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Can’t Be Erased 8

The so-called temple…

Xie Xi believed that even if it wasn’t brilliant, there would be light and it would be bright and spacious.

The place in front of him was absolutely spacious enough but it had no relationship with a bright light.

The dark and deep corridor seemed to go to hell. A dark obsidian door with the air of a funeral opened and the sound of footsteps echoed, like a high-energy warning in a horror movie where a monster would jump out at any time.

This… was the temple.

It was almost like a grave!

Xie Xi was more and more certain that he was a big villain. The appearance of this base camp was like the ultimate instance that game players wanted to pass.

He was the big boss hiding in the depths waiting for the players to kill him thousands of times.

Okay, this wasn’t a game but he still hoped to kill players.

Sure a large temple was empty and the shadows of any people couldn’t be found.

The three of them walked through the hall like walking on an empty snowfield. Only the cold air seemed to rush at their necks.

Xie Xi was the temple owner and naturally couldn’t be frozen by his ‘warm’ home.

He glanced at Libra out of the corner of his eye.

This was also his first time coming here but his demeanour was more natural than Xie Xi. There was no surprise at all.

In addition, Libra used to be a killing machine and had seen more scenes than this evil god.

The blood of his body kept flowing but he was able to walk on his own. The blood fell down his fingers and dripped on the black ground made of unknown material. It was soon absorbed and no traces were left.

Xie Xi saw this and his heart was shocked. This damn ghost house!

The thought that he was the biggest ‘ghost’ filled his house.

After walking through five doors, Scorpio asked, “Master, do you want to put him in the Libra Temple?”

Xie Xi, “…” How did he know this was Libra? In addition, were the other temples filled with people?

Xie Xi was a bit flustered but gave an understatement. “Yes.”

Scorpio told Libra, “Please.”

Xie Xi couldn’t adapt to Jiang Xie being so polite to himself.

Libra looked at Xie Xi and bowed. He didn’t speak but there were some doubts in his eyes.

Xie Xi continued to act. “You need to rest.”

“Thank you, my god.”

“I’ll see you later.”

He didn’t want to say this but Libra looked too poor and he softened…

Xie Xi glanced at Scorpio and was relieved when he couldn’t see anything different.

Maybe he and Scorpio had a pure master-servant relationship? Was that why Scorpio was so calm? Not only did he bring a rival back, he didn’t feel jealous at all?

Xie Xi…

He didn’t believe in this ghost! This was Jiang Xie, or Scorpio Jiang. What would he be doing in the dark?

Xie Xi couldn’t take it lightly. He watched as Scorpio brought Libra to a door.

The temple might be sombre but the materials and decorations were extraordinary.

Xie Xi now had some insight. After all, he followed Libra and saw so many mirror memories. Libra had stayed with the dragons for a long time and then went to various places for assassination…

Xie Xi compared these many places and didn’t find anywhere as full of power as this temple.

Xie Xi was a bit relieved. He felt it was quite safe even. Even if players wanted to kill the big boss, it wouldn’t be so easy.

The thing that made Xie Xi more concerned was that in the empty hall, there seemed to be no one besides Scorpio, the injured Libra and himself.

Did he only receive two believers?

Then how did Scorpio know that Libra was Libra?

Xie Xi also couldn’t wander around in case he hit something that shouldn’t be hit. The stuffing wasn’t a joke.

He was now their faith. Even if there were six Jiang Xies, he could temporarily suppress them as the evil god.

If he was revealed to be a false god then…

The devil knew what would happen!

Xie Xi waited a while before Scorpio came back through the door and bowed to Xie Xi. “It’s been settled.”

Xie Xi nodded and said, “I’ll go check on his injury.”

Scorpio was obviously stunned and Xie Xi’s heart tensed. Did he say something wrong?

Unexpectedly, Scorpio actually smiled and his cold and white face became scarier in the gloomy hall, forming a sharp contrast with the gentle smile.

It gave people a sense of confusion when they fell into an ice cave only to find a hot water bottle.

Was it hot or cold?

“You are so gentle.” Scorpio approached and kissed the back of Xie XI’s hand. There was a hint of brightness in his slightly raised gaze as he whispered,”I am looking forward to tonight. I will wait for you at dawn.”

Xie Xi was frozen.

On the one hand, he was somewhat touched by the gaze but on the other hand, he was frightened by the words.

What was this situation? It wouldn’t be what he thought! What odd request did he somehow agree to? They weren’t in an ordinary master-servant relationship?

Xie Xi’s heart was panicked. One of the key points of a shipwreck: it was to sleep around with other males!

This was absolutely going to happen! Even if there was no other Jiang Xie, even if only Libra knew, the difficulty of coaxing people would climb to hell mode! He had to be steady.

Xie Xi’s heart was 70~80% panicked but the face of the evil god was stable. “Go to rest. You are also injured.”

He clearly remembered the appearance of the white bones.

Scorpio raised his left hand to his chest and said, “Thank you, my god.”

He took three steps back before turning into black fog and disappearing.

Xie Xi, “…” He never admitted that he was shocked.

What gloomy grave and what servant could come and go? This master was merely an upright youth!

Fortunately, Emperor Xie was long used to facial paralysis and he could cope.

He calmed down his heartbeat and entered through the door.

It might be in the form of a door but it was actually a fixed, not temporary, portal.

Walking in wasn’t making steps but instant transfer from here to there.

This room wasn’t bad. Xie Xi looked around. It was still dark, cold and a bit sinister but the black velvet bed looked quite comfortable.

Xie Xi saw Libra sitting on the edge of the bed.

He had taken off his wet clothes and was trying to clean his wounds.

This body was really terrible. It was if he was stabbed with countless knives and could only be described as a body with no skin.

No wonder there was so much blood…

Xie Xi couldn’t imagine how much pain this person would be in and how strong he was to still remain silent.

Of course, he might be used to it from a long time ago.

The soul was good… the body was also good and was used to it.

Xie Xi’s heart was tugged as he walked over and said, “Don’t move, I will help you deal with your wounds.”

Libra only just discovered him. Libra immediately got up and went to bow.

Xie Xi told him, “This is a special time, don’t be polite.”

Libra opened his mouth and could only use his hoarse voice to say, “Thank you, my god.”

Saying these words were already his limit. It was as if his vocal cords were torn.

Xie Xi didn’t say anything more in case Libra became more nervous.

Xie Xi used the sketch pen to draw many things while saying, “Your wounds need to be treated… it might be a bit painful.”

After saying this, he felt he was speaking nonsense. Libra was cut all over his body and endured it. What was more pain?

Libra started to open his mouth.

Xie Xi stopped him. “Don’t speak for a short time. Your throat is badly damaged.”

Libra paused and nodded gently.

Xie Xi just wanted to give him pain relief. He didn’t care too much about his actions since there were no bystanders here.

He leaned over and applied the medicine one by one to Libra’s wounds.

In order to make it seem like magic, Xie Xi deliberately created a ‘block the eyes’ barrier around the medicine. In the eyes of outsiders, the black fog of his fingertips touched the bloody wounds one by one.

Libra didn’t dare to look at him but once the pain of his body slowly disappeared, his gaze couldn’t help falling on Xie Xi.

The evil god he dedicated his soul and self to, the master of killing he awakened at all costs, have an appearance beautiful enough to make all the races on the continent marvel.

The god had the same ominous black hair and dark eyes but he was powerful enough to ignore all contempt and disdain. He was a god above everyone.

Such a powerful god also had a moving side.

He seemed to care about Libra and his fingertips were as gentle as Libra’s deepest memory of his mother.

The beautiful woman who hadn’t been driven mad still had her sense of reason and love.

Libra lowered his gaze and was afraid of his own vulnerability and delusion.

This was the evil god, who represented killing and evil. He was greedy for souls and vitality, only creating disaster and suffering and never understanding what it meant to give.

Trying to find warmth in such an evil god was really crazy.

After treating the wounds, Xie Xi prepared some sleeping medicine for Libra.

When the black dragon was in human form, the wounds recovered very slowly. Letting him sleep in order to reduce some pain was the best.

Xie Xi’s heart softened and he didn’t have a posture of pretending. He couldn’t help his voice softening. “Sleep for a while. Once you wake up, you will recover.”

Libra’s eyes flashed. He just wanted to open his mouth when…

Xie Xi blocked his mouth. “No talking for three days.”

At this moment, Libra’s brain was only filled with the eyes full of tenderness.

Xie Xi solemnly added, “This is an order.”

An indescribable warmth poured into his heart and Libra nodded slightly. This was the most comfortable sleep since the time he was born.

Seeing him asleep, Xie Xi sighed with relief. He stood up and prepared to talk to Scorpio again.

Then a pleasant voice was heard. “Why do you have to bother with such treatment? You might as well let me eat him.”

Xie Xi turned and saw hanging from the beam of the room… a bat???

Xie Xi’s heart was scared again!

Then the bat landed. The black fog surrounded him and a man in a black uniform appeared.

He had flamboyant dark red hair, pupils that were a bright red and a tall nose above a thin lip. At the sight of Xie Xi, he raised his lips and revealed pointed tiger teeth.

Instantly, an evil influence wantonly emerged.

The man knelt on one knee in a respectful posture but his pair of eyes was extremely aggressive. “Master, I am hungry.”

Xie Xi, “!”

Which Jiang Xie was this?

In addition, if he was hungry, go to eat. Why stare at Xie Xi?

He didn’t have any food!

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4 years ago

Ah… Are you sure he’s not ‘hungry’? (wiggles eyebrows suggestively)

4 years ago

Is this a true harem arc?! One man for each night of the week and only one night to sleep alone?! Rather than fearing 3P, the MC has to worry about the possibility of 6P?! Holy crap! This is the most dangerous arc yet! Xie Xi’s moral integrity may suffer a fatal blow!

4 years ago

Ah…. Actually, since it’s Xie Xi + 6 Zodiac Souls, it would be 7P, right…? RIP, Xie Xi… At least he has the body of a god this time, so maybe he will be able to endure it physically? Mentally, though…

4 years ago

You are the food!!!

Aaahh… being evil is okay! Since you can shamelessly fool around and no one would even mention morals and whatnot 😂

3 years ago

Ahem. P is for Pairing. 3P, threesome, 4P, foursome, etc. This is the first time I’ve come across another meaning. Interesting.

3 years ago
Reply to  jujube

I’ve always heard it P stood for people – 3P = three people.. and so on; though pairing works in essence – it’s definitely not penetration. A 3P is often between two guys/girl and one girl/guy

2 years ago

you are the food hun( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2 years ago

We had Succubus XX before, so is this Incubus Jiang now? lol!

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