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The main task wasn’t as numerous as the follow-up tasks for the side task. There were only three and after completion, Xie Xi was sent out of the open world.

Jiang Xie hadn’t shared his main task with Xie Xi so Xie Xi left while Jiang Xie didn’t.

Xie Xi stood still in Central for a moment. It was over…

At the end, Jiang Xie didn’t hesitate to save him.

Jiang Xie’s mood when Sirius appeared was unimaginable. As the moon stated, Xie Xi deceived Jiang Xie’s feelings, betrayed their 60 years and even broke the final vows.

How sweet the memories of the dream must be how disappointed JIang Xie felt when Sirius appeared. Even so, Jiang Xie still thought of Xie Xi. Forget hurting him, Jiang Xie didn’t even have the heart to say heavy words to Xie Xi.

Once he returned to the Central World, Jiang Xie should remember everything and these misunderstandings didn’t need to be explained. Nevertheless, Xie Xi’s heart felt very unpleasant.

Putting himself in the same shoes, Xie Xi couldn’t act like Jiang Xie.

If he knew that Jiang Xie cheated and betrayed him, he would…

Xie Xi shook his head and pulled back his thoughts. Don’t think about it and look at the task reward first.

Despite this, his heart was still like a kitten that kept scratching at him and making him feel uneasy. Why hadn’t Jiang Xie come out yet? Exploring the labyrinth shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Xie Xi regretted that he didn’t take the initiative to ask Jiang Xie to share his main task. Then he wouldn’t have to come out from the world first.

Although, perhaps it was good that he came out first? He was gone and the possibility of Jiang Xie recovering his memory was greatly reduced.

Xie Xi felt lost.

He came in front of the water curtain, placed his hands on it and distracted himself by looking at the task rewards. There was no clearing the open world. It only gave experience.

Of course, the experience was also divided into grades. Xie Xi had two consecutive guidance tasks and their level was very high. It was judged as A-grade. This should be the highest level for the open world.

Xie Xi accepted the reward. There weren’t many and the gold coins weren’t important for Xie Xi.

There was the flash of a skill. Xie Xi glanced at it and became stunned.

[The passive skill to randomly take away one object from the quasi-world has successfully launched and you have brought the skill Beginner Repair back to the Central World.]

He had thought about the possibility but the odds were too slim. Thus, Xie Xi didn’t expect too much yet he actually brought it back?

Xie Xi liked this Repair skill. It was simple and easy to use while the experience value was full. If he could bring it back to Central, he would have the opportunity to take the promotion task and raise it to intermediate level!

Xie Xi wasn’t sure where to go for this promotion task but he didn’t worry. He just had to wait for Jiang Xie to come out…

The thought left a bitter taste in Xie Xi’s mouth. Xie Xi shook his head, hurriedly opened the pet bar and let out Roast Pork Bun.

The time in the pet bar wasn’t consistent with the outside world. Xie Xi had gone through a world while it was just one sleep for Roast Pork Bun.

The kitten came out and threw himself into Xie Xi’s arms, rubbing hard against Xie Xi.

Xie Xi missed him and patted his soft, furry head.

Roast Pork Bun looked up and blinked with his different coloured eyes. “Daddy, I had a dream, a dream that you had other children!”

Xie Xi, “…”

Roast Pork Bun continued sadly, “It was a very ugly red-haired dog that kept emitting fire. It wasn’t very sensible.”

Xie Xi was really forced to be a mother. It wasn’t a dog but the sun did have red-haired and kept creating fire.

Roast Pork Bun asked suspiciously, “Daddy, you don’t actually have a second child, right?”

Xie Xi, “???”

Roast Pork Bun rolled around. “No, you can’t have another child. I don’t agree!”

Xie Xi’s heavy thoughts disappeared due to this little drama. He hit the kitten’s heart and exclaimed, “Shut up!”

Roast Pork Bun acted pathetically. “I can’t satisfy you with this cuteness? Daddy, you are too much…”

Xie Xi blocked his small mouth and threatened, “I will make you an orphan.”

The implication was that he would throw away this bastard.

However, Roast Pork Bun was worthy of being a stupid baby and his brain circuits were different from ordinary people. He howled, “Daddy, don’t die! I don’t want to become an orphan!”

Xie Xi, “…………” He really lost to these guys with red and blue eyes!

Unfortunately, he couldn’t bear to put this little bastard into the pet bar again and rubbed his forehead.

This time, the friend’s column flashed and Xie Xi felt tense as he thought that Jiang Xie had come out. He hurriedly opened it and found that it wasn’t Jiang Xie.

[Chen Qing has added you as a friend. Do you accept?]

[Kong Rongliang has added you as a friend. Do you accept?]

There were also four friend requests from the group of half zombies. Xie Xi accepted all of them and curiously asked Chen Qing, “How did you find me?”

They only swapped names and it was hard to find each other once returning to Central. The friends system might be able to search for names but ‘Xie Xi’ wasn’t unusual. How many…

Chen Qing replied, “Of course, I applied for all players below intermediate level with the same name!”

Xie Xi, “…”

Chen Qing opened a group chat and pulled Kong Rongliang in. Kong Rongliang said, “There was no bulk application process and we sent hundreds of requests to find Benefactor!”

Xie Xi couldn’t help laughing. “It can still be like this…” Indeed, if the scope was narrowed down to beginning players, they would eventually send it to the right Xie Xi. He would accept their request and then contact them.

If any other Xie Xi’s agreed, they would know it was the wrong person as soon as the person opened his mouth. Then they would apologize and delete the wrong person.

Under most circumstances, the other Xie Xis wouldn’t accept the invitation. They couldn’t casually add friends here since adding a friend allowed you to find out many things about them. What if it was an enemy they exposed their details to?

On the other hand, Chen Qing put himself at risk by going through such a process.

Xie Xi told them, “You’re too adventurous.”

Chen Qing replied, “It’s nothing. It’s fine as long as we can contact Benefactor!”

Kong Rongliang added, “Benefactor, we have died a long time ago. How can we worry about managing this?”

Xie Xi said, “Don’t call me that again. It is just regarding me as an outsider. We have been through trials together and we are friends.”

They were both very happy to change it to Brother. Xie Xi thought about how Chen Qing and Kong Rongliang were obviously older than 30 years old. Um…

Fine, he was over 80 years old in the dream. He could afford to be a big brother.

The group of four also came to say hello. The way they found him was exactly the same as Chen Qing and Kong Rongliang. Xie Xi’s heart was very hot as he also pulled them into the group so they could add each other as friends.

After a small chat, everyone started to discuss their rewards.

The grade of the open world wasn’t low. The highest A-grade was already unattainable for many beginner players.

Cao Yan mentioned, “This is the first time I’ve seen 300 gold coins. It is too much and I can’t count it after converting it to silver coins.”

Zhu Li told him, “Hey, you are too shabby. I have 8,000…” Old Zhu paused. “Hey! Why do I only have 8,000 silver coins?!”

One gold coin was equal to 100 silver coins. 300 gold coins were 30,000 silver coins. Meanwhile, poor Old Zhu got only 80 gold coins.

Zhuo Liu spoke quietly, “You should be satisfied. I can’t say anything about these 50 gold coins.”

Zhuang Yi asked, “What’s wrong with 5,000 silver coins? It can buy 50 sets of skirts, 200 tubes of lipstick 400 eyebrow pencils and…” Oh, this big sister only got 50 gold coins.

Xie Xi glanced at his 600 gold coins and treasured them.

It was better that they didn’t know… oh, it was really a treasure.

Then again, he got a whole 1,000 coins after clearing Love to the Left or Right.

The experience was painful but the rewards were truly rich.

If God gave Xie Xi another chance, he…

Still didn’t want to pedal four boats!

Xie Xi remembered that Chen Qing also had exploring the labyrinth as a main mission. How did he come out while Jiang Xie hadn’t?

Still, the task of exploring the labyrinth was up to each individual. It wasn’t like killing Xifu so they had to go explore on their own.

After a while, Xie Xi couldn’t help becoming stunned when looking at the friends bar.

The game behind Jiang Xie’s name was missing. He was back? But… why didn’t he contact Xie Xi?

Xie Xi’s heart thumped. ‘Don’t tell me that the defenses are still active or Jiang Xie really forgot me?’

The Central Garden.

Yan Zhe stared at the withered roses and scolded, “Old Jiang, do you want to die? Did you live for too long?”

Qin Ge stood next to him and couldn’t argue.

Yan Zhe was also angry at him. “Why were you crazy enough to accompany him?”

Qin Ge replied dully, “It is hard for someone to enter his world…”

Yan Zhe cried out, “I know! However, you didn’t have to be so hasty! His Little Rose has a high degree of goodwill for him. He just has to be patient and wait!” Qin Ge was unable to answer.

Yan Zhe treated someone lying in a withered rose bush.

As he used his healing skills, he frowned and murmured, “A soul clearly returned to you. How are you still so weak?”

Qin Ge argued, “As long as he is incomplete, he will always be unstable.”

Yan Zhe told him, “I know his own situation but why is he looking for excitement? He is tired of living!”

Qin Ge didn’t say anything.

After a while, Jiang Xie woke up. His brain was dizzy and it took him a while to slow down.

He opened his eyes and saw the furious Yan Zhe. Jiang Xie immediately wanted to lie down and pretend to be dead.

Yan Zhe scolded, “Pretend to die again and I will call Little Rose to see you like this!” Old Jiang immediately sat upright. “What?

Pretending to die? Am I such a boring person?”

Yan Zhe inwardly swore, ‘Are you fu*king counting X in your heart?’

Qin Ge asked him, “What the hell is going on? How did you get sick?”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Yan Zhe stopped teasing and stared at him.

Jiang Xie’s eyebrows drew together and he said, “It’s nothing. There was just a big fluctuation in mood.”

They all knew Jiang Xie’s problem. There would be an incident depending on how big the stimulation was.

Yan Zhe asked, “What the hell happened? Weren’t you with Little Rose?”

How could Jiang Xie mention the truth?

Not only did he eat vinegar towards himself, but the vinegar also made him vomit blood. He would probably be laughed at for the rest of his life if he mentioned it.

Jiang Xie cleared his throat and changed the topic. “…Xie Xi’s affection for me has risen to 999.”

Yan Zhe felt stunned, envy, jealousy and hatred. “Ahh, how can Little Rose be such a good child? How can he be abducted by this old thing?”

Jiang Xie replied, “The highest value is 999. Doesn’t this mean a lifetime with me?”

Yan Zhe and Qin Ge, “…” What was he so proud of? They wanted to kill him!

Who knew that Jiang Xie would say, “In fact, I didn’t make it clear before.”

Yan Zhe, “???”

Jiang Xie stuck gold onto his face. “Previously, his goodwill towards me was -315.”

M…minus? It was also in the minus one hundreds?

Jiang Xie smiled. “The goodwill suddenly rose by 1,314 points. Sure enough, it is love for a lifetime.”

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paper and ink
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