GL: Chapter 82

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Open World 7

‘Who is happy? No one is confessing to you. Please don’t be passionate!’

Xie Xi really wanted to knock on this head and see what was inside!

The zombie girl floated to Jiang Xie and leaned back. “It’s you again! You made another mistake. He said I love you so you have to say shameless!”

Jiang Xie had a helpless expression. “Can I change seats? With him, I might lose badly.”

The zombie girl was curious. “Do you know each other?”

Jiang Xie lied without blinking an eye. “I don’t know him.”

The zombie girl asked, “Then how do you…”

“it is probably love at first sight.”

Everyone present was speechless, especially Xie Xi. He really wanted to find a hole to shove this person into!

Who knew that the zombie girl would be happy. “Wow, so romantic. You love him at first sight? Do you like him?”

Jiang Xie smiled without speaking.

The zombie girl turned in a circle and his pink tutu became a small flower. Unfortunately, her appearance was too miserable and she couldn’t be cute. They heard her say, “I’m too happy. You actually found love in Love Love’s game. Too good! Xifu hopes that two beautiful people will love each other. Love is my most favourite thing!”

Jiang Xie’s eyes narrowed at the name ‘Xifu’ and he glanced at Xie Xi. Xie Xi naturally remembered! Kong Rongliang’s main task was to kill the witch Xifu. Was this zombie girl Xifu?

Was Jiang Xie’s nonsense to test out this zombie girl? Was it to worm out facts? Looking at it this way, wasn’t God X an old hand who had passed through countless worlds?

Haha! X was a deceitful ghost!

Xie Xi thought that this guy was just messing around. It was a trial without any punishment so he was playing!

The zombie girl’s eyes widened. “Geez, Love Love is too happy. How could I say my name? Okay okay, the trial is over and the formal game will begin. Please remember the rules. If you make a mistake then you will be punished.” Then she looked at Jiang Xie. “Your position can’t be changed now. The happiest thing is to be with a loved one!”

Xie Xi noticed the word ‘now’. It couldn’t be changed now but could it be changed in the future?

There were quite a few people who heard the loophole and became thoughtful.

The formal game began. Anyone who understood the rules knew that the person who started first was the unluckiest one.

If no one made a mistake and kept going, the first person would be the one to say the same words a fourth time. If they said it more than three times to the same person, they would be punished.

Everyone wanted to know about the punishment but they didn’t want to be the first one to receive it.

Then who was going to start first?”

The zombie girl told them, “I will use the turntable. The one it points to will start first!”

As soon as she spoke, a pink disc emerged in the centre of the table. The disc was large and there was a slender pointed in the middle. It was divided into six parts with their names written on each part.

The person who started first depended on luck!

Xie Xi couldn’t help looking at Jiang Xie, who remained calm and steady.

Xie Xi felt relieved. He thought that Jiang Xie’s luck shouldn’t be too bad…

The zombie girl shouted, “Begin!”

He purple fingers struck the turntable in a hard manner. The pointer turned so quickly that his vision couldn’t keep up with its speed. At this moment, everyone was holding their breaths. No one wanted to be first or try out the so-called punishment.

Don’t think it was easy from the trial. Who knew what would happen after it started?

The bizarre game field, gloomy environment and this zombie girl gave off a feeling of evil and terror!

The quick spinning pointer finally slowed down and they could see the needle tip. The pink pointer was shocking every time it crossed a person’s name.

It became slower and slower, clearer and clearer as it stopped…

The pointer crossed Xie Xi’s name and slowed down at Jiang Xie’s name. At this rate, it might stop.

Xie Xi held his breath and stared nervously at the pointer, wishing that he could blow on it so it wouldn’t stop!

Jiang Xie originally didn’t play according to common sense. If he was first then there would be an incident!

Jiang Xie’s heart was sweet as he saw the child looking so worried. He had encountered this type of game many times. With his bad luck physique, he was selected nine out of ten times.

This time…

To everyone’s surprise, the pointer that was slow enough to stop didn’t stop. It was like an old and dying snail as it crawled stubbornly over Jiang Xie’s name towards Peng Chi.

It only exceeded the distance by a few hair strands but the pointer did stop at Peng Chi’s name.

Xie Xi was silently relieved while Jiang Xie was slightly surprised. For the first time in his life, he was blessed by the goddess of luck.

The zombie girl was happy. “Peng Chi! We’ll start from you. Since you are the first person, you can choose to say I love you to the left or the right!”

Peng Chi was the young man in the tight t-shirt. The person who was very happy with his body froze and blood drained from his face. “I… me? This…”

“That’s right!” The zombie girl interrupted. “Hurry, if you don’t speak in 10 seconds then you will be punished!”

Peng Chi glanced at Jiang Xie before turning to the young woman and saying, “I love you!”

He chose to say I love you to the person on his right and the cycle began!

The young woman didn’t seem surprised and returned, “Shameless.” Then she turned to the man in the suit.

The game officially began!

In fact, Peng Chi choosing the young woman was within Xie Xi’s expectations. He knew that Peng Chi felt too awkward saying I love you to a man.

Peng Chi had a hint of luck by making the game go to the right. He wanted Xie Xi to say I love you to Jiang Xie in the hope that Jiang Xie wouldn’t play according to common sense again!

This way, Jiang Xie would be the first person to be punished and Peng Chi could get rid of the first person disaster.

It was reasonable and Xie Xi was a bit flustered. He was afraid that Jiang Xie would speak nonsense…

This was a low-grade world. Perhaps Jiang Xie underestimated the game? Xie Xi always felt that the punishment wasn’t simple and the game wouldn’t end easily!

Everyone didn’t discuss it but took the conventional path. They said I love you to the person on the right and didn’t break the order.

This was normal. As long as the order wasn’t destroyed, Peng Chi would be the first person to say the same thing four times!

In an ordinary environment, friends playing the game would naturally disrupt the order and deliberately create difficulties. However, in this environment, no one wanted to offend anyone and no one cared about playing the game!

Peng Chi was unlucky. He became the first person and could only experience the punishment first!

The girl Lan Lingling told Xie Xi, “I love you.”

Xie Xi returned it to her and immediately said to Jiang Xie, “I love you.”

He was a bit nervous and his eyes were full of: Don’t do anything, don’t do anything, don’t do anything…

Jiang Xie’s lips curved and he whispered, “Shameless.”

Everyone was stunned when he opened his mouth. It wasn’t because he said the correct words. It was that his tone was gentle, like a lover’s whisper on a lazy afternoon.

The zombie girl held her face. “Oh, your voice is really good. My bones are going to be limp!” It wasn’t just her. The other two women present were also staring at Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi, “…” Don’t do anything to die! Forget it, he didn’t break the rules!

Jiang Xie looked at Peng Chi on his right side and his voice was as cold as ice, “I love you.” He had the ability to make these words so murderous!

Peng Chi’s face was ugly as he viciously said, “Shameless!”

He didn’t turn to the woman this time but said to Jiang Xie, “Shameless.”

The order changed from counterclockwise to clockwise but everyone was the same.

In fact, this was meaningless because when asked, there must be an answer. He turned the order and said shameless two times to Jiang Xie. Soon it would be the third time.

The only use was probably to create some confusion. Some people might make a mistake after the order was disrupted. If someone made a mistake, he would be saved!

Still, who would make a mistake? In such an unknown game, who wasn’t mentally focused?

None of the people present were newcomers. They had all experienced at least three words. Since they entered this world, who wouldn’t be able to react to this?

Everyone spoke in turn and didn’t disrupt the order, sending Peng Chi to the ‘guillotine.’

Peng Chi also understood that if he was in their position, he would do the same. The result of the turntable represented everything.

Bad luck, who could he blame? However… he wasn’t willing! Why? Why should he be sacrificed?

Peng Chi didn’t want to accept the punishment. He didn’t want to be their ‘guinea pig’ to test how hard this game was for them!

The more he didn’t want it, the more nervous he became. It reached him again. This was the third time. If it came back again, he would…

“Pause!” The zombie girl suddenly exclaimed. “You are really amazing. No one said anything wrong for two rounds. Love Love is very happy and will give you a small reward!”

Everyone stared at her the moment she opened her mouth.

A reward? Xie Xi had a terrible hunch. He didn’t think this reward would be a good thing.

The zombie girl said, “I have a card here. It has been placed on the turntable and whoever the pointer lands on will get this card!”

The turntable appeared again and there was a black card that fell gently on the pointer. It looked like a gust of wind could blow it away but it was motionless as the pointer spun.

The players couldn’t figure out what type of card it was. They just knew it was a variable.

The zombie girl wouldn’t let them play the game so easily. She must make it difficult.

The pointed stopped at Lan Lingling to the left of Xie Xi. Lan Lingling’s eyes widened and her face was uneasy.

The zombie girl said, ”Lucky little sister, pick up the card and read the words written on it. Remember that the words can’t be bad.”

Lan Lingling reached out and nervously picked up the card. The moment she saw the contents of the card, blood drained from her face.

Everyone looked at her nervously and wanted to know what was on the card. Lan Lingling glanced at the zombie girl. The zombie girl repeated, “The words can’t be bad. If they are wrong then you will be punished.”

Lan Lingling took a breath and bit her lower lip. “Forbidden card. After using it, one of the other five people will be randomly selected and forbidden from talking for one minute. It can be discarded and won’t work after this round.”

She bowed her head after reading and held the card nervously.

Forbidden Card! There was something like this! This I love you VS shameless game really wasn’t simple.

A random person would be randomly silenced for one minute. This meant the person silenced would definitely lose!

They only had six people and one person couldn’t take longer then three seconds to speak. One lap was definitely not a minute. The person was forbidden to speak and since they couldn’t speak, they were bound to be punished.

Peng Chi’s eyes lit up and he came alive as he heard the contents of this card. If Lan Lingling used it then he could get rid of the first person disaster!

After this lap was over, he would say something a fourth time and accept the punishment. However, if someone was silenced then this person would be punished. Once someone was punished, the round was over and they would start again.

Peng Chi watched Lan Lingling excitedly, wishing that she would use this card immediately. Lan Lingling didn’t dare to look at him. She held the card and bit her lips.

Xie Xi knew what she was suffering…

This card didn’t apply to the user but one of the five other people would be randomly silenced. Lan Lingling wouldn’t be harmed by it.

In fact, this card was very disgusting. Lan Lingling didn’t need to use it.

If she didn’t use the card, Peng Chi would be punished. If the punishment was terrible but he didn’t die, Peng Chi would definitely hate Lan Lingling. It was because he had a chance not to be punished but Lan Lingling didn’t give him this opportunity.

If Lan Lingling used the card, someone else might be punished and this person would definitely hate her. It was because they didn’t need to be punished but Lan Lingling punished them!

Lan Lingling herself couldn’t be punished with this card but she would definitely offend someone.

It was okay if the punishment involved death but what if it didn’t? There was no death but a crueller punishment.

Lan Lingling looked at the zombie girl. “I…”

The zombie girl told her, “You must make a choice. If you don’t choose then you will be the one punished.”

Lan Lingling was bloodless as she finally chose. “I will abandon the card.”

She gave up and Peng Chi was full of despair. This type of feeling hope and then having it shattered was more painful than being in despair the whole time!

“Oh.” The zombie girl spoke. “This great reward has been given up. Okay, there is no need to use it. The game will continue!”

The atmosphere was tense. One lap took only a few seconds but it was like spring and autumn passed. Peng Chi was sweating and he was completely flustered.

No one made a mistake. No one could make a mistake in this simple speech game.

Finally, Jiang Xie glanced towards Peng Chi and it was like the death knife was at Peng Chi’s neck.

Peng Chi had no way. He glanced at the zombie girl and Lan Lingling whose head was lowered and finally spoke to the woman on his right. “I love you.”

Then the zombie girl’s stiff voice filled with a strange sweetness was heard. “It is the fourth time. Oh, a person confessed four times and wasn’t accepted. They must be punished. Love Love most hates this type of stalker!”

They couldn’t see what the zombie girl did. They only heard a terrible scream.

Peng Chi’s right arm was cut off. Blood splattered and the young woman was covered with blood.

The even creepier thing was that the zombie girl picked up the cut off arm and opened her mouth to eat it.

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