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Collapsing 9 Boundaries 2

Xie Xi’s body was the size of a child’s palm and he was also round. He was covered with snow-white hair and there was a circle of black feathers on his small wings. The dots on both sides looked good but unfortunately, they were useless. He should consider using a toothpick instead of the sketch pen.

Xie Xi’s drawing skills had improved a lot but the special medicine was difficult to draw without the sketch pen. If he drew the medicine casually, he didn’t know if it would cure or kill someone…

Fortunately, Father Jiang had fallen asleep. If he woke up and saw Xie Xi fluttering all over then he would surely become anxious. What was wrong with Little Chip? He was convulsing!

In fact, Xie Xi’s physical strength was high enough and he could pick up this big pen. The problem was that his body was too uncoordinated. The balance of this round body wasn’t easily maintained and it was difficult to hold the pen.

After 20 minutes, Xie Xi finally managed to get the pen aligned with the god’s wisdom. He desperately thought of the special medicine and the sketch pen moved…

Five minutes later, the god’s wisdom ruthlessly showed: Too ugly to recognize.

Xie Xi, “…” A bird drawing something like this was already great!

The god’s wisdom had no emotions. No matter what the master became, the drawing wouldn’t be recognized if it was too ugly.

Xie Xi was so tired he lost hair and had to take a break. He was afraid that the special medicine he drew would have to be given to himself first…

After the rest, he became hungry. Xie Xi looked at the grain in the food box and picked one up.

What was he afraid of? When he was a cat, he ate cat food with relish. It didn’t matter if it was a grain or human food!

Xie Xi didn’t taste anything and after he swallowed, he slowly felt full.

Once he ate and drank enough, Xie Xi continued to carefully draw the special medicine.

Xie Xi thought about it. He was small and if he made the special medicine too big, he wouldn’t be able to give it to Father Jiang. Thus, he could only draw a smaller one…

It was unknown how long he worked but Xie Xi finally succeeded in creating the special medicine!

No matter the disease, it would be fine as long as he placed this medicine in Father Jiang’s mouth. Father Jiang would recover and Cancer wouldn’t be as miserable.

In less than half a day, Xie Xi felt that Father Jiang was just as good as the former Sister Jiang!

Xie Xi put away the god’s wisdom and sketch pen, picked up the special medicine and prepared to escape. This wasn’t difficult since the cage was one that opened. It might be hard for ordinary birds with no IQ but how could Xie Xi be trapped?

He used his head and claws and managed to open it a crack… only to hear the sound of the front door opening.

Xie Xi was startled and quickly moved back. It was just that his actions were too urgent and the medicine fell to the ground.

Xie Xi’s black eyes widened and he almost screamed! He worked hard all night to make this special medicine!

Jiang Xie was back. In fact, his movements were very light because he was afraid of arguing with Father Jiang. It was just that Xie Xi’s hearing was so keen he was shocked by such light movements.

Jiang Xie looked in and was relieved when he saw Father Jiang was sleeping.

Xie Xi looked up and saw that the young man’s hair was all wet and his neck was sweaty. His grey t-shirt was also wet and stained with a lot of grey.

Despite this appearance, Jiang Xie was still handsome and had a sense of power about him.

At the same time, this allowed Xie Xi to know that this late ‘self-study’ was tiring and it was definitely physical work.

Jiang Xie was looking at Xie Xi for the first time. Xie Xi tried to show off a good appearance but his small black eyes couldn’t reveal too much. Jiang Xie didn’t receive the message and picked up the cage with a blank expression, bringing it back to the living room.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry. Once Jiang Xie fell asleep, he would pick up the medicine and feed it to Father Jiang.

By the way, where was the medicine?

Xie Xi hurriedly looked around and saw that the special medicine was still fine beside the bedside table.

The moment he had this thought, Xie Xi realized that Jiang Xie was going to step on it.

“The medicine is under your feet!” Chirp chirp chirp chirp!

It was too late. Jiang Xie didn’t see the small life-saving medicine. He already stepped on it by the time he turned around because of Xie Xi’s voice. His feet moved and the pill instantly turned to powder and probably stuck to the sole of his shoes.

Xie Xi fell into the food box.

Jiang Xie covered his father with a quilt and came over to see him. “Are you hungry again.” His voice was clear and cold.

Xie Xi was mad. “Who is hungry? I spend a night drawing medicine.”

“Don’t make noise.” Jiang Xie frowned and looked at the food container. “Isn’t there still a lot?”

Xie Xi was also afraid of waking up Father Jiang and didn’t chirp. He just stared at Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie told him in a slightly tired manner, “Eat this. I haven’t had time to be able to catch insects for you recently.”

Xie Xi, “???”

He ate cat food and grains but he absolutely wouldn’t eat insects!

This sentence was too lethal and Xie Xi didn’t care about the big sin of stepping on the medicine!

Jiang Xie went to take a bath and soon fell asleep.

Xie Xi emerged from the cage and flew to his side to look. If Jiang Xie wasn’t so tired then how could he fall asleep as soon as he got into bed?

It was unknown how much of a burden his father’s illness had placed on these young shoulders.

Xie Xi gently touched him on the cheek. The bird’s beak might be sharp but the bird was too small. His mouth was just a dot and nothing was felt from the poke.

Xie Xi felt distressed for the little Cancer and continued to draw medicine. Thanks to his last experience, he was faster this time and finished it before he was tired.

In order to prevent night dreams, Xie Xi hurriedly placed the medicine in Father Jiang’s mouth.

Father Jiang seemed to feel his dry lips and licked it, causing the medicine to go down.

As long as this medicine was consumed, there was no need to worry about its effects not working.

Xie Xi was relieved and watched this person for a long time. After seeing his sleep become deeper and more stable, Xie Xi returned to the cage and locked himself up.

Hey, where could a good bird like him be found?

Xie Xi curled up and fell asleep. In his dream, he saw Father Jiang recovering and Jiang Xie smiling as he grabbed a bunch of insects to feed Xie Xi…

The frightened Xie Xi woke up. He didn’t want to eat insects!

Then he saw a figure busily moving in the kitchen. Jiang Xie woke up so early?

He was just thinking this when he saw Jiang Xie. Jiang Xie was also slightly confused but he woke up when he heard the movements in the kitchen. He walked over and said, “Dad, how are you…”

His father making breakfast in the kitchen was a light-bodied, red-faced father.

Jiang Xie was stunned.

Father Jiang opened his mouth. “Oh, you’re awake? Go back to sleep. Breakfast will be ready soon.”

Jiang Xie leaned against some wood for a moment as he thought he was dreaming.

Father Jiang explained, “I slept very well and my entire body feels light.” Yesterday, he still had the cough that tore at his heart and lungs but today he seemed to suddenly recover. Was it that even God felt pity for his child and couldn’t bear to see him suffer anymore?

Jiang Xie’s senses returned and he went forward. “I am coming. This… hand all of it to me.”

He took the work from Father Jiang’s hand and pushed his father out of the kitchen.

Father Jiang smiled. “Your father feels much better. You should sleep more in the morning while I make breakfast.”

Jiang Xie squinted at the pot of noodles and the tip of his nose was sore. He whispered, “I don’t like to sleep. I will make breakfast.”

Father Jiang didn’t say anything else. He just looked at his palms and felt that life had hope now that he regained strength!

Xie Xi watched from a distance and his heart was more comfortable.

The problem with Cancer was that he wanted a home?

This was quite in line with the characteristics of the Cancer star sign!

What was next? The father’s body was good and could this little home be maintained?

Xie Xi was too optimistic.

The accident occurred three days later.

Jiang Xie went to school while Father Jiang did the housework after his body became better. He finished and sat next to Xie Xi to feed him grains. “Little Chirp, you will be at home alone starting from tomorrow. I will go to work.  Little Jiang will definitely get good grades and enter the best university. As his father, I have to save up for his tuition fees…”

Xie Xi was used to Father Jiang’s ‘talking’ and felt very happy listening to it.

He had a natural resistance to mothers thanks to Xie Su but he never met his father. Therefore, he had some expectations for a father.

He didn’t know what a father was like but Father Jiang gave him a good feeling. If he could have a father, he hoped the person would be like Father Jiang…

One person and one bird got along well. Xie Xi had just become full when an earth-shattering sound broke the peace.

Father Jiang panicked while Xie Xi reacted very quickly. He took out the god’s wisdom but his body shape meant his drawing speed was much slower. By the time he drew the Different Space Shield, it was already too late…

The house collapsed onto Father Jiang. Xie Xi’s body was tiny and he could find a corner small enough to accommodate himself but Father Jiang…

Xie Xi flew out and wanted to save the person but once he got close, he found that Father Jiang wasn’t breathing.

A chill rushed to his head. Xie Xi couldn’t imagine how Jiang Xie would feel seeing this scene!

He couldn’t let Father Jiang die, he couldn’t…

Then Xie Xi heard the sound of a disaster!

He went outside and saw the sky for the first time, as well as what was happening. Buildings in the distance collapsed and the crumbling sounds were accompanied by people’s screams. The bustling city became a ruin.

Xie Xi’s scalp was numb as he thought about Jiang Xie being in danger! He had just fluttered his wings when he saw Jiang Xie running back.

Jiang Xie was injured on his forehead and blood flowed down. However, he didn’t care about these things as he ran back with all his strength.

Then he saw his completely collapsed home. At this moment, the world seemed still as emptiness filled Jiang Xie’s eyes.

Xie Xi was very distressed. He realized that there might’ve been many souls in this soul who were taken away and this quasi-world might be more serious than the others…

At this time, Jiang Xie’s lips thinned and he started searching through the ruins.

Their house was a bungalow on the outskirts of the city. It was wishful thinking for him to dig out the person buried below by hand.

Xie Xi wanted to stop him but he couldn’t after seeing Jiang Xie’s expression. Jiang Xie wouldn’t give up until he saw the results.

Xie Xi knew him. He gritted his teeth and dug together with Jiang Xie. No matter the result, Jiang Xie needed to face it and Xie Xi would accompany him!

The small bird didn’t have any strength and his soft wings couldn’t even move a stone, but Jiang Xie saw him and saw the bird that had been dyed grey by dust.

“You…” Jiang Xie’s voice was hoarse. “Do you want to find Dad too?”

The words poked at Xie Xi’s heart. A bird couldn’t cry but his heart would hurt.

Jiang Xie picked him up and placed the bird on his chest. His tone was firm as he declared, “Rest assured, I will save my father. I will save him!”

He cheered up and released shocking power. The fallen beams were slowly lifted and he saw the broken table, chairs, cups and a hand lying weakly.

The blue veins on Jiang Xie’s forehead bulged. “Dad!”

He desperately raised the last brick wall and saw his father who wasn’t breathing…

Xie Xi was carefully attached to the other person’s chest and heard the teenager’s cries as he collapsed.

Xie Xi closed his eyes. If he hadn’t given Jiang Xie hope, if he hadn’t…

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Xie Xi knew the other person couldn’t hear but he still tried to comfort Jiang Xie.

The unspeakable grief spread to the world and Xie Xi felt the rain falling.

He looked up and couldn’t tell if it was Jiang Xie’s tears or rain.

There was no expression on the young man’s face. The already dark eyes were now like black clouds that could make people breathless.

He moved his father’s body and silently buried his last relatives. He personally carved the words Jiang Huan on the tombstone and knelt in front of it, keeping vigil all night.

Xie Xi tried to comfort him but unfortunately, Jiang Xie couldn’t hear anything.

Xie Xi was anxious. He saw the morning light rise and went to the forest. He drew some fruit and tried to drag it in front of Jiang Xie. It was okay not to eat but he should consume water, otherwise… how could he hold it!

Jiang Xie was as still as a statue for two days before finally moving. He saw the bunch of red berries in front of him and the grey bird whose original appearance couldn’t be seen. He also saw its small black eyes.

“Little…” Jiang Xie opened his mouth but his voice was like torn bellows. He couldn’t say complete words for a while.

Xie Xi whispered, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

The soft chirping entered Jiang Xie’s ears and the chill around his heart melted.

He carefully held the bird and tears finally emerged, flowing down without hesitation. “Our home… is gone.”

Xie Xi was full of heartache as he whispered, “It will be okay, it will be okay.”

Jiang Xie leaned close to him, tears wetting his feathers. “My father is gone. I will take care of you in the future… I will take care of you for him in the future…”

Xie Xi felt very pained and carefully shoved at him, using every effort to comfort him.

It might have little effect but it was better than making him despair alone.

Fortunately, Jiang Xie’s grief at losing his father eased. In particular, he saw that the small bird had been accompanying him and he received some comfort.

The moment he calmed his mood, a blue light suddenly descended from the sky.

Xie Xi saw it and wanted to push Jiang Xie away but he didn’t have enough strength.

The blue light hit them and a current flowed. Xie Xi felt that he was expanding.

He seemed to be a balloon full of gas as he swelled up.

Xie Xi’s perspective started to change. At first, he was looking up at Jiang Xie only to end up looking down at Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi blinked and looked with shock at the young man who was pressed under his body.

What happened? Did Jiang Xie shrink or did he become bigger?”

“Jiang Xie?” The chirping was many times louder than before and Xie Xi scared himself.

Jiang Xie stared at the oversized grey ball in front of him in a stunned manner.

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Neko ya~
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Is it? I thought maybe it’s a rural area where the buildings are old and unstable…

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it started with melacony and somehow ended with comedy…. -_-‘ .what should my feelings be for this chapter i have no idea… i am too speechless to express anything properly… (0_O)
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