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Open World 13

Jiang Xie could sweep through thousands of troops with a single branch and now he was given a long knife. He cut the zombies like they were cabbages and the zombies split in half. The image was very ferocious but he still guaranteed neat arms and legs while also letting the zombies lose mobility.

Ordinary zombies found it hard to recover. Xie Xi felt that the zombie that bit Chen Qing definitely wasn’t simple.

The zombies fell to the ground and the chickens riding on them had no fighting power. They fell to the ground and were stepped on by other zombies. However, there was another batch afterwards and the number of zombies and chickens were endless.

The disabled group of four looked silly. They could see that Jiang Xie was strong but they hadn’t expected it to this extent!

He could still have this much ability despite having his skills and props disabled. Who was this person?

Xie Xi didn’t waste time. He carried a zombie arm towards a man without an arm.

The man with no arm used his other arm to cut the zombies. Seeing his movements, he must be a capable person when he was physically sound.

“What happened?”

Xie Xi came over too abruptly that the man was confused.

Xie Xi asked directly, “Do you mind having a zombie arm?”

The man without an arm, “???”

Xie Xi was just asking to be polite. At this time, who would care if the person wanted it or not. Otherwise, they would be fed to the zombies!

Xie Xi used Beginner Repair and the zombie arm was attached to the shoulder of the armless man at a very strange angle.

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie peeked at him while taking care of three directions and unceremoniously laughed.

Xie Xi’s face was hot and he wanted to destroy this master.

No, he first had to fix this! That’s it, cut it off!

He swung his knife and cut off the good zombie arm.

The armless man was blank and completely couldn’t understand what happened.

How did this zombie arm grow from his shoulder? Why did this little brother cut it off again with a knife? How… how did it grow back?!

Xie Xi told him, “Make use of it to survive. We can talk more after leaving here.”

The armless man moved the zombie arm and was shocked. “I, I, I…”

Then a zombie pounced and bit his zombie arm.

The armless man was stunned and only reacted after a long time passed. There was no pain at all and he also felt energetic. He directly swung his arm and threw the zombie away.

Xie Xi was surprised by his strength but remained calm. “You can use it and don’t have to cherish it too much. The arm can be changed again.”

The armless man excitedly moved his arm. “My name is Cao Yan. Later you will be my eldest brother!”

Xie Xi was at least 10 years younger than him and didn’t want to recognize him as a younger brother.

They were all stuck in the car and these actions couldn’t be hidden. A zombie arm was attached to a human body and could be used. This was simply…

Great! Yes, it was great, not horrifying.

They weren’t ordinary people if they dared to enter the open world.  How many wonderful skills were there in Central? Giving people a zombie arm or leg… well… it was very convenient!

Cao Yan excitedly used the zombie arm to fight the zombies while the other three were in high spirits.

Since Xie Xi used the Repair skill, he naturally wouldn’t be selective and would repair everyone.

Jiang Xie was very sharp and had long prepared the arms and legs. Xie Xi went and give arms and legs to Zhuo Liu and Zhuang Yu respectively.

The short-haired man who was previously disheartened was called Zhu Li. He had been long stunned and now regretted his words.

If Xie Xi was so annoyed with him that he wasn’t given a leg then he… he…

Xie Xi came up to him and he stuttered, “I, I previously…”

He hadn’t finished his words when Xie Xi placed the leg on him.

Zhu Li’s eyes were red as he looked up. Xie Xi told him, “Talk less nonsense. It is better to use this energy to chop at the zombies.”

Then he turned around, picked up his own knife and stabbed at the zombies.

Xie Xi was a newcomer but he had plenty of money. He only went through three worlds but he filled up all the beginner qualifications, meaning his physical fitness wasn’t bad.

However, combat didn’t only look at physical fitness but also skills and practical experience. In this respect, Xie Xi was very lacking. His strength wasn’t low and his body was flexible but he found it difficult to cope.

Next to him was Jiang Xie. Jiang Xie kept on eye on him and made sure he didn’t get hurt.

In fact, this game was too simple for Jiang Xie. It was simple even with four disabled people and a child.

The disabling of skills and items might be fatal for some people like Yan Zhe. If Yan Zhe came here, he could probably only live by relying on his face.

On the other hand, it was good for Jiang Xie. After all, his fighting skills and experience were integrated into his bone marrow and his physical fitness was the best. The lack of skills changed this from a destroyed land to a small land.

He could clear all of it without any effort but then it wouldn’t benefit Xie Xi. The main reason he came to this world was companionship, not to clear it. He had to look after Xie Xi and watch him grow.

Zhu Li changed his personality after gaining a leg. Previously, he was a dejected dog and now he became a tiger. He had probably been holding back for a long time. Once he regained his mobility, he was hotblooded like a tiger.

“Boss!” Zhu Li called out to Xie Xi. “Go to rest and hand it over to me!”

Xie Xi, “???” Who was he called Boss?

Zhu Li held the knife in his hand and danced around. “Boss, you go to the middle and protect yourself. If our arms or legs break, you will have to mend them. It will be troublesome if you get hurt!”

Cao Yan opened his mouth and agreed. “That’s right! You must’ve consumed a lot of strength giving us the arms and legs. Quickly rest!”

The other two were in a slowly lower position and spoke in unison, “Rest assured, we can hold it!”

Xie Xi who was squeezed into the centre and was protected, “…”

Jiang Xie smiled. “Protect my nanny.”

Xie Xi glared at him. Jiang Xie’s lips moved silently: This is also strength.

Not everyone could make their teammates willing to protect them or gain the support of so many people at once.

Jiang Xie wanted to increase Xie Xi’s experience but this experience wasn’t limited to holding a knife and killing the enemy. Xie Xi had accumulated experience from the moment he decided to use Repair.

If Jiang Xie wasn’t here, what would Xie Xi do? He had to use this skill. As for what would happen afterwards, he could only deal with it!

The five of them held out against the zombies’ attack. Cao Yan’s zombie arm was injured in the middle and became more and more inconvenient. IN the end, it was bitten by zombie…

Cao Yan held his arm and retreated. “Big Brother Xie, I have to trouble you.”

The 19 year old Xie Xi who was called Big Brother by a 30 year old man…

“Don’t call me that.”

Cao Yan immediately changed his words. “Boss!”

Xie Xi’s hands shook and he almost placed the arm in the wrong position again. Xie Xi carefully observed and found that the zombie arms and legs didn’t have any resilience. They couldn’t recover like Chen Qing.

It seemed that Chen Qing’s immortal body was due to being bitten. Xie Xi was wary of that zombie. If it was also immortal then it might not be easy to break through the underground labyrinth.

The group of four weren’t undead but there was Xie Xi. As long as their bodies were hurt, they could casually change the limbs. For example, Cao Yan learnt fancy arm moves. After all, the arm could be changed and he used it as a consumable.

The closer it got to the end, the more comfortable these people became and the harder it was to listen to them.

Cao Yan cried out, “Old Zhu, this leg is good. Do you want it? I’ll collect it for you.”

Zhu Li replied, “No, I see a stronger and thicker leg. It is very good for me!”

Cao Yan told you, “You will have on long and one short leg.”

Zhu Li told him, “What a joke! I already have a long leg!”

They helped each other and competed with each other.

Cao Yan shouted, “Zhuo Liu, that arm is mine. Don’t steal it!”

Zhuo Liu replied, “Are you crazy? Why do you need two right arms? Is it fun?”

Cao Yan explained, “I am right-handed. If I have two right arms then I might be able to use 200% strength!”

“No, I saw this arm first.”

Cao Yan shouted, “Who cut it off?”

Xie Xi who was silently watching in the middle, “…”

Could they respect the zombies who worked hard to attack them? Only the taciturn Zhuang Yi was silent.

Xie Xi spoke with no expression on his face, “This is a female zombie leg.”

Zhuang Yi was embarrassed. “I always feel like I should be a female…”

Xie Xi, “…………………………”

Where did this craziness come from? In this bloody, cruel and thrilling zombie game, the half zombies were taking it as ‘amusement’!

They easily gained points and the first car was stunned. The number on the scoreboard rose like crazy and it was now at 44 points! The number was mocking them.

Zhou Wuwei cried out, “Impossible, there must be something wrong. How can they kill so many zombies?”

The five of them did their best to gain 22 points. How could those repulsive people get 44 points?

Yun Die bit his lower lip. “That man isn’t simple!”

Zhou Wuwei couldn’t believe it. “The counter must be wrong. Perhaps it is deliberately deceiving us…”

“It’s gone up again!” Someone exclaimed, “88 points!”

How could this be? Killing 88 zombies with so little effort? This… this…

Zhou Wuwei said, “This is impossible, absolutely impossible. The open world forbids skills and items. Even a highly qualified senior player can’t kill so many zombies in such a short time! Not to mention, how many senior players would come to this small world?”

It wasn’t a senior player, it was a god level player.

In addition, the god-level designer only killed the first 20 zombies. The others were killed by the half zombies…

The man with no hand was miserable. He thought he had set foot on Noah’s Ark as the last survivor. Who knew that this ark was a fake and the broke ship across the street was the real spaceship!

A black-haired woman said, “If this continues, we will lose the first round.”

Yun Die jerked. “There is still time. Hurry and grab points! The man on their side is alone. Once he is exhausted, he will definitely slow down!”

It was reasonable for her to think so. There were four disabled people and a pretty boy (Xie Xi: ?). The man they relied on would lose strength and there was time to catch up!

Zhou Wuwei’s spirit returned. “Yes! We can’t be scared by them. Their actions now are only temporary. The disabled people can only help the man block one side. Once they are exhausted, the man will be attacked by the enemies and won’t be able to hold on!”

There were still 40 minutes left until the end of the first round. It was impossible for a person to endure that long. The disabled people wouldn’t be able to protect their sides and once the man slowed down, this side could even up the scores.

However, as time passed, the first car’s atmosphere became worse and worse.

They were too tired and there were too many zombies. The six people could barely protect themselves. How could they kill more zombies to grab points?

The score on the counter didn’t stop. They had 30 points while the second car had 130 points. They were 40 and the second car was 200 points. They…

No one spoke anymore and they couldn’t explain anything. Even if everyone in the first car died, they wouldn’t be able to catch up with this exaggerated score difference.

Yun Die was furious. “He must be retaliating against us! With that lineup, so what if they get the rewards for the first round? It is impossible for them to pass the second round!”

No one dared refute her words.

Yun Die spoke again, “I obviously invited him but he is the one who didn’t come. Now he is desperately trying to drag me into the water. It is too much!”

If this was heard by the people in the second car… The group of four would probably curse her to death. She had a severe and incurable princess disease!

Towards the last 10 minutes, the score of the second car finally slowed down. The first car was exhausted and barely resisted the zombie attacks.

Zhou Wuwei’s eyes lit up. “Something must’ve happened!”

The man with no hand had a lean and pale face. “So what? We can’t catch up with their score.”

Scoreboard: 122 points for the first car, 600 points for the second car.

This gap was so big it was impossible to catch up.

Zhou Wuwei sneered. “So what if they win? The survivors are sure to be injured. The second round is very dangerous and requires six people. Otherwise there is no chance!”

The second car was really ‘covered in wounds.’

Cao Yan opened his mouth. “I’ve found that my arm is no longer strong or easy to use.”

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Xie Xi spoke with no expression on his face, “This is a female zombie leg.”

Zhuang Yi was embarrassed. “I always feel like I should be a female…”

Xie Xi, “…………………………”

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