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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 3

The three tigers were very fierce. They showed an aggressive attitude as they bared their teeth at the little lion.

Xie Xi was surprised and felt he had touched a corner of this world.

A beastman world?

Animals could become humans?

This should be the case. Jiang Xie was the main consciousness of the world. If he couldn’t become human then how could anyone be human?

Xie Xi thought he was a person this time but according to the situation, he was most likely a tiger.

The tiger was this weak. Was he the legendary sick cat?

Xie Xi didn’t have time to think about it because the four little kids were fighting together in a messy ball.

They were all big cats but the cuteness was completely different.

The three young tigers didn’t have the round head or ears of the little lion, or even his beautiful golden eyes and soft fur…

Xie Xi paused and suspected that his filter had permeated the universe!

“Don’t fight…” Xie Xi wanted to separate these naughty children but unfortunately, he couldn’t help. He felt pain from his chest the moment he shouted.

Who would pay attention to him? The young tigers fought many people and had to clean up this lion that came from nowhere.

The little lion wasn’t at all frightened by facing three enemies. He relied on his small size to flexibly dodge and let the young tigers hit themselves.

For adults, this picture was probably of a stray little boy fighting against three spoiled young masters.

The ‘little masters’ were inexperienced and were furious at being teased.

However, the lion was much smaller and the three young tigers weren’t completely inexperienced. They no longer scorned the enemy and rushed together, not allowing the lion to hide.

Seeing that the lion was going to be injured, Xie Xi endured the tearing of his lungs and rushed over.

Who knew that this little guy wouldn’t back down and struck a young tiger in the middle with his head.

The young tiger was shaken by him and was pressed down by the lion. The little lion opened his mouth and bit the tiger’s throat.

The young tiger was frightened and screamed as if he was in danger. The other two cubs saw this and fled in fright.

The little lion was the big winner but the wound on his hind leg was torn open and blood stained the bandages.

Xie Xi arrived at the scene like a late policeman. He picked up the little lion, “Do you want to be crippled in the future?”

His hug destroyed the prestige of a ‘warrior’ and the little lion wanted to come down.

He struggled for a moment until Xie Xi turned his head and coughed.

The little lion didn’t dare to move. This man was too weak and he was afraid that one paw would break the man’s bones.

Xie Xi pressed down the blood in his chest and carefully examined the little lion’s wounds.

Sure enough, it was torn open and yesterday’s medicine was used in vain. This was fine since Xie Xi could draw a lot of medicine anyway. It was just that it hurt every time he used the medicine and he didn’t want to see Jiang Xie in pain.

“Wait here!” Xie Xi wanted to be serious but unfortunately, his voice was weak and his momentum insufficient.

The little lion was obedient and gave a low cry.

Xie Xi went to get the medicine box and gave him fresh bandages.

The little lion had probably become used to yesterday’s pain. Today he didn’t even shake. Once he was bandaged, he raised his head and stood upright.

The angry Xie Xi gave him a pair of bows. ‘Since you want to be so domineering, I will give you two bows and make you a diamond barbie!

He was busy changing Jiang Xie’s bandages and had no room to care about the little tiger’s side.

This was a bunch of naughty children and they were really boring.

Xie Xi wasn’t a three year old child.

Unexpectedly, the little tiger remaining didn’t leave and probed in his head to look.

The little lion glared at him. The tiger only had saliva on his neck and no blood, so he wasn’t afraid.

There was a sound and the little tiger became a boy.

The little boy wore brown shorts and was around 1.2 or 1.3 metres tall. His cheeks were round and bulging and his eyes were curious. “Will the invalid cure the disease?”

The little lion heard the word ‘invalid’ and bared his teeth.

The little boy was stunned and change his words. “Uncle, can you cure this illness?”

From invalid to uncle, Xie Xi’s status had undergone a qualitatively leap.

He didn’t say anything as he glanced at the little boy.

The little boy stood straight and said, “My name is Wang Huer (King Tiger Two). Before… I’m sorry about before!” The stones they threw were still at the entrance of the cave.

Xie Xi was speechless for a moment. Who gave this name? What was the meaning of tiger and two? It was a bit appropriate…

Wang Huer spoke earnestly, “Uncle, this herbal medicine is really amazing. My brother is also injured? Can you look at him?”

He didn’t have to say it but Xie Xi guessed the reason for the quick attitude change.

Xie Xi wasn’t someone who had to be good to everyone. He didn’t learn to repay evil with good.

This naughty boy blocked the door and yelled at him. Presumably, the adults weren’t any better. If it was normal Xie Xi definitely wouldn’t care, but here…

He asked, “Is it trauma?”

Wang Huer replied, “Yes! Like there lion, there is a lot of blood on his hind legs.”

Xie Xi ordered, “Take me to see him.”

Xie Xi urgently needed to understand the background of the world. He would know more if he took this opportunity to integrate with the native people of this world.

The little lion could understand their words and he let out a low growl.

Xie Xi understood without needing a translator. The lion must be saying, ‘Are you stupid? They just bullied you yet you’re going to help them!’

Xie Xi thought, ‘If you didn’t make too many private settings…’

The thing he actually said was, “The children were just playing, don’t worry about it too much.” He would pretend to be a good old man instead of a bad one.

This made Wang Huer reveal an ashamed expression. Xie Xi saw it and his heart felt a bit more comfortable. This boy wasn’t spoiled to the bones.

The little lion was on fire and gave a low cry.

Xie Xi told him, “Wait for me in the cave. I’ll be back soon.”

The little lion stared at him and let out a whining sound of warning.

Xie Xi couldn’t help it. If he didn’t go out to understand the world, how could he repair it?

“Be obedient.” He patted the little lion’s head.

The little lion didn’t allow the pat as he evaded it and ran into the house.

Xie Xi helplessly smiled and spoke to Wang Huer, “I’m not in good health and can’t carry the medicine box. Can you help me bring it?”

Wang Huer hurriedly replied, “Good, good! I’m strong!”

Without waiting for the little boy to pick up the medicine box, the lion rushed over and bared his teeth at Wang Huer.

Wang Huer was startled and moved back.

The little lion carried the medicine box and strode to the entrance of the cave.

Xie Xi smiled. “Didn’t you refuse to go?”

The little lion walking in front snorted.

The translation was probably, ‘If I don’t look at this idiot then I don’t know how you will die. This is the medicine that cures my legs and no one can touch it.’

No matter the sentence, this was Leo!

Xie Xi thought he was a famous translator and was much better than a fake translator.

It was bright outside the hole.

It seemed that it was summer and the region’s temperature was high. It was somewhat hot despite being early morning.

The advantage of Xie Xi’s weak physique showed. He was very tired but he didn’t sweat at all.

Fortunately, Wang Huer’s home wasn’t far away. They walked slowly for 10 minutes and saw a small village.

Wang Huer was anxious. He could run this distance in a minute but in order to accommodate Xie Xi, it took more than 10 minutes of walking.

Xie Xi looked around as he entered the village.

The village’s style was very rough and most of the villagers were strong-looking. Even the women were full of beauty and power.

Some people saw Xie Xi and were shocked. They didn’t shout out ‘invalid’ but their eyes showed their dislike.

Xie Xi saw the situation in the village and felt a bit relieved.

Animals understood survival of the fittest better than humans, especially carnivorous communities. Under the harsh conditions of survival, they had to give up on the old, weak and sick.

It was cruel and helpless. The long history of evolution had been carved into the genes.

Xie Xi’s physique meant he couldn’t hunt and protect himself. Since he was useless, it was natural to be excluded by villagers.

They arrived at Wang Huer’s house and a man who wasn’t too tall but was unusually burly came out. “Have you gone crazy again? Your brother is ill and if he doesn’t get better, you’ll have to follow the team to hunt!”

Wang Huer hurriedly cried out, “Father! My brother’s leg can be healed!”

The man didn’t take it seriously. “I hope so. Your brother is in good health and might be able to hold on.”

If he couldn’t survive… the man’s face was upset.

Wang Huer was worthy of his name and only said, “Invalid, Uncle can cure him. I saw him cure the lion’s hind legs.”

The man choked out, “Invalid uncle?”

Xie Xi’s mouth twitched…

Wang Huer didn’t dare say invalid again and tried to explain, “The one in the cave… that…”

The man finally seemed to notice the thin man who would be blown away by the wind behind his son.

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “Hello, if the injury is trauma then I can help treat it.”

The man couldn’t react.

Wang Huer continued, “Father, you see. The lion beast’s hind legs were originally very badly wounded. Now he is no longer bleeding!” He pointed to the little lion to show the man.

The man frowned, “How did you bring back a lion beast to the village?”

Wang Huer spoke urgently, “Don’t worry about this. Let the thin uncle go see my brother. Brother won’t bleed anymore!”

From invalid uncle to thin uncle, Xie Xi wasn’t comforted as he whispered, “My surname is Xie.”

Wang Huer sighed. “Uncle Xie, come quickly. My brother is in the house!”

Xie Xi followed him into the house.

The furnishings of the house were quite similar. The style was simple but it was better than his cave.

Xie Xi saw the injured Wang Huyi (Tiger One), the brother of Wang Huer.

This was a real adult tiger sitting on a straw mat and emitting killing intent.

He was mentally prepared but Xie Xi’s heart still thumped at the sight of the big tiger.

Wang Huer hurriedly explained the situation. Wang Huyi was in tiger form but he could still speak. “Thank you for your help.”

He was a lot more sensible than the naughty child.

Xie Xi told him, “I will help you deal with your wounds first. It might a bit painful but please bear with it.”

The little lion reluctantly approached with the medicine box, staring as his medicine box was used by a tiger…

Xie Xi naturally healed this tiger and achieved what he wished. He smoothly integrated with the village and switched from the invalid to a respected doctor overnight.

Then he obtained a general understanding of the world’s background.

Sure enough, this was a beastmen world and there were many wars. Several tribes were vying for the top leadership.

This was called the Tiger Country but it was actually a city-state. It was surrounded by the Lion Country, Bear Country, Leopard Country and Wolf Country.

They didn’t always fight each other. For example, the Lion Country and Tiger Country had a good relationship. They always had an alliance so the tigers were surprised but not hostile at the little lion wandering through the village.

The Tiger Country was currently in a very bad situation. Wang Huyi, who completely recovered and could go hunting, explained, “Since the disappearance of Beast King Rose, our Tiger Country has plummeted and we are missing the momentum of the past.”

Xie Xi heard the word ‘rose’ and his nerves became tense.

Don’t blame him… Jiang Xie was really fond of placing the rose flower on his head!

Wang Huer was filled with longing, “The beast king disappeared after I was born. He is the only real king of beasts who led the eight kingdoms!”

Another person said, “He is the pride of our Tiger Country!”

Wang Huyi sighed. “It is a pity that the beast king was attacked and his whereabouts are unknown…”

The group of tigers sighed. Xie Xi was expressionless as he reasonably suspected that he was Beast King Rose.

A female tiger said, “Mr Xie, your son should transform into a person. He can’t keep dragging this out.”


Oh, the tigers thought the little lion was Xie Xi’s son…

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