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Real Repairer

Xie Xi also felt that it was really good to encounter Jiang Xie. Of course, he didn’t have this person’s shamelessness and couldn’t speak words of love so casually.

“Don’t try and do anything today.” Xie Xi thought this person was trying to get a bargain again.

Jiang Xie smiled. “Comrade Xiao Xie, I am the type of person who says love words in order to get s*x?”

“You aren’t?”

Jiang Xie replied boldly, “No.”

Xie Xi stared at him blankly.

Jiang Xie hugged him and kissed him hard. “I want to say words of love to you all the time.”

Xie Xi’s heart was sweet and he couldn’t suppress the corners of his lips curving up. “Okay, in any case, we won’t do anything today!”

“What about tomorrow?”

Xie Xi, “…”

This was an acquiescence. Jiang Xie was in a good mood and told Xie Xi about the quasi-world searched by Qin Ge. He knew that Xie Xi would be happy to hear it,

Xie Xi was shocked and nervously held Jiang Xie’s arm. “If they clear it, will it be a separate new world?”

Jiang Xie smiled. “Right.”

At this moment, Xie Xi realized some of what Jiang Xie felt. For designers, the rewards for designing a world were nothing. The most important thing was that they became new worlds. As if watching a child grow up, the feeling of comfort was unparalleled.

Previously, Jiang Xie had designed so many worlds but they were frozen in Central. The feeling of helplessness was very heavy and there would even be self-doubt.

Thus, when Xie Xi entered the world of his design and the quasi-world was awakened for the first time, the joy that emerged in his heart must be indescribable.

It was like a parent with a sick child meeting a doctor who could save them. The complexity and ferociousness of the emotions could be imagined.

Xie Xi remembered something. “A quasi-world with an SSS-grade rating, do we need to sign the Quasi-world Protection Law?”

Jiang Xie had told him that all quasi-worlds above the A rating had to sign the Quasi-world Protection Law. Now only did he forget the world, he didn’t even know how many worlds he designed.

Jiang Xie replied, “Your knowledge of the world is based on the repair task and repair tasks won’t be forgotten.”

“After that, we redesigned it.”

“It might be that the way you were promoted to a designer is too unusual. If you don’t sign the corresponding agreement, you won’t be framed by the Quasi-world Protection Law.”

Still, there were some things that didn’t make sense. For example, Jiang Xie signed it but he didn’t forget the secondary design.

Jiang Xie also didn’t understand this and theorized, “It is possible that I signed the agreement when I first designed this world. This is the second time, so it followed the first agreement?”

Xie Xi had no experience so although he doubted Jiang Xie’s words, he couldn’t find the answer.

He was a bit curious. “Since we know the rules of the quasi-world, can we give them some tips?”

After all, these were god level players. They had challenged fierce heavenly tasks and an SSS-grade quasi-world shouldn’t be difficult.

Jiang Xie shook his head. “I know you want the quasi-world to be cleared quickly but this is actually the greatest significance of the Quasi-world Protection Law. The quasi-world that the designer knows is very one-sided and incomplete. We designed it but we don’t understand it. During the process of clearing the world, the players will improve it or find the wrong things we missed. If we give tips based on our one-sided experience, it might do more harm than good to both the players and quasi-world.”

Xie Xi was awakened. “I was careless.”

If there wasn’t a 100% understanding of something then once take out of context, it might bring about a fatal disaster.

Jiang Xie smiled. “You care too much about people or things.”

Xie Xi was a bit like this. He was probably too lacking in love before so he cherished the things he came in contact with like they were treasures.

Jiang Xie felt distressed by this and didn’t want Xie Xi’s mood to be too heavy, so he joked, “You are like a hen opening your wings to guard the chicken…”

Hen Xie glared at him. “What?”

Jiang Xie hurriedly shook his head. “Nothing, nothing!”

Unfortunately, Xie Xi grabbed his arm and bit it.

Jiang Xie laughed out loud and held and kiss this person. He wasn’t allowed to do anything but giving all types of strawberries was possible. Unfortunately, the farmer had to stop just before planting the fruit…

Xie Xi let this person kiss him for so long because he knew one thing.

He saw the Quasi-world Protection Law prompt that appeared in his lower right corner.

This was a personal prompt and Jiang Xie couldn’t see it.

The words that appeared said: [Do you want to sign the Quasi-world Protection Law? After signing, you will forget the world you designed.]

There was a short explanation of the Quasi-world Protection Law.

Signing the protection law was beneficial to designers, especially designers who created many quasi-worlds.

However, this wasn’t forced and was according to the designer’s wishes. There would be a prompt every time.

Perhaps the original Jiang Xie chose not to forget but remembered every world he designed.

Then he slowly discovered that he quasi-worlds he designed weren’t accessible to players. It was a stagnant pool of water that was unable to enter the cycle and was worthless.

Once, twice, three times, four times, Jiang Xie couldn’t help feeling this helplessness when designing a new world.

He couldn’t stop because there were too few designers. If he stopped, the Central Government would become more desperate and there was no hope at all.

Even if his work was useless, even if this useless work required cutting off a piece of his soul, Jiang Xie still insisted on doing on.

However, he gradually chose to forget. He forgot the quasi-worlds he designed, the details, the quantity, the price he paid and the helplessness and pessimism as he continued to explore this dark road.

Fortunately, he waited until Xie Xi, who was his own light, arrived.

Xie Xi realized this and wasn’t willing to remind Jiang Xie.

Perhaps it was because Jiang Xie already signed the agreement and redesigning it didn’t require a second contract. Thus, there was no prompt.

It was the first time for Xie Xi so he saw the prompt.

Xie Xi didn’t choose to forget because from now on, he would be with Jiang Xie. He would cooperate with this person to repair the lonely quasi-worlds, help Jiang Xie wash away the regret, accompany him and walk together on this gradually clear road.

Perhaps he was worried about Jiang Xie’s body so once the nonsense came up, Xie Xi watched the fire and braked in time…

The Farmer Jiang felt very sorry when their clothes were already like this.

Xie Xi pulled away and changed the topic. “There is something I don’t understand.”

Jiang Xie also didn’t understand. His body was well and he was alive. How was s*x banned? Shouldn’t he nourish his wounds???

Xie Xi quickly threw out the question. “If I didn’t have that passive skill, how could I bring out the hard drive. If I couldn’t bring it out…” Wasn’t this an endless loop?

This was something Xie Xi was very concerned about. After all, they had to repair more than this world. Every world needed to be redesigned after the repair was completed. Then what if Xie Xi’s random skill was invalid and he couldn’t bring out the thing that represented the will of the world?

Was it necessary to use Jiang Xie’s soul to fill it? Xie Xi wasn’t at ease.

Jiang Xie knew Xie Xi was worried about him and couldn’t bear to let this person feel worried. He explained, “The so-called task of repairing the world is actually tailor-made for you.”

Xie Xi vaguely caught something but it was like being blindfolded in layers of thin yarn. It was always invisible.

Jiang Xie wondered, “What do you think about what we encountered in the collapsed world?”

Xie Xi thought, ‘Bitter Big Jiang, sorrowful Middle Jiang, prideful and innocent Little Jiang… um…’

Xie Xi spat at him, “More than half of it was coaxing you.”

“The souls are also part of the quasi-world.”

Xie Xi removed this love brain and carefully thought about the repair task. “In general, it wasn’t too difficult. It felt as if there was someone helping in the dark. The pole was suddenly found that contains the coordinates of the old professor. The old professor just happened to know how to save the United States…”

As long as there wasn’t the mess with the souls, this repair task was very simple.

Jiang Xie guided him. “The core of repairing this world is to bring the world’s will back to Central. The performer is you and you happen to have a skill to bring something back from the quasi-world. Although we don’t know for certain but if your skill can only bring back something big…”

Xie Xi realized.

His previous thoughts were wrong. He regarded himself as the result but in fact, he was the premise of everything.

Upon entering the quasi-world, Central and the quasi-world worked together to tailor such a repair task for Xie Xi.

The pole and the coordinates inside it were the quasi-world trying to save itself according to Xie Xi’s situation.

If the collapse of the universe could be called the world collapsing and the pole was the entrance to Central then everything made sense!

Why was the pole able to withstand the collapse of the universe? It was because the pole was the entrance and Xie Xi had the skill to take away one thing at random.

Why compress it to the size of a hard disk? It was because Xie Xi’s skill had size restrictions. He didn’t know this limit but the quasi-world was obviously aware of it.

Why did the hard disk have to be placed at the pole? This was the fixed delivery point of the quasi-world. Even if Xie Xi’s luck was bad, he would ‘randomly’ take away this thing.

Xie Xi stared at Jiang Xie with bright eyes. “There was a companion we couldn’t see.” Yes, a companion who never showed up but tried to guide Xie Xi and Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie told him, “No matter what form it takes, it can be considered as life.”

Humans were imprisoned by their own cognition and the life forms they could understand were very limited. In fact, the thousands of worlds had different forms and countless ways to be alive.

Xie Xi was relieved. “If I didn’t have this skill, the repair mission would be different?”

“Perhaps if you didn’t have the skill, you couldn’t become a repairer.”

Xie Xi was enlightened again. He had always thought that the Repair skill was the condition to become a repairer. Now it seemed that it might be more than that.

After receiving almost all the answers, Jiang Xie proposed, “Do you want to watch Yan Zhe’s live broadcast?”

Xie Xi was surprised. “We can watch the live broadcast?”

Jiang Xie blinked. “This is the permission of the designer.”

Xie Xi instantly understood and raised his eyebrows. “Then all the worlds I cleared, you could watch the live broadcast?”

For example, the Love is a Dead End and Atlantis where he split into an octopus.

Jiang Xie, “….Cough.”

Xie Xi saw him like this and knew. “You’ve been watching me live?”

Jiang Xie touched his nose. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t give you rewards.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Rewards weren’t possible but beating him up was no problem!

Now, Jiang Xie wasn’t afraid of knowing. After all, Xie Xi was a designer and would find out in the future. Instead of being discovered, it was better to take the initiative to admit it and the punishment might be lighter.

Xie Xi knew this person too well. “Surely you didn’t record it?”

He remembered that the world plot would appear on the shelves after clearing the world.

Jiang Xie looked ‘shocked.’ “What are you going to do? Those are my babies.”

Even if he was killed, he would never delete them in his lifetime.

Xie Xi frowned and he wanted to tear this person down. ‘What babies? Those are your green hats!’

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