GL: Chapter 113

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Open World 38

The sun was shivering from the cold but after growing up, he didn’t cry.

It was a sound more pitiful than howling and Xie Xi felt a bit of distress. The silver-haired teenager who was called brother was cold and unmoved.

He went straight to the sun before stopping. “You dared to rush here without caring about life or death.”

The frosty voice fell and the flowing silver light suddenly accelerated and spread out through the entire hall. The vine-covered hall spread in an instant and the people standing in it seemed like they were on top of a majestic Milky Way.

There was a stinging chill in the beautiful landscape. It was unknown what the silver-haired teenager was doing when the light suddenly solidified.

Zhu Li shouted, “Watch out!”

Unfortunately, it was too late and the silver aura froze everyone in place. There were some who quickly reacted and raised their legs but it was useless. Their surroundings were covered with silver and there was no place to settle at all.

Zhu Li was used to standing on one leg and it took longer for him, but it was too much. The other leg was frozen and it was just wasting strength.

Xie Xi glanced around and found there was no ice at the feet of the sun. Only he wasn’t trapped.

It was unknown if the moon was showing mercy or the sun’s physique was special and he couldn’t be trapped by the silver aura.

At this time, a tingling sensation came from the soles of his feet and Xie Xi’s expression changed slightly. Kong Rongliang shouted, “There is a problem with this ice!”

Those with poor physical quality screamed, “I… my legs…”

This beautiful ice didn’t just freeze people, it also turned them into zombies!

The frozen feet started to stiffen and decay. As the ice slowly moved upwards, all covered areas started to lose their senses… if this kept going, they would become zombies once the ice covered their entire body!

Many people pulled out knives to cut the ice but the texture of this ice was bizarre. It was incredibly hard and had a certain degree of toughing. It couldn’t be cut at all.

Zhu Li and Cao Yan both had fire-related skills. They bombarded the ice but unfortunately, it was no use.

What to do? They couldn’t get near the moon, let alone suppress him.

Xie Xi stared at the little sun.

The miserable little sun’s spirit returned and his body blazed with a golden light. It instantly covered the ice on the ground and the ice that couldn’t be cut or burned miraculously melted.

The more amazing thing was that their original zombie parts had been restored.

Xie Xi was slightly startled and couldn’t help thinking of the countless zombies outside.

Speaking of which, this world was strange. Apart from the players, there was no normal people, only zombies.

At first, Xie Xi thought it was a feature of the open world and didn’t ask Jiang Xie.

Now that he thought about it, every world was real. The zombies didn’t come out of nowhere or breed on their own. Then how did they get here?

Seeing the ability of the silver-haired teenager… Were the normal people turned into zombies by the moon?

He recalled Xifu’s words about how this world belonged to the moon good! Then the so-called suppression wasn’t killing but… returning the world to its original form?

Then the silver-haired teenager turned to stare at the sun. “Do you think I’m not going to kill you?”

Xie Xi couldn’t see the moon’s expression from this side but his voice felt creepy. It was feminine and gentle but clearly contained a strong killing intent.

The bright sun’s eyes slightly dimmed and his lips trembled. “Don’t hurt Mummy.”

These words caused Xie Xi, the man who was forced to be a woman, to also tremble in his heart.

The silver-haired teenager scoffed. “Mummy? Do you have a family?”

The little sun looked up and shouted, “I have a brother and now I have a mother and father!”

His yell was naive and sincere but couldn’t help making people feel sad.

His mother and father were fake while his brother was murderous towards him. The poor little sun really had no family.

The silver-haired teenager actually smiled. His eyes were still dull but the thin lips that curved were like dark clouds scattered by the moon. “They are just tricking you and using you.”

The little sun was startled.

The silver-haired teenager approached him and spoke cruel words in a cold voice. “…Me too.”

The little sun’s eyes widened and his radiant eyes were covered with fog.

The silver-haired teenager wandered behind the little sun, hands on the sun’s shoulders and eyebrows raised coldly. “Tell me, which one is your mother?” The little sun glanced at Xie Xi.

The silver-haired teenager stared at Xie Xi and sneered, “A man?”

The little sun bit his lower lip and cried out, “He is my mother!”

The silver-haired teenager bowed his head, long silver hair falling on the small sun’s shoulder as he whispered, “Go to ask him. He isn’t your mother. He might’ve cheated you but he won’t dare lie to me.”

The little sun was shocked and stared at Xie Xi in a pitiful manner.

“I’m not his mother.” Xie Xi didn’t wait for the little sun to open his mouth and replied first.

The silver-haired teenager’s thin lips curved and the small sun seemed like he was struck by lightning.

Xie Xi got straight to the point. “So what if I’m not your mother? The feelings in this world aren’t limited. There might be no family relationship but there are many feelings that we can fight to protect!”

His voice fell and he snatched the little sun!

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5 years ago

That’s right, there’s many type of feelings!

Just because he isn’t the little suns mummy doesn’t mean he can’t love him ah!

Jiang Xie “…” I need love too.

Thanks for the chapter! 💕

5 years ago

I can’t help but think that this world is meant to turn X into a pickle