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Collapsed God 13

Both asked who the other person was but neither answered the other person’s question.

There wasn’t a good answer. If normal strangers met, could things be so heated and full of bitterness?

The question was asking about their identity, not their name. It was their identity in regards to Xie Xi. To put it bluntly, it should be Xie Xi who answered the question.

Yet Xie Xi…

How could he answer? If he told the truth and they suspected they were souls, the collapse would be even worse.

Xie Xi was experienced washing four and six and could still hold on. He showed the skills of a slag male to divert attention.

“Let’s go in first.” Xie Xi got off the aircraft while separating the big and small person. He feared they would become too angry and ignite each other.

Big Jiang and Little Jiang didn’t say a word. Xie Xi could only be hard-headed. “Go inside first. What are you going to do outside?”

The implication was that they shouldn’t make a scene in public.

Fortunately, whether it was big or small Jiang, they both loved to save face. Based on the master, before Xie Xi’s emergence, this person probably loved face the most and he couldn’t lose his face regardless of his life.

Big Jiang glanced at Xie Xi and talked business. “The collection of data is complete. Does it support the conjecture?”

Xie Xi glanced at Little Jiang, found this teenager had a sullen expression and replied to Big Jiang. “It is very complete. The institute president says it is a 90% probability.”

Jiang Xie warned, “Don’t be careless and continue to survey. Determine the pole range, size and impact it can withstand.”

Xie Xi nodded and kept talking to him.

During this period, Little Jiang couldn’t insert any words at all. He watched coldly as he followed them silently into the house.

He had been observing this strange adult man, who was almost identical to him apart from the grey eyes.

In the United States, it wasn’t uncommon for people to look alike. Genetic selection meant it wasn’t unusual to produce the same appearance.

However, Little Jiang saw the adult identical to himself and couldn’t help thinking too much.

What was this person’s relationship with Xie Xi? Did Xie Xi save him because he looked like this person? The reason Xie Xi was so good to him was because of this face?

Xie Xi said he would answer Jiang Xie’s question when he came back. Was this the answer?

Jiang Xie’s thin lips tightened at this thought and a chill sprang from his heart, turning his hands and feet cold.

Xie Xi was handling the east and couldn’t take care of the west. He was only one person and couldn’t cut himself in half.

Finally, they entered the house and Big Jiang stated, “Dinner is ready. Go to eat first.”

Xie Xi was to blame and could only say, “Okay.”

Thus, the trio entered the dining room. He just stepped into the dining room when he got a bad feeling.

Sure enough, he saw a warm and romantic candlelight dinner. The furnishings of the palace were classical. The white walls were filled with the words of the famous emotional painter while the three windows faced the sea. Of course, they were covered by heavy curtains. The warmth of the candles created a calm and beautiful atmosphere.

The dining table was long and at this time, a beautiful white candles lampstand was placed on the side of the owner. Looking closely, a white rose could be seen imprinted on the candles.

The lights swayed and wine was served with food, causing an extremely romantic atmosphere.

Xie Xi’s keen eyes captured the main point. There were only two sets of cutlery for this candlelight dinner! Not only did Little Jiang have to eat in this atmosphere, he didn’t even have a place to sit! It could be imagined what Little Jiang was feeling at the moment.

According to the young man’s temper, now was the time to swing fists. However, he managed to hold back and stand steady, like a general accepting the enemy’s provocation!

Xie Xi was shocked by this murderous feeling and his legs softened. Why? Why did he have to face such a terrible scene?! Sure enough, he wanted to hit Jiang Xie!

Jiang Xie told him, “You said you wanted to eat steak last night. Thus, I prepared it today.”

Did Xie Xi say this? Did he say it? Didn’t Jiang Xie say yesterday that he wanted to move out in order to give Xie Xi’s lover space? When did they discuss eating steak?

Xie Xi thought about it for a long time but could only nod calmly. “Okay.”

Jiang Xie smiled. “I didn’t think there would be outsiders. I was negligent.”

Xie Xi, “???” He mentioned it yesterday yet Jiang Xie didn’t think about it? Didn’t they discuss this issue yesterday for two or three hours?

Xie Xi understood that this was a gift Big Jiang prepared for Little Jiang. The candlelight dinner, the romantic setting for two, the third party, please don’t spoil it!

Xie Xi pretended not to understand and stated, “It’s fine, I will go and get another set of cutlery.” He couldn’t let Big Jiang bully Little Jiang.

Little Jiang stood there silently and coldly but didn’t leave. The smile on Jiang Xie’s face lightened and he held down Xie Xi’s hand. “I’ll grab it.”

Xie Xi didn’t insist. He always felt that separating the two of them would allow him to catch his breath, even if it was only for a few seconds.

Of course, Jiang Xie didn’t grab the cutlery himself. He didn’t even leave the room as he whispered some commands to the housekeeper.

It was very fast as a chair, plate, knife, fork and glass were set in place.

Xie Xi was worried about the seating problem. Fortunately, the housekeeper was an expert and understood the situation. He moved Xie Xi to the centre with the two Jiangs around him. This triangular situation was very stable… dammit!

Big Jiang stated, “Eat quickly. It will become cold soon.”

Xie Xi glanced at Little Jiang. “You should be hungry. Hurry and take your seat.”

The three people sat down. Jiang Xie and Xie Xi talked and laughed. Meanwhile, Little Jiang didn’t speak or eat. He just sat there like an ice sculpture and the candles were almost frozen by him.

Xie Xi had to take care of the little teenager. “Why aren’t you eating?”

Little Jiang replied with no expression, “I don’t want to eat this.”

Big Jiang seriously cut the steak, his silence emitting a very strong sarcastic atmosphere!

Xie Xi didn’t care and kept coaxing the teenager. “Why, aren’t you hungry?”

“I don’t want to eat this. I want to eat the dishes you made.”

Xie Xi, “!”

This kid used a big trick! The moment the words emerged, Big Jiang’s eyes darkened and he glanced at Xie Xi, “You can cook?”

Xie Xi knew that in this setting, he shouldn’t even know what the kitchen looked like, let alone cook. However, he came him in the beginning and only wanted to coax Little Jiang. Therefore, he didn’t think about the setting. This was.. a continuity error.

Xie Xi spoke vaguely, “I just do it casually.”

Little Jiang’s cold face finally relaxed slightly and a bit of warmth entered his eyes. It seemed that not everything was a lie. It was true that Xie Xi only cooked for him. This man hadn’t eaten the dishes made by Xie Xi.

Little Jiang, who had been abused since entering, finally recovered some lost ground.

Xie Xi clearly felt a low pressure from Big Jiang. Compared to the cold Little Jiang, the angry Big Jiang seemed a bit scarier?

Xie Xi hurriedly stopped these thoughts. The matter of how was deadlier couldn’t be compared!

Xie Xi couldn’t sit still and got up. “This isn’t enough for three people. I will go to the kitchen to see what else is there and add a dish.”

He left the two bombs who were about to explode in the dining room. Xie Xi couldn’t handle this and just wanted to get some air.

Who knew that Little Jiang would actually say, “Don’t bother, I can eat this.”

Xie Xi, “???” Who was the person who just said that he wanted to eat Xie Xi’s dishes?

Little Jiang’s lips curved. His smile was handsome and had the purity of youth. “You said that you will only make it for me alone.”

Xie Xi, “!”

He was afraid to look at Big Jiang. This, this… Little Jiang, you aren’t very old but your aiming point is too precise.

Big Jiang had no expression. “Originally, you can cook. In the many years we knew each other, I didn’t give you an opportunity.”

These words stung at Little Jiang. Xie Xi was afraid and hurriedly got up. “Wait, I’ll be back soon.”

He rushed into the kitchen and for the first time in his life, he felt that the kitchen was so warm, beautiful and sacred!

Thankfully, as soon as he left, the dining room fell into a tomb-like silence. No one spoke anymore. Perhaps they were waiting for a big move?

Xie Xi thought absentmindedly. He had an idea about the cooking. He was a man who danced on the tip of the knife and how could he not be a bit clever?

He cleverly used the smart chef machine to make tasteless scrambled eyes. He brought the dish to the table and both people looked at it.

On the elegant Western-style dining table with the beautiful candlestick, the delicate steak and the red wine, this dish of scrambled eggs naturally looked like a chicken among swans, poor and weak. It was just like President Xie at this time.

Big Jiang stated coldly, “It looks good.”

Little Jiang tried to control his smiling mouth. “In this one month, I missed the dishes you made.”

Xie Xi smiled slightly while inwardly thinking, ‘Stop and have a good meal!’

“Try it?” Xie Xi spoke and Big Jiang and Little Jiang grabbed the same egg.

At this moment…

Xie Xi felt that he was the egg being pierced by their forks. Little Jiang frowned and obviously didn’t mean to concede. Big Jiang was old and knew how to retreat. He politely told the other person, Please.”

His actions and words were to contrast with the other person’s rudeness. Xie Xi wanted to pinch them.

Little Jiang sneered and unceremoniously ate the egg. Xie Xi never imagined that he would one day feel the same as a cooked egg!

The plate of scrambled eggs was quickly finished and Xie Xi didn’t get to eat a mouthful.

Of course, he tasted it in the kitchen and the taste was quite poor. It was almost equal to no taste.

He did this on purpose because it was the only way to appease the two people.

Sure enough, Big and Little Jiang ate the scrambled eggs and stopped for a while.

Xie Xi could guess their minds.

Jiang Xie tasted this so-called Xie Xi dish and was relieved. What about this taste? Xie Xi had probably directly ordered it from the smart chef and stated it was his cooking to cheat the child.

Little Jiang tasted the tasteless scrambled eggs and thought that this wasn’t Xie Xi’s cooking. He ordered it from the smart chef and kept his promise of only cooking for Jiang Xie. This inferior dish was just to keep face and fool the other person.

Xie Xi really understood his lover or he couldn’t do this precise ‘one hit striking two people.’

The meal finished and Little Jiang, who originally wanted to move out, didn’t mention moving out.

Of course, it was impossible for them to keep staying in the same bedroom. Luckily, the presidential palace was big and there were enough rooms. Don’t mention two Jiang Xie, this was enough for six to live!

The rooms were arranged and Xie Xi had a job to do, so he slipped away first.

He sat in his study and connected to the light brain, but his thoughts were full of what to do next.

The three of them were bound to collapse if they stayed together. It was best to be separated.

How could he logically separate them?

Xie Xi worked his brain until it seemed to break but he couldn’t think of anything.

He glanced at the passing time and thought of the main Jiang Xie. As long as Little Jiang slept, the main Jiang Xie would appear in the early morning.

Xie Xi would go to him and ask if there was a method. After all, this was his soul and he should take responsibility!

Xie Xi was temporarily relieved and busied himself with work.

In the meantime, Big Jiang came over with a cup of black tea before leaving. Xie Xi didn’t know if Little Jiang came because he was a rational president who loved work and not beauty!

Xie Xi was busy until 11 o’clock. Then he yawned and prepared to take a nap.

He would set the alarm to 4 o’clock and then sneak into Little Jiang’s room to see Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi slept for a bit and had a messy dream.

In the dream, he became a gold ingot and Big Jiang was a rich man. Little Jiang was a small rich man and both of them said this gold ingot belonged to them.

The two people rushed to grab it and the county magistrate ordered, “Cut this gold ingot in half!”

Xie Xi was woken up by the alarm clock, saving him from his nightmare of being cut apart.

He rubbed his head and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “What was that…”

The time was just right. Xie Xi lightly left his room and headed towards Little Jiang’s room.

The presidential palace was very quiet and Xie Xi was afraid of waking up others. Of course, he was most frightened of waking up Big Jiang. He was extremely cautious only to be relieved when he saw Little Jiang’s room.

“Xiao Xie?” Jiang Xie’s low voice was heard.

Xie Xi’s heart tensed and he turned to see Big Jiang standing in the shadows.

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