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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 1

Xie Xi returned to the garden and saw the sleeping Jiang Xie and the different light colours.

This was the garden of the 12 Boundaries and definitely wasn’t the illusion of the black fog.

Yet Xie Xi was still in a trance for a moment.

How could he be sure? What was the criteria?

-Believe in it and it will be real.

Xie Xi stopped thinking and calmed himself down.

There was no need to think about it. No matter where he was, he and Jiang Xie were together.

Jiang Xie believed in him and he believed in Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi saw the sleeping Cancer and had a strange feeling. It seemed that at the end of Cancer’s world, Jiang Xie had ‘woken up.’

He was no longer confined to the soul of the small world but had the consciousness of the main body. It was just that he lacked enough faith to break away from the small world.

The image of the black fog was obvious. It was the collapsed quasi-world.

The soul wanted to leave Xie Xi in the collapsed quasi-world but finally believed in Xie Xi and left with him.

Xie Xi gently breathed out and told Cancer, “Don’t be afraid. It will get better.”

The sleeping Jiang Xie couldn’t hear the words but Xie Xi comforted himself.

The world of Cancer had given Xie Xi a lot of information. The two illusions in the black fog had been extremely dangerous but Xie Xi communicated with Jiang Xie in disguise.

The first illusion was created by Xie Xi while the second was where Jiang Xie ‘played’ Cancer.

Essentially, Cancer was also Jiang Xie. The main soul had integrated with the soul and the soul acquired a lot of the consciousness of the main one.

If there wasn’t a second illusion, Xie Xi would think the Jiang Xie in his illusion spoke the words he wanted to hear.

However, the second illusion made Xie Xi understand that these were Jiang Xie’s own words.

It was because in the second illusion of Cancer, Xie Xi was free. Maybe everything developed with Cancer’s desires but Xie Xi had free will.

Every sentence he said in Cancer’s illusion was what he wanted to say. For that reason, Cancer’s words were everything he wanted to say.

Maybe it was influenced by Xie Xi’s subconscious but Jiang Xie’s consciousness dominated Cancer’s body and many words were spoke to Xie Xi through the illusion.

For example, how things developed such as Yan Zhe’s past…

In Cancer’s world, leaving the black fog ended the quasi-world.

In Jiang Xie’s real past, leaving the black fog might’ve completed the main task.

As for why Yan Zhe was left outside the black fog, this should be Jiang Xie’s intentional arrangement.

Jiang Xie had told him, “There must be someone left. Otherwise, how will we know that we are back?”

The past Jiang Xie required another ‘coordinate’ to distinguish the illusion.

After thinking about the cause and effect, Xie Xi became more and more curious about Jiang Xie’s past.

The previous Jiang Xie, he had really missed a lot. But…

The process of repairing the quasi-world was also a blessing in disguise. It carried the countless experiences of Jiang Xie.


There were still eight souls and Xie Xi was longing to see a complete Jiang Xie.

The night light group was Leo. It shone with a golden light that was like a shining little sun.

This was in contrast to Virgo. Virgo’s light group was a faint silver-white. The two of them were close together and looked like the sun and the moon.

An extreme brightness and special plain light were side by side but the ‘moon’ wasn’t completely covered by the ‘sun.’

Xie Xi retracted his gaze and focused on Leo first.

He raised his hand and a tall and handsome man appeared in front of him.

Jiang Xie might be a Sagittarius but Xie Xi always felt his personality was more like a Leo.

He was confident to the point of arrogance but he was also really strong. From time to time, he made people irritated but his strength couldn’t be denied.

Xie Xi stared at Leo carefully and found that his hair and eyes were golden.

Such a bright colour wasn’t the cheerful and lively type but was as magnificent as the sun god.

He asked Xie Xi, “Is it me?”

The low voice seemed to shake the bottom of his heart. Xie Xi was about to answer when a gust of wind blew.

The roses at his feet shook and swept over his ankles.

Xie Xi felt itchy and took a step. Who knew there would be mud on the flowers. The moment he stepped in the air, he also said, “Yes…”

There was a pull and the stunned Xie Xi seemed to also see Jiang Xie reflected in Virgo’s light group.

What was going on?

After he took a step, had he touched the Virgo light group with his right hand?

How could there be such a coincidence?

He promised two star signs at the same time?

It shouldn’t be. After all, he didn’t hear Virgo’s question.

Surely not. Leo and Virgo were two worlds? How could he enter two worlds in one breath?

Xie Xi forgot that the present so-called 12 Boundaries were made up of a mixture of 12 worlds.

The moment he entered the quasi-world, his attention was taken away by something else and he couldn’t care about this at all.

His chest was very painful, as if a needle was stuck there. Even breathing was painful.

Xie Xi coughed gently but this only aggravated the pain instead of relieving it.

The more he coughed, the more painful it was. However, he couldn’t stop coughing.

The stinging in his chest, the itching from his throat and eyes and the coughs that tore at his lungs.

In addition, the huge physical discomfort made him unable to hold the sketch pen.

He coughed up some scarlet blood and the itching in his throat finally became more comfortable.

Xie Xi gasped as he suffered from the severe pain in his chest.

There were no more coughs but the pain was still there.

Xie Xi’s eyes caught at porcelain bowl on the table. He tasked it and cold water ran down his throat, causing his entire body to shiver from the cold.

His setting this time was a bit miserable.

Xie Xi sat back on the bed, waited for himself to adapt to the nonstop stinging sensation before holding the sketch pen.

He had to consume a pill first…

He drew the special pill from the interstellar world that had cured Cancer’s father.

He quickly ate it and felt a burst of heat through his body. Xie Xi was about to sigh with relief when he felt the heat flow stop at his chest. Then the dense tingling sensation came and the heat flow was scattered.

It was useless?

The special pill that could cure hundreds of diseases actually didn’t work?

Xie Xi tried to draw several different types. Unfortunately, their effects were only temporary. Once they reached his heart, his entire chest was painful.

All the medicines he drew were useless and Xie Xi stopped moving the pen.

This showed one thing. The level of this small world wasn’t low at all.

The Collapsed God and Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas worlds were highly developed worlds in different areas, science and a special power system. Yet the drugs of these two worlds were ineffective against Xie Xi.

It could only be said that his illness was at a similar or even higher level than these two worlds.

The world of Leo couldn’t be small.

Xie Xi might not be able to cure himself but painkillers were easy to use.

The pain was relieved once he took painkillers and he could start thinking.

He didn’t think about the accident that occurred when he entered the world. In any case, he had entered safely and his experience meant he was steady.

At this moment, he needed to carefully consider his own setting.

Xie Xi looked at his location.

It seemed to be a cave that was neatly packed but simple. It was only filled with daily necessities and nothing else.

Did he live here?

Poor Xie Xi didn’t know what setting the lion gave to himself…

The cave was divided into the bedroom and the living room. Xie Xi dragged his weak body out of bed and found a mirror on the left side of the living room.

He looked at himself.

The light in the cave was decent. There was something high up that was glowing like an incandescent lamp.

Xie Xi was tired just from standing up. How could he have the strength to look at the light source?

The mirror reflected a pale and very weak man.

He looked around 27 or 28 and his facial features were still his. It was just that his colour was bad and he was very thin.

He was wearing a quirky long shirt and his wrists were so thin that they looked like they could easily break.

Xie Xi’s mind moved and he opened the long shirt to find an ugly scar on his chest. He couldn’t imagine how he was hit that would leave such a ferocious scar…

The pain in his body was from this.

It was just trauma? Xie Xi tried to touch it but a gentle press of his fingers caused the stinging pain that was suppressed by the painkillers to emerge again.

Xie Xi hurriedly ate another one.

He didn’t dare touch it anymore. If he ate a lot of painkillers, he would develop a resistance. It would be too bad if he couldn’t even stop this pain.

Xie Xi restored his clothing and carefully examined the cave.

The was a bed and a box in the bedroom. The box was full of long gowns, a bit like an ancient scholar’s gowns. The style was simple and elegant. Of course, Xie Xi was too thin.

There was a stone table next to the box with clothes and the porcelain bowl was placed on it. This porcelain bowl was exquisitely beautiful and it was incompatible with the furnishings around it. It could be seen that the Xie Xi of this setting cherished it.

Xie Xi held up his weak body and went to look at the bed.

The bed was hard but there was a digger on the pillow.

Xie Xi pulled out the dagger and there was a pothole on the handle, giving the impression that something inlaid had been smashed.

The dagger flashed as it was pulled out, showing it was a good knife.

Xie Xi put down the dagger, checked everything else but didn’t find anything.

He was so poor that he only had one piece of unknown animal meat in his rice bowl.

Was this the rhythm of starvation?

Fortunately, he had the sketch pen. Xie Xi drew himself a bowl of fragrant rice porridge and was prepared to go out after eating.

He didn’t know what this world or Leo were like.

He couldn’t stay here and wait. He had to go out.

Xie Xi sorted himself out and left the cave once he felt he was in good shape.

The surprising thing was that the outside was very bright and sultry. The heat wave against his face made him dizzy.

It took a while to adapt and Xie Xi finally wasn’t dizzy.

He didn’t need to look in the mirror to know that his appearance was even worse.

He didn’t know what this world was life.

Still, it was good. He might be half dead but at least he was a person!

Xie Xi took a lot of time to reach a big tree. He leaned heavily against the trunk and prepared to rest.

“Wu…” Then a small voice was heard.

Xie Xi stood up and found a furry little guy behind the tree.

Brown fur, thick little paws and a pair of round ears…

This was…

A little lion?

Xie Xi faintly felt Jiang Xie from it…

Then Leo was really a lion?

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