GL: Chapter 63

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Lost Atlantis 34

In the World of Love to the Left or Right, Xie Xi did a great job. His identity was torn in front of everyone and he pretended to be the demon summoned by Sein. Finally, he was killed by the three perverts and completed the task.

He thought he would never experience anything related to that world again. He never imagined that the eldest prince’s dream would turn out to be the memory of his past life!

What should he do? How much did Randy remember?

If it was because the breaking up then this dream would be fine. He could coax Randy’s heart and soul and probably collect all the souls. However, if it was after the breakup…

He clearly remembered the words he said to the housekeeper Randy.

‘You are just a servant, what qualifications do you have to get my love!’

‘A monster who isn’t a ghost and a servant of low status, how can I love you?’ He was eager to die and really said many things!

Xie Xi was terrified and could only hope that the eldest prince didn’t think too much. At the very least, don’t think of the ‘shocking revelation!’

Randy smiled gently but his face was too pale and there was no shine in his eyes. The colour of his mouth was charming as he whispered softly, “Young Master, it isn’t good not to eat.”

Xie Xi wanted to respond but found he couldn’t open his mouth or speak. He tried to move his body and found that it was stiff. He couldn’t move at all.

What was this situation now?

“Young Master should be obedient.” Randy bent over and kissed him on the forehead. “I’ll take you to dinner.” As he spoke, he reached out and carefully picked Xie Xi up.

Xie Xi couldn’t even move his eyes and could only be at Randy’s mercy.

Randy held him carefully, as if he was holding a fragile porcelain doll that would break with a bit of force.

Xie Xi could feel his care but also felt an indescribable horror. It was as if he really was a porcelain doll at this moment…

Randy carried him to the dining room. The decorations in the old castle were still gorgeous but the light was very dark. The swaying candlelight made everything seem unreal and as if ghosts could pop out at any time.

Xie Xi never expected that he would one day be scared by the dream of another person.

He wasn’t afraid of ghosts. He was just afraid of this scene and the man who killed him many times.

Randy placed him on the high backed chair, carefully arranged the napkin for him and gently raised his arm, placing it next to the knife and fork. Unfortunately, Xie Xi couldn’t move his arm to hold the knife and fork.

Randy said, “Master, wait a minute. I will go and serve you.”

Randy did everything by himself. It seemed that he was the only one in this castle.

Xie Xi didn’t want to wait but he had to wait. He couldn’t move at all!

After a short time, Randy came back. He was holding a silver tray covered by a semicircular lid. It looked quite normal.

Xie Xi felt some doubts in his heart. He couldn’t even talk. Could he eat?

Randy put down the tray and whispered, “I kept you waiting.”

Xie Xi couldn’t speak or move, he could only listen silently.

Randy didn’t want his response either. He had a gentle smile on his handsome face as he opened the lid with his white-gloved hand.

It was right in front of Xie Xi’s fixed gaze and he saw the plate instantly.

Roast Pork Bun covered his little nose and cried out, “Wow, what is this? Internal organs?”

Xie Xi, “…”

It was really internal organs. It was bloody internal organs!”

Randy kept smiling despite taking out this dark dish and he whispered, “I will serve Young Master.”

Xie Xi, “!” Who wanted to eat this?!

Randy’s eyes dropped and looked extremely gentle. “Young Master will eat this first and tomorrow I’ll get you a human heart.”

Xie Xi, “!!” Who, who wanted to eat a human heart?!

Roast Pork Bun was frightened as he clung to Xie Xi’s neck. “Daddy, the eldest prince is terrible.”

Xie Xi was also terrified. This might be a dream but he didn’t want to experience the taste of a heart!

Randy was a well-trained housekeeper. His every move was elegant and neat. Despite cutting the bloody internal organs, he still maintained his perfect movements and decent smile. People couldn’t help thinking that this was a top steak…

What damn steak, it was internal organs!

Randy forked a bloody piece and raised it to Xie Xi’s mouth.

Xie Xi, “…” He wouldn’t eat even if he was killed!

Randy’s voice was full of pampering. “Young Master, it isn’t good if you don’t eat.”

It really wasn’t good to not eat but who was going to eat this damn thing?

Randy was full of helplessness. “You don’t like animals? That isn’t good. I didn’t prepare any human hearts in advance.”

Xie Xi was powerless and inwardly thought, ‘Don’t use the tone of coaxing a child to say such words!’

Randy gently coaxed him. “You should eat first. If you don’t eat then you will feel uncomfortable at night.” Then he sent that bloody thing towards Xie Xi’s mouth. Xie Xi didn’t know where the strength came from but he managed to move!

He pushed the fork away, speaking in a dry voice, “No…”

Randy was stunned. The fork in his hand fell and the raw meat stuck to the gorgeous carpet in a shocking manner.

Xie Xi didn’t know if he was doing the right thing but he would rather leave this damn dream than eat bloody organs!

Due to this resistance, he finally seemed able to control his body. He moved and looked up at Randy.

Randy’s dark eyes flashed, like stars appearing in the dark sky. His voice contained an unbearable excitement. “Young Master…”

Xie Xi’s eyes moved and he spoke in a slightly stiff manner, “Ran, Randy.”

Randy hugged him, cold lips falling on his neck in an almost mad manner. “You finally woke up. You finally… you’re finally back.”

Xie Xi was stunned and could only passively be held.

Randy had always been calm and steady. There were few times when he lost his temper but now he was completely out of control. He held Xie Xi extremely hard, as if Xie Xi would fly away if he was released. It was as if this was a beautiful dream and he would wake up to despair at any time.

Xie Xi’s heart was tense as he thought about what the eldest prince remembered, including the last words he said.

Then this dream was a continuation of the quasi-world? Was this what happened after he left the world?

He left and Sein Hall must’ve definitely died. The housekeeper Randy didn’t give up and kept trying to resurrect him?

Xie Xi couldn’t speak before because his body itself was a corpse? His back was covered with cold sweat at the thought. Sure enough, Randy was a psychopath. Normal people couldn’t do such a thing!

Xie Xi thought about it and finally got a clue. He followed the rhythm of the dream and said, “Randy, what happened to you?”

As he spoke, he felt cold liquid dripping onto his neck. Randy was crying.

Xie Xi couldn’t see it but he felt a bit sad. If Randy still remained after Xie Xi left the world, he couldn’t imagine how much pain and despair Randy had felt as he held his dead love.

The certain thing was that it was impossible for Sein to survive. Randy carefully took care of a corpse. How bleak and lonely would it be to spend all day in this castle that was a tomb?

“What is going on…” Xie Xi made a dazed expression and asked softly, “What happened?”

Perhaps this was Randy’s heart knot. The experience of the last world was mapped onto this world, making him suffer from a lack of emotions.

The appearance of Xie Xi triggered his sporadic memories in the form of dreams haunting him.

Was it possible to collect all of Randy’s love as long as this knot from the last world was released?

Butler Randy was unquestionably in love with Sein Hall. However, the eldest prince repelled this memory. Was it okay to have him accept it?

How could he accept it? It must not be a tragedy and should have a successful outcome.

Xie Xi was still slightly perturbed. The last world contained more than Randy. The second prince and third prince were also there. Did they also have memories of the previous life?

What happened to Aix-en and Gars after the ending? The housekeeper Randy was so miserable that the two of them must be no better.

Xie Xi didn’t know and in fact, Jiang Xie didn’t know either. He would only know once the soul returned to his body.

Now it was the eldest prince’s dream. Xie Xi didn’t want to worry about those two and would finish this dream first.

Randy’s body stiffened at his question and he calmed down. He released Sein. His face was still pale and his eyes dark, but he was no longer as lifeless as before.

He whispered, “It’s nothing. You have come back and I won’t let you suffer any more harm.”

Randy didn’t want to say anything else and Xie Xi didn’t dare stimulate him. He only nodded with a tired appearance.

He didn’t want to eat these internal organs and it was better to go to sleep.

Randy instantly felt his exhaustion and asked, “Is there any discomfort?” Xie Xi replied, “I’m somewhat tired. I want to go back to my room to rest.”

“I’ll carry you back.”

Xie Xi hurriedly said, “I can do it myself.”

He stood up as he spoke, only to find that his legs were stiff. It was hard to take a step.

Randy’s eyes were pale as he whispered, “You just woke up and haven’t adapted. I’ll carry you back.”

Xie Xi really couldn’t control this body and he nodded in reply.

Randy picked him up and sent him back to the bedroom.

Xie Xi couldn’t sleep right away and thought it was due to the glaring candlelight. “Put out the light.”

Randy was startled but he put out the candle without saying anything. The room instantly became covered with darkness.

Xie Xi didn’t want to sleep but he had to close his eyes and pretend to be asleep.

Randy stayed for a while before getting up and leaving.

Xie Xi didn’t feel sleepy at all as dawn arrived. His body was still stiff and he couldn’t bend his knees while walking. How strange did he look?

Randy opened the door and saw him. “Young Master must be hungry. Let’s go eat breakfast first.”

Xie Xi really did feel hungry. Last night’s internal organs made him lose his appetite but today should be normal food.

Randy took Xie Xi to the dining room again, put him down and went to prepare the food.

The plate was uncovered and the steaming roast lamb chops made his fingers move!

He was very relieved at finally being able to eat a normal meal. Xie Xi’s fingers moved to hold the knife and fork but he couldn’t grab them.

Randy’s eyes flashed and he whispered, “I’ll help you.”

Xie Xi waited and saw him cut a small piece. He was handing it over when…

Roast Pork Bun yelled “Daddy, that is a human heart. It is still steaming!”

Xie Xi, “???”

He looked closer.

Where was the roast lamb chop? It was a heart that was bright and bloody, as if it had just been taken. It also gave off a strange heat…

What was going on? He had clearly just seen normal food. It was delicious lamp chops so how did it suddenly become a heart?

Roast Pork Bun cried, “Boo hoo, so terrible…” He shrank back into Xie Xi’s arms.

Xie Xi couldn’t take it anymore. The thing that made him feel incredulous was that he actually thought this heart was roast lamb chops. The fragrance was still floating through the air, making his fingers twitch.

He patted the little kitten quietly. It was fortunate that the kitten yelled and let him recognize that the roast lamb chops were actually a heart.

Why was this happening?

Should he eat this in Randy’s dream? Xie Xi looked up and accidentally caught a flash of hostility in Randy’s eyes.

Xie Xi reacted to this! Yes… Sein Hall of the last world used magic and pretended to be the summoned demon.

Then Randy was currently trying to test him?

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Samoyed's Monkey Phase
Samoyed's Monkey Phase
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This has become way too complicated! So as to not adversely affect the next world’s souls Xie Xi will need to resolve the current Atlantis world in a really optimum manner and tie all loose ends! Goodness! The difficulty is really high. Also I figured why the third prince (or was it second) called out Sein Hall’s name in his dream a few chapters ago. He was probably dreaming of the previous world Sein Hall. I guess to lock the first three princes progess bars Xie Xi will need to clear any lingering regrets from previous Quasi world.

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Sakura Natsume
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This story is AMAZING! And the translation is equally beautiful!
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