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Collapsing 9 Boundaries 1

It was a lot easier.

The collapsing world made the souls feel despair until Xie Xi entered. They got a glimpse of hope and struggled. Xie Xi could stablize the small world as long as they held onto these small flames!

The pre-existing summary for Gemini was naturally a pot of dog blood. Xie Xi wanted to hit the person but then he thought about it and this misunderstanding was the best.

If the souls were really desperate then Xie Xi might actually be a succubus who didn’t know love or he would really fall in love with someone else.

This was a complete knot that couldn’t be resolved.

Now Xie Xi didn’t need to show his loyalty. Jiang Xie took medicine to get rid of his own illness.

Xie Xi was in such a good mood that he wasn’t nervous when he saw the countdown.

The three identical Jiang Xie slept on the ground… oh, they were sleeping on the ground!

Xie Xi summoned the god’s wisdom and sketch pen to draw three beds. He wasted a lot of energy settling the three of them onto the beds.

In fact, it didn’t matter where they were sleeping but Xie Xi was in a good mood and willingly served them.

He saw the countdown above the heads of the three Jiang Xie became 2:33:33 and didn’t delay. This time, he went to the Cancer light group.

Cancer was a green light group. Once Xie Xi placed his hands on it, a Jiang Xie with gentle eyebrows and a brotherly look appeared in front of him.

Xie Xi had three experiences and there was some speculation about the images in the light group.

Aries was a young boy and Xie Xi saw a teenager when he entered.

Taurus had a youthful appearance but Xie Xi saw the adult Jiang Xie.

Gemini was a university student and Xie Xi became his roommate after entering.

The world of Gemini might not have an ordinary university background but it was still a university.

What about this time? Based on Cancer’s appearance, were they neighbours? Perhaps they were neighbourhood brothers who grew up as friends?

Cough… Xie Xi cleared his throat as he discovered that he also became bad.

There were so many routines and he made up his own.

Xie Xi entered the light group with anticipation. Perhaps it was because Gemini ended too easily that he felt good about the small world. Whether it was the main body or the souls, Xie Xi would work hard to cooperate with them.

Then… Xie Xi opened his eyes.


Xie Xi was so frightened that he didn’t even notice the sound of his voice.

So big

Was this a country of giants? The tables and chairs were huge, the thermos and cups were huge and even the windows were so big that he looked up and couldn’t see the outside.

His experience with Gemini meant that Xie Xi wouldn’t be too surprised even if this was a country of giants.

The quasi-worlds were strange and could take any form.

Xie Xi tried to look around. The appliances were very big but it could be seen that this house was a bit poor. The walls were mottled and in some places, the brick surface was revealed. The ground was covered with tiles and there were ashes hidden in the gaps. The magnified table and chairs were made of the cheapest composite panels. There was also a chair with a broken appearance that made people wonder if it was possible to sit on it.

Xie Xi inwardly muttered, ‘Is Cancer so poor?’

He looked good in the light group. He had been well-dressed and looked very gentle.

Still, the images of the light group couldn’t be fully believed. It was just like how Aries was sunny in the light group and then gloomy after entering…

Xie Xi didn’t see Jiang Xie for a long time before he finally heard a violent cough.

The sound was so loud that it shook the place where Xie Xi was located.

Speaking of which… where was he?

Xie Xi was shocked to find that he was in a cage! What was going on? Had he ben grabbed as a pet by the giants?

Xie Xi tried to guess the world background with the information he had.

At this moment, there was the sound of footsteps. The man who violently coughed emerged from the back room. Xie Xi looked up and saw him.

It was enlarged by many times but Xie Xi still saw the outline of Jiang Xie from these handsome facial features.

Was it Jiang Xie? Xie Xi was uncertain.

He couldn’t be sure because the man’s appearance was too upsetting. He was so thin that his clothes couldn’t be supported and his face was pale and bloodless. He had dark circles under his eyes and he coughed fiercely. The hand holding the glass trembled and he seemed to have exhausted his strength by drinking the water.

Finally, his coughing stopped but he was still gasping as he sat in the damaged chair for a while.

Was this man Jiang Xie? Xie Xi had never seen such a Jiang Xie… a Jiang Xie that seemed to be blown away by the wind.

Then the man looked up and Xie Xi instantly knew that this wasn’t Jiang Xie. It was unbelievable but Xie Xi had this body. He could tell if it was Jiang Xie the moment he saw the eyes.

The man in front of him had very similar facial features to Jiang Xie but he wasn’t Jiang Xie.

Then who was he?

Xie Xi chose not to speak and watched the situation.

The man stood up and walked over to Xie Xi.

As the distance got closer and closer, the face became bigger and bigger. Xie Xi was really unaccustomed to this perspective…

The man might not be Jiang Xie but he was very similar to Jiang Xie. He was thin and looked terrible but his expression was gentle and his voice was also great to listen to. “Are you hungry?”

Xie Xi’s heart was pained because of this person’s poor appearance.

There was no way. It might not be Jiang Xie but he couldn’t stand seeing a tragic person with this face.

“I’ll get you something to eat.” The man coughed as he walked to the cabinet behind the table.

The distance was very far for Xie Xi but it was very close for the ‘giant.’ He took three steps and easily arrived.

Yet this short distance caused the man to gasp for a while and his forehead was covered with sweat.

Xie Xi couldn’t help saying, “I’m not hungry, you…” Chirp chirp chirp!

Xie Xi found that his voice wasn’t right!

The man heard his cries and turned to look at him. “Just wait, I’ll get you some grains to eat.”


Xie Xi looked down at himself.

He didn’t see his arms and legs but white feathers.

It turned out he wasn’t in a country of giants. He wasn’t human this time?

In the Aries world, Xie Xi was a cat and had adapted to a cat’s perspective. It was just that in this world, he was obviously smaller than a cat.

What was he? He thought about his voice and then eating grains…

Xie Xi couldn’t help saying, “ A bird?” His voice was still a chirp and sounded fierce.

The man seemed to think he was hungry and the man’s actions became a bit anxious. “I’ll get it for you straight away…”

Xie Xi wasn’t hungry at all. He was just too shocked!

The man wobbled. His urgency made him more unstable and he seemed like he would fall.

Xie Xi was really afraid this person would fall but he was a silly bird in a cage. What could he do?

He could only rely on the god’s wisdom!

Xie Xi was dumbfounded when he called out the god’s wisdom and sketch pen.

Was this his sketch pen? It was so long and thick?

Xie Xi tried to use his short wings to hold the pen…

He was almost crushed to death by the pen.

Xie Xi was helpless. ‘This gentleman who looks like Jiang Xie, I really can’t help you.’

Fortunately, the door opened at this time and a young man rushed to help the man who was about to fall. “Dad, why did you get out of bed?”

Despite not seeing the face, Xie Xi heard this voice and was certain that this young man was Jiang Xie!

He hurried to look but could only see Jiang Xie’s back.

Cancer was very young, probably younger than his appearance in the light group. He seemed to be 17 or 18.

He was tall and strong, forming a sharp contrast to the thin man next to him.

The man coughed softly and said, “I’m fine. Little Chirp is hungry so please feed it.”

Jiang Xie didn’t look back and only helped the man. “Go back to bed and rest first. Hand over everything else to me.”

He settled the man into bed and tested the temperature of the forehead. He was visibly relieved when his father showed no signs of a fever.

The man was ashamed. “Your father is useless.”

“Dad, don’t say this. Just focus on getting better.”

Jiang Xie got up, poured a glass of water and placed it by the man’s bed before grabbing some grain and placing it in Xie Xi’s cage.

Xie Xi saw the giant Cancer.

He was mentally prepared but the appearance of this Cancer was quite surprising.

There wasn’t the gentleness of the neighbourhood brother and there was even a heavy suffocation.

He didn’t look at Xie Xi. After he finished pouring the grain, he went to do housework.

Xie Xi didn’t eat and watched this person.

Cancer was obviously used to these things. His sweeping and mopping of the floor was sharp and thorough, he easily boiled water and cooked and even his ability to wash clothes was great…

Xie Xi watched and inevitably felt some heartache.

Aries was quite miserable but Cancer seemed even worse.

His father was seriously ill and his family so poor that the young man had to cook and do laundry after coming back from school…

He must be having a hard time.

Dinner was very plain. Jiang Xie only ate rice and there were no vegetables. He had a growing body and his appetite was very big. One person ate three bowls of rice.

Father Jiang whispered, “Don’t just eat rice, you should eat some dishes.”

“I don’t like to eat them,” Jiang Xie replied.

Father Jiang was so sad he couldn’t speak.

It wasn’t that his son disliked eating vegetables. It was that he couldn’t become full from the small amount he could buy with a few dollars. He could only be full by eating rice.

After dinner, Jiang Xie prepared to go out and he told his father, “Don’t move around. I’ll come back late after self-study.”

Father Jiang nodded.

Before Jiang Xie left through the door, he placed Xie Xi in front of his father. “Let Little Chirp accompany you.”

Father Jiang smiled. “Okay.”

Jiang Xie left. Father Jiang held it in until his son was far away. Then he coughed violently.

He had been holding back just now because he didn’t want to worry Jiang Xie. Thus, he couldn’t help coughing up blood.

Xie Xi was anxious but he couldn’t do anything as a little bird!

Father Jiang wiped the blood he coughed up and carefully threw it into the deepest part of the trash can, as if afraid that Jiang Xie would see it.

Once he coughed, he seemed more comfortable and his mental state was much better.

He leaned against the bed, looked at Xie Xi in the cage and whispered, “Little Jiang is going to work again.”

Xie Xi, “…”

“Such a good child, how is his life so bitter? I am a useless father.”

It was fortunate that he thought Xie Xi couldn’t understand or he would be embarrassed.

Father Jiang seemed to feel some comfort and he smiled weakly. “I really want to die soon so I no longer drag him down. I’m just afraid that the child will become sadder once I die.”

These emotions were really contradictory and complicated.

The father and son were dependent on each other. The father was seriously ill and knew he brought a great burden on the family. His son was still a student but had to work while going to school. He could barely maintain their living conditions and treating his father was really a stretch.

This dragged down the child and Father Jiang wanted to leave, but what would happen if he really left the child?

Xie Xi listened quietly and his heart was bitter.

He knew this was false but he thought of Jiang Xie’s eagerness for a home and couldn’t he feeling pained.

Xie Xi also wanted a home. In his original world, he fantasized every night about having a home.

It was a home with a father and mother. It didn’t have to be too warm.

Xie Xi waited and it never arrived for it. It was the same for Jiang Xie.

How could those who were abandoned have a home?

Xie Xi sighed. Then once the tired Father Jiang fell asleep, he took out the god’s wisdom and sketch pen.

He had to find a way to draw the special medicine. Curing Father Jiang would definitely give Cancer great comfort.

His body might be round and his wings were short but Xie Xi would work hard to master the sketch pen!

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