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Collapsed God 28

‘Setting yourself against yourself, Bg Jiang, you are really able!’

J stared at Jiang Xie. After watching for a moment, he seemed ashamed of himself and incredibly lost. He didn’t say anything else and left.

Xie Xi didn’t know where to start scolding!

Big Jiang was a general of the army and the symbol of courage and fearlessness in the United States. Now he was scared half to dealt by his ‘love rival’ and dreamt of his rival as someone with a mental disability! Did he think J would back down like this if J was a little bit normal?


Xie Xi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry but there was a taste of sweetness.

A man who faced death, who was so confident that other people felt he was arrogant, because of Xie Xi…

If Big Jiang didn’t care then how could be he so cautious? He was cautious and didn’t dare to compete fairly with his love rival.

J left and it was estimated he wouldn’t appear in the dream again.

Xie Xi glanced at Jiang Xie. “That person was very strong. I-I don’t know what he was talking about.”

The slight stutter caused Jiang Xie’s gaze to deepen.

Xie Xi added, “How can a rational marry an emotional…”

Jiang Xie told him, “There is no law that a rational and emotional can’t marry.”

This was the default public opinion of all citizens in the United States but it was true that no genders were stated in the marriage law.

Freedom was the foundation of the United States and freedom of marriage was also crucial.

Xie Xi hesitated for a moment, not sure if he should bring up the memory of the judge.

Thinking about it, he didn’t need to worry about this. Jiang Xie was 100% an opportunist. as long as there was a glimmer of hope, even if it was as thin as a hair, he would never miss it.

Otherwise, how could he survive his many years of being so unlucky?

The dream changed and Xie Xi found himself sitting at him. He felt that Big Jiang should be on the way to see his memories.

It was true that only the Chief Justice and Xie Xi should be able to see them but Jiang Xie was currently Xie Xi’s partner. He had a certain authority over many things and in addition, Jiang Xie’s position had many privileges and he could see some private things.

It might be a dream but it was very logical. Otherwise, the person could wake up from the dream!

Xie Xi saw that Jiang Xie was back and this person looked like he had lost his soul.

Xie Xi was 100% sure that Jiang Xie went to see the memories.

“Minister, what happened?” They might be in a relationship but it was a love between rational people. Calling the other person by their title was more comfortable than their name.

Jiang Xie grasped his hair, a storm in his silver-grey eyes. “You…”

Xie Xi breathed out and felt this was the crucial moment to control the heat. “Are you angry?”

“No.” Jiang Xie closed his eyes and tried to calm down his emotions.

He had watched the memories of Xie Xi’s first round. He saw the Xie Xi who was immersed in love and saw his despair and sorrow after losing his lover.

This scene was like a poisonous snake that bit at his heart, giving him a numb pain. He was like a butterfly coming out of a broken cocoon, tearing out endless hope.

A rational didn’t understand love but Xie Xi had once fallen in love with a person.

Xie Xi could love someone, he could understand love, it just… just… took time.

Time, time, time…

The Jiang Xie with an SSS-grade physique wasn’t lacking in time!

Then he thought about Xie Xi’s recent coldness towards him. Why? In those long 200 years, Xie Xi didn’t become tired or repulsed by that man. Was Jiang Xie not as good as that man? He…

Jiang Xie finally asked the question. “During this time, why have you always been hiding from me?” The answer would be obvious if he hadn’t read the memories of the third round. It was because a rational was like this.

Xie Xi was thankful this person asked!

He was inwardly relieved but his face was nervous. “Previously, Joey of the equipment department said I was too sticky with you…”

Jiang Xie’s eyes shook.

Xie Xi spoke cautiously, “I felt I should give you some space. We are both rational and you will be very troubled if I am around you all day.”

Jiang Xie’s mood at this moment was: He wanted to drive away the loud Joey to a desolate star! Troubled? He was most troubled if Xie Xi left his sight!

“You…” Jiang Xie tried to calm his voice and maintain the stability of an old partner. “Are you bothered? Do you find it annoying to be with me every day?”

Xie Xi silently cursed, ‘Being with six or seven of you every day is really annoying!’

Of course, his face was very engrossed in the act. “I don’t… I just afraid that you are bothered…”

Jiang Xie couldn’t help pressing him, “Do you like being with me every day? Just like before, always by my side.”

Xie Xi lowered his eyes and his voice was very small. “I like it.”

Jiang Xie’s heart trembled and he held this person in his arms. “Xiao Xie.”

Xie Xi felt the trembling of Jiang Xie’s body and his heart was sour and sweet. “Yes.”

“There’s something I’ve been keeping from you.”

Xie Xi’s chin touched Jiang Xie’s shoulder and his lips curved. “What is it?”

“I am an emotional and…” Jiang Xie’s voice was a bit heavy due to excessive tension and fear. “I love you.”

Xie Xi knew this was a dream but his nose was still itchy.

He tried to remain shocked but he wanted to kiss and comfort this person, letting Jiang Xie know that Xie Xi loved him and it was no less than his feelings. Xie Xi was just as afraid of losing Jiang Xie as it was the other way around.

Later, Xie Xi had to forcibly leave Big Jiang’s dream.

The reason was unspeakable.

In short, if he didn’t come out then his curing agent would be in vain. It would all be handed over to the perverted dream!

Don’t look at what he showed clearly. Big Jiang might be pretending to be a rational and pretended to be deeply calm but once shown… Then his tail would rise!

In the dream, everything else was fast-forwarded. It just became dark, dark and dark again!

Xiao Xie was exhausted! Dying in the perverted dream… this was the most amazing way to complete the dream!

Xie Xi hurriedly hugged Roast Pork Bun and left the room. The kitten was wilted as his head rubbed against Xie Xi’s palm.

Xie Xi was distressed. “Are you very tired?”

The kitten yawned. “I’m a bit sleepy.”

“Take this physical medicine.”

The kitten sucked on the red bottle.

After Xie Xi was promoted to the intermediate level, Roast Pork Bun was also upgraded.

As a golden god-level pet, his abilities after the upgrade were quite large. The passive skill increased the number of fatal injuries immunity and the qualifications of the active skill, Dreaming was also enhanced.

Originally, it could only be used on the same person once every three days. Now the same person could be entered two times in three days, allowing Xie Xi to enter Big Jiang’s dream twice.

However, the continuous physical exertion on Roast Pork Bun’s part was larger and the kitten easily fell asleep.

Xie Xi was worried but Roast Pork Bun still remembered his fathers. He drank the medicine and cheered up.”There is Little Father!”

Xie Xi was amused by this name and patted the kitten’s head. “If you are tired then rest. Tomorrow…”

Roast Pork Bun shook his head. “It’s fine. I can sleep a while as Father’s dream progresses.

This was true and Xie Xi also didn’t feel comfortable in his heart. He wanted to soothe Little Jiang and leave early to find the Creator and end this world.

“Then use Dreaming again,” Xie Xi ordered.

Roast Pork Bun nodded. “No problem!”

Xie Xi looked at his status and determined it was okay to continue using Dreaming.

Compared to Large Jiang and J, Little Jiang’s side seemed strangely pitiful. After all, the other two had a rich summary while poor Little Jiang had nothing.

What would he dream about? Xie Xi couldn’t think about it. After all, this man’s brain circuits were like the 18 curves in a mountain road.

The sleeping Little Jiang didn’t turn into Jiang Xie. The frequency of Jiang Xie waking up was very delicate. He only appeared once Little Jiang’s consciousness was completely empty.

This type of stabilizer used made the body relax but Little Jiang was still dreaming. Thus, Jiang Xie couldn’t come out.

Xie Xi used Dreaming and easily entered Little Jiang’s dream.

He found himself pressed under the other person.

Um… Sure enough, regardless of age, their hearts were exactly the same.

In this way, Jiang Xie was right to set himself up as an emotional. Nothing was rational about him!

Little Jiang just kissed him and didn’t do anything else. Xie Xi wasn’t clear about his state and cautiously didn’t open his mouth.

Little Jiang stared at Xie Xi’s motionless self and his voice was slightly husky. “Why aren’t you pushing me away?”

Xie Xi, “…”

Little Jiang continued to ask, “I’m not sleepwalking. I am very sober…” As he spoke, he moved down and kissed Xie XI again.

Xie Xi’s heart jumped.

Little Jiang’s eyes sparkled. “You can push me away. Why aren’t you?”

Xie Xi told him, “Get off.”

His presidential tone pricked the guilty conscience.

Little Jiang got up but he kept holding Xie Xi’s hand. “Tell me, why did you save me, why did you care so much, why did you personally cook for me?”

This young man was bold. The teenager was really fearless and as long as he was clear about his own mind, he would dare to ask anything.

Xie Xi remembered the answer he gave in reality. ‘Wait until you come back.’

Then once Little Jiang came back from his task, Big Jiang and J were in place and Xie Xi couldn’t tell him.

Now in the dream, Xie Xi replied, “You are still young, once you grow up…”

Little Jiang didn’t have a heavy burden like Big Jiang and his mind was much clearer. “If you just want s*x, there is no need to wait for me to grow up.”

Why was this so strange?!

LIttle Jiang added, “I mean, you can have s*x with anyone. You don’t necessarily need to wait for me to grow up.”

Xie Xi looked at him and smiled. “Still… I want to wait for you to grow up.”

This gentle sentence caused the teenager’s eyes to widen, the glowing stars in them more dazzling than the Milky Way.

It wasn’t necessarily a good thing to have the past setting and feelings. Little Jiang’s dream was very sweet. The overall tone was so light that people couldn’t help smiling.

They stayed in the presidential palace. There was no danger from the universe collapsing, no Mr. Jiang to obstruct them and no J constantly searching for Xie Xi.

Little Jiang’s dream was like a warm fairy tale, full of anticipation and hope.

Xie Xi was initially afraid there was a pit. After all, this dream was too simple and it wasn’t like Jiang Xie.

Then he thought that this might be the 15 year old Jiang Xie. He might’ve lived a long time, long enough to design many worlds, but he still had a period where he was young and immature.

It was the naive and full of yearning Jiang Xie who hadn’t entered Central or experienced the baptism of countless worlds.

Xie Xi was destined to be unable to meet that Jiang Xie but he accidentally touched on it in this dream. The Little Jiang who was pure, undisguised and full of deep love for Xie Xi.

Once Jiang Xie became an adult, he asked Xie Xi again,

“Why did you save me? Why are you taking care of me? Why do you keep cooking for me? ”

Xie Xi put down the cup in his hand, leaned forward and replied,

“It is because I love you.”

Little Jiang’s dream ended and Xie Xi was still smiling.

At this time, he received a message from Li Su. “Mr. President, your sleeping cabin is ready.”

All three Jiang Xie were resting and Xie Xi also needed it. The four of them would go through a three day leap jump to reach the coordinates of the pole.

Xie Xi responded, “I’ll come over straight away.”

He would sleep first, wake up together and set off together.

It was no longer possible to discuss anything with the main Jiang but as long as the creator was found, this repair task should be almost finished.

Xie Xi was curious in his heart. What exactly was the Creator?

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Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
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