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Collapsing 10 Boundaries 4

The students watched Jiang Xie with admiring eyes, like they were watching the learning god who came first in the yearly test.

Xie Xi didn’t bother with them. He needed to understand the status quo and know what a succubus was. What was the exchange student and what was angel psychology?

The old professor was afraid the students would see Xie Xi while watching Jiang Xie and knocked on the blackboard. “Come on, let’s continue understanding the succubus…”

The students were very studious. They pricked their ears and listened seriously.

Demonology was a new course. Originally, it was banned and they couldn’t learn about it. Now it was possible to listen to it in the classroom and there was a pure succubus student, which greatly satisfied the curiosity of the students. It made them focus their spirits like never before.

Xie Xi also listened seriously. Who would expect that a succubus needed to listen carefully to understand what was going on?

Of course, his appearance was interpreted differently in the eyes of others.

The average student was afraid to look at him so let’s ignore them. Jiang Xie sitting next to him was very pleased. Excluding the debauched living habits, his roommate was very respectful. He could still be so seriously when listening to a course he knew better than the professor. This was a serious and good student.

The old professor was also very pleased. Xie Xi was worthy of being a top student of the Demon World. A good seed had indeed come here as a transfer student.

While feeling pleased, the old professor thought carefully, ‘I absolutely can’t let him teach. If the young people have to stare at him, they will never be able to hold their meditation chants!’

The good student Xie Xi didn’t know what these people were thinking and was seriously doing a class summary.

Succubus, one of the seven big demons that majored in lust.

Simply put, this race was a walking hormone. They fed on s*x and treated it as common as eating and drinking water for ordinary people. They weren’t subject to ethics and morality and were free to do what they pleased.

A succubus was born with excellent charms and their bewitchment ability was embedded deep in their bones. Forget simple angels, even the other big demons of the Demon World would find it hard to resist one’s seduction.

Xie Xi summed up the so-called living habits of a succubus.

First, a succubus hated clothes. In particular, they never wore clothes at night.

Second, a succubus liked s*x. This was a survival instinct.

Third, after bathing, a succubus would emit the fragrance of an aphrodisiac. People must avoid inhaling this.


Xie Xi felt there was no longer any need to sum it up. He was simply a pervert!

He thought that Gemini was a good Jiang Xie. Who would’ve expected Gemini’s world to go in such a direction?

This person also set himself up as a pure angel of abstinence. Xie Xi thought with no expression, ‘Once back at Central, I can help him abstain from s*x!’

This class was basically about the succubus. After the lecture, the old professor came up with a special ‘humanitarian’ sentence, “Everyone must respect their racial habits and not force our ethics on other races. We must open our hearts to accept and understand different races. Don’t wear coloured glasses and discriminate against other races.”

The students needed seriously while Xie Xi was different. He discriminated against himself.

After class, Jiang Xie asked Xie Xi, “Are you hungry? I’ll take you to lunch.”

Xie Xi was a bit hungry and the professor said that a succubus in a hungry state would have very high XX desires. Xie Xi was afraid and swore to never be hungry in this world!

“Okay.” The moment Xie Xi opened his mouth, he was startled by his own voice.

Jiang Xie was also a good angel who listened carefully in class. He was particularly aware of the succubus so his ears trembled and his voice was tight. “Don’t worry, you’ll have food soon.”

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry. He wasn’t hungry enough to seduce Jiang Xie. He was… really hungry.

‘Ahhh, bastard Jiang Xie, wait until we get back to Central and I’ll beat you up!’

Xie Xi didn’t speak…

Jiang Xie took him to the cafeteria and found a private room. He told Xie Xi, “Wait for me.”

Xie Xi nodded.

Jiang Xie glanced at him and quickly moved his gaze away. He walked away in a manner that could be called fleeing.

There was a circular mirror decoration in the private room. Xie Xi looked into it and was shocked by himself.

The corners of his eyes were drooping, his eyes were moist, his cheeks were red and his lips were bright red!

He was just hungry. How did he look like this? No wonder why Jiang Xie had fled…

Xie Xi got up and intended to wash his face to calm himself down. He regretted it after becoming wet with water.

The third note about a succubus—there was a special fragrance after bathing.

Xie Xi couldn’t smell it himself but Jiang Xie certainly could.

Was it still too late to open the window and get some air?

The window was facing the playground. What if the fragrance spread and affected other people?

Xie Xi deeply felt his sin. He wanted to change the textbook and cross out the sentence about non-discrimination. This succubus race should fall to the bottom of the chain. They deserved to be discriminated against!

Jiang Xie came back in a hurry, apparently afraid that Xie Xi couldn’t help stealing food.

Stealing… this word flashed in Xie Xi’s head and he couldn’t help sneering. What a wonderful pun. (TL: This word for stealing food can also mean ‘to be unfaithful.’)

Jiang Xie brought lunch and squinted. “Eat it.”

Xie Xi didn’t open the window to let out the scent. Instead, he directly closed the door and blocked the window so that the fragrance was trapped inside.

Xie Xi wanted to be normal and wasn’t polite. “Then I’ll eat first.”

Jiang Xie nodded. “Yes.” He remained motionless.

Once Xie Xi ate some rice, his hunger subsided. He inadvertently glanced towards the mirror and found that he had miraculously returned to normal.

The colour of food when eating was very important. Comrade Jiang Xie’s understanding of this sentence was very deep.

Xie Xi was free to pay attention to Gemini. “You aren’t hungry?”

Jiang Xie had just chanted the meditation mantra and couldn’t afford to care about eating. “I’ll eat.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Then I will trouble you to come buy textbooks with me after eating.” He wanted to know more about this small world and see how big Jiang Xie’s brain hole was.

Jiang Xie replied, “There is no class in the afternoon. I’ll take you out and see if we can come back before the welcome party.” Then he got up and went to the bathroom.

Xie Xi watched him push open the door and his senses returned. “Don’t…”

Jiang Xie had already pushed it open and the life-threatening fragrance poured out. Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi told him, “I just washed my hands.”

Jiang Xie was worthy of being an excellent student of theology. He calmly closed the door and said, “I’m going out.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Okay…”

Jiang Xie went away for 20 minutes. Once he came back, his hair was slightly wet and his body was chilly.

Xie Xi didn’t have to ask to know where he had gone. This wasn’t a shower, it was a cold shower!

Jiang Xie spoke dutifully, “I won’t eat. Let’s go and buy books.”

Xie Xi wanted to say, “I can go by myself…”

Jiang Xie interrupted, “I am your roommate and must try my best to take care of you, helping you adapt to the environment on this side.”

Xie Xi glanced at him with concern, thinking, ‘Will this young man be okay?’

How could he not be a man? Jiang Xie was very calm. “Let’s go. You haven’t gone out to explore since coming here.”

Xie Xi also wanted to see this small world and what exactly was going on here.

It really wasn’t a normal world when he had to go off campus to buy books.

However, there was nothing special outside the school. It wasn’t much different from 21st century Earth.

Of course, Xie Xi’s Earth didn’t have a wonderful race like the succubus.

Jiang Xie had calmed down and carefully gave an introduction to Xie Xi. “This is a university town. Basically, they are all students or teachers. However, they are high-quality and won’t show their wings in order to take care of students who haven’t graduated.

Xie Xi nodded. It wasn’t good to ask too much and he could only secretly store it in his brain.

Jiang Xie introduced the nearest supermarket and pedestrian street. “What are you missing? You can come here to buy them…” Then he paused and spoke again, “Of course, there are many people here. If you can’t adapt then you can call me to join you.”

Xie Xi translated in his heart, ‘It’s not that I can’t adapt. I am afraid that these university students can’t adapt!’

Xie Xi replied, “There is nothing missing for the time being.”

The pair finally arrived at the bookstore and Jiang Xie said, “Here we are. This is the biggest bookstore in First Heaven.”

First Heaven?

First Heaven, meaning Heaven?

Xie Xi thought that he understood correctly. The problem was that Heaven was so… human?

They entered the bookstore and the clerk couldn’t help peeking at Xie Xi. Jiang Xie took him to the third floor and placed him in a relatively quiet place. “The textbooks are fixed and I will help you find them. Wait here for me.”

Xie Xi understood that this was to prevent him from hooking up with people.

He nodded. “Okay.” He could take the opportunity to flip through books and understand the status quo.

Jiang Xie left and Xie Xi swept through the books on the shelves, suddenly feeling it was different.

This truly wasn’t 21st century Earth. The human society didn’t have a history of Heaven that couldn’t be put on a whole wall…

Xie Xi’s memories had been strengthened and his reading ability was also fast. In a short time, he found out many things.

There was a Heaven and Demon World in this world. It was very different from Xie Xi’s impression of angels and demons. Here, they were two countries that lived in harmony.

There were seven realms in Heaven and seven domains in the Demon World, all of which were similar in size and scale.

Moreover, the angels and demons had developed both theology and science.

The First Heaven and First Domain basically weren’t much different from the human society that Xie Xi understood. Regardless of whether it was Heaven or the Demon World, education was very important for the angels and demons. If they wanted to be adults, they needed complete credit and to graduate from a university before they could get a license to support their wings.

Wings in Heaven were a symbol of status and graduation scores were actually linked to the number of wings. Xie Xi pursed his lips when he saw this and there was a sense he was seeing the university entrance examination.

Most of the books here were based on ‘angels.’ Forgive Xie Xi but he really couldn’t see the students in schools as sacred angels.

They weren’t like angels at all!

In 10 minutes, Jiang Xie returned with a cardboard box filled with books.

Xie Xi told him, “Thanks, let me carry it.”

“I’ll do it.”

Xie Xi added, “The checkout is on the first floor?”

Jiang Xie explained, “As long as you have a student ID card, these books are free of charge and you don’t have to pay.”

Xie Xi nodded, thinking that Heaven’s treatment wasn’t bad.

They went to buy some daily necessities. Jiang Xie specifically took Xie Xi to the underwear section, his hint very obvious.

Xie Xi could only buy a bag of underwear, indicating that he was a normal person who would wear underwear in the future.

It was evening when they got back to school.

Heaven was above the sun. Even in First Heaven, there was no sun rising. The holy light came from Seventh Heaven and would light up and got out according to time.

It was for this reason that Heaven was called dark.

Xie Xi returned to the dormitory and Jiang Xie said, “Get ready. We have to go to the welcome party.”

Xie Xi nodded.

Jiang Xie picked up his uniform and said, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Xie Xi nodded. He didn’t mind seeing Jiang Xie change clothes but Jiang Xie obviously minded.

Okay, it was good for everyone if the two people changed clothes separately.

Xie Xi had just taken off his clothes and changed into his school uniform when he realized.

He couldn’t get dressed after taking a shower last night…

This damn thing! Xie Xi watched his school uniform disappear.

The first succubus habit: A succubus hated clothes. In particular, they never wore clothes at night.

Xie Xi frowned and he wanted to say, “It’s not that I don’t want to wear it. I can’t wear it!”

At this time, Jiang Xie came out of the bathroom. He was wearing a silver-white school uniform. The priest-style robes fit perfectly on his body and gave him a sacred atmosphere.

The holy angel saw his naked roommate.

Xie Xi stated, “My school uniform is gone.”

Jiang Xie was stunned for a long time before his senses returned. His tight voice was a bit indulgent and helpless “I know you don’t like to wear clothes at night but you have to be dressed for this welcome party.”

Xie Xi understood.

Jiang Xie thought he got rid of his school uniform because he didn’t want to wear clothes at night?

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