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Can’t Be Erased 18

If Xie Xi had a chance to ask N, would N tell him?

Once he heard Yan Zhe’s words, Xie Xi’s heart always had a strange feeling.

The confusing jigsaw puzzle in his heart was always missing something so he couldn’t see the whole picture. At this moment, Xie Xi felt this was the final puzzle piece. Once he found it, his doubts would clear up.

Even now, he couldn’t say what he couldn’t understand. Ask N? Xie Xi would ask. It wasn’t just N. He would also ask Jiang Xie.

The previous Jiang Xie was indeed used to doing everything on his own but now Xie Xi believed in him. The moment he asked, Jiang Xie would tell him.

By the time Xie Xi and Yan Zhe separated, the sky was already bright.

Xie Xi hadn’t slept for a night but he didn’t feel tired. After all, he wasn’t a real human.

He first went to check on Libra. The black dragon was still asleep and his body had almost recovered.

Then Capricorn came to him. “Breakfast is ready.”

Xie Xi nodded and saw Scorpio on the way to the dining room.

Scorpio bowed and Xie Xi asked him, “How was your rest?”

“I slept well. Thank you, my god.”

Xie Xi smiled and wanted to say something more when he saw Aquarius coming with Pisces.

They rested for one night and both had recovered. One had an unhindered body and the other was full of energy.

Xie Xi also asked about their situation.

Both men answered very respectfully. Their eyes slightly drooped and one looked better than the other…

Cough, Xie Xi felt he was becoming more and more improper.

The only one who didn’t appear was Sagittarius. Sagittarius, who didn’t eat yesterday, was sullen today?

Xie Xi was quite worried.

The group went to the dining room and Xie Xi saw the red-haired youth sitting in the first position to the left.

He was tall and handsome, with long red hair that occasionally fell on his cheeks.

He was currently staring at a gorgeous bowl in front of him like he wanted to make a whole in it. What’s going on? Was he still angry?

Xie Xi told him, “it is rare to see you so early.”

Sagittarius looked up with red eyes. He didn’t know why but Xie Xi felt this person was a bit pitiful.

He was finished, his heart was soft. Xie Xi couldn’t stand Jiang Xie with this expression!

Sagittarius got up and bowed to him, stating good morning in an aggrieved voice.

Xie Xi didn’t take a seat and walked over to him. “Are you in a bad mood this early in the morning?”

His voice had just dropped when he saw the bright red liquid in the gorgeous bowl.

Sagittarius stated, “I can always be hungry.”

Xie Xi stared blankly.

Sagittarius leaned towards him. “I have been hungry for many years and I can be hungry later.” Until death.

Xie Xi was in a room full of people and couldn’t really speak the words in his mouth.

Sagittarius continued, “If you don’t want me to suck your blood, you can tell me. I will never force you.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Wasn’t it just a bowl of blood? Why was he so wronged?

Sagittarius finally poured out the truth. “The bloodkin family never drinks cold blood. Please don’t punish me like this.”

Xie Xi understood a bit of Jiang Xie’s setting.

Did he feel that the blood bowl in front of a bloodkin was a punishment?

Or was it an insult?


Based on Sagittarius’ words, Xie Xi knew that the bloodkin species was very demanding when eating. Once they found their favourite prey, their preferred position and drank their favourite blood, they didn’t want anything else. The environment was romantic and the atmosphere was harmonious. It was best to make love.

Placing cold blood in front of him was tantamount to telling him: Happy breakup, here is an airplane cup for you.

Xie Xi felt dizzy from his own foolish thoughts.

At this moment, Sagittarius’ mind was basically the same.

What could Xie Xi do? He had to dump the blame on someone.

He glanced at Scorpio.

‘I wonder who arranged the bowl of blood.’

This look gave Sagittarius endless hope. His spirit shook as he muttered, “This isn’t your arrangement…”

Xie Xi didn’t have to talk.

Scorpio spoke coldly. “It is currently a crisis and the master needs to maintain his strength. How can he let you suck his blood?”

The bloodkin species was resurrected in minutes. He looked at Scorpio and stated, “I don’t know who was defeated by the enemy and lost his flesh, alarming the master.”

Scorpio sneered. “It is better than some people who haven’t weaned and drink the master’s blood all day.”

The moment these words came out, not only was Sagittarius stunned but Xie Xi’s cheeks were also hot.

He felt embarrassed, especially in front of Yan Zhe’s group…

As for the men in the area channel, they were busy laughing!

What’s more, Sagittarius’ words were like a mass weapon of destruction.

It wasn’t only directed at Scorpio but also stung Aquarius and Pisces. After all, the two of them were also injured. They shot back. “The temple is in crisis. The waste who can’t even eat should get out of the way.”

Sagittarius’ eyes were red and his small fangs were exposed. “Who are you calling a waste?”

Aquarius raised his eyebrows. “People should know themselves.”

Sagittarius raised his left hand and a black sword emerged. He stood at the table and declared coldly, “Come, I see that you are wounded. I will allow you 10 strikes.”

He emphasized the word ‘wounded’ again.

Aquarius immediately brought out his weapon. “I will allow you 10 strikes, hungry little boy.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

Jiang Xie lost face!!

seeing that the seniors had expressions twisted with laughter, Xie Xi had to stop the children from fighting.

“Okay.” This was the first time Xie Xi used the ‘pressure’ of the evil god’ and it was to stop the Jiang Xies from fighting.

Gong Rui expressed regret: I could almost record a wonderful scene.

Nan Yi: I will make a bet. Quickly fight! Sagittarius will win over the other three!

Yan Zhe: I truly feeling tired for Little Rose…

Breakfast ended and Xie Xi held a small meeting. They weren’t allowed to fight the current enemy. Danger was approaching, no fighting. Stay in good health, no fighting. Eat if hungry, no fighting.

Yes, the key was no fighting!

Xie Xi suspected that he wasn’t a god but a kindergarten teacher leading a group of small Jiang Xies!

Fortunately, as long as Xie Xi was with at least two Jiang Xies, they were quite normal. One was calmer than the other, one was better than the other and one was more reliable than ht other.

In order to not let them lose more face, Xie Xi could only try to get along with them as much as possible.

At noon, he went to see Libra. Libra woke up and was a bit dazed.

Xie Xi checked his body and found that he was recovering well, his throat healed.

Xie Xi sighed with relief and asked Libra, “Do you still want to kill the dragon god?”

Libra’s pupils shrank and his look towards Xie Xi was extremely serious. “I would like that.”

Xie Xi held his hand. “Then protect your body and you wish will soon come true.”

Libra looked down at his white hand and couldn’t help moving his fingers. “Master…”

Xie Xi wondered, “Hrmm?”

Libra suddenly looked up at him. “Once my wish is fulfilled, can you give me three days?”

Xie Xi was startled before remembering that Libra sacrificed his soul. Once his wish was accomplished, he would give his soul.

Actually… Xie Xi was about to comfort him.

Then Libra smiled, his gentle gaze wrapping around Xie Xi like he was pouring out his soul. “Just three days, I want to stay with you for three days without any concerns.”


What was three days? Three years, 300 years, 3,000 years, 300,000 years were all okay.

Xie Xi smiled at him. “Don’t think too much and stay healthy. It isn’t easy to kill a god.”

Libra raised his courage to hold Xie Xi. “With you, I can do anything.”

Xie Xi’s smile deepened. He didn’t say anything but his heart gently repeated—

‘With you, I am omnipotent.’

Four or five days later, Zong Xia received a message from N.

He spoke in the communicator. “Everything is ready. They expect to act tomorrow night!”

Zong Xia had sent the coordinates of the temple to N. There was also the six main gods so it was easy to find the temple.

Tomorrow night…

Xie Xi looked at the grey sky and felt the calm before the storm.

He had enough preparations and drew everything that could be drawn. He even made the different space shield into a spell and gave them to each Jiang Xie, as well as God Yan’s group.

Nan Yi saw this and looked confused. “This is too much! It is like a cheat in an online game!”

Xie Xi thought of his god’s wisdom… was it a cheat in an online game?

Zong Xia spoke carefully. “Can you carry so many items?”

Even a golden items box couldn’t hold so many things.

Xie Xi explained, “This is the privilege of a Repairer. It is only possible in this small world.”

He didn’t tell a lie. It was indeed because of the repair mission that he had the full version of the god’s wisdom. Once he left these small worlds, the god’s wisdom wasn’t so invincible.

Zong Xia didn’t ask anything else and only stated, “It is indeed a unique god level occupation.”

Gong Rui interjected, “We don’t have to worry about the six main gods. We have to be careful of N since he also has a unique occupation that is god level.”

Yan Zhe was a healer and Xie Xi was a fixer. It was enough to imagine how strong N’s occupation was in contrast to their peers.

Xie Xi nodded. “Be careful.”

N was currently in the dark but who knew what he was thinking and if he had any cards hidden.

In short, they couldn’t be too cautious. For them, this was a fight that couldn’t be lost!

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Angie chan
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Poor JX lost his face in many ways to his friends..

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