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Lost Atlantis 26

Xie Xi found that he and the third prince were the only ones in the room. Then the third prince was going to divorce him?

Here was the question. When did they get married?

They didn’t have a wedding in the dream, let alone outside it. He had only made it to this stage with the fifth prince. How did he become a married man in the second prince’s dream?

The second prince was unusual. The other princes wanted to marry Xie Xi, while this person dreamt of him marrying someone else.

This shouldn’t be called the second child. He was clearly the third child!

Xie Xi was sure that he hadn’t entered the wrong dream. Putting aside the panel prompts, the arrogant expression of the third prince was too exaggerated.

“You only know how to nag me all day long. What’s wrong with buying a car? Why shouldn’t I buy a plane? What about my bets? Did I spend your money?”

Xie Xi was speechless. The third prince was really reasonable. It wasn’t Xie Xi’s money being spent.

“You are still so small-minded after getting married. I can’t teach you anything! Isn’t it my family’s money being spent? You can’t spend all of it even if you have 10 hands and 10 lifetimes!”

Xie Xi tried to follow the logic of the dream. “I am doing it for your own good…”

His path was truly right. The third prince became even angrier. “You know nothing. It is too shameful! If you are really good to me, don’t worry about spending money!”

Xie Xi thought in his heart, ‘Second child, your heart knot isn’t small. You scolded your brother so many times that the lines are smooth.

Xie Xi stayed silent but the third prince could still pick out the thorns. “If I knew you weer this stuffy, I would’ve been better off marrying a piece of wood instead of you!”

Xie Xi, “…” Don’t find a piece of wood. Look for a mallet!

The third prince vented his anger and finally came back to the topic. “Divorce, we can’t continue like this!”

Xie Xi didn’t have a chance to think about leaving…

The next moment, the scene changed and he was sitting at a meeting table with the third prince. There was a lawyer as well as a divorce agreement in front of them.

Oh, it seemed that he could leave.

The third prince spoke viciously, “Aren’t you thrifty. Since you don’t want my stinking money, take your junk and get lost!”

The divorce agreement was simple and rough, with one line occupying the entire A4 sheet of paper: [All of Gars’ premarital property.]

It might be a dream but this was too careless. As the second prince and minister of finance, shouldn’t he write the divorce agreement more seriously?

The third prince three the pen at him. “Sign it!”

Xie Xi’s lips twitched as he took the pen and signed his name.

The scene changed again. Xie Xi found himself standing miserably in the pouring rain.

Looking at this, he had successfully divorced the third prince? Well, he should say that he was kicked out of the house by the third prince?

In the eyes of the second prince, he and the third prince had such an ending?

Xie Xi really wanted to thank him. He hadn’t talked about love and hadn’t been married. He first experienced the taste of divorce.

These princes lacked understanding of the land. The underwater people couldn’t understand the taste of land people standing in the rain.

The textbooks talked about how land people used umbrellas in the rain and the underwater people were confused.

“Why do they want to use umbrellas? Isn’t being drenched in water the most enjoyable time?”

“I heard that it is for romance.”

“It’s romantic to use an umbrella on a rainy day?” “It is romantic, especially on rainy days. Men hold umbrellas for women and it is considered one of the most romantic things.”

“The land people are so strange.”

The land person Xie Xi felt that mermaids were even stranger!

The second prince’s understanding of the land was much deeper than that of the third prince. This was obvious from the structure of the previous house. However, when it came to rainwater, he was still unable to understand.

Therefore, Xie Xi felt no discomfort standing in the rain. It was a refreshing feeling like standing in the forest in the early morning. It was true that for the sea people, the taste of rain on the land was indeed comfortable.

Xie Xi, the poor ghost who was kicked out of the house, wasn’t too miserable. He felt comfortable like he was soaking in a hot spring.

At this time, the owner of the dream finally appeared. A pair of clean black shoes appeared in front of Xie Xi. He looked up and saw a silver-haired man holding an umbrella.

This hair colour was difficult for an ordinary person to handle but it complemented Aix-en perfectly. He was born elegant and noble. There was no sense of disagreement as he stood there in his suit, looking like he just emerged from a painting.

Xie Xi was slightly startled. Did this dream have a filter? Was the second prince so beautiful?

“How come you’re here. Where’s Third Brother?” Aix-en asked.

Xie Xi understood. It seemed they were still brothers in the dream!

The ‘abandoned’ Xie Xi said sadly, “We are divorced.”

Aix-en was stunned and his voice filled with anger. “What happened? What mess is Gars making again?”

Xie Xi also wanted to know what the two brothers were up to!

Xie Xi was a lonely and pitiful person without needing to open his mouth. Aix-en frowned and told him “Don’t stand in the rain, you might catch a cold. Get in the car with me first.”

Xie Xi nodded “Thank you.”

“Why are you so polite? We are a family…” Aix-en paused and couldn’t continue after realizing that Xie Xi was divorced from Gars.

Xie Xi got on Aix-en’s car and he handed over a towel. Xie Xi thanked him and wiped off the water.

Aix-en said, “I will take you to find him. I can’t let him fool around like this.”

Xie Xi shook his head. “I don’t want to see him.”

A flash of distress appeared in Aix-en’s eyes. “You have only been married for a month. How did this happen?”

It turned out to only be a month… he was very harsh regarding his brother.

Xie Xi was opening his mouth when he felt his nose become itchy and he sneezed.

Aix-en immediately said, “Are you cold?”

Xie Xi rubbed his nose and said, “I’m okay.”

“How can you be fine when it has been raining for so long?” Aix-en told him, “I’ll take you home.”

Xie Xi immediately said, “I won’t go back. I have nothing to do with him anymore!”

“Okay, don’t go back. I”ll take you to my place first so you can change your clothes.”

Xie Xi hesitated. He wasn’t sure if it was suitable for a newly divorced man to change clothes at the home of his ex-husband’s brother.

Aix-en spoke again, “I remember that you are a foreigner and don’t have any friends here.”

Xie Xi understood that it was necessary to go and said, “I’m sorry to bother you.”

Aix-en sighed and said, “It’s okay. Even if you are divorced, you can still call me Brother.”

Xie Xi’s mouth curved and he couldn’t speak.

Your brother! Which brother’s dream was so irregular!

Aix-en took him home. The second prince’s stinginess was embedded deep in his bones and refused to let Xie Xi go. The apartment he lived in wasn’t small. It was more than 200 ping and the decorations were also good. (Ping= unit of measurement. 200 ping = approximately 661 square metres)

Aix-en told him, “Come in, the house is warm.”

Xie Xi walked in. His feet were wet so he didn’t step on the white carpet.

He made such a casual move and Xie Xi saw the purple progress bar in the lower right corner flashing.

Who would think that the most handsome and suave second prince would be so stingy!

Aix-en said, “Don’t pay attention to this. Go and take a shower in the bathroom first. I will get you some clothes.”

If Xie Xi hadn’t paid attention to the progress then he wouldn’t have realized. This was truly a duplicitous man.

Xie Xi now felt that his body was uncomfortable and said, “Thank you.” Then he went to the bathroom.

Xie Xi thought about it while having a shower. Was this style right? Let’s change the gender. A divorced man was picked up by his ex-wife’s sister and was taking a shower in the house of his ex-wife’s sister? Well… Xie Xi muttered, “X is a really big pervert.”

Old Jiang’s knee was shot by an arrow.

Xie Xi was much more comfortable after the shower. Then he heard Aix-en’s voice from outside. “I hung the clothes on the door. It might be a bit big but you can wear it first.”

Xie Xi whispered his thanks and opened the door to get the clothes.

Aix-en avoided suspicion by heading to the kitchen. Xie Xi was surprised as he took the clothes into the bathroom and started to dress.

It was a simple set of pants and a shirt but the size was too large… Xie Xi didn’t feel that he was much shorter than the souls but in these princes’ dreams, he was inexplicably small.

He was clearly 180cm. How did he become 170 cm in their eyes? Couldn’t they give him back 10cm?

Aix-en was at least 190cm tall. How could his clothing not be big on the Xie Xi who shrank to 170cm? This was the shirt. Then what about the pants? Couldn’t the pant leg take both his arm and waist? Wasn’t there a belt?

Xie Xi had no choice and had to go out like this.

Aix-en brought him a cup of hot milk. “Sorry, I don’t have any new clothes. I’ve worn them but they are washed…”

He froze before he could finish talking.

Xie Xi looked up at him helplessly. “Do you have a belt?”

Aix-en’s eyes widened and he quickly put down the milk. “I’ll look for it.”

“I am troubling you.” He didn’t think too much. He just found it funny that he was dressed like this and Aix-en probably thought it was a joke.

Aix-en soon came back with a brown leather belt.

Xie Xi took it and tried to tie the belt. Unfortunately, these pants really weren’t right. Xie Xi’s shirt was too long and it was hard to tuck it into the pants. The pants kept slipping down, making him unable to put on the belt.

Xie Xi had some doubts about himself. Was he so stupid that he couldn’t even wear his clothes?

Or perhaps…

Xie Xi finally understood. Was it Aix-en who didn’t want him to wear clothes?

‘Sister’, you took your divorced brother-in-law home and you even don’t want him to be dressed. These thoughts were very dangerous.

Xie Xi thought about it and asked simply, “Can you lend me a hand?”

Aix-en’s heart jumped.

Xie Xi looked at him helplessly. “How can I not do it?”

Aix-en gulped and his voice was slightly hoarse. “I will help you.”

He moved closer to Xie Xi, his slender fingers trembling slightly before his calm was restored. He carefully passed the belt through the straps, fixing it and tightening it. Then the thin waist was highlighted, causing Aix-en’s pupils to shrink.

Xie Xi said, “Thank you.”

Aix-en’s spirit recovered and he tried to help Xie Xi lock the belt, only to find…

Xie Xi was stunned. “The belt is too big.” The belt was obviously Aix-en’s and his waistline was quite different from Xie Xi. There weren’t enough holes in the belt.

What should he do? It was too hard to lock and the belt couldn’t be used.

Aix-en’s next words were, “The house is very hot. Or…”

Xie Xi wondered, ‘Does he want me to just wear a shirt?’ Fortunately, Aix-en still wanted to live. “…Let me buy you clothes.”

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