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Collapsed God 2

If this face hadn’t belonged to Jiang Xie, Xie Xi would’ve almost thought he had seen Azure Dragon.

The eyes were too similar, a rare indigo as deep as the sea where the sun couldn’t shine.

Xie Xi’s heart was tense. It was impossible to be Old Four. After the last quasi-world ended, Jiang Xie took all the souls away. Old Four had returned to Jiang Xie so how could he appear in this world?

Moreover, this face didn’t belong to Azure Dragon. Xie Xi thought that this was likely Jiang Xie. Perhaps this world hated his two coloured eyes and gave him beautiful pupils?

By the way, how did he shrink? This Jiang Xie… um… was too tender?

Secretary Li reported, “The e981 rebel leader, code X. The rest of the information is unknown. This youth’s combat power is very high and he is very difficult. The intelligence department suspects that he is the rebel leader.”

As soon as Xie Xi heard the code X, he understood everything.

The rest of the information was unknown? He could go to the intelligence department and tell them things such as… name: Jiang Xie. Age: Old. Gender: Love Brain. Resume: Cough… too much, too lazy to read!

Xie Xi took out the model of the flower god and stared at the young version of Jiang Xie. This person was really tall. Despite only being around 15 or 16 years old, he was already 1.8 metres.

However, his temperament was very tender like a newborn calf.

As if aware of his sight, Jiang Xie was also looking at Xie Xi. Jiang Xie’s eyes were very deep and his thin lips pursed together, making it hard to see through him.

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “He is still underage.”

Secretary Li replied, “His body’s age is 15 but as you know, biological monitoring can’t judge his annual ring.”

Xie Xi heard the words ‘growth ring’ and acted very well, struggling to tighten his mouth. Still, these words were very accurate for this society. Round after round like a wheel…um.

Xie Xi suppressed his thoughts and added, “The growth ring doesn’t matter. In this round, he is a minor.”

Secretary Li was stunned and hurriedly said, “He might be a minor but…”

“The Minors Protection Law in the United States clearly stipulates that only the age of the body is looked at, not the rounds.”

This was reasonable. The age might be recorded in rounds and many people inherited the experience and knowledge of previous rounds, but few people would inherit the heart, thoughts and life experience.

Therefore, in the life of a new reincarnation, a person might be able to solve Fermat’s Last Theorem at birth but he might not have the common sense to know not to eat mud.

Therefore, the Minors Protection Law didn’t look at the annual ring and it only depended on the current age. Anybody who was less than 19 years old would be given certain protection and pardon.

Secretary Li understood these laws but it was very likely that this young boy was the leader of the rebel army. Under the protection law, he would be released from prison and moved to a youth care centre.

The level of vigilance at those types of homes was very low. How could this boy live there? Wasn’t it like returning a tiger to the mountains?

Xie Xi knew his concerns and under normal circumstances, Xie Xi wouldn’t be stupid enough to release such a dangerous variable. However, this wasn’t a normal case.

In the whole world, no one gave him more peace of mind than this teenage X.

Xie Xi still had to maintain the president’s establishment and there was a logical reason. “We have no evidence to prove he is the leader. If we arbitrarily detain him and let the Senate know, they would inevitably impeach the president.” He paused and lowered his voice. “How you forgotten how I lost?”

The words made Secretary Li nervous and he bowed his head. “This subordinate was reckless.”

Speak to a wise person and his own brain would be able to supplement what was told to him.

Of course, Xie Xi’s words were indeed clever.

The Minors Protection Law was clearly established and the youth in front of him was indeed a minor. In the absence of sufficient evidence to establish that he was the leader of the rebels, it was illegal to detain him.

The president couldn’t break the law or it would be a dictatorship.

In particular, when Xie Xi ran in his first election, the reason for the unsuccessful election was his age. He was Chief Justice in his first round and vice-president of the United States in the second round. He fought in the third round and should be qualified for the presidency despite being 21 years old. Yet the Senate told him that he was too young and wasn’t mature enough.

The laws and the public believed that no matter how many times the reincarnation, as long as the body wasn’t up to standard then the heart was immature. Thus, X could be protected by the Minors Protection Law as long as he was a citizen of the United States.

If Xie Xi arbitrarily detained him, Xie Xi’s political opponents would definitely take the opportunity to attack. It was almost time for the re-election and it was understandable to be cautious.

As for the identities of his political opponents, President Xie himself didn’t know. Still, he was in a high position and how could there be no political opponents?

In any case, his words were correct. The president was working hard to save the First Lady!

Secretary Li was still worried. “Mr. President, can we really let him go?”

The e981 rebel army was the most troublesome bandit group in the United States. They lasted for dozens of annual rings and couldn’t be completely subdued. Now the president had captured the suspected leader and it was hard to let him go just because of the Minors Protection Law!

However, Secretary Li didn’t dare say any more because he knew that the president was the one who put the most energy into capturing the rebels and he would be the one most reluctant…

Xie Xi ordered, “You go out. I will talk to him.”

Secretary Li hurriedly said, “His physical and mental abilities are very high. He is an S-grade dangerous person. Mr. President, you…”

Xie Xi glanced at him. “Do you think I can’t subdue a brat?”

Secretary Li was stunned and calmed down. He forgot what the president had done to reach the top of the United States.

The United States’ president had always been the commander of the army but it was certain that there was no president more qualified than the current one to command the entire army. He had been fighting since the age of 13 and was called this generation’s God of War.

Secretary Li respectfully bowed. “This subordinate will retreat first.”

Xie Xi removed all the people and shut down the surveillance, leaving him alone with Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi didn’t know if this was the person or the soul so he didn’t take the initiative to open his mouth.

Jiang Xie stared at him with dark eyes. Xie Xi waited a minute and basically confirmed one thing. If this was the main body then it was impossible not to know Xie Xi.

If it was a soul then things were unknown. If it was the master, had he forgotten Xie Xi? Well… it wasn’t the first time he lost his brain but this time there seemed to be more lost?

Xie Xi’s demeanour changed and he asked, “What is your name?”

The moment he opened his mouth, the boy moved. It was unknown when he disconnected the aura used to suppress him. He clasped Xie Xi’s neck with one hand and forced him to the wall.

Jiang Xie’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the person in front of him. “Mr. President? You are more beautiful than your images…”

Xie Xi, “…”

The young man’s curved lips were full of hostility as he whispered, “…And even stupider.”

Xie Xi’s back was against the solid wall and his whole body was completely suppressed by Jiang Xie but he didn’t panic. He even thought this thorny person was a bit cute… cough, he should be serious. They both had hostile identities now.

Xie Xi calmly stated, “You are younger than I thought.”

This 15 year old teenager was also very cute. Jiang Xie’s pupils shrunk and he increased the pressure of his hand. “Do you think I won’t kill you?”

Xie Xi asked slowly, “What if you kill me?”

“You are the president of the United States. Your assassinated will send all of the US into a turmoil!”

“Even if I am dead, there will be countless presidents. For countless years, the least missing thing in the United States is a president.”

Jiang Xie cried out, “You are the most authoritarian and have the strictest control over the people in history!”

Xie Xi wondered, “Do you think this is something I can do on my own?”

“If I kill you, I will have disintegrated the image you created.”

Xie Xi glanced at him, voice unusually gentle. “How will you live if you kill me?”

Jiang Xie’s hand trembled very lightly. He quickly rallied his spirit and his trip was stronger. It seemed he could use his strength to break this white neck. “I didn’t expect the president of the United States to use this trick.”

Xie Xi found it funny and smiled. “What trick?”

Jiang Xie’s heart jumped and his gaze became more dangerous. “I remember that your gender is rational.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Xie Xi asked him, “What about you?”

Jiang Xie exclaimed, “Will I be a cowardly emotional?”

Xie Xi didn’t agree. “An emotional person just has stronger empathy. This doesn’t mean they are cowards.”

Jiang Xie sneered. “Then why are there almost no emotional people in office throughout the government?”

Xie Xi replied lightly, “They are just doing their respective duties.”

Jiang Xie suddenly said, “You don’t hide your gender.”

Xie Xi smiled at him. “Do I need to?”

Jiang Xie frowned and no longer spoke. He didn’t expect this young and beautiful man to be so deep.

Jiang Xie had seen his image countless times. The rebels had satirized him as the president of corolla because he stood in front of the US’s rose emblem and looked like a rose corolla, more eye-catching than the most beautiful stars in the US.

Such a person held the supremacy of the United States and enacted numerous harsh and cruel laws, implementing many dehumanizing policies. He acted like it was reasonable and inevitable.

After a close observation, Jiang Xie confirmed that this was an unfathomable man and he couldn’t be deceived by the simple appearance. Jiang Xie had to be wary and maintain a cold heart.

A rational person rarely made such an emotional expression yet this gentle voice seemed to be full of affection. It held a strong appeal and the power to confuse people.

Jiang Xie became more determined to kill him. Even if Jiang Xie’s body was crushed, he had to drag this person to hell. This man was too dangerous.

Xie Xi knew all the twists and turns and whispered, “If you let me go then I’ll let you go. How about it?”

Jiang Xie’s fingers increased in strength. There was a stinging from his neck and Xie Xi slightly frowned. After seeing the subtle emotions, Jiang Xie’s brain hadn’t yet issued instructions when his hand had unconsciously loosened.

Xie Xi complained, “Can’t you do it lighter?”

The slightly raised tone at the end was like a small hook that easily hooked the most critical piece of the stone wall around Jiang Xie’s heart. There was a bang and the hard-built wall collapsed… Jiang Xie’s heart was struck. Jiang Xie’s hand trembled slightly.

Xie Xi thought this youth finally raised weighed the pros and cons and knew a sense of proportion. He coaxed, “I can use the Minors Protection Law to let you go but you can’t leave my sight. You have to eat and live with me.”

Jiang Xie stared at him. “Why?”

Xie Xi gently smiled and spoke a bit ambiguously, “Are you asking why I will let you go or why I want you to eat and live with me?”

Jiang Xie, “!”

Xie Xi saw him like this and thought, ‘If you are still rational then I will believe in ghosts!’

Of course, it was necessary to maintain Jiang Xie’s face. After all, this was either a soul or brainless Jiang Xie and Xie Xi had to coax him.

Xie Xi continued, “The underage care facilities won’t be able to look after you, right? Follow me and I can supervise you, as well as determine if you should bear the punishment of treason.”

Jiang Xie recovered his voice and spoke through gritted teeth, “I won’t get along with a hypocritical person like you!”

Xie Xi wasn’t angry. He thought this was too fun and his smile widened. “If you don’t try to get along with me, how do you know what type of person I am?”

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