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GL: Chapter 286

Can’t Be Erased 3

Xie Xi’s form this time was also very wonderful. He seemed to be the black rose on the boy’s wrist. His angle of view wasn’t limited to this as he floated above the boy and could see in all directions.

Once the boy left, he followed…

Oh, it wasn’t a cute little child. This was a black dragon!

Xie Xi looked at the black dragon. Perhaps this was a young dragon to the dragon species but from a human perspective, this was already a huge beast.

Obviously, this wasn’t an Oriental dragon but it also wasn’t the big-bellied dragons of the West. He was a beautiful small dragon, like a pterosaur of the dinosaur area, but his mouth wasn’t as sharp. He had a bigger body, more beautiful lines and once his wings opened, he was like a flying giant eagle.

Xie Xi didn’t know where he was going and could only take the opportunity to look at the environment.

They left the previously ruined palace and came to a forest. Whenever the black dragon passed at a high altitude, countless birds and beasts screamed.

Xie Xi saw a few monsters he had never seen before. They looked a bit like goblins in a game.

They held shabby stone tools as they knelt down to worship the black dragon, grunts coming from their mouths as they prayed for something.

The black dragon had no intention of stopping. He flew straight across the forest and towards a rather prosperous city.

Xie Xi guessed that this was a bit like the background of World of Warcraft or perhaps Lord of the Rings? Xie Xi had played the former and didn’t watch the latter, but he knew the general background. For example, the elf king who fascinated thousands of girls.

Libra was the black dragon then what about other constellations?

Xie Xi would love to see an Elf Jiang or… Dwarf Jiang? The orc was even worse! It was too much!

What tiger, lion, fox, bird…

They could make a picture book!

Xie Xi thought this way and by the time his senses returned, he found that the black dragon had stopped.

He crossed the forest and came to a human city.

The appearance of a huge black dragon caused the humans to panic and hide in their homes.

The bustling city because like nighttime after curfew. There were no shadows of a person.

The black dragon stopped on a tall tower and looked down from above.

Xie Xi didn’t know what the dragon was going to do and could only watch silently.

Before long, a team of cavalry arrived. They were armed and riding eagle beasts. There were also magicians in robes and holding a staff.

Xie Xi still didn’t know the purpose of the black dragon.

The cavalry launched an attack first. “Kill this dragon!”

Xie Xi could understand their words and he saw countless spells aiming at the black dragon.

Xie Xi still couldn’t do anything but he didn’t panic because the spells were too slow. Based on the previous speed of the black dragon, they could easily avoid it.

Sure enough, the black dragon spread its wings and easily escaped. One by one, the spells hit the high tower and there was a collapsing sound like an earthquake.

“Chase!” The leader of the cavalry ordered and the eagles chased.

The black dragon flew towards the forest at a slow speed.

In fact, this was very fast in the eyes of humanity. However, Xie Xi had seen him cross the forest and naturally knew that this was just ‘walking’ for him.

Xie Xi wondered about the black dragon’s intentions. Where was he leading this group of people?

He guessed half right. After arriving at the outskirts of the city, the black dragon stopped.

The humans following him launched another attack as they vowed to kill the dragon.

At this time… Xie Xi finally figured out what the black dragon was going to do.

He saw the dragon dive down, ignoring the powerful magic attacks as he breathed out black flames. The heavily armed knights instantly screamed.

There were obviously healers among the magicians but they were also entangled in the black flames and were too busy to help others.

This way, the warriors chasing the dragon became screaming wastes.

The black dragon descended from the air and as he was about to touch the ground, he became a young boy.

A magician saw the young boy and his eyes widened, as if he had seen something terrible. “It is the son of disaster!”

He hadn’t finished talking when the black-haired boy broke the magician’s throat with bare hands.

Xie Xi’s perspective followed the boy completely so he could clearly see the terrible strength used when the young hands locked around the magician’s throat.

The knights were shaken and even the eagles were trembling. Their wings were hanging down and they seemed to have lost their ability to fly.

It was unknown who reacted first but there was a shout. “Run…”

Unfortunately, there was nowhere to escape. The boy was like a lightning bolt through the crowd as he took dozens of lives in a flash.

They weren’t ordinary people but knights and magicians with great power!

Xie Xi was shocked. Why kill them?

These guys had chased after the black dragon to kill him but… the boy had clearly intended it.

He deliberately led the people out to kill them For what?

Seeing a young child standing in a pool of blood was really chilling. Such a naive child should never be covered in blood.

Yet the boy was very calm. When he landed, his black hair hung over his ears like a black butterfly resting on white petals. It looked good but gave a shocking visual impact.

He stepped through the blood and walked towards a dying human.

Anyone who had the ability to feel empathy would have compassion when seeing these miserable faces.

However, the boy was unmoved. He showed his wrists and pointed the black rose towards the blood on the ground.

“My god,” the boy prayed, young voice full of piety and respect. “Your most loyal servant is serving you this hot blood. I ask you to enjoy it…”

This was followed y a long string of singing.

As his clear voice slowly rang out, the human on the ground showed a horrified expression. “You… you summoned it…”

Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish his words because the blood left his body. Like iron towards a magnet, the blood quickly gathered together and became a slender blood column that rushed to the black rose on the boy’s wrist.

Xie Xi stared blankly at this scene and his heart was scared. What was this situation? Libra created such a big battle for him to enjoy?

What was he that he needed so much blood to fill his stomach?

Xie Xi had guessed that he was a big villain but he didn’t expect to be so terrible!

Who would think that Xie Xi would be frightened of himself?

It didn’t take long for there to only be dead bodies on the ground.

It wasn’t too scary because they were drained of blood and didn’t look human. They were like yellow branches that had almost no human shape.

As for Xie Xi… he didn’t even feel anything.

The boy’s gaze fell on the black rose on the wrist. The colour seemed to be deeper, the petals clearer and the subtle patterns of the thin petals could be seen…

The boy whispered, “My god, please give your faithful servant a bit of mercy.”

Xie Xi, “…” What couldn’t he give? The boy didn’t have to kill like this!

Unfortunately, Xie Xi didn’t know what broken god he was but he couldn’t manipulate himself.

The boy repeated it again in the unknown language that Xie Xi couldn’t understand.

He saw the black rose flash as if there was liquid flowing.

The next moment, a black fog rushed out of the flower bud. Xie Xi was startled but the boy didn’t change colour as he looked up at the black fog.

There was a frenzied fire in his dark eyes. It was small but shocking.

Xie Xi also watched the black fog in order to know what would happen.

Would it by himself?

Xie Xi tried to open his mouth but found that he still couldn’t speak.

The black fog gradually faded and became dark clouds. The dark clouds condensed together to show a smooth mirror.

The boy stared intently. After seeing the scene inside, his small face paled.

Xie Xi also saw that there was an extremely beautiful woman in the mirror. She had beautiful blonde hair with a crown on top of it. Her complexion was fair and her blue eyes were like the clear skies. They were clear and beautiful, full of gentleness.

She sat in a gorgeous palace and her protruding belly was especially eye-catching thanks to her slender body.

The blonde woman looked at it, her eyes very gentle. She stroked her belly and sighed. “Baby, your father gave you the name Tiancheng (Sky Gem). You will be the darling of heaven, the son of the dragon god as pure as a jade.”

Tiancheng? Xie Xi knew the boy’s name.

The image in the mirror suddenly changed. The woman suffering the pain of labour lost his unparalleled beauty. Her blonde hair was wet with sweat and his beautiful face lost its rosy colour.

She bit her lip and gave birth to her baby after a huge scream.

The midwife was pleasantly surprised. “He is born. The son of the dragon god came to us…”

Her words hadn’t finished when the room fell silent.

The newborn baby, who didn’t cry, scared everyone.

The woman barely opened her eyes and asked, “How is he?”

Then screams rang out and the midwife acted like she saw a devil. “Black hair, black eyes… this isn’t the son of the dragon god. He is… disaster!”

The woman raised her body and saw her child. Then her eyes rolled and she passed out.

The dragon god was golden under the glow of the sun. He could never have a child with dark hair and dark eyes.

The image in the mirror changed again. The beautiful woman from the first scene had become a thin woman.

Her long blonde hair had lost its luster, her white skin was no longer delicate and her thin body made the dress look empty.

She hugged her child as she fled.

There were countless people behind her shouting, “Catch her! She did it with the devil and defiled the sacred blood, giving birth to the son of disaster!”

“Kill the evil thing… he will bring us disaster!”

The woman held her child tightly, speaking neurotically, “No… he is my child. He is my little Tiancheng, the treasure of heaven. He isn’t…”

The child in her arms didn’t say anything. He just looked at his mother with big eyes, not knowing what was happening.

The woman fled to the forest and knelt down in the darkness. “Why… why punish me? Dragon God, why bring such a disaster to your most loyal…”

The picture came to an abrupt halt. The mirror turned into black fog that dispersed.

There was still no expression on the boy’s face but a line of tears silently slide down from the corner of his eyes.

Xie Xi stared at these eyes and felt heartache.

What was this damn origin?

What had this little black dragon experienced?

The boy silently wiped his tears. He formed a fist with his left hand and touched it to his chest. “Thank you to my god.”

Then a black fog poured from his wrist. This time it didn’t float outside but wrapped around the boy’s body.

The black fog obviously was extremely powerful and even tore at the boy’s clothes. Xie Xi looked at it and thought, ‘No pain, no pain…”

Unfortunately, he could tell from the boy’s bitten lips that it was absolutely painful.

The black fog wrapped around the boy’s body like thorns. Once everything was gone, the boy’s body grew and he became a thin, black-haired teenager.

He was startled at first and then shook his fist. After feeling the unprecedented power, he once again kissed the black rose on his wrist. “Thank you, your faithful servant will give you more hot blood.”

Xie Xi, “……”


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