GL: Chapter 22

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Fairytale Town 6

The players who came to this world were all beginner players and having a defensive uniform was already the limit. This was equivalent to a second life.

The g*n went off and the man died.

It was too late for Xie Xi and Song Qi to do anything.

The villagers swarmed, not caring about the blood on the ground. They lifted up the body and chanted, “Dedicate him to the dragon god, to the dragon god!”

They left and Xie Xi and Song Qi’s nerves were only slightly relieved.

Song Qi’s forehead was covered with sweat. “Isn’t this a fu*king D-grade world? Why is it so dangerous?”

Xie Xi’s eyes drooped. “The person who burned to death last night was a player.”

They had been far away and could only hear pained screams as the man was set on fire.

Song Qi’s scalp was numb. “…Did he take so long to burn because he was wearing a uniform? “This is too cruel. Immunity to fatal wounds doesn’t mean the fatal wound is painless. He suffered from the burning pain, died, got an extra life and experienced it again…

Xie Xi said, “These villagers know players very well.”

Song Qi didn’t want to die. “Brother Xi, we have to quickly complete the task and leave!”

Xie Xi glanced at him. “Do you want to disband the team?”

Song Qi didn’t react.

Xie Xi calmly explained, “My task has no clue and I must delay the time. Your task can still be completed. I also have the character freeze and search mirror that I can give you to use.”

The setting meant that items could be stacked up 10 times and only counted as taking up one slot. He had used the search mirror once and there were still four uses left.

Song Qi was shocked by his remark.

The search mirror and character freeze meant his task could be completed very easily.

He didn’t have to steal. He could use the search mirror to locate someone’s house to sneak into. If he was discovered, he could use the character freeze to delay the time. One minute was enough and then he could leave this world. As for the side mission, it didn’t matter if it was completed or not.

The grade of his main mission was low but the difficulty wasn’t high. Xie Xi’s task was of high quality and the difficulty corresponded to that. If the world was dangerous, it was hard to say whose luck was better.

Song Qi asked him, “What are you going to do?”

“I can do it myself.” He had cleared the trash game Love to the Left or Right. This problem wasn’t big.

Song Qi gritted his teeth. “No, I can’t leave you alone.”

Xie Xi was startled.

Song Qi told him, “I might have no ability but I can see people with my eyes. I can always help you look in the rear.”

Xie Xi reminded him, “This town is very dangerous. The villagers know the players very well and are hunting them in an organized manner.

“Then I can’t leave! If it wasn’t for you, I would still be locked up in the dungeon. Who knows when they were going to sacrifice me?”

Xie Xi was used to being alone and didn’t mind doing his own task. “You don’t need to…”

Song Qi interrupted him. “For the sake of wealth, I want to complete the side mission!” Once he said this, Xie Xi didn’t have a reason to persuade him to leave.

He glanced at Song Qi and declared, “I want to clear the instance.”

His calm voice hit Song Qi’s mind like a heavy hammer.

He grasped Xie Xi’s meaning.

Clearing the instance wasn’t just completing the task. It also blocked the world so that players could no longer enter.

No matter the reason, villagers were hunting players.

As long as they cleared the world, players couldn’t enter and the killing would stop!

An indescribable feeling surged through his blood and Song Qi felt an unprecedented thrill. “I will help you clear this world!”

Xie Xi’s main mission was likely to be the core task. As long as the side mission was completed as well, the probability of clearing the instance was 80% higher.

It was worth a try! Song Qi blindly believed that if it was Xie Xi, they would be able to clear the instance!

“Then let’s go find the previous…” Xie Xi hadn’t finished speaking when he suddenly stopped.

A man was approaching them at a very fast speed. Song Qi straightened his body, on guard against the person.

Xie Xi quickly opened his mouth. “Brother Jin.”

The person who came was Zhong Jin. He saw Xie Xi and sighed with relief. “I managed to find you.”

Xie Xi was also relieved. “Fortunately, you are okay.”

Zhong Jin smiled. “I have the uniform and can’t die!”

Xie Xi returned the smile.

At this time, Song Qi turned away and was stunned when he saw Zhong Jin. “Brother Liu?”

Xie Xi had been staring at Zhong Jin and keenly captured the flash of surprise in his eyes. It was very light and soon disappeared, making Xie Xi doubt if it was an illusion.

“You are?” Zhong Jin asked doubtfully.

“It’s me, Xiao Song! I ate the roasted meat with you after we just entered this world!”

“Roasted meat?” Zhong Jin laughed. “I eat nutrient solutions all year round. ow can I eat roasted meat?”

Song Qi blinked.

Xie Xi told him, “You must have the wrong person. Brother Jin entered the game with me.”

“Then I admit my mistake. We are from different batches.”

Zhong Jin asked, “You are a previous player?”

Song Qi nodded. “Yes, I came here around three or four days ago.”

This made Zhong Jin frown. “It has only been three or four days yet 80% of players in your group died?”

Song Qi became tense. “Maybe I’m the only one left.”

Zhong Jin’s brow furrowed even more. “Speaking of which, this world has a problem.” He glanced over at Xie Xi and wondered, “What is your task?”

Xie Xi smiled and replied, “Collect Aunty Sun’s mace.”

The startled Zhong Jin also smiled. “This…”

Song Qi reacted quickly and his face distorted. “Mine is even worse. It is to collect the underwear of young girls…”

Zhong Jin laughed loudly. “You have this task…”

Xie Xi told him, “Yes, how can there be such a wonderful task?”

Zhong Jin laughed for a long time before saying, “A collector’s task is like this. It is rather strange but such tasks are relatively easy to complete.”

Song Qi sighed. “It isn’t easy. I was locked up in a dungeon the first time I stole.”

Zhong Jin told him, “It is nothing. I will help you. The task is easy to complete and then you can leave the world.”

Song Qi asked him, “What is your mission?”

“I am an explorer and received the task of exploring the cave at the rear mountain.”

Song Qi exclaimed, “Wow, Brother JIn’s task is definitely high grade.”

“It is hard to say. If the grade is difficult, I’m afraid it won’t be easy to leave.”

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “It shouldn’t be hard to explore the cave.”

Zhong Jin shook his head. “Exploration isn’t just going in and taking a look. I have to go all the way to the end and I suspect there is a dragon hidden.”

“Is it the dragon god they mentioned?”

“It’s possible.” Zhong Jin told them, “You must be careful. This town is abnormal and the residents are crazy. As long as they see an outsider, they will sacrifice the player and dedicate the body to the dragon.”

Fear still lingered inside Song Qi. “We just saw a man shot to death.”

A solemn expression crossed Zhong Jin’s face. “We can’t waste time. I will first take you to complete your tasks.”

Xie Xi said, “Brother Jin’s task is harder. You shouldn’t waste your time helping us.”

Zhong Jin shook his head. “You have little experience and I can’t help worrying.”

Song Qi glanced at Xie Xi, who said, “It is too embarrassing.”

Zhong Jin said, “Why are you so polite? We are all chosen people and it is appropriate to help each other.”

Xie Xi smiled.

“Let’s go! I will first take you to Aunty Sun’s house to find the mace,” Zhong Jin told them.

They walked together and Zhong Jin suggested, “Don’t be too nervous. The more nervous you are, the more likely you are to expose yourself. Be natural.”

Xie Xi asked, “Were the players recognized because they were too nervous?”

“Most likely.”

Song Qi’s face distorted. “I’m finished. Your words made me even more nervous!”

Zhong Jin smiled. “Do you want to wait here? I will first help Xie Xi find the mace and then help you…”

Song Qi shook his head. “No no, I don’t want to stay on my own. It is terrible.”

Zhong Jin’s eyes slightly flashed. “Let’s go. Perhaps Aunty Sun’s home also has your mission item.”

Song Qi pretended to gag. “Aunty Sun definitely isn’t a young girl. Of course, perhaps she has a granddaughter or something…”

He really had a crow’s mouth.

Zhong Jin was much more open than them. He actually dared to ask the villagers for directions. Perhaps it was really a problem of attitude. The villagers showed a good attitude towards Zhong Jin and told him the way.

They arrived at Aunty Sun’s house without much trouble.

Xie Xi’s task definitely wasn’t to find a mace.  Still, this task wasn’t without a basis. Previously, Song Qi had mentioned the many side tasks he refreshed and one of them was to collect Aunty Sun’s mace.

That’s why Xie Xi didn’t panic when they came to Aunty Sun’s house. This task was real and there was no need to worry about being exposed.

Who knew that once he arrived, a thin woman with loose skin would rush at him with a kitchen knife. “Bai Xia! You dare to step into my house!”

Song Qi was shocked but Xie Xi quickly glanced at Zhong Jin. Zhong Jin was unexpectedly pale and took a step back.

It was clear that Auntie Sun was scolding Bai Xia and also facing Xie Xi, yet Zhong Jin was the one flustered…

No wonder why Xie Xi found the Bai Xia in the photo to be familiar.

Auntie Sun shouted, “You are a white-eyed wolf, a cowardly thing. You dared smear Yunren’s innocence and walk away! I will die with you!”

She rushed over and Xie Xi deliberately hid behind Zhong Jin. Then Auntie Sun rushed at Zhong Jin.

There was a big change in Zhong Jin’s complexion.

Auntie Sun shouted angrily, “Give me back my Yunren, you scum! Give me back my Yunren!”

A soft voice was heard. “Mother! Don’t hurt Brother Bai Xia!” The skinny girl rushed over and hugged the woman’s arm.

Auntie Sun’s loose flesh trembled. “You silly child, you silly child!”

Sun Yunren cried out, “Brother Bai Xia came to pick me up. He wants to take me away. He promised me that he would take us to his world. Mother, we can all go to God’s…”

Xie Xi’s eyes were cold when he heard this.

Zhong Jin pulled Xie Xi and Song Qi away. “Leave first!”

Xie Xi and Song Qi followed closely and the three of them left the town, stopping at a secluded place.

Zhong Jin gasped while Xie Xi glanced at him. “Who is Bai Xia?”

In fact, when they first entered the world, the villagers shouted Bai Xia’s name. Zhong Jin was fatally wounded and it was estimate he couldn’t hear what they said. After all, the uniform gave immunity to fatal injuries but not the pain.

The scene was also chaotic. Zhong Jin was recovering and it was normal not to hear clearly.

However, Zhong Jin’s face changed slightly.

Xie Xi pressed him. “Are you Bai Xia?”

Zhong Jin turned to look at him, the sunshine in his eyes gradually fading.

Xie Xi continued, “You really entered the world for a second time.”

“You have long been suspicious.” Zhong Jin removed his disguise, revealing the true face of coldness and cruelty.

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5 years ago

So who is this hoe? He definitely was too friendly to be true. Now one just helps someone else unconditionally like that.

Idle Bones
Idle Bones
5 years ago

Must be from the School who designed the world. Recruiting naive players to get rektd.

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Idle Bones
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It’s scary how real world is also full of two-faced people.

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