song of the birds.

Xie Xi told him, “Look and see if any birds are coming over.”

Roast Pork Bun was still reliable and immediately flew high to check.

Xie Xi always felt that a member of the bird family would come looking for him. Vermilion Bird was a soul and there must be a setting involving Xie Xi. It wasn’t clear at the moment but it was serious enough to cause him to fall.

The bird people probably knew he was the white rose and would come to him.

Xie Xi going to the Holy Mountain himself was too slow. It was natural to save himself time and trouble.

Xie Xi’s thoughts were right. A moment later, Roast Pork Bun shouted, “A big swallow is flying!”

Xie Xi was shocked…

Was this a swallow? He thought it was a fighter jet!

The fighter, um, flying bird was probably equipped with a radar system and actually saw Xie Xi’s small body.

Xie Xi hurriedly put Roast Pork Bun away and Roast Pork Bun whispered, “Daddy, I don’t want to sleep.”

This caused Xie Xi to feel strangely pained but he thought of what would happen next and had to coax him. “Wait for me to stop and I’ll let you out. There will be a small partner for you to play with.”

He spoke these words and sent Roast Pork Bun back to the pets bar before Roast Pork Bun could react. A small partner? What small partner? He didn’t want a brother or sister. He wanted to be an only child!

The flying swallow fell and dark eyes stared at Xie Xi. “You still want to run!”

Xie Xi, “…” Who knew what this was all about?

The swallow raised his wings and turned into a handsome teenager with straight black hair. “This cursed flower, you hooked our lord’s heart and soul before abandoning him, making him go crazy and angry…”

Xie Xi was really afraid for the soul and hurriedly asked, “How is he? Take me to see him!”

“What are you asking? Sage…”

Xie Xi’s eyes narrowed and he lowered his voice, “If you don’t want the sage to have an accident, take me to see him!”

The swallow had been sent to pick this person up but couldn’t speak the words in his heart…

In any case, the situation was really urgent and there couldn’t be any delays. The swallow returned to his original form and ordered, “Come up.”

Xie Xi sat on his broad back and they flew to the Holy Mountain.

This was the first time Xie Xi was seeing the Holy Mountain.

The word mountain was used but this wasn’t like a mountain. It was an extremely area covered in clouds and mist. At first glance, it was like a fairyland in people’s fantasies.

The flying swallow flew straight through the clouds and soon flew over a place that was burning.

There was a palace in the distance with a magnificent atmosphere. It was unknown what it was built of but it was currently glowing with a red light, as if it was melting.

“Hold on tightly. If you fall, you will be burned to death,” the swallow warned.

Xie Xi didn’t reply.

The flying swallow sped up and flew straight through the fire towards the palace in the deepest place.

Xie Xi clung to the swallow, his face red and his breaths full of heat.

This was the fire of Vermilion Bird. He went overboard and his ability led to a wildfire starting on the Holy Mountain.

Xie Xi didn’t know how he was doing and felt extremely urgent.

The swallow’s flying speed was fast and Xie Xi finally arrived at Vermilion Bird’s palace.

The whole palace was burning. Many of the birds weren’t afraid of the heat as they stayed there grieving.

A man with coloured tail feathers came over. “Did you bring him?”

The swallow replied sharply, “I brought him but will he be useful? The sage…”

“We have to try!”

Xie Xi felt a bit relieved when he heard this. As long as there was still breath then this was likely part of the setting!

He thought of the pure fifth prince and wondered how the child could learn such bad things.

Okay… it was his fault. Sein died and resurrected while also pedalling six boats. In addition, the boats were his brothers. This was enough to make the pure child doubt life!

“Lord Rose.” The man with the colourful tail feathers was more mature. He suppressed his anger and was polite to Xie Xi. “Please save the sage!”

Xie Xi wasn’t sensitive about titles but now it was important to save the soul and he ignored this matter.

“What happened to the sage? What do you need from me?” Xie Xi wondered.

The man with the colourful tail feathers replied, “The sage knows your wedding date is approaching. He was unhappy all day and it happened to coincides with when the Millennium Fire descended to the world. He went alone and controlled the fire, saving the people, but he was seriously wounded!”

Xie Xi couldn’t understand these things and grasped the key point. “What can I do?”

“Lord Vermilion Bird’s self-healing ability is very strong but he has a knot in his heart…” The man with the colourful tail feathers was saddened. “The sage himself doesn’t want to recover!”

Xie Xi understood it. Simply put, at this moment Vermilion Bird couldn’t have his love and was intent on dying.

The man with the colourful tail feathers was afraid Xie Xi wouldn’t understand and gave a tip. “You just need to give him some hope and he will wake up!”

Xie Xi didn’t care about the setting of his wedding and he also couldn’t let the soul have an accident…

As if these things weren’t big enough, the chirping of birds was heard from outside, followed by the announcement, “Sage Azure Dragon has come!”

They were both sages and Vermilion Bird had such a big incident. Azure Dragon would definitely come to see what was going on.

The problem was… did Xie Xi have to be stuck here?

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yum yum
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Excited to see a jealous harem of Gongs… (∩´∀`)∩

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never have i seen a romantic drama this amazing. a child, a wedding, five boats at once…..truly too stunning!!

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