GL: Chapter 161

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Beginner God’s wisdom.

The unlucky Jiang doubted life.

He paused before saying, “You skill shouldn’t be randomly taking away an item from the world.”

Xie Xi wondered, “Hrmm?”

The unlucky person was full of hate. “It should be called taking away the world’s most important item.”

It activated a total of two times. The last time Xie Xi took away Beginner Repair and this time it was the god’s wisdom. It wasn’t random, it was taking the most important item!

Xie Xi was modest. “The god’s wisdom isn’t the same as it was in the quasi-world.”

Jiang Xie asked, “Is it the beginner version?”

“Yes.” Xie Xi continued, “Are you in the garden? I will go and find you so we can talk.”

Jiang Xie was about to tell him to wait when he received Xie Xi’s entry request. How could he refuse? He could only wrong Yan Zhe. Before Jiang Xie let Xie Xi enter, he sent Yan Zhe out.

Yan Zhe scolded, “Trash who forgets about your friends!”

Jiang Xie explained, “He is very smart. If he sees you then he will certainly suspect that I’m not in good health.”

Yan Zhe understood. “Take it easy. If one day you actually die, Little Rose…”

Jiang Xie sent the person out and Yan Zhe could only talk to himself. “Won’t be able to bear it.”

Jiang Xie’s series of movements were very smooth but Xie Xi still saw Yan Zhe’s back. His heart tensed up as he asked, “Was that God Yan?”

Jiang Xie didn’t change colour. “It is Old Qin earing Yan Zhe’s clothes.” It was normal for Qin Ge to be present since he had to use the Equivalent Exchange skill.

Qin Ge and Yan Zhe, “…” Was it still too late to split from this person?

Xie Xi didn’t believe it and he frowned. “What’s wrong with your body?”

“How can there be a problem?” Jiang Xie leaned over and hugged him while whispering, “I have no problem doing it 70 times a night.”

Xie Xi felt this person’s body was quite normal and felt slightly relieved. He yelled, “70 times a night and you say there is no problem? This is simply an early discharge!”

Jiang Xie laughed. “If we are in the Antarctic then the night will be longer.”

This sophistry! Xie Xi didn’t have a good atmosphere around him. “Only 70 times in half a year?”

He immediately regretted saying this. He had dug a hole for himself!

Jiang Xie’s eyes brightened and he lowered his voice. “It is a low number but your husband is very long-lasting. I can last for two days…”

Xie Xi couldn’t listen and pushed this person away. “Close, your, mouth!”

“There is no point in saying anything.” Jiang Xie told him innocently. “Why don’t we try it out?”

Forget trying it out!

Xie Xi took out the god’s wisdom.

Jiang Xie saw the topic had changed and no longer had a poor mouth as he examined the god’s wisdom.

Xie Xi explained, “It is a bound item. It can’t be transferred, traded or discarded.”

Jiang Xie sighed. “Most divine objects are like this.”

This god’s wisdom was truly at a divine level, which was the highest level in the Central World at present.

It was said that there were only two divine objects in all of Central. One was in the hands of Yunge’s founder and master, N, while the other was in the hands of the greatest designer, X.

Now there was a third and it was in the hands of a beginner collector. This showed Xie Xi’s excellent luck.

Xie Xi added, “The current function can’t compare to the quasi-world…”

In general, this was a weakened version of the god’s wisdom. Xie Xi could draw on it and the thing he drew would be created in thin air. It was unfortunate that Xie Xi didn’t have the flower god’s drawing skills.

He tried to draw and it was crooked, twisted and bent. He finally finished drawing and the god’s wisdom responded with: [It is too ugly to recognize.]

Jiang Xie heard this and smiled. Xie Xi glared at him. Jiang Xie immediately cried out, “Garbage god’s wisdom, you dare to laugh at my baby. I’ll tear you apart!”

Xie Xi ignored him and continued. “The beginner god’s wisdom has many limitations. I can’t create life forms, the object can’t be larger than one square metre and there are only five minutes of drawing time. After drawing, there is a one hour cooldown.”

It might sound like there were many limitations but it was still frightening.

The beginner version couldn’t create lifeforms. Did this mean it was possible at a higher level?

There was also a one square metre size limit. The beginner level was so large. Imagine how big it would be when upgraded.

Drawing something in five minutes might sound short but if he became proficient in drawing, he could draw many things.

Other people were desperately trying to expand their items bar. Xie Xi only needed to bring the god’s wisdom and draw some simple items that he remembered. Then wouldn’t they be created?

Don’t look down on small things. A health potion worth thousands of gold wasn’t difficult to draw.

Jiang Xie told him, “It’s a good thing. If you use it properly then it will have great value.”

Xie Xi remembered something and asked, “Is this related to being a designer?”

Jiang Xie replied, “It is possible but definitely not now. You don’t need to worry. In order to promote to a designer, you need to pass a test set by the Central Government. The test is single-player mode and you can only rely on yourself. You should upgrade as much as possible before trying to pass the test.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes, I’m not in a hurry.”

He also knew that some designers didn’t know some of the basics. The designers in Central was getting smaller, because they couldn’t pass the test, not because people didn’t know the true meaning of designing.

Without enough experience and strength, attempting the test was tantamount to dying.

Even with plenty of preparations, too many senior players fell in the test.

Xie Xi hadn’t been promoted to an intermediate player yet and wasn’t eager to try being upgraded to a designer. He wanted to talk about his new world when he suddenly glimpsed the withered roses.

The roses in this garden were the spiritual image of Jiang Xie. They had been thriving in the past so why were they now…

He immediately looked up with narrowed eyes. “Were you damaged by Equivalent Exchange?”

Jiang Xie, “…” Hadn’t they got past this?

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “This time you lost your body. Do you still have your body when staying in the bodies of the soul? Is that why you were physically damaged when you came out?” The more he spoke, the paler he became. He even thought the worst. Perhaps Jiang Xie’s body was gone. Was this another piece or perhaps it was an illusion that Jiang Xie was showing him?

Xie Xi reached out and Jiang Xie held his head. He understood what Xie Xi was thinking and hurriedly reassured him. “I was a bit hurt but it wasn’t so serious. I was divided among five and those bodies were dominated by the souls of the main body. I borrowed the bodies at most and it doesn’t count as gaining a body.” [1.]

Xie Xi glared at him. “Don’t lie to me!”

Jiang Xie smiled wryly. “I can’t lie to you.” He desperately hid all of this but because his spirit relaxed, he exposed a flaw and let Xie Xi notice.

Xie Xi raised an eyebrow. “It really only hurts a bit?”

Jiang Xie comforted him. “It is a little flesh injury. If I am lying, I will be hit by five thunderbolts…”

Xie Xi rushed to interrupt him. “Stop talking nonsense!”

“I’m not lying to you so I’m not afraid of this thing.”

Xie Xi didn’t hesitate to expose him. “This is your garden so there won’t be any thunderbolts!”

Jiang Xie smiled.

It really wasn’t because the garden didn’t have five thunderbolts. It was because he wasn’t afraid of being hit by them. They only tickled him.

Xie Xi asked, “If you are only hurt a little bit, why God Yan come here?” It had been a while since he came here and he was aware of Yan Zhe’s nature.

Jiang Xie could always pull something out. “It is all Old Qin’s fussing.”

Xie Xi sneered. “You didn’t have the strength to stop General Qin!” Qin Ge was previously a general so this was what low level players called him in Central.

Jiang Xie was stunned. If he had a bit of strength left then he wouldn’t have allowed Qin Ge to call Yan Zhe.

Jiang Xie’s lies were poked and he could only act as a scoundrel. “If you are worried then do you want to take my clothes off and check directly?”

Xie Xi also had a killer move. “If you keep a secret from me, don’t think about going to the next world with me!”

Old Jiang explained the truth in a matter of seconds. “I only broke a few bones.”

“A few?”

“Well… it was 200…”

There were a total of 206 bones and Jiang Xie broke 200 of them…

Xie Xi’s face was a frosty white as he gritted his teeth. “Don’t go with me to the next world…”

Jiang Xie kissed him and spoke softly, “I won’t hesitate to follow you even if I am crushed to powder. You can’t leave me.”

This was too foul. The big fire immediately vanished! Xie Xi’s eyes reddened and he couldn’t help kissing back.

Jiang Xie was a typical opportunist and how could he give up such a good thing? He waved his hand and made a beautiful room appear, pressing the other person down onto a soft bed.

Xie Xi stared up at him.

Jiang Xie felt heartache and pity as he touched the tip of the delicate nose and whispered, “I fear nothing in Heaven or Earth, I only fear you becoming a sacrificial vessel.” Then he kissed the corner of Xie Xi’s eyes, tasting bittersweet tears.

After experiencing the strength of the other person’s waist, Xie Xi was convinced. “God Yan is really powerful.”

During such a time, his lover was talking about another man being powerful. Jiang Xie angrily bit his neck and left a small strawberry. “Don’t boast about other men.”

What was this! Xie Xi explained, “I mean that God Yan’s healing is really powerful!”

It was amazing that Jiang Xie’s heavy injuries could be healed in such a short period of time!

“How is he powerful? He is exhausted from running 800 metres and can’t do it.”

Yan Zhe let out a big sneeze. He rubbed the tip of his nose while glancing at Qin Ge. “I think Old Jiang is scolding me.”

General Qin was an honest man. “How is that possible? You just healed him.”

Yan Zhe was indignant. “It must be because Little Rose discovered something was wrong and admired my superb healing. The old brute’s heart is unwilling and he blackened me!”

Well… good brother, you guessed correctly.

Jiang Xie really wanted to do Xie Xi 70 times in one night. Unfortunately, Xie Xi couldn’t stay in Central for too long. He had to go to the new world as soon as possible.

Jiang Xie was trying to ask about the new quasi-world when Xie Xi asked him first, “Have you recovered any souls this time?”

Jiang Xie answered, “Five souls.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. “Is your luck so good?” Last time only one was recycled. This time it was actually five?

The rules regarding taking back the souls weren’t just to make them happy. It was to see how many quasi-worlds they participated in. Wasn’t this too much of a coincidence? All five souls had Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas as their last world?

Jiang Xie paused.

Xie Xi keenly captured this and asked, “What’s going on?”

Jiang Xie replied, “They should be involved in a few more worlds. However, I entered the quasi-world and they were forcibly brought back.”

Xie Xi’s eyes became bigger. “What about the other quasi-worlds they were involved in?”

“The souls were forcibly removed and the quasi-world might collapse.”

Xie Xi’s heart thumped and he had a bad feeling. “Does it hurt you?”

Jiang Xie told him, “It is a good thing for me but the damage to the Central Government is relatively large.”

The number of quasi-worlds was already decreasing and now the worlds of the main designer, Jiang Xie collapsed… it was adding insult to injury.

Xie Xi understood. Jiang Xie had scattered out too many souls and his own state was unstable. He urgently needed to take back the souls.

Forget how they came back. As long as they returned to Jiang Xie, it was a good thing. On the other hand, the quasi-worlds that lost the souls suffered.

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “If this is the case, we can recover all the scattered souls as long as we clear a few more worlds.”

It was unknown how many souls Jiang Xie scattered but if Jiang Xie could pull them out of the quasi-world then the efficiency was improved.

Jiang Xie refuted it. “Things won’t be that simple.”

Xie Xi thought of his new world and hurriedly told Jiang Xie about it.

Jiang Xie was stunned. “A specific occupation?”

“I tried all the low level occupations but they didn’t work. In addition, according to your words, I can’t pass the designer test right now.”

Jiang Xie said, “It is impossible that it is a designer. Go to the occupation interface and there should be a tip about transferring occupations.”

Xie Xi really didn’t know this. He hurriedly dragged down the interface and found the occupations tab.

Once it was opened, Xie Xi was stunned. “Repairer? There is such an occupation in Central?”

[1.] TL: If this is confusing, remember that when it comes to Equivalent Exchange, Jiang Xie loses something every time he enters the world. If he recovers the thing he lost in the world, he will lose it permanently. In this chapter, Xie Xi was worried that whenever Jiang Xie took over the soul’s bodies, this was regarded as Jiang Xie regaining his own body and it would be permanently lost.

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