GL: Chapter 81

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Open World 6

Xie Xi had become accustomed to the feeling of being transmitted somewhere and he could even think in this gap.

He didn’t dare say that he remembered all the projects and corresponding numbers that were previously drawn by players but he definitely remembered all the projects that appeared.

There was absolutely no I love you VS shameless game.

The zombie boy said the number was full. Did this mean only two people played this game?

If it was the party game that Xie Xi knew then it absolutely couldn’t be played with two people.

This game was either not the one he knew or there were other players and their entrances were different from Xie Xi’s entrance.

Xie Xi was inclined to the latter reason because he watched the people enter and had never seen Kong Rongliang and Chen Qing. It hadn’t been long since they separated and the two people wouldn’t die so quickly.

Since they survived but weren’t present, there must be more than one entrance.

This problem was known as long as they entered the game. If it was only him and Jiang Xie in the game, there was a high probability that there was only one entrance and Kong Rongliang and Chen Qing had been killed.

He might not like the big idiot and half zombie but he had worked hard to save them. They couldn’t die so easily!

Xie Xi opened his eyes and sighed with relief when he saw four strange players.

Jiang Xie was more accustomed to the transmission. If Xie Xi could think then he could also think. He had been paying attention to Xie Xi and his heart softened when he saw the child’s relief.

This little liar was upright. He said he hated them but he was still concerned about those two people.


Jiang Xie glanced at the -365 goodwill and deluded himself. This little liar also cared about him.

Xie Xi no longer worried about Kong Rongliang and Chen Qing. He observed the environment and the people in front of him.

There were a total of six people sitting on pink high back chairs around a pink table.

The round table was cold and seemed to be made from some type of jade. There was also a white lace pattern on it that showed a girl’s heart.

Xie Xi couldn’t see what he was sitting on but everyone else was matching the round table. Their chairs were a cool pink jade with a pure white lace pattern.

Beyond the round table was darkness that surrounded them on the sides, above their heads and at their feet.

Xie Xi wasn’t as tall as Xie Xi but his legs were long enough to touch the ground. He couldn’t feel anything so they were likely to be suspended.

This was very strange, making people feel tense and uneasy.

Xie Xi quickly glanced at the other four and saw that they were also looking around.

On Xie Xi’s left side was a girl with double ponytails. She looked 17 or 18 and her eyes were wide with anxiety and nervousness.

The girl’s left side contained a middle-aged man in a suit. His facial features were ordinary and his eyes curved, but the smile was very uncomfortable.

To the left side of the man was a young woman in a white skirt. Her dark hair was long and straight and she had a quiet appearance.

The young woman’s left side contained a young man in a tight, sleeveless T-shirt. He looked strong and handsome but his hesitant eyes revealed a bit of anxiety.

To the left of the young man was Jiang Xie. Jiang Xie’s eyes had changed after entering this world and they were now a light blue. He looked like a model and the two female’s eyes were nailed to him.

Xie Xi was on Jiang Xie’s left side, forming a circle.

Jiang Xie became aware of Xie Xi’s glance and also looked over.

Xie Xi pretended not to know him.

In such a strange environment with strangers and a game that couldn’t be figured out, the best way was to not expose his details.

Then a stiff laugh was heard. It moved from top to bottom and sharp and harsh, like a blade cutting glass.

Xie Xi saw pink leather shoes followed by pink pantyhose, a pink tutu, a pink bow and a pink top hat.

The figure looked like a child of eight or nine years old but the green and purple face told everyone that this was a zombie.

The zombie girl smiled and said, “Hello everyone, I am Love Love  and I welcome you to play my game!”

She tried to make her voice sweet but the stiff face and purple face didn’t make it possible. Even the girlish pink colour became strange on her.

Xie Xi remembered a term from the Internet: Death Barbie fan.

He remembered that this was the colour of the lipstick on those girls’ faces. Now he thought that the zombie girl in front of him was a Death Barbie fan!

As soon as she appeared, everyone looked at her, the other four people showing some fear.

The zombie girl was unaware of this and still tried to be sweet. “Before telling you the rules of the game, please introduce yourselves! From…” She glanced around and pointed to Xie Xi. “Start from the prettiest person and go to the left!”

Xie Xi, “…” He remembered that he was the emperor of luck. How was it getting worse?

The zombie girl floated beside him and happily said, “Hurry and tell everyone your name.”

Xie Xi opened his mouth and simply said his name.

Then it was the turn of the young woman to Xie Xi’s left. Her voice was really sweet, a stark contrast to the zombie girl. “Hello, my name is Lan Lingling and I’m a recorder.”

The suited man to her left smiled. “My name is Pan Shenyun and I’m a collector.”

The next one was a young woman. She whispered, “My name is Tan Lei and I’m an explorer.”

The man in the tight t-shirt straightened and said, “My name is Peng Chi and I’m a collector.”

Finally, it was Jiang Xie’s turn to introduce himself. “My name is Jiang Xie and I’m an explorer.”

The name Jiang Xie wasn’t strange because the famous designer in the Central World was X, not Jiang Xie.

After the introductions, the zombie girl was happy. “Great, all the people who came to play the game are such excellent people. I hope you can find your own love in this game of love!”

It was estimated that everyone spat out in their heart, ‘If someone can find love here, how big is their heart?’

“Next, let Love Love tell you the rules of the game!”

The zombie girl floated to the round table, trying to sound cute with her stiff face.

“The name of the game is I love you VS shameless. According to the order of seats, everyone can only say I love you to the person on the left and shameless to the person on the right. If someone says it incorrectly, the round is over and the person will accept the punishment. You also can’t speak to the same person more than three times in a round. You will be punished if you exceed the number of times!”

Sure enough, this was the party game that Xie Xi knew.

The rules were very simple. They just needed to remember who to say I love you and who to say shameless to.

This was nothing but a resilience test. If they concentrated, they were unlikely to make mistakes.

The other players were obviously relieved and probably felt that they had drawn a relatively simple game.

Indeed, this was simple and safe compared to the roller coaster, big pendulum and jumper. But was it really going to be that simple? Xie Xi didn’t take it lightly.

The zombie girl spoke again, “You might not be able to understand with just words. We will play a trial round so we can quickly understand it!” She added, “It is a trial so there will be no punishment!”

The girl called Lan Lingling whispered, “Punishment… what type of punishment is it?”

The zombie girl smiled in a cute manner but it was just bizarre. “Love Love can’t say much. Wait for the official start and you will know.”

The girl was quite bold and actually asked, “How do we end the game?”

The zombie girl was disappointed. “We haven’t started playing the game but you already want it to end. Don’t you want to play Love Love’s game? Don’t you want to find your own love?”

She wasn’t cute when she was cute but she was scary when she was scary.

The girl paled and quickly shook her head.

The zombie girl smiled stiffly. “Okay, we will start the trial. Once you play, you’ll be as happy as Love Love!”

Normal people wouldn’t be happy!

It was probably because of Lan Lingling’s question but the zombie girl floated beside her and said, “We will start from you. Say I love you to the person on your left!”

The girl was stunned. The zombie girl had placed hands on her shoulders and she could feel a biting cold through her clothes.

Her head was blank for a moment and it was hard to say the three words. She turned to the suited man on her left and said, “I love you.”

The suited man paused before smiling. “Shameless.”

The zombie girl was happy. “Yes, that’s it! Casually confessing to people, of course you should be scolded for being shameless!”

Lan Lingling’s face became even uglier.

Everyone knew that the zombie girl was disgusted with her because of her question.

The zombie girl urged the suited man again. “Continue, don’t stop. If you pause for more than three seconds then you will be punished!”

The suited man turned to the young woman on his left. “I love you.”

The young woman replied, “Shameless.”

She turned and said to the man in a t-shirt to her left. “I love you.”

The man was slightly flustered. “Shameless.”

Next was the turn of the t-shirt man towards Jiang Xie. The zombie girl was happy. “A man confessing to a man is the most interesting thing. Hurry up!”

The t-shirt man was embarrassed and turned to his right, telling the young woman, “Shameless.”

The young woman was startled but reacted quickly. “I love you.”

Then she said to the suited man on her right. “Shameless.”


The t-shirt man shirted the direction in order to not confess to Jiang Xie. This was also in line with the rules and was the key to the game.

A’s words were passed to B. B could choose to speak to A or C, so that there wasn’t a fixed clockwise or counterclockwise order. It tested their reaction speed.

It passed back to the girl. She didn’t want to say I love you to the suited man and told Xie Xi, “Shameless.”

Xie Xi didn’t care too much because it was just a game. He said, “I love you.”

Then he turned to look at Jiang Xie.

The zombie girl was excited. “Come on, this time a man can’t escape confessing to a man!”

It really couldn’t be avoided. As long as Xie Xi spoke to Jiang Xie, Jiang Xie must reply to him.

Xie Xi said, “Shameless.”

Jiang Xie smiled. “I love you.”

Xie Xi, “…” He felt weird.

Next, Jiang Xie should turn and say shameless to the t-shirt man while the man had to reply with I love you.

However, Jiang Xie didn’t want to hear that and looked at Xie Xi. “I love you.”

Xie Xi froze before returning, “Shameless.”

He returned it to Xie Xi. Xie Xi could choose to say I love you to the girl or continue to say shameless to Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi hesitated for a moment before speaking to Jiang Xie. “Shameless.”

Jiang Xie’s lips curved. “I love you.”

“Wow, it sounds good!” The zombie girl shouted. “It is like a real confession! However, handsome guy, I have to remind you that you have already said I love you three times to him. You will lose if you say it one more time!” Jiang Xie still looked at Xie Xi and said, “I love you.”

Xie Xi, “…”

“DHey!” The zombie girl didn’t wait for Xie Xi to say shameless. She floated to Jiang Xie and told him, “You said it more than three times. You have to accept the punishment!”

Jiang Xie was unchanged while his heart was full of bubbles. ‘Good, my confession wasn’t rejected this time.’

“Of course, this is a trial and there is no punishment!” The zombie girl kept speaking. “Let’s try it again. This time, I will reverse it. Say I love you to the person on the right and shameless to the person on the left. Don’t make a mistake.”

The zombie girl floated behind Lan Lingling. “It will start from you.”

The young girl had calmed down a lot. She looked at the suited man on her left and said, ”Shameless.” It was very sincere.

The suited man wasn’t angry and told her, “I love you.”

The girl looked disgusted. The suited man could turn his head and say shameless to the young woman but he didn’t. He spoke to the girl again, “I love you.”

The girl quickly replied, “Shameless!”

She didn’t want to tangle up with the suited man and turned to Xie Xi. “I love you.”

Xie Xi’s voice was calm. “Shameless.”

Next, he could choose the girl or Jiang Xie. Xie Xi instinctively didn’t want to shame I love you to Jiang Xie but continuing to say shameless to the girl was bullying. Besides, this was just a game. Once it officially started, he would have to say it. So…

Xie Xi told Jiang Xie, “I love you.”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi stared at him. Jiang Xie replied, “I am very happy.”

Xie Xi, “……………………………………”

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