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Collapsing 9 Boundaries 4

Xie Xi couldn’t see what was outside but based on the sounds of footsteps, he could tell that the people had travelled all this way to the farm and wanted to stay and recuperate.

Jiang Xie carefully held Xie Xi in the palm of his hand and slowed down his breathing.

He wasn’t sensitive to Yan Zhe’s name and only noticed the word ‘monster’ that came from their mouth. Why did they think there were monsters on this farm? What happened to the outside world?

He held his breath quietly as the men outside checked everywhere before saying, “It’s okay, we can rest here for the night.”

Jiang Xie might’ve lived on the farm for a while but he didn’t tamper with things and everything remained basically the same. Thus, these people couldn’t find his traces and only thought they were left by the people of the farm.

Jiang Xie wanted to listen to their words but he was afraid Little Chirp in his hand couldn’t stay silent and looked down at the bird.

The little bird was sitting in his palm without making a sound and was very obedient.

There was a feeling that he was also eavesdropping along with Jiang Xie.

This little guy was really sensible and good. Jiang Xie’s heart warmed as he listened carefully to the movements outside.

The people outside seemed relaxed and after sitting down, they chatted more openly.

“I didn’t think the plot of a novel would happen in reality.”

“The ground cracked while I was in bed and I almost became impotent!”

“I still think I’m dreaming. How did all of this come true?”

Based on their mutual complaints, Xie Xi figured out the general situation outside.

The so-called ground crack was the earthquake that killed Father Jiang. This was a global scale disaster.  Every large city was burned overnight while only a bit of the forests outside the cities was lost. The more horrifying thing was that the forests contained many monsters and their only prey was humans. Once they rushed into the cities, they brought a fatal blow to the people who survived the disaster.

Since the entire human race was going to die, there were also humans who changed.

Listening to their story, the transformed humans were strong and even had a variety of special abilities.

Xie Xi couldn’t help looking at Jiang Xie through his fingertips. Jiang Xie had definitely changed.

Jiang Xie was also looking down at him. Such a good Little Chirp certainly wasn’t a monster.

The outsiders chatted about the changes again.

“We were really unlucky. It wasn’t easy to get an evolved person but he is a waste apart from his blood.”

“It’s fine. If we didn’t have him then you would’ve bled to death a long time ago.”

“I want an ability but who the hell wants his ability?”

“Be content. The fact that we have such a blood bag means we can continue to live.”

Another man spoke in a low voice. “We’ll go to the city tomorrow and find a way to get rid of him.”

Several others agreed. “Yes, he will die soon if this continues. If he dies then he is worthless.”

The previous reckless person wondered, “He is like this, will anyone want him?”

“If you hadn’t been greedy about drawing so much blood from him, would he be so terrible to sell?”

“I was afraid he would leave…”

“It’s fine.” The man with the low voice spoke again. “He has this ability and there is always someone who wants it. We can dig out his heart for someone else or use him as a blood bank if carefully controlled…”

“It is possible.” The reckless man spoke. “Then why don’t we…”

The man with the low voice sneered. “Do we have the power? You were greedy and hastily chewed him up. We should see if we can exchange him for more valuable resources.”

Hearing this, Xie Xi’s hair stood up.

He knew that the person whose blood was drawn must not be God Yan of Central but listening to these words still made him furious.

A good person lost human dignity and was sold as a commodity just because his blood had special effects?

Xie Xi felt sick.

The more disgusting thing happened later. After they ate something, the reckless man gave a short laugh. “This Yan Zhe is too beautiful. If he was a woman then I would use her body.”

The low-voiced man scolded him. “Don’t mess around!”

“I’m not interested in men.”

Xie Xi’s heart fell and he wanted to see what this Yan Zhe looked like.

From beginning to end, Jiang Xie was very calm. His expression didn’t change while listening to these things and he showed no intentions of being a hero.

This was right. It was difficult to determine how many people were outside. If he rushed out alone then he might be in trouble rather than saving people.

He wasn’t alone now and had to take care of Little Chirp. If he had an accident then it would be dangerous, regardless of whether Little Chip was big or small.

Jiang Xie waited for the men to fall asleep.

Unexpected, just before going to sleep, the man with the low voice spoke carefully, “Use that just in case.”

The reckless person replied, “Don’t waste it because it can’t be used often. It is very safe here.”

“We are all tired. In case everyone falls asleep, it is better to check again.” The man with the low voice stated while pulling something out.

Jiang Xie and Xie Xi couldn’t see anything but based on the conversation, they knew that this group had other means of investigating.

Xie Xi’s heart was tense and his hair stood up. Jiang Xie also tensed and he completely held his breath. But…

The reckless man cried out, “There really are people here!”

Damn, they were found!

Xie Xi felt Jiang Xie moving and Jiang Xie quickly placed the bird on the dark shelves behind him. “Hide well and don’t come out!”

Xie Xi was anxious and hastily called out the god’s wisdom and sketch to draw the Different Space Shield.

Originally, this drawing could be done in a second but now it took so long. By this time, the reckless man had arrived with a knife.

Jiang Xie had absolutely no experience in this area but his instinct to survive stimulated his body’s potential. He rushed up and seized the knife while the man was feeling surprised.

The man snorted. “Damn, it’s a rabbit!”

Jiang Xie was young and grabbed the hand holding the knife.

At this time, Xie Xi was relieved as he finally drew the space shield and threw it around Jiang Xie.

This shield was close to invincible in this small world and no one would be able to hurt Jiang Xie within the time limit.

Next was to draw a weapon. These people couldn’t be left alone!

Xie Xi really wanted to draw an artifact that belonged to Jiang Xie in Central but it was too hard for him as a bird. He could only reluctantly draw a modified version that ordinary people could easily handle.

Unfortunately, his wings were weak and sore after drawing the space shield. He made several attempts but couldn’t draw it.

The damn god’s wisdom only said: Too ugly to recognize.

Your sister was ugly!

Xie Xi’s side didn’t have a weapon and the man controlled by Jiang Xie was already fighting back.

In the end, Jiang Xie was young and thin and let the man break free.

The movements were so big that the people outside quickly came over. There were five people, each with a fierce and sinister look. It was conceivable that they were typical gangsters before the disaster.

“Kill him!” The man with the low voice was clearly the leader and he didn’t hesitate to open his mouth.

The tall man next to him pulled out a g*n, pulled the trigger and fired it at Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie’s pupils shrank but he couldn’t hide from it. The bullet flew and aimed at his forehead. This was a shot that couldn’t miss and was also one that was bound to kill Jiang Xie. Everyone thought so, including Jiang Xie himself.

At this moment, an unwilling feeling surged inside his heart!

Why… Why? HIs father was gone, his house was gone and he was even going to die! Why?! He never asked too much. Why wasn’t he allowed even the most basic survival?

The moment the bullet was about to hit his forehead, Jiang Xie slashed the long knife in his hand and the person opposite him was completely unprepared. They didn’t think the person shot in the forehead could still fight back.

“He is an evolved person!”The man with the low voice was standing further back and saw this amazing scene.

The bullet hit, it absolute hit and it was a fatal shot, but the youth in front of him was unscathed! What else could he be apart from an evolved person?!

The man who first attacked Jiang Xie was the first to lose his life. Blood poured out, instantly making the claustrophobic space red and terrifying.

The person in front saw the teenager’s red eyes and his scalp became numb. “Kill him, kill this monster!”

They shot in tandem, firing frantically. However, the bullets struck a wall and caused no harm. Rather, they angered the sleeping beast.

Xie Xi finally drew an image but it was no longer necessary. Jiang Xie used the knife to hack to death all those who wanted to kill him.

Everything returned to its previous calm, the only sound that of the blood falling from the tip of the knife.

Jiang Xie stood motionless and stared at the scene in front of him, his senses unable to return for a long time.

Xie Xi flew out and gave him a gentle peck on the cheek.

Jiang Xie turned his head mechanically and saw the little white spot against the scarlet darkness. The bird was very small but tried to touch him with the white feathers, as if wanting to wipe off his blood. The small thing seemed to sense his eyes and looked up with very small black eyes.

At this moment, Jiang Xie lost all the strength in his body and the blood-covered knife fell. He carefully held the bird in his hand and whispered, “Don’t be afraid.”

Xie Xi heard these words and it felt like his heart was being continuously struck by needles.

Xie Xi whispered a bit, obediently staying in this person’s palm.

Jiang Xie was warmed by this small heat. He breathed softly and didn’t look at the blood around him.

No matter what the world was like, no matter what happened in the future, no matter what he had to encounter, it was fine as long as he had the little thing in the palm of his hand.

Little Chirp cared about him and he cared about Little Chirp.

The blood Jiang Xie emerged and saw the man trapped in the cage.

The man was leaning weakly against a corner of the cage. HIs long silver hair was bloody while pointed ears emerged from his hair. His white skin was like cold snow.

He perceived the sound of footsteps and looked up with a bloodless face, beautiful enough to surpass fireworks.

Xie Xi was shocked.

This was Yan Zhe, the god of Central who could return people to life.

What was going on? This world… was it Jiang Xie’s past? Jiang Xie and Yan Zhe were originally from the same world?

No, Central would only select one person from the original world at a time. It wasn’t possible to grab two people at the same time.

Wait… Jiang Xie’s past was more than his original world.

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4 years ago

So… Is this based on Yan Zhe’s past? Or rather, based on Jiang Xie’s first meeting with Yan Zhe after he joined Central and entered Yan Zhe’s original world for a mission? Is that possible?

Anyway, thanks again for the chapter!

2 years ago
Reply to  Avis

Possible, since Yan Zhe previously said that JX saved his life

4 years ago

even if it isn’t the yan zhe from Central, learning god x’s past is interesting, too~

thank you for the update!

4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! 💕

4 years ago

I knew it, this is one of past that’s involved his teammates..
So when Jiang Xie has mission…it’s possible that he encounters his teammates and brought them from their planet..
Jiang Xie maybe has worst bad luck.. But he actually has the best of luck when finding teammates or connected to people..

4 years ago

Poor Yan Zhe! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Thanks for translating~

4 years ago

I really wanted to kill each and every idiot who hurt god yan…. wahhh poor yan zhe… it’s a good thing that JX killed them… so does that mean that from now on every world would have one of JX teammates? That would be really interesting… Jiang Xie really has loyal friends, after all, no matter how much dog food he gives them 😀 they still remain by his side…
Anyway, good luck on your moving Turtle <3
Thanks for the translation…..waiting for the next updates eagerly…. 😀

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