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Can’t Be Erased 4

What could he do? Xie Xi, the powerful but helpless and poor ‘god’ could only continue on the road of a villain.

Xie Xi was confused but thanks to the brain hole that he cultivated, he could guess 70~80% of it.

Libra had likely conducted an evil ritual to summon him, a god who didn’t know anything.

A world with a dragon god and presumably other gods definitely wouldn’t be a pure faith world. The gods here were real beings, powerful creatures above the entire continent.

Xie Xi was undoubtedly very strong, which made him happy. If he was on the bright side then he would be even happier.

Libra summoned Xie Xi to gain strength but the price that needed to be paid was hot blood.

Pay attention to the word ‘hot.’ The blood needed to have temperature and be fresh.  Just like before when dozens of people’s blood poured into the black rose.

Xie Xi thought more and looked at their bodies. The loss might not only be blood… the breath of life was also gone.

Due to the offering, Libra gained strength and grew from a young child to a tall teenager.

As for the memory before he received the power…

Xie Xi wasn’t clear what was going on. Perhaps it was related to Libra’s wish?

Summoning something evil was definitely to achieve a strong desire, right?

This routine often occurred. In this context, summoning a devil at all costs was mostly for revenge.

The little black dragon’s experience did have a basis for revenge. Then who did he want to take revenge on?

Xie Xi felt these doubts as he waited for the next development. He could only follow passively and watch what happened.

In the short period of a month, Libra because a dragon that everyone shouted to fight.

The dark dragon’s body was easy to arouse fear in the human heart. Combined with his cruel killing methods, he was even more frightening.

The second offering was obviously more than the first.

Libra didn’t hide his whereabouts and waited for someone to kill him. Then he killed…

The thing that gave Xie Xi a bit of comfort was that Libra didn’t hurt innocent people. All the people he killed tried to kill him.

He also tried to choose an open place that didn’t involve others.

However, Xie Xi was still very sad. Even if they were all people who were going to kill him, the state of the black dragon was also deadly.

He completely didn’t treat people as humans. He never used any weapons and broke their necks in an extremely violent manner.

The second offering contained more than three times the amount of blood.

Once the rose on the wrist sucked up all the blood, Libra’s expressionless face showed a bit of sadness.

It was just a flash but it made other people feel great sadness.

Once again, black fog rose from the rose, forming a grey mirror.

At this time, Libra was in an open wilderness. His thin body was like the last tree before the fall of the sky. He would be unable to avoid or dodge it, crushing him to pieces.

Xie Xi knew that this was an important clue and he watched the past.

Tiancheng’s mother appeared in the mirror. The woman who was originally beautiful and rich was now completely thin.

Her long hair was like withered grass and there was no brilliance in her eyes. She was walking aimlessly with a black-haired child.

The boy whispered to her, “Mother…”

The woman trembled and her voice was quivering. “What is it?”

The boy said, “I’m hungry.”

The woman acted like she heard something terrible and her face drained of colour. “I… I’ll give it to you… I’ll find you something to eat.”

The boy nodded and waited quietly.

The woman left and the shadow of her walking to the forest seemed to be gone forever.

Xie Xi’s heart thumped. He was really afraid that the mother would abandon her ominous child.

Then he soon changed his mind. She might as well abandon him like this…

The woman brought back some red fruit and put it in front of the boy. “Eat it.”

The boy stretched out a pale hand, picked up the fruit and put it to his mouth. He took a bite and frowned.

The woman seemed nervous for some reason.

The boy stopped.

The woman’s entire body was tense, like a broken string. “What’s the matter?”

The boy pushed the fruit in front of the woman. “Mother, you’re hungry too.”

The woman squirmed and looked at the red fruit in front of her, tears flowing from her blue eyes like waves.

She broke down, knocking the fruit out of the boy’s hand, hugging him and continuously apologizing. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Mother is afraid… Mother is really… too scared.”

The boy gently embraced her. “Mother shouldn’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”

He spoke in a voice that didn’t have any complaints and the only thing the woman gave him was endless tears.

Xie Xi saw the red fruit that fell from the boy’s hand. The red liquid flowing from the gap quickly withered the grass.

The fruit was poisonous. Xie Xi could see it then Libra definitely saw it. Maybe he knew it back then as well. His mother wanted to kill her own child because she couldn’t bear it.

Libra stared blankly and didn’t seem to be too sad.

Xie Xi also continued to watch and soon he could no longer blame this miserable woman.

She wanted to poison her own son, perhaps not because she couldn’t bear the pain of being chased. It was also because of a great psychological horror and torture.

At night, the boy who was supposed to be asleep woke up with his eyes open.

There was no drowsiness and his movements were as light as a cat. He didn’t alarm his mother at all. His footsteps were as light as air and even the crisp dead leaves didn’t make a sound.

Xie Xi saw the boy standing on the hillside and looking at the small village in the distance. There were warm houses and sweet food, a paradise that people yearned for.

The boy slowly descended the hill and arrived at the small village. He was so hungry that he didn’t know what to do. He knew there was good food, a lot of food to fill his stomach.

Xie Xi’s heart thumped at the sight and he had a bad feeling. Libra wasn’t really the child of disaster…

Xie Xi didn’t mean to belittle anything. It was just that some things done by other species would be extremely cruel. For pigs, the people who ate their meat were undoubtedly the devil.

Libra never…

Fortunately, the boy didn’t go to slaughter humans. He just entered the chicken coop like a little fox and caught many chickens. He didn’t know how to cook them and ate them. He also wanted to take some back for his mother…

Yet a tragedy was born. A villager heard the movement and came out to see the bloody dark-haired boy.

The villager screamed and threw an axe at the boy. The boy looked at the axe in front of him and didn’t know how to dodge. It was just that he wasn’t human and the powerful body of a dragon couldn’t be hurt by an ordinary axe.

The axe didn’t hurt him and bounced off like it hit steel…

The axe that was supposed to kill the boy struck the villager’s chest instead. The scream awakened the sleeping village and what followed was the real misery.

The villagers madly attacked the boy. The boy didn’t know how to escape and his ignorance caused a great tragedy.

The arrows fired at him all rebounded and the villagers who wanted to kill him died.

This fueled the fear. They ran away in a panic and shouted about the devil…

The chaos produced an even greater disaster. The villagers pushed and trampled on each other in the middle of the night, knocking over the torches and burning half the village.

It wasn’t until the mother woke up from a nightmare that she ran down the hill and saw the young child surrounded by fire and blood.

His white face was covered with blood and amidst the screams and flames, his bright red lips made him look like a monster.

The woman collapsed. Facing the approaching child, she madly retreated and finally said the words that were suppressed in the bottom of her heart. “Disaster… the son of disaster, you aren’t my child, you aren’t…”

The boy’s little hand was still holding a dead chicken. He stopped and looked at his strange mother in front of him with a puzzled expression.

“Don’t come near me. Don’t approach me!” The woman turned and fled into the forest.

Seeing this, Xie Xi was going to stop looking.

However, this wasn’t the end. The boy chased and wanted to keep following his mother.

The woman who suffered countless hardships and pains was completely paralyzed.

She cursed hysterically, telling her own misfortunes and pains and questioning the injustice of the dragon god. Fear and resentment completely collapsed her sense of reason.

She pierced her heart with a dagger in front of the boy. Blood poured from her chest and the boy’s dark eyes became dazed and helpless.

What happened? What happened to everything?

The boy fell to the ground, tears streaming onto his mother’s pale face.

In her dying moment, this unfortunate woman retrieved a hint of clarity. She looked at the boy and revealed a loving smile. “Goodbye, the devil wouldn’t cry. You are my child…”

This was the last sentence she gave him, leaving her unhappy child with a last minute kindness.

Could this type of kindness really bring happiness to the boy? He was afraid it would be a deeper suffering.

The black fog dispersed and Libra was in a daze.

There was no expression on the handsome face, no grief and no loss. There was only darkness in his eyes.

“Thank you, my god.”

He kissed the black rose and the thorny vines of the black fog wrapped around him again.

The sharp spikes pierced the white skin, the sharp contrast making everyone who saw it feel more pained.

However, the teenager was calm and seemed to feel nothing. The pain of his body was good since he wouldn’t be able to feel the pain in his heart.

Libra’s growth meant Xie Xi finally changed.

He could feel his own existence and could even manipulate certain elements in the space.

Libra grew into a handsome young man and Xie Xi also created a faint figure.

Libra opened his eyes and saw this extremely blurry figure.

His pupils shrank and he fell to one knee. “My god, your servant is eager to listen to your words.”

Xie Xi tried to manipulate the dark fog body and finally made a sound. “Tiancheng.”

He just called out this person’s name but the voice that echoed from the sky was like a whisper from ancient times. “Kill, eternal killing.”

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4 years ago

um, that last line is a bit…….unpexpected haha. after so many arcs of seeing xie xi play the hero, seeing him as the villain is surprisingly refreshing

thank you for the update!

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Well this got dark… real quick!

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Maybe Tiancheng is Jiang Xie’s real name??

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Well…I miss those days when Xie Xi can curse at big designer Jiang Xie for his perverted ways in his very first ‘game’. At least he can blame at someone for all the crazy shit happening around him.

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