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Collapsing 12 Boundaries 4

The teenager’s repressed voice made Xie Xi’s heart hurt and he couldn’t help bending down to lick the back of Jiang Xie’s hand.

The rain poured down heavily and dulled a person’s senses yet Jiang Xie clearly felt the gentleness of the barbed soft tongue.

The kitten was comforting him in its own way. Jiang Xie held the cat tightly and felt unprecedented warmth in the damp and heavy rain.

They went home and this time, Cat Xie pricked his ears and stared around with round eyes, ready to recognize the road.

If he lost this boy again, he would be able to run back by himself! Unfortunately, the rain was fierce and Jiang Xie didn’t have an umbrella. He was afraid the kitten would be cold and pressed the cat deeply into his arms.

Xie Xi tried to move out but Jiang Xie pressed him back, telling him, “We’ll be home soon.”

Xie Xi scolded him. “If you hadn’t messed around, would we have run so far?”

It was a pity that the kitten’s voice was drowned out in the heavy rain. He said this but Xie Xi felt distressed. What had Jiang Xie experienced that he wouldn’t even dare take in a kitten?

He said he didn’t like cats. If he didn’t like cats, would he wash Xie Xi so carefully as well as prepare food for him?

This was clearly a gentle and careful teenager yet he showed indifference and alienation. What had he gone through?

Xie Xi wasn’t clear about the specific situation but he could guess based on the sixth prince…

Jiang Xie returned to the community at the fastest speed. He just entered the door when he saw the elevator parked on the first floor.

He never took the elevator but he wanted to enter the house quickly with the kitten. Thus, he walked into the elevator.

Xie Xi muttered, “Running all that way is tiring…” He thought Jiang Xie was tired and didn’t want to climb four flights of stairs.

As it happened, the elevator stopped on the second floor. Xie Xi immediately felt the tenseness of the person holding him.

What happened? He looked up at Jiang Xie and found that the teenager’s lips had thinned and he was suppressing his tension after calmness.

The elevator door opened and a woman in her 30s with a small child was standing there. The woman was picking up the child and didn’t see the person in the elevator.

The child was happy. “Mummy, the kitten in that brother’s arms is so cute!”

Xie Xi felt himself being hugged tightly and blinked. ‘Jiang Xie, can you not give me away to another person? Just kidding, this is your community. How can I not find your door? If you send me away, I will run back!’

At this time, the woman looked up and her face changed slightly when she saw Jiang Xie. The child had already entered the elevator but she pulled the child out. Jiang Xie didn’t say anything and stood there in a wet manner.

The woman smiled and said, “You… go ahead. We are going downstairs and didn’t realize the elevator had stopped.”

“Yes.” Then Jiang Xie pressed the button to close the elevator.

The elevator was closing but there was still a gap. Cat Xie’s ears were good and he heard the woman on the second floor speaking to the child. “Stay away from him and don’t look at him. How many people has he killed with those eyes!”

The child didn’t understand and just cried because she couldn’t see the kitten. The woman continued, “I really want to move. How can I live downstairs from such a cursed person?”

Xie Xi glanced up and saw Jiang Xie’ eyelashes trembling. The teenager lowered his eyes in an attempt to cover his eyes.

After becoming used to the difference, Xie Xi forgot that such eyes were extremely rare and weird in ordinary society.

In fact, the colours of Jiang Xie’s eyes weren’t that bright. Under normal circumstances, the background colour was just a dark red and dark blue. It wasn’t exaggerated to the extent of attracting people’s attention.

Unless the person became emotional and then it would be obvious…

Xie Xi understood why Jiang Xie had such a cold personality. It was because his mood would fluctuate less and the colour of his eyes would become more normal.

Xie Xi remembered Jiang Xie’s words in the rain and combined with what the woman said, he felt awkward.

In Lost Atlantis, the sixth prince’s mother died because of him and all those who approached him suffered misfortune.

Was Jiang Xie here the same? All types of accidents happened and due to these different eyes, people placed blame on Jiang Xie that didn’t belong to him.

The elevator reached the fourth floor and Jiang Xie entered the house with the kitten. He carefully prepared warm water and help Xie Xi wash his dirty fur before drying it carefully.

He dried Xie Xi but his clothes were still wet and his hair was drenched.

Xie Xi cried out, “Go take a shower and change clothes!”

Unfortunately, only meows emerged from his mouth.

Jiang Xie held down the moving cat. “If I don’t dry you then you will catch a cold.”

“You are the one who will cat a cold!”

Perhaps his thoughts were too strong, making Jiang Xie sigh. “Are you worried about me?”

“Stop talking nonsense and change clothes.”

Jiang Xie laughed and talked to himself. “I am crazy.” He felt that the kitten could understand him and was caring about him.

How come… This was just a kitten and it was unknown how long the little guy could stay with him.

He had been puffed up and angry for a while and now Cat Xie was too tired.

Fortunately, Jiang Xie still had some care regarding his body. After blowdrying the cat, he went to take a bath and change his clothes in order to not catch a cold.

The weather in March and April was very cold and Jiang Xie had been running in the rain for so long. It was close to half an hour. If he didn’t get sick then his physique was really excellent.

Cat Xie sighed. He was now a kitten and couldn’t take care of such a big Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie finished washing and his mood was very subtle when he saw the kitten lying on the sofa.

He wanted to send this kitten away but couldn’t. Yet if the cat stayed with him…

Jiang Xie touched the kitten’s chin and whispered, “I will kill you.”

Xie Xi opened his eyes and yelled at this person. “I’m not old and what is this superstitious nonsense!”

Jiang Xie couldn’t understand the meowing and thought he was hungry. “I will prepare food for you.”

Xie Xi, “…” Young man, am I your own pig?

He said this but once Jiang Xie prepared the meal, he really ate a lot. Perhaps it was because he was a growing kitten, making him eat more. Jiang Xie didn’t do anything and just watched him eat.

Xie Xi finished eating and glanced at this youth. “You aren’t eating?”

Then Jiang Xie got up and said, “I will also find something to eat.”

He grabbed some instant noodles and cooked them for himself. Xie Xi discovered it before but Jiang XIe’s life was a bit miserable. He lived well and had good furnishings but it obviously wasn’t a plentiful life.

Look at the instant noodles that were eaten very sparingly, it was estimated that his life was no better than Xie Xi’s past.

An age of 16 or 17 wasn’t too young or too old. High school was very hard and there was also the anxiety of facing the university entrance examination. Jiang Xie’s specific situation also wasn’t known.

Xie Xi knew this taste. He had to work while going to school and it was so hard he didn’t even have time to drink water.

He thought about Jiang Xie’s situation and knew it would be really stressful to raise a cat.

Still, Xie Xi wasn’t a real cat. How could he be raised be Jiang Xie? He was going to raise Jiang Xie!

It was just that this body was too inconvenient. If he became a person, he would protect Aries and make this person smile brighter than the sun.

After one person and one cat had enough to eat and drink, Jiang Xie went out. Xie Xi wanted to go out as well but was afraid he would get lost again. Thus, he stayed at home.

Half an hour later, Jiang Xie came back while carrying a pile of things. Xie Xi saw the pet logo on the convenience bag and knew what this person was doing. He was so poor he had to eat instant noodles yet he bought cat food? Besides, Xie Xi wasn’t a real cat and wouldn’t eat these things.

Jiang Xie also bought a litter box that was pink and girlish.

“You act so coquettishly that you should be a little female cat.” Jiang Xie told him.

Xie Xi, “……..” Young man, you have bad eyes and should hurry to get them checked!

However, Cat Xie was too small and Jiang Xie had no experience with distinguishing gender. That’s why he didn’t discover Xie Xi’s s*x under the thick fur while bathing and chose the cute one.

Jiang Xie also took out a colourful cat toy stick. “Do you like it?”

This shaking was as if summoning a teammate to play against monsters…

Xie Xi shivered and didn’t want to look at it.

Jiang Xie shook it for a while and felt some regret after finding that Xie Xi wasn’t interested. “What a waste of more than 10 yuan.”

Xie Xi, “…”

How could this person buy such luxuries when he was so poor? He was unwilling to waste this poor boy’s hard-earned money and Xie Xi jumped up to bite at the stick.

Jiang Xie’s eyes brightened and a hint of childishness filled his eyes. “Let’s play like this.”

He shook the stick again while talking. What could Xie Xi do? He had to play with this childish Aries and the stick! They played too much and eventually, it was time to sleep.

Jiang Xie picked up the kitten. “Okay, I’ll play with you tomorrow.”

Xie Xi was dissatisfied. “Kid, I was playing with you.”

Jiang Xie’s heart became soft by the meowing and he rubbed the small head. “Good night.”

Xie Xi was really tired and after a yawn, he fell asleep in Jiang Xie’s arms.

In the middle of the night, Xie Xi woke up. A cat’s body was very convenient at this time. He slipped out of Jiang Xie’s arms and the cat’s paws were also very quiet on the ground, not waking up the sleeping teenager.

Xie Xi woke up at this time because he had something to do. He might be a young cat but he could also help Jiang Xie.

He moved quietly to the next room, found a corner where he wouldn’t be discovered and took out the god’s wisdom and sketch pen.

The cat paws were unable to hold the pen but the mouth should be okay. Xie Xi bit the sketch pen and felt pain from his mouth before he even started drawing. This kitten was too small and it was so hard to pick up a pen!

Xie Xi held the pen in his mouth and swept it crazily over the god’s wisdom. Drawing was very easy with this sketch pen. The outline might not look like anything but as long as he constantly thought about it, he could draw it.

What did Xie Xi want to draw? It was naturally money.

The penniless hero had to live a good life. How could he be so generous despite the pain of buying a cat stick toy?

Xie Xi stopped the pen and looked forward to the hundreds of bills to land. Then… hundreds of bills appeared… one, two, three… 100.

Hold on! The kitten Xie Xi was almost crushed by the surging tide of bills. It was broken. He created a bit too much money.

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Ri Hikaru
4 years ago

Little cat fairy~!

Yu yu
Yu yu
4 years ago

This reminds me of old folklore where good/magical things come to people who help animals.
Like stories of the stork, the snail… the goldfish….
Though I think small jiang might think that the bills are some new form of harrassment ….
Thanks for the chapter!!

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He became a money machine 😂

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It’s the money cat!

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