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Collapsed God 22

On the surface, Xie Xi maintained the dignity and stability of a rationality while scolding in his heart, ‘Don’t talk nonsense! Don’t you know that great wealth comes from silence!’

J definitely didn’t understand. This beautiful love, it naturally had to be announced to the world.

Fortunately, Big Jiang didn’t believe it and spoke calmly. “Impossible, he is a pure rational.”

By all accounts, J could stop and not irritate this ex-partner anymore. However, this bad love rival had to be slapped to death.

J told him, “Unfortunately, you can’t see his first round memories.”

Xie Xi, “!” Could this person speak less!

Holmes suddenly remembered the question Xie Xi asked him when he came back. ‘Have you seen my first round memories?’

At the time, he had asked if Xie Xi had gone to see the memories of the first round.

Xie Xi had nodded and said he saw it.

At the time, Big Jiang hadn’t thought too much. After all, they were the memories of a rational and there would be nothing but tedious laws and regulations.

Now he heard J’s words and his heart was unstable. No… Impossible, how could a rational understand love?

How could they be called rational if they felt love? He knew Xie Xi for a long time and was certain about Xie Xi’s gender. If Xie Xi was an emotional, how could they reach the situation today? It was true that Jiang Xie pretended to be rational but he gave infinite love and care.

Wouldn’t he feel it if Xie Xi was an emotional?

It was impossible, absolutely impossible. His heart had been certain but now he felt a lot of doubts. After all, J didn’t look like he was speaking randomly.

At this time, a youthful voice came from the door. “You… what are you talking about?”

Xie Xi turned and saw Little Jiang standing in a stunned manner by the door.

Um… Xie Xi screamed at J in his heart.

He knew that Big Jiang had deliberately not closed it. He must’ve expected that Little Jiang would come and left the door open to create a pit.

Of course, he didn’t expect for someone to already be inside. He was hit in the heart and now had to worry about Little Jiang.

Xie Xi wasn’t too big of a scum. Since they wanted to know old facts, how about he reveal it to all of them?

In any case, he wouldn’t be scum in the depths of souls’ hearts. The will of the soul was the will of the world. Even the will of the world was by his side so how could he be afraid? He was no longer the newcomer who kept dying in a dead end because of love!

Xie Xi shut up and silently watched. As long as these three didn’t kill each other, everything could be easily said.

Little Jiang wasn’t stupid. He had only listened to half the conversation but he saw that J and Xie Xi were holding hands.

He asked, “Mr. J, the person you have never forgotten…”

J confessed, “It is Xie Xi.”

Little Jiang was stunned. He didn’t expect these two to have such a relationship.

Big Jiang gazed at Xie Xi and asked, “Can I see the memories of your first round?”

His serious eyes and serious expression that gave him a dignified appearance made Xie Xi’s heart thump.

Xie Xi didn’t mind…

J said, “Don’t look at it.” These words emerged from his mouth but in fact, he couldn’t wait for them to watch it 100 times in a row. This way, they would completely die and got out of the way early, staying further away from his Xie Xi!

Big Jiang and Little Jiang stared at him before Big Jiang stated, “Don’t deceive yourself.”

J really wasn’t afraid and smiled. “These are Xie Xi’s memories. I have no right to interfere if he wants to show it.”

Xie Xi thought it and felt he couldn’t proceed with the task if he didn’t disclose the memories of the first round.

At this time, Li Su sent a message. “Mr. President, everyone has gathered. Will you leave tomorrow?”

Xie Xi, “…” How could he start? If he didn’t calm down their emotions then they would be setting off to die!

“There is no hurry. We have to adjust their physical state.” In fact, it was their state of mind but he couldn’t stay this.

Li Su didn’t doubt him. “Yes, Mr. President considered it well.”

The president was very worried and felt it was unreliable to hand over such a big matter involving the billions of lives in the United States to these love brains!

“Wait for my news,” Xie Xi responded to his secretary.

Then he told Big Jiang, “You are the hero who will save the United States and I promised to give you what you want.”

They were absolutely rational words. In front of this group of love brains, he also worried about the universe! Big Jiang glanced at J, as if to say, ‘See, this is a rational.’

J spoke up. “Let’s go together. I want to see as well.”

Xie Xi asked the little one, “Do you also want to see?”

The teenager was impulsive. He licked his lips and asked, “Do you really, really know love?”

Xie Xi was familiar with this troubled appearance. “I don’t know.”

J said, “This isn’t a question he can give an answer to. Don’t bother him.”

Little Jiang looked down and didn’t ask again. Instead, he replied, “I also want to see.”

Xie Xi treated them as the same person. “Yes.”

In fact, Xie Xi also wanted to see him. The memories he had watched before were from Jiang Xie’s perspective and were relatively one-sided.

Of course, even Xie Xi’s perspective would be supplemented by Jiang Xie’s brain. It might be very one-sided but the angles were different and some emotions should be different.

Xie Xi opened up his memories which surprisingly became from when he was a child, not when he was Chief Justice.

There wasn’t a technology that could extract in stages but after years of research, the experience gained made all extractions more complete. The awareness of many Chief Justices sprouted when they were young.

Xie Xi said, “The time is tight and I will use multiple speeds.” This wasn’t difficult. He had a high-level physique and mind. A lifetime of 200 years could be finished in seven or eight hours.

The three of them nodded. “Okay.”

Xie Xi added, “It’s starting.”

Then no one spoke. Xie Xi was quite interested when he saw his young self. He didn’t remember what he was like as a child and Jiang Xie didn’t know either. This was probably Jiang Xie’s imagination.

Black hair, black eyes and white and tender skin. He wore a light blue uniform and stood up straight.

The memories of this ignorant period were fine and there was nothing special. It wasn’t until the age of 14 or 15, when puberty occurred, that Xie Xi had the tragic experience of being treated coldly by the same gender.

He was a rational, a pure rational without any disguises. Despite this, he wasn’t quite the same as other rational people. It wasn’t obvious in childhood but started to show up in puberty.

The United States stipulated that minors, whether rational or emotional, can’t have an X life. However, adolescent teenagers, especially rational ones, were less impulsive and didn’t suppress their s*xual desires.

It was normal for them to join with others and there was no reason to suppress it. They just found another person who had the impulse, hit it off and solved the problem, like cooperating to answer a maths question.

This was the huge difference in the brain structure of a rational and emotional. Yet Xie Xi was different from them. He suppressed his impulses and rejected the people who asked him.

This behavior made him very strange and one after another, he was alienated. He was excluded by everyone, whether they were rational or emotional.

Xie Xi was very strange, Xie Xi might have problems, Xie Xi wasn’t normal. These rumours spread and Xie Xi was isolated.

This couldn’t be blamed on the rational teenagers. In a pool full of black swans, the only white swan was destined to be squeezed out.

Being different—this always received unfair treatment during the most vulnerable age groups.

Xie Xi was excluded by the rational people and couldn’t integrate with the emotional. It was because he was too rational and he was a very obvious rational.

In order to protect themselves, it was impossible for emotional people to accept a rational person, even if the rational person was somewhat strange. This strangeness also made him worthless to the emotional people.

Thus, Xie Xi became more and more lonely.

He was admitted to the law department of the best university in the United States and became a top student. It wasn’t long before he was also rejected by this new environment.

It was because of his ‘cleanliness.’ A rational person chose partners as well and they did it in a more rational manner than emotional people.

An excellent person who was good in all aspects always received more invitations. The more Xie Xi tried to excel, the more he pushed himself to be alone.

At this time, he attended the alumni gathering and met Jiang Xie. From Xie Xi’s point of view, this was the only person who took the initiative to talk to him and didn’t want to sleep with him.

Therefore, when Jiang Xie asked about his gender, Xie Xi was amazed he didn’t notice Xie Xi’s rationality and couldn’t help saying he was an emotional person.

This moment played and Xie Xi clearly felt the stiffness of Big Jiang and Little Jiang.

It was fortunate that the film was playing too fast and there couldn’t be any distractions to waste energy, or Xie Xi would suspect that these two people eating vinegar would beat up J.

After that, things progressed in almost the same way as Jiang Xie’s perspective. Three months passed and Xie Xi confessed.

He thought this was the end but Jiang Xie told him, “It doesn’t matter what gender you are. I love you… even if you don’t love me.”

Xie Xi saw this scene again and felt quite touched, especially since it was from his own point of view.

Cough… this person was too handsome. The next step was being together.

At first, Big Jiang was still calm because Xie Xi’s performance was too rational. At most, J was a bed companion and it was no different from when Xie Xi was with Big Jiang.

Gradually, he couldn’t calm down. Once the two people got married, Xie Xi became less and less rational.

He was always beside Jiang Xie and gave up a lot of work for Jiang Xie. He even chose to become the Chief Justice because of Jiang Xie. This was something that even J didn’t know.

At the time, Xie Xi was qualified to run for an important position in the cabinet but he gave up.

The Chief Justice was a position that sounded prestigious but had no real power. The Chief Justice was often a person who didn’t think about future careers and used their lives to revise the law.

Xie Xi becoming the Chief Justice meant he would be given boring code for the rest of his life and would no longer participate in any political competitions. Still, he was willing to do this for one reason. This occupation was out of the way and wasn’t too dangerous.

He could also follow Jiang Xie to different stars. He could explore the actual situations occurring everywhere and put forward more practical suggestions to improve the law.

For a rational, work was the most important thing. They had never heard of a rational who would put down work for something else.

Xie Xi didn’t understand love so he didn’t know when he fell in love with Jiang Xie. There was no doubt and it wasn’t necessary to see the final memories to clearly understand.

Once J died, Xie Xi’s collapsed appearance stunned Big Jiang and Little Jiang. Was this the appearance of someone who didn’t understand love? Was this a rational who didn’t know love? No… this person understood love more than most emotional people…

J died and Xie Xi lived alone for three years. They watched him wake up lost in the morning, watched him eat in a dazed manner and watched him huddle in the quilt in the choking darkness…

All their hearts were smashed. Xie Xi closed his eyes when J died and he couldn’t look. Otherwise, he would have a sore nose and red eyes. Then how could he pretend to be rational?

Unfortunately, he could still hear despite closing his eyes. He could only think about the nonsense Jiang Xie always spoke that made Xie Xi angry at him.

The two differences offset each other and neutralized the sadness. Once it was over, Xie Xi quickly opened his eyes. He looked normal, like he was just thinking.

After watching these memories, the sky was already bright.

he few people who hadn’t slept for a night weren’t tired, but both Big Jiang and Little Jiang were somewhat lost. Xie Xi’s heart beat like a drum and he was afraid of what they were thinking.

Obviously, Big Jiang was the more frustrated and daring one. He asked, “Can I… look at the memories you erased in this round?”

They were the memories of Xie Xi and Big Jiang together. Due to the president’s special identity, the memories would be retained for a certain period of time after being erased.

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