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Lost Atlantis 12

Jiang Xie’s complicated mood was just beginning.

On the water curtain, Xie Xi read the file and returned to the undersea kingdom. He just returned from the hot land to the warm water, only to see the sixth prince alive. He sighed with relief. This feedback was transmitted to Jiang Xie in the form of goodwill +1.

Jiang Xie was uncomfortable. The sixth prince blocked a shot for Xie Xi and it was natural for goodwill to rise. Then why did it rise again after the file was read and they met?

Clearly his little rose had good feelings but Old Jiang wasn’t happy.

Xie Xi spoke the same words to the sixth prince and the sixth prince’s reply was almost identical.

This included the sentence after departure.

“…Call me Sirius.”

Xie Xi’s eyes curved as he called out, “Sirius.”

The sixth prince whispered, “This is the first time I’ve felt that my name is so good.”

“It sounds good.”

Jiang Xie, “…” The green +3 stung his eyes. In other words, Old Jiang caused the goodwill to fall while his soul caused it to rise?

Next, the sixth prince helped Xie Xi gain his legs. Jiang Xie already disliked this part the first time it happened and now he hated it even more. The sixth prince was his soul and his soul was part of him. Right now, he was feeling green towards himself.

This authentic green, the green +1 was like the green grassland under the blue sky and white clouds.

It was too much.

This time, Xie Xi didn’t dare delay with his legs. He actively held the sixth prince’s arm and tried hard to walk. There would be danger once they went ashore. He must adapt to these two ‘bamboo poles’ as soon as possible!

The sixth prince saw the thin sweat dripping from his nose and said, “Don’t be anxious. Take your time.”

How could Xie Xi slow down? He resisted the discomfort and kept walking. “I can’t drag you back.”

The second prince asked, “How can that be? The fact that you accompanied me ashore, I already…” He paused and felt that this was too intimate to say.

Xie Xi understood.

They only met each other for a few days and the time spent together was even less, yet the sixth prince saved Xie Xi’s life at a critical moment. This showed how much he valued Xie Xi.

He didn’t understand how a person who had seen a cold world, who suffered from the injustice of being excluded and who lived such a miserable life, could have such a gentle heart.

The prince accepted Xie Xi’s without knowing the sham and sacrificed his life.

Xie Xi was very ashamed.

This time, Xie Xi adapted well. Not only did he require less help, but he could also run on these legs.

He drank the water retention agent and after landing, he resisted the dry heat and sultriness of the air. He couldn’t let the sixth prince waste strength on giving him a water shield! The sixth prince had to recharge his batteries and do his best!

The sixth prince asked in a worried manner, “How are you?”

Xie Xi wasn’t good. He was very bad but he smiled and said, “The land is really different from the sea.”

“If you feel bad…”

Xie Xi screamed, “Be careful!”

His voice was heard before the air broke apart. This gave the sixth prince enough reaction time. He reached out to protect Xie Xi and the two of them rolled together, dodging the bullet.

Xie Xi’s heart was beating quickly and his hands were shaking uncontrollably.  Despite his many death experiences, his adrenaline was surging in this tense moment.

“There is danger on the shore. Let’s go back to the boat first!” Xie Xi hurriedly told the prince.

The sixth prince was on guard and paying attention to the enemy’s movements. “Go!”

They moved as a dense hail of bullets were fired. Fortunately, Xie Xi had practiced moving on his legs or he would’ve had to load the file again!

The two people escaped from the bullets and finally returned to the boat. The boat was simple but it could withstand the pressure of the seabed. Thus, ordinary knives and g*ns couldn’t harm it.

Xie Xi was startled as he suddenly realized a problem he had ignored before.

The undersea people lived under high pressure all year round. Their bodies were far superior to the land people and ordinary bullets couldn’t pierce through their skin at all. The sixth prince was from the powerful royal family. How could the previous shot be fatal?


Xie Xi looked at the sixth prince and found he was looking solemn, the different coloured pupils much deeper than usual. They were filled with an unknown meaning.

Xie Xi whispered, “Your Highness, there is danger on the shore. Let’s go back first!”

The sixth prince glanced at him. “You go back first. I have to find out who is behind the ambush.”

“It is dangerous.”

The sixth prince explained to him. “This attack isn’t just about our lives or deaths. If this news is sent back to the bottom of the sea, it will lead to greater trouble.”

The sixth prince hadn’t publicized that he was going to the shore but he had registered it. He had just left. If he returned straight away, he was bound to be questioned. Even if the sixth prince managed to hide it, other people would be attacked if they went ashore.

Xie Xi had some vague conjectures. He couldn’t explain it and could only ask, “If it is the land people who declared war on us…”

The sixth prince stared out the window. “Then we will fight.”

Xie Xi hadn’t expected the sixth prince to be so decisive and spoke again, “If it isn’t…”

“That’s why I have to confirm the truth.”

He turned to Xie Xi. “Go back and find a place to hide. No one knows that you went to the shore and it won’t arouse suspicion.”

He was going to stay and find out what happened, but he didn’t want Xie Xi involved.

How could Xie Xi not understand? He exclaimed, “I am a guard of the royal family. How can I leave Your Highness and escape alone?”

The sixth prince was stunned. His pupils shrank and an unprecedented indifference filled his voice. “How is the royal family worthy of your protection?”

Xie Xi was unmoved. “Sirius is worth it!”

The words shocked the sixth prince. He stared at Xie Xi with unsettled eyes.

Xie Xi didn’t shy away. Forget the fact that he had several lives. He wouldn’t leave the sixth prince, even if he had only one life.

This man died for him once. Xie Xi wouldn’t let him die a second time.

Xie Xi might have no friends but this didn’t mean he didn’t understand brotherhood!

The sixth prince sighed and handed a weapon to Xie Xi. “Stay close to me.”

Xie Xi hadn’t used this before and didn’t have time to open the talent system. He didn’t have a g*n specialization and could only pray that nothing happened.

Still, he had Roast Pork Bun. He used Roast Pork Bun as his eyes.

Roast Pork Bun understood and flew out to explore the area. There were eyes that no one else could see, meaning Xie Xi wouldn’t hold back the prince.

The sixth prince was in front and Xie Xi behind him. The two men were focused and on guard.

At almost the same time, g*nshots were heard. Xie Xi followed the sixth prince and repeated the message that Roast Pork Bun brought back. “The firepower is concentrated to the left rear side.”

The moment he spoke, the sixth prince adjusted his position.

Xie Xi’s chest was hot and he didn’t forget to care for the prince in this emergency. He asked, “Avoid it or…”

The sixth prince replied. “I will create a route and we will rush through the route.” Xie Xi tightened his grip on his g*n, his hands all sweaty.

After all, he had no experience and couldn’t be calm in such a situation.

The sixth prince told him, “Concentrate on covering me. I will open my five senses so they can’t run away.”

This was the enduring essence of the Atlantis royal family. They had different physiques from ordinary people and unique abilities. Once activated, their combat power was amazing.

It was said that the third prince activated his ability during the North-South War. One man alone wiped out the entire army, giving him the name of Killing God.

There was Roast Pork Bun to pass on information and the sixth prince’s ability. They finally rushed through the coast and pulled out the person hiding in the darkness, aiming a g*n at him.

It was a short battle and the outcome emerged in a flash. Xie Xi thought it was over. They just needed to shoot and kill this person.

The man gave a low laugh. “I didn’t expect to lead a wolf into the room.”

The familiar voice made Xie Xi’s heart jump.

The man took off his mask, revealing an honest face.


Xie Xi expected that it was the underwater people attacking the sixth prince but he hadn’t expected it to be his guard captain Thomas!

The sixth prince was also stunned.

Thomas was expressionless as he aimed his g*n at the sixth prince. “Your Highness, I can’t help it.”

The cold words ended and he pulled the trigger.

At such a critical moment, the sixth prince was motionless as he stared in front with wide eyes.

Xie Xi couldn’t let him die again. He flew between the bullet and the prince, wanting to use himself as a shield.

Unexpectedly, the motionless prince saw that Xie Xi was planning to block the bullet for him and quickly hugged Xie Xi, turning to avoid the bullet.

His movements were too fast, faster than a bullet!

Xie Xi’s scalp was numb and his head was blank.

The sixth prince asked him, “Why?”

Xie Xi knew the sixth prince’s meaning. He was asking why Xie Xi saved him? Xie Xi barely managed to open his mouth, “Don’t, don’t give up on yourself.” Even if he was abandoned by his loved ones and the country, don’t give up on himself.

The sixth prince’s pupils shrank. The colours were too deep and were close to black.

He got up with a blank expression, killing Thomas and the others.

At the end of the disaster, all those who died were the underwater people.

Xie Xi stared at the dead Thomas with complicated feelings.

The sixth prince’s voice was calm, “It is the royal secret service.”

Xie Xi had long guessed it and he understood why the sixth prince had died the first time. Based on Sirius’ abilities, he wasn’t as strong as Gars but he could retreat from these people.

The reason he didn’t was because he was motivated to die.

The moment Thomas and the others showed their faces, he understood.

They were the royal special guards. No one could give them orders apart from the royal family.

Who was in the royal family? His father, his brothers, his closest family.

The sixth prince grew up alone and never received any love. He gave up on himself after learning that he was abandoned by everyone.

By killing him, the underwater kingdom could go to war with the land people.

This was the wish of his family and his family believed it was his only value.

Xie Xi’s heart hurt and he couldn’t help comforting the prince, “Maybe it isn’t what you think.”

Outside the water curtain.

Jiang Xie reached out and touched Xie Xi’s white face.

The souls were a part of him and occasionally mapped out some of his memories.

He had experienced the same thing as the sixth prince. Unfortunately, there was no Xie Xi at the time and he was born a dead monster.

Jiang Xie looked away and gazed at his goodwill.

The green +10 was particularly conspicuous.

Jiang Xie leaned back on the chair, a wry smile on his face.

He didn’t know if he was lucky or not.

The base red colour was too large. Despite all the green floating up, the green still wasn’t that much.

The number was still -250.

Sure enough, it was really sad.

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