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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 18

Was it so magical?

Of course, Xie Xi didn’t show it on the surface since he was psychologically prepared. This wasn’t a simple beastmen world and there were still many mysterious elements.

This stud earring was obviously unusual and Xie Xi was curious about it.

The national teacher saw his hesitation and said, “You are in poor health right now. It is safer for you to have it.”

Xie Xi spoke vaguely. “What about you?”

He remembered that the national teacher had mentioned a ‘broken promise.’ Did they previously make a promise and the national teacher took it off because he broke his promise?

The national teacher smiled with gentleness in his eyes. “You used to take it around with you often. It’s fine as long as I’m not too far from it.”

There was a large amount of information and Xie Xi had a thought in his heart. Did this earring previously belong to the national teacher? Xie Xi used to bring it with him because the national teacher gave it to him?

An outsider definitely wouldn’t know the details. They only saw Xie Xi with such an earring and thought it was his.

Xie Xi frowned and said, “Your promise to me….”

This was certainly true and the national teacher told him, “It is fine as long as you don’t leave. Put it on, you need it now.”

He took the ruby earring from Xie Xi’s hand as he spoke and carefully placed it on Xie Xi’s left ear.

Xie Xi only felt that his ears had become slightly cooler and there was no other feeling.

He didn’t have any ability inspired or have his physical fatigue relieved. It just seemed to be a common earring.

The national teacher’s eyes flashed as he whispered, “It’s so beautiful.”

Xie Xi, “…”

He thought the national teacher would kiss him but this person just took a deep look before saying, “I’ll get your clothes.”

Xie Xi had been soaking for long enough and it was time to get up.

The lion’s estrus period was quite amazing. Xie Xi might’ve never seen other beasts in estrus but he had inquired a lot from the villagers due to his nervousness. The information obtained was that for seven days and nights, a person would only want one thing apart from eating and drinking.

The lion was obviously more impulsive than before but he could still control himself. His scruples regarding Xie Xi’s body meant he didn’t do it to the end.

He was just a bit more sticky and his gaze was particularly hot. He really liked to kiss Xie Xi.

The other things… they were fine.

In general, it was much better than Xie Xi’s imagination. He temporarily understood it as a privilege of the soul.

Xie Xi wore the earring but nothing changed. After dinner, the national teacher took him away from Leo to give Xie Xi the medicinal bath.

Xie Xi was a bit tired after the bath and fell asleep on the bed. Who knew he would have a dream again?

This time, his senses were much clearer than before. He saw Jiang Xie’s beast ears and tail and felt curious.

Jiang Xie didn’t give him an opportunity to think and hugged him.

Xie Xi didn’t refuse. After all, this person had endured so badly during the day.

After waking up, Xie Xi felt that his ears were slightly hot. To be precise, it was his left ear with the earring.

Xie Xi touched the earring and found it was hot. He took it off and examined it, but didn’t find anything.

Was this dream his ability? Did the beast king have the Dreaming ability?

Xie Xi put the earring back on and was about to draw a cleaning ball when he found that his clothes were clean.

Eh? He clearly did it in the dream. Why in reality…

Was this the ability of the earring? It strengthened his ability to enter dreams, letting him divide between dreams and reality more clearly?

In this case, it was convenient!

If he could solve Leo’s estrus in the dream then it wasn’t a big deal!

Xie Xi paid attention to the situation of the little lion. Leo was full of spirit and looked like he was full of food and drink. Xie Xi became more convinced by the existence of Dreaming.

In the afternoon, Leo was still sticky towards him for a while but he was able to hold back more than yesterday.

Xie Xi didn’t mention the dreams. From experience, he knew that if the dreamer was prepared, the difficulty of the operation would increase. He just wanted to get over this hurdle as soon as possible.

That night, Xie Xi was particularly active when dreaming. He knew that Jiang Xie would have memories of this afterwards and might use it to trouble him but as long as he could stabilize Leo as soon as possible, he didn’t care.

Who knew that Jiang Xie would respond to his initiative by saying, “This is like a dream.”

Xie Xi was almost scared to death by him!

What did it mean to be accustomed to being poor and not any blessings? Jiang Xie perfectly interpreted this sentence!

Xie Xi hurriedly kissed him. “Stupid.”

His soft voice hooked at Jiang Xie’s soul. How could he have time to think about whether the dream was a dream or not. Even if ie was a dream, he must seize the opportunity!

According to this progress, going through 100% of the estrus period wouldn’t be a problem.

Xie Xi felt that he was a bit tired after he was active. This was probably because previously he had followed Jiang Xie’s dream. This time, he led a part of the dream and consumed more energy.

He was so tired that he actually fell asleep in the medicinal bath.

The national teacher didn’t disturb him and only carefully helped dry his body before taking him back to bed.

Xie Xi was sleeping but once he felt that Jiang Xie was leaving, he couldn’t help pulling at the sleeve. “Sleep…”

The national teacher paused and there were infinite tenderness and helplessness in his eyes. He sat beside the bed and whispered like he was coaxing a small child. “Sleep.”

Xie Xi dreamt again.

This time it wasn’t the garden or a s*x dream.

On a battefield covered with fire, he grabbed at a white-clad boy with arms covered in blood. “Why did you give me your beast soul? Are you crazy?”

The white-clad teenager was pale and a wisp of white hair emerged from his cloak as he spoke in a tired voice, “You can’t die. Xie Xi, you can’t die…”

Xie Xi was anxious. “Why don’t you care about yourself?”

“It doesn’t matter. No one needs me. But you…”

Xie Xi was full of fire. “I need you!”

The boy was shaken by the words. He slowly looked up and there was a red mist around his throat, as if reflecting the scarlet battlefield.

“That…” The boy in white smiled. “I can’t let you die.”

Xie Xi was stunned. This moment blossomed and declined rapidly, like a beautiful and ephemeral smile.

Xie Xi suddenly woke up and saw the national teacher next to his bed.

For a moment, he didn’t know where he was.

He dreamt of the national teacher. Was this a fragment of their previous memory?

Was this ruby earring the beast soul of the national teacher?

Did he give Xie Xi the beast soul to save him?

Xie Xi closed his eyes and opened them again, saying, “I fell asleep.”

The national teacher’s voice was warm. “If you’re tired then sleep a bit longer.”

Xie Xi shook his head. “Did I delay you from going to the meeting?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Xie Xi was curious about the things in his dream. If he could understand the damn previous setting then it would be much more convenient.

He needed to get more sleep…

Xie Xi yawned.

The national teacher told him, “Sleep. I’ll have them reschedule breakfast.”

He couldn’t go! How could he dream if this person was gone?

Xie Xi pulled at his sleeve. “Stay with me.”

The national teacher was stunned.

Xie Xi thought about his own behaviour… the emperor cut off his sleeve for his lover yet Xie Xi pulled at the sleeve.

Um… don’t care about the details. There were many wonders in the world. Who stipulated that there couldn’t be an emperor like him?

Emperor XIe was very righteous. “Casually read to me so I can sleep.”

Whenever he was bored during the medicinal bath, the national teacher would read to him.

The national teacher smiled and his voice was very gentle. “Okay.”

Xie Xi gradually fell asleep while listening to the national teacher’s charming voice.

Sure enough, he dreamt of the past.

Perhaps wearing the earring strengthened his ability and made him dream of the past related to the national teacher.

What were the specific rules? Xie Xi didn’t know for the moment and just wanted to see what happened between them.

The dream had changed places and they were now in a town empty of people.

There were many wounded soldiers and Xie Xi was also injured. He took off the earring and handed it to the boy in white. “Take it back.”

The teenager said, “It’s fine as long as you don’t leave me.”

Xie Xi cried out, “Don’t mess around. I am going to the front lines. What if I get hurt?!”

The teenager looked up at him. “Then protect yourself.”

Xie Xi was helpless. “Houqing, can’t you be obedient? I need to be heartless in battle.”

The national teacher was originally called Houqing!

He heard Houqing exclaim, “I want you to live!”

Xie Xi frowned and he tried to say something but he couldn’t open his mouth.

Houqing continued, “Xie Xi, remember that if you die, I can’t live!”

The young boy with snowy skin was particularly eye-catching in the midst of war. His eyes were firm and he shouted from the soul, stirring people’s heart.

Xie Xi knew this person was telling the truth.

If Xie Xi died then it was all over.

Xie Xi sighed and asked for a promise. “Once the war is over, you must wear it every day and don’t give it to anyone, including me.”

“Yes, I promise you.”

This was their promise. During the war, Houqing gave his beast soul to Xie Xi and it became Xie Xi’s talisman, the symbol of Beast King Rose.

Xie Xi accepted it and completely protected it until the end of the war.

At the same time, it protected Xie Xi.

It gave Xie Xi room to think calmly in countless dangerous situations.

It gave Xie XI a point of distraction and concern when he wanted a break.

Xie Xi could go to the end of this war due to the earring.

He and Houqing indeed walked through many difficult years side by side, through thorns and fire before finally embracing the supreme glory.

Why did they separate afterwards?

Why did the two people who went through life and death end up like this?

Xie Xi woke up again due to hunger.

He opened his eyes and the national teacher asked, “Go to eat?”

Xie Xi stared at him. “Houqing.”

“Your Majesty has something to say?”

Xie Xi smiled. “I dreamt of when we were young.”

The national teacher’s eyelashes trembled. “That was a long time ago.”

“Yes, it was a long time but I still miss it when I think about it.”

He wanted to talk about old feelings with the national teacher to warm this person’s lonely heart. Who would’ve expected the national teacher’s expression to become even more miserable? “I wasn’t good.”

Xie Xi was puzzled. How was this person bad? He even gave the most important beast soul that kept Xie Xi alive?

Judging from these memories, the feelings between the two people were very deep.

The national teacher’s mouth quivered and his voice was full of bitterness. “I screwed everything up.”

How did he mess up?

If Xie Xi wasn’t hungry then he really wanted to continue sleeping!

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