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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 9

Houqing’s servant ended with these cruel words. “If you don’t return the betrothal gift within three days, you will bear the consequences!”

Before he left, he gave a gift that was more generous than Nine Tails’ betrothal gift… was it compensation?

The roses couldn’t handle the outside matters and were scared enough to hold an emergency meeting. The group of single-digit roses gathered to discuss this life and death event.

Xie Xi was now an important figure but his heart resisted when Red Three came to tell him about the meeting.

Red Three exclaimed, “Hurry up, there is something big! If we make the slightest mistake in this situation, our entire Rose Mountain is finished!”

Xie Xi didn’t have a reason not to go to the meeting and could only endure his numb scalp.

They arrived at the meeting chamber and the old chief pacing back and forth hurried over. “How is it? Did you find the white rose yet?”

White One frowned. “I asked but all of the white roses with a nine in their names said it wasn’t them.”

Blue Four sneered. “If it’s like this then no one will admit it!”

Xie Xi’s heart was tense.

White One maintained his roses. “Us white roses are pure in temperament and never lie.”

Blue Four replied, “Oh, they just pedal two boats!”

Given that he had pedalled more than two boats, Xie Xi couldn’t say anything to Blue Four.

White One asked, “Didn’t you hear Houqing’s servant? The little white rose has been bewitched!”

Blue Four wasn’t ashamed to be cold and resentfully poked in the needle. “If he didn’t provoke Ancestor Nine Tails, would he be bewitched?”

White One was speechless.

Blue Four continued, “Moreover, the person bewitched can’t be away from the caster. Now he has fled back to Rose Mountain and it is really hard to say if he is still bewitched!”

White One felt indignation. “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Blue Four told him, “The flower language of a white rose is pure love. Such a pure love has really opened my eyes!”

After seeing that this wouldn’t produce any results and that the two sides were fighting, the old chief quickly intervened. “Don’t speak like that! Now isn’t the time to quarrel.”

Blue Four scoffed but didn’t go too far. White One was half dead with anger but Blue Four’s words were reasonable and he couldn’t refute them.

The ‘sinner’ Xie Xi could only blend in with the wall of flowers and reduce his sense of existence, so that he wasn’t exposed and hammered to death by all the roses.

The old chief presided over the meeting. “The most urgent thing is the issue of the betrothal gift. We can’t return it!”

The silent Yellow One opened his mouth. “If we don’t return it, we will offend Ancestor Houqing. If we return it, we will offend Ancestor Nine Tails. This really isn’t easy.”

If it was easy then would all of them come together and become bald from worry? Red Two had a different style and struck her thighs. “Simply tell the two demon ancestors to come and let them fight it out!”

Everyone, “…………………………”

Rose Two felt that this was a good move. “What’s wrong?”

The group, “Shut up!”

In fact, Xie Xi thought… this move was fine. Simply let the five souls fight it out and the one who won would marry him…

Well, he was here to clear the world, not destroy it.

Purple Nine calmly said, “I think we have to find the white rose and let him make his choice.”

Red Three replied, “But we can’t find him!”

Blue Four taunted again, “A pure white rose did this type of thing. Would he dare admit it?” The word pure was emphasized again.

White One disagreed. “I believe he must be having a hard time.”

Xie Xi nodded in his heart. ‘I’m having a hard time, it is really hard.’

Blue Four stated, “If he is having difficulties then he should come forward so we can help him.”

Xie Xi silently replied, ‘It isn’t a question of helping. It is that you can’t help with this issue.’ The meeting didn’t resolve this matter…

The old chief glanced at Xie Xi and asked, “Flower…” He was about to say flower god but temporarily changed his words. “99, do you have any suggestions?”

Xie Xi, “…” I suggest that you move your entire family instead of staying here.

Of course, he didn’t say this. He was going to open his mouth when Purple Nine interrupted. “What can he do? This thing can’t be told to Azure Dragon. If the Holy Mountain gets involved and fights the Demon Sea, a war might occur!”

Purple Nine saw the big picture. The relationship between the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea was tense and it was already hard to maintain the immediate peace. If Azure Dragon came forward, what if the two demon ancestors took the opportunity to start something?

Blood would flow through the mountains and seas and the rose family would be sinners of this age!

Everyone was silent for a moment. Xie Xi felt wronged but he was indeed the cause. The simple and lovely flowers were being hurt because of him.

Xie Xi said, “I will go to the Demon Sea to see them and…”

He didn’t finish talking when there was a cry from outside. “The worms! The worms are coming!”

“What’s going on? It isn’t winter so why are the worms coming so often?”

Blue Four responded, “It is the betrothal gifts!”

The stunned roses paled. “The betrothal gifts are full of heaven and earth spirit materials.

Whether it was Nine Tails or Houqing, both were generous enough to send good things.

The rose family was self-sufficient and generally didn’t trade with outsiders. Thus, the demon ancestors didn’t give gold and silver but heaven and earth spirit materials instead.

The roses were very happy but the worms were also excited.

The worms were unreasonable and followed their instincts. They smelt the good taste from Rose Mountain and couldn’t endure it, launching an attack.

All the people at this meeting were elites. Once they heard the movements outside, they rushed out to deal with the disaster in front of them!

Xie Xi also followed since he was responsible for this matter.  Well… as soon as he entered this world, all the responsibility was hung on him!

It was the first time Xie Xi saw the worm. This thing… it was very ugly!

There were many worms and they picked up a small rose to eat.

Fortunately, the roses weren’t completely helpless. They had some wood type spells that they could use decently!

Xie Xi wanted to go forward but Purple Nine stopped him. “Don’t come close. They love to eat young roses.”

How… it sounded even worse.

Red Three yelled, “99, you go to the rear. I have instructed the soldiers to collect the petals and you find a way to treat them.”

Xie Xi told him, “I’ll send a letter to the Holy Mountain!”

Purple Nine said, “We can’t get out. We have to resist this wave first.”

Xie Xi looked at the situation. It was really difficult to send a letter so he suppressed the thought of killing the worms and retreated to the rear to repair the roses.

Once the roses were seriously injured, they would return to the original shape. The appearance of the petals falling was as fierce as the broken legs of a human but the psychological burden for Xie Xi was much smaller.

He repaired a lot and found out more information about the roses. He could see the petals and infer where they were located based on the direction of growth.

He was occasionally wrong but as long as it wasn’t a serious injury where they were unconscious, the roses would point it out themselves. This made it convenient.

Thanks to Xie Xi’s presence in the rear, the fighting power of the roses increased dramatically. Originally, they would be disabled after a wave of strikes. Now they could be repaired and keep fighting.

They just had to be careful not to be eaten when fighting. Xie Xi wasn’t a healer. If all the petals were gone, he couldn’t grow them out!

The fierce fighting lasted for half an hour before the roses finally repelled the worms.

Red Three, Purple Nine and the frontline soldiers were exhausted. Their clothing was ragged and they were also covered in a lot of blood. However, they were still the most beautiful roses and the most heroic warriors!

Xie Xi used the skill and became famous.

Originally, everyone’s impression of him was the lucky white rose marrying Lord Azure Dragon.


Xie Xi was the reincarnation of the flower god, the hope of the whole family, the pride of the roses!

Xie Xi, “…”

He didn’t know if their hope in him would be reduced to calling him a street rat after they found out the truth.

The old chief was excited by the big victory and opened his mouth. “Who said that we are timid and weak? Who said that we only know the vines we are born on? We can also be brave warriors!”

Everyone was filled with fighting spirit and chanted.

Blue Rose was calm and poured a bucket of cold water on their heads. “Then what about the betrothal gift?”

The roses who won the big victory were instantly paralyzed.

They could beat the worms but they definitely couldn’t beat the two demon ancestors.

Don’t mention Nine Tails or Houqing. They just had to casually send a person over and Rose Mountain would be easily flattened.

Xie Xi might be able to use Repair but it was impossible to fix a rose flower who had been turned into slag in seconds…

“It is better to use this as an excuse to return them.” Xie Xi opened his mouth.

Everyone looked at him and didn’t respond.

Xie Xi explained, “Since the betrothal gifts are so rich, we can’t protect them and they also attract the worms’ attacks. The two demon ancestors should understand this.”

The elites understood his words.

Red Three’s eyes brightened. “Yes! We are just returning the betrothal gifts, not withdrawing from the marriage!”

Xie Xi, “…” It was okay to also withdraw from the marriage.

Blue Four calmly asked, “Is this possible?”

Yellow One stated, “In short, we have to buy some time so we can find the little rose!”

White One agreed. “Yes! Find the white rose and ask about the situation. Maybe there will be a solution.”

The roses had no other way and could only do this.

The old chief pondered, “Who will return the betrothal gifts?”

The Demon Sea wasn’t a simple place. It was bad for a rose and there was a possibility they couldn’t come back.

Xie Xi took the initiative to say, “I’ll go.”

Purple Nine immediately refused. “No! Your wedding is approaching. How can you go to the Demon Sea on an adventure?”

The old chief added, “If something happens to you, how do we explain it to Lord Azure Dragon!”

If Xie Xi didn’t go, how could they explain it to Houqing and Nine Tails…

Xie Xi had a ready-made reason. “I have a marriage on me. Nine Tails and Houqing won’t want to offend the Holy Mountain and won’t make it difficult for me.”

Purple Nine and the chief were stunned while others were persuaded.

Before they could negotiate a result, another commotion was heard from outside.

Purple Nine opened the door, “What’s going on now?!”

A small rose yelled, “Worm, worms!”

Xie Xi followed. The worms had just retreated but they came again?

He went outside and froze. The worms were there but they were all dead.

The roses were gobsmacked and saw a small tiger on the pile of worms. “Mommy, I came!”

Xie Xi’s heart thumped.

He heard the people around him say, “I don’t know who this brainless little tiger is. He saw a white rose and rushed to call him Mommy.”

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