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Open World 4

Xie Xi shared the task while his eyes were saying, ‘Did this big idiot and half zombie offend this open world?  Why did it always want them to die?’

Jiang Xie read his eyes but spoke irrelevant words. “You are very lucky.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Was it good luck to install zombie legs on a half zombie? Or was it good luck to kill?

Since leaving his original world, Xie Xi couldn’t believe in his luck. This ‘good luck’ brought him to this life or death training course!

Killing was impossible. After all, this big idiot and half zombie weren’t villains. Why should he kill them?

Jiang Xie brought back a pair of zombie legs and Kong Rongliang and Chen Qing both saw it. They couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Kong Rongliang hurriedly said, “If you are hungry, I still have food here.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Chen Qing’s missing legs didn’t stop him from hitting the fool. “Stupid, shut up!”

Kong Rongliang closed his mouth but his eyes were still full of: If you want to eat, I have better food here. Forget the zombie legs…

Xie Xi turned a blind eye and seriously considered the killing option!

“Chen Qing.” Xie Xi stared at the half zombie. “Do you want to stand up?”

Chen Qing was stunned and didn’t understand. Xie Xi had some ambiguous concepts in his mind but wasn’t quite certain. This didn’t prevent him from using his acting skills.

“I’m not sure if there will be any side effects, if you can stand or even how long you can stay sane.”

He was born with a pretty face that was soft and tender. Now that he spoke in this tone of voice that didn’t fluctuate at all, he gave off a sense of deterrence.

Chen Qing’s face was covered with dirt and only his pair of eyes lit up. “Can you let me stand up?”

Xie Xi replied, “I can try.”

Kong Rongliang was more excited than Chen Qing. “Benefactor! Please save him!”

Then the big person fell to his knees.”

Xie Xi, “…”

“Don’t be too happy. I’m not sure what will happen.” Xie Xi’s eyes were sharp as he lowered his voice. “You saw it, these are real zombie legs. Perhaps you can rely on them to stand up. Perhaps you will become infected by them and turn into a real zombie.”

Chen Qing calmed down.

Xie Xi stared at him and questioned, “Do you still want to try it?”

If Chen Qing didn’t want to then Xie Xi wouldn’t do it. This was Xie Xi’s task but it was Chen Qing’s future. It was no different from killing a person without their consent.

This was a side task and it wasn’t a big deal to give it up. Chen Qing silently watched the zombie legs.

Xie Xi didn’t speak and waited for him to reply. After a while, Chen Qing opened his mouth. “Can you make me a promise?”

“Tell me.”

Chen Qing said, “If I completely become a zombie, please kill me.”

Comrade Old Kong instantly became tearful.

Xie Xi looked at the man with dirt and pus on his face and couldn’t see his original face. Xie Xi nodded. “Okay.”

Chen Qing heard this flat and quiet word and unloaded his burden. “Then I will trouble you!”

Who wanted to die if they could live? Who would be willing to give up a chance to live?

It might be stepping on the tip of a needle or walking a wire rope but as long as he could pass the yellow spring and return to the world, he would endure all the hardships.

Xie Xi pretended to be calm towards the big idiot and the half zombie. In fact, he was anxious and looked at Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie was smiling. He saw this guilty appearance and once again thought this person was cute. Jiang Xie’s thin lips moved, ‘Do it calmly.’

Xie Xi didn’t understand and confusion filled his eyes. ‘Hold it down?’

Jiang Xie stared at the -365 goodwill to calm down and slowly mouthed, ‘It is fine if you align them.’

Xie Xi understood but he couldn’t help asking, ‘Is it possible?’ Jiang Xie thought of this ‘forewarned is forearmed’ appearance and his heart felt itchy like ants were crawling on them. ‘Yes, small doctor.’

Xie Xi could only read the first half of the sentence. ‘Small what?’ Should he be more careful?

Xie Xi breathed out and started to feel more comfortable.

The side task gave him such a hint which meant it was a task that could be completed. He should be able to place the legs on Chen Qing. As for how to do it, he just needed to fumble around.

The thing that made Xie Xi more worried was that this image was too disgusting. Jiang Xie had chosen a pair of relatively neat zombie legs but it was extremely impactful.

Forget the zombie part. The pair of legs alone were shocking! Xie Xi had died many times and his ability to tolerate bloody images was much stronger. He had to do this.

Jiang Xie wanted to help but this task was different from finding legs. He could help find legs but installing them wouldn’t work. Xie Xi had to do it personally.

He looked at the child’s disgustingly pale face and couldn’t help feeling distressed. Then he looked at the -365 goodwill again and instantly woke up.

Jiang Xie smiled wryly. This was the first time he discovered that he had the M attribute, otherwise how could he feel this way despite the -365 goodwill?

Then Jiang Xie thought again. He just needed to wait for this world to finish and the degree of goodwill would definitely change. A conservative estimate.. perhaps it would be positive 365.

Xie Xi placed the zombie legs against Chen Qing’s body. He looked at the two pieces of rotten meat and could barely open his eyes.

Would this really work? Xie Xi glanced at the side task and saw that it was really completed! The seventh task disappeared and a new task emerged.

(8) Use Repair on him.

(8) Kill them.

Xie Xi directly ignored the second option and stared at the first option. Repair? What was this?

Xie Xi shared the new side task with Jiang Xie. Jiang Xie wasn’t surprised at all and he whispered, “A skill.”

Xie Xi hurriedly opened the system interface and entered the skills subpage.  He had a total of two skills, both of which were disabled. Now he had a new skill: Beginner Repair.

Didn’t this open world disable all skills?

Xie Xi read the skill description.

Beginner Repair: Put two things together so you can see their fate.

So unreliable!

There was also a line of words below: [This is a side task reward skill that will disappear after leaving the current world.]

Now Xie Xi understood.

No wonder why Jiang Xie said he was lucky. Jiang Xie knew that this side task would give him a follow-up skill.

The open world disabled skills but the skills gained in the world weren’t disabled. Beginner Repair might only be available in the current world but it was still a great benefit!

Xie Xi used the skill and the zombie legs and Chen Qing’s body visibly connected together. The thing that made people feel better was that the pus disappeared after the fusion. The legs were still purple-blue but this problem wasn’t big as long as pants were worn!

Kong Rongliang and Chen Qing were both stunned. Once Repair was over, Kong Rongliang couldn’t help asking, “Didn’t this world disable skills?”

Xie Xi didn’t say anything.

Chen Qing’s mind still hadn’t returned.

Xie Xi asked him, “How do you feel?”

Chen Qing moved his legs and found that he could really stand up!

His eyes were red as he bowed to Xie Xi. “You saved my life. In the future, you can give me any command!”

Xie Xi finished the task and didn’t want to bear this favour. He poured cold water on Chen Qing. “Don’t be happy too early. I will kill you myself if you become a zombie.”

Chen Qing was choked up. “Thank you, I’m very grateful!”

Previously Kong Rongliang hadn’t cried but now he teared up and had a runny nose as he spoke words that couldn’t be understood.

Xie Xi, “…”

Saving people was really troublesome.

Kong Rongliang was really eager. Due to this grace of saving Chen Qing’s life, he wanted to help Xie Xi and Jiang Xie with their tasks.

The half zombie had a clever mind. He saw that Jiang Xie and Xie Xi had an extraordinary ability and him and the big idiot would just drag them down. Thus, he didn’t ask about Jiang Xie and Xie Xi’s task, instead explaining their own tasks.

“Kong Rongliang’s main task is to kill the witch Xifu while my main task is to survive the arena. Our side tasks are blue-grade and it is the carousel and experience I love you.”

Sharing tasks was equal to sharing information. Under normal circumstances, players wouldn’t actively share their tasks. After all, players had a competitive relationship. Giving information was equivalent to putting themselves in a dangerous place.

However, Chen Qing and Kong Rongliang didn’t have these scruples. Xie Xi saved them and they had no way to repay him. Thus, it was appropriate for them to share what they knew.

Xie Xi was surprised after hearing it. These were all messy tasks.

The main task was okay. Killing the witch Xifu indicated that there was a witch called Xifu. Surviving the arena was also understandable. The side tasks where the confusing one. What was the carousel and experience I love you? The blue rating also wasn’t low.

Chen Qing added, “The witch is in the underground labyrinth. There was an entrance to the underground labyrinth in the forest. Unfortunately, a large zombie was blocking it. We wanted to sneak in and got attacked by a flying zombie…” Then he lost a pair of legs.

The underground labyrinth?

Xie Xi glanced at Jiang Xie. Jiang Xie’s main task was to explore the underground labyrinth.

Chen Qing kept speaking, “The main tasks of Cheng Hao and Tian Tao who were previously with us were also related to the underground labyrinth. They didn’t elaborate but my guess is that the major battleground of this open world should be there.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Maybe there are other entrances that can be found.”

Chen Qing understood. “it’s possible.”

Xie Xi observed Chen Qing and let go of his worries after finding that this person didn’t become a zombie.

He didn’t know if Chen Qing’s luck was good or this Beginner Repair technique was very powerful. In any case, Comrade Chen Qing was half a person and half a zombie.

They saw that Xie Xi and Jiang Xie had no intention of travelling with them and Chen Qing and Kong Rongliang set off to find the entrance of the labyrinth.

Before they left, Kong Rongliang gave them all his food. Xie Xi tried to refuse but the 1.9 metres tall Kong Rongliang whispered, “Please accept it, you must accept it!”

Xie Xi was afraid of him and had to accept it as a medical expense.

They left and Xie Xi finally sighed with relief.

Jiang Xie wanted to say, ‘Do you like being alone with your master?’

Then he steadied himself with the goodwill and changed his words. “What is the new task?”

This was why Xie Xi didn’t want to be with the big idiot and half zombie. He said, “I’ll share it with you.”

(9) Open the underground game field.

The task had changed and the other two people had left. However, the new task was confusing. What was ‘open the underground game field?’

Why was it open instead of enter?

What did the underground game field have to do with the maze?

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