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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 3

Purple Nine hurriedly asked, “Lord Azure Dragon is coming?”

“Yes! He’s coming in person!” A red-haired man with a good voice and appearance ran from outside. He probably shared a common language with Purple Nine. “Lord Azure Dragon really likes Xiao Xie. Xiao Xie has accumulated blessings for a few generations of happiness!”

Purple Nine’s eyebrows gathered together. “We can’t call the name of the flower god at will. Call him 99 for now.”

The man in red stated, “Okay, I will call him that in the future!”

He asked again, “Where is he? Don’t make trouble due to premarital fear. Lord Azure Dragon has personally come to pick him up and won’t go back without a justified reason.”

Purple Nine stated, “Red Six, you go first. I will clean him up well. He can’t be messy when seeing Lord Azure Dragon.”

Red Six hurriedly said, “Fine, move quickly. We can’t let Lord Azure Dragon wait for a long time.”

After sending away Red Six, Purple Nine quickly told Xie Xi, “Hurry up, it is too impolite to see Lord Azure Dragon like this.”

Xie Xi also wanted to see what type of soul Azure Dragon was. He hoped it was an old friend and not a new soul!

“How do I transform back?” Xie Xi asked.

Purple Nine was patience. “You might’ve forgotten but you have previously adapted to the human form There should still be an illusion. Just think about…”

She explained a bit and Xie Xi generally understood. The transformation basically relied on the brain and each part had to be successfully shaped.

Xie Xi had been a person for many years and was very familiar with the human body. He tried a few times before successfully transforming.

A white light fell and Xie Xi could finally be regarded as a human.

The Roast Pork Bun looking for his mother yelled, “Daddy, where did you go? Did you give birth to a second child behind my back?”

Xie Xi, “…” He was too lazy to care about this silly cat!

Purple Nine sighed and said, “You are really…”

Xie Xi didn’t catch her next words.

Purple Nine didn’t dare say, “You don’t have to marry Lord Azure Dragon. Just this appearance alone is worthy of the name of the flower god.” However, she was afraid of his tail rising into the sky and caused a great disaster. She changed her words and said, “You can’t mess away or act too rudely in front of Lord Azure Dragon.”

Xie Xi nodded.

They left the garden.

Yes, Xie Xi had just been rooted in a small garden with many buds. They seemed to be unflowered roses.

Xie Xi left with Purple Nine while wondering where Jiang Xie was.

By all accounts, they entered this quasi-world and should’ve landed in the same place. How did he disappear?

Xie Xi was a bit worried about what happened to him.

Jiang Xie must’ve lost something but what did he lose? Surely it wasn’t Jiang Xie himself who was lost?

Xie Xi’s heart jerked and he crazily shook his head. Impossible, absolutely impossible! This world’s level definitely wasn’t low and there shouldn’t be such a high cost!

Purple Nine was angry. “Why are you shaking your head? In a moment, Lord Azure Dragon will take you back. You should obediently follow!”

Xie Xi hurriedly replied, “Yes.”

He didn’t want to but if the soul was there, it meant there wasn’t a problem with Jiang Xie. They were all one. If something had happened to the main body, the soul would have no supporting point and would scatter.

Xie Xi suppressed his worries and followed Purple Nine. His eyes widened as a dreamlike world appeared in front of him.

In regards to flowers, people were always willing to give their best imagination.

Jiang Xie was fond of roses and designed Rose Mountain to be a fairyland. The emerald vines, the crystal dew, the fluorescent fireflies and the beautiful petals that spread out meant that even Xie Xi couldn’t help feeling the beauty.

Purple Nine told him, “Thanks to Lord Azure Dragon, our Rose Mountain has such a prosperous beauty.”

This was also the blessing of Azure Dragon? This white rose really had to marry him!

They walked up the jade steps into a white palace.

This palace wasn’t the traditional ancient style. The carved columns were full of nature’s interest. White was the base and plants were the company. The echo of the sun and moon was really beautiful.

Xie Xi saw a man in black clothes standing in the main hall.

He wore a long gown with dark lines, wide cuffs and a tight waist that showed off his perfect figure.

“Why did you run back? If you missed home, you could’ve told me. I would’ve stayed with you for a few days on Rose Mountain.” He opened his mouth, his warm voice containing some cold, like spring water falling into a mountain stream.

Xie Xi looked up and saw his clean and handsome features.

Azure Dragon was actually the fourth prince.

Xie Xi had a good impression of the environmentalist but at the end of the Atlantis world, he felt deeply sorry for this prince.

Purple Nine pushed Xie Xi and he hurriedly opened his mouth. “I was too capricious.”

“What is this?” Azure Dragon approached and took his hand. “It is my fault for being so busy that I made you bored.”

Xie Xi was very familiar with him and didn’t feel restrained. “It’s fine. I was just a bit homesick.”

Azure Dragon told him warmly, “Then I’ll stay with you for a few days.”

“However, you still have things to do.”

Azure Dragon paused. “It isn’t a problem. I’m always busy.”

Xie Xi still wanted to say something but Azure Dragon patted the back of his hand. “After the wedding, you can only live on the Holy Mountain.”

Xie Xi looked a bit embarrassed. “That’s why I want to spend a bit more time on Rose Mountain with everyone.” It was necessary to grasp the details before knowing if the value of this marriage was worth it or not.

Xie Xi experienced a lot and wasn’t naive enough to think that marriage was always a good thing…

Who knew what the brains of the other souls were like. The end of Atlantis was hell mode. If the souls were deeply obsessed, it would definitely affect the world. The fourth prince wanted to marry him then what about the other souls?

The most fearful thing was to agree without prior consultation.

Let’s say he married this soul and provoked the others. Then he wouldn’t be able to coax the souls!

Azure Dragon obeyed him. “Okay, I’ll finish up my busy work during this time and then take you everywhere.”

Xie Xi nodded.

Azure Dragon added, “It isn’t early now. I won’t go back. Can I stay to accompany you?”

Xie Xi, “……” Fourth Prince, what are you doing? Do you want to engage in premarital X behaviour?

Purple Nine hurriedly said, ”I’m going to clean up the house!”

She hurried away and Xie Xi didn’t dare leave Azure Dragon.

It was just… Jiang Xie might be naughty but he was very disciplined. In the dream, they…

In any case, they weren’t married and shouldn’t mess around.

Purple Nine left and Azure Dragon spoke to the people around him. The server responded in a low murmur before turning to leave.

Only the two of them were left in the huge hall.

Xie Xi was busy thinking when Azure Dragon’s dark eyes changed.

Roast Pork Bun yelled, “Who is this handsome man?” The red and blue eyes were exactly the same as Roast Pork Bun.

Xie Xi was startled.

Azure Dragon smiled and stated, “It’s me.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Jiang Xie told him, “I didn’t think the price I would pay was my body.”

Last time there were no memories and now he didn’t have a body. It was hard to say which one was better.

Xie Xi understood. “Then you now…”

“The state of my souls will attract me. I will stay in the body of a soul for the time being.” Xie Xi spoke nervously, “This doesn’t count as regaining your body?”

“It doesn’t count since this isn’t my original body.”

Xie Xi felt relieved. “That’s good. If you’re in this body, I’m…” It would be a lot easier.

Jiang Xie smiled. “It is more than this body.”

Xie Xi didn’t understand. “What?”

Jiang Xie quickly explained, “All the souls are me. In theory, I can go to any body if they pull me.”

Xie Xi asked anxiously, “Will there be any danger?”

Jiang Xie’s heart was hot but he didn’t dare tease the child. “There is no danger but my brain isn’t very good.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Jiang Xie explained, “Whenever we are alone, I can remember the Central World. However, if there are other people present, I can only remember the memories of the soul.”

Then the previous Azure Dragon was really Azure Dragon and not Jiang Xie?

Jiang Xie continued, “I can’t distort the will of the soul or else this quasi-world will become a mess.”

Xie Xi was still in a daze.

Footsteps were heard from outside. Jiang Xie seized this time and said, “Be careful with Azure Dragon. He knows that you fled from the marriage.”

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Mighty Chocobo
Mighty Chocobo
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Old Jiang is so cute 😭 I’m not gonna take him for granted, new worlds are scary

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Ooh interesting! Jiang Xie will be able to enter the other bodies if called!

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At this rate, I’m afraid Jiang Xie will lose his manhood or potency to “get up” in the future… 😂