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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 1

Jiang Xie told him, “Don’t talk so rudely to me in the future. Talk to me like grass to grass.”

Yan Zhe wanted to be angry with him. “I’m your fu*king mother!”

“That doesn’t work. My Xiao Xie won’t recognize a woman like you.”

Yan Zhe, “……..”

It was settled. The milk God Yan who couldn’t play n the martial arts field would hire people to kill him! (Milk = healer)

The virgin Old Jiang had broken legs on the weekdays and now that he had a wife, he was soaring.

On the training field, Jiang Xie calmly stated, “Do it together.”

The other group members, “?”

Jiang Xie told them, “I’m in a hurry.”

What should he do if the child waited too long?

His words exploded the scene and succeeded in making the brothers who lived and died with him into ‘hated enemies’!

Smother this Old Jiang to death to release their nurse’s anger! They would do so to prove that Milk Yan’s money went to the right place!

There was a violent bombardment that seemed dangerous. In the end, the group of people were exhausted and the only one left standing was the beaten Jiang Xie.

Qin Ge didn’t join the fight. After all, he still had to use Equivalent Exchange. What would he do if he didn’t have the strength to use it? A person chasing his wife was crazy.

The one with the highest combat strength among them Nan Yi, waved his hand. “There is no way. I’m squeezed dry.”

The others couldn’t even speak. Jiang Xie patted the ash that didn’t exist on his body and stated, “You can. If you really do your best, I won’t be able to stand it.”

How could they listen to this? It was too unpleasant! How many of them could fight against this old man with all their strength?

Was it worth it? It was worth it.

Then something rose from the bottom of their hearts and they lost their happiness. What was going on?

Really shameful! It was even more humiliating after Jiang Xie smiled. “After all, I’ve lost too much of my soul and only have 35% of my power left.”

The crowd, “…” Damn, there was no way to refute it!

Nan Yu shook his drained legs and stood up. “O-Old…” He couldn’t finish the words before collapsing.

Next to him, Zong Xia was more pragmatic and already called Yan Zhe. “Yan Zhe, asking for some milk.”

They shouted milk when their bodies were fine and god when they were half dead. It was like this and there were no problems.

Yan Zhe scolded, “You can’t beat up Old Jiang and you still want milk? Get out of here!”

Jiang Xie wasn’t the same and didn’t need milk. He was obviously one step from exhaustion but he was relaxed as if he had just finished afternoon tea.

At this point, everyone was convinced. This person perfectly combined a shameless face and dead face. How could they not be convinced?

Jiang Xie also felt helpless. He paid such a big price to go to the open world, which was unexpected.

Losing memories sounded painless but they were memories associated with Xie Xi. The importance of these memories to Jiang Xie was beyond the imagination of others.

Someone could enter the world he designed, someone could clear the world he designed, someone could free his souls…

These things alone were already a matter of vital importance.

Not to mention that for the first time in his life, he liked a person and even his souls wanted to marry this person.

The memories associated with Xie Xi were the redemption of his entire life and it was an unspeakable love story

Of course, he paid such a big price because the level of the open world was too low. The principle he violated was so big that the price paid was great.

The level of the worlds he designed was relatively high and the price he paid was much smaller.

Still, this was a world of his own design. If he wanted to enter his own world, he had to violate this principle and the price he would have to pay wasn’t much smaller.

Jiang Xie could only try to lower the distance between himself and the quasi-world level in order to reduce the cost.

This might not mean much. Even if he didn’t take items, over-consumed himself and blocked some of his more abnormal skills, the full level qualifications alone was enough to crush all S-grade worlds.

Other people were clamouring to improve their strength.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xie was worried about how to compress his strength to save his partner from being bullied by himself.

Xie Xi couldn’t stay in Central for too long. 10 hours later, Jiang Xie sent a message. “Are you prepared?”

Xie Xi replied, “I can really go alone…”

He didn’t finish when Jiang Xie interrupted. “You can but I can’t.”

Xie Xi had a hunch that this person was going to speak a train of nonsense again. Sure enough, Jiang Xie’s next sentence was, “I can’t breathe without you in Central.”

Xie Xi dismantled him. “Then did you not breathe before I came to Central?”

Jiang Xie kept pretending to be pathetic. “I held my breath for so long waiting for you. Do you want me to hold it again? What will you do if I choke?” The latter sentence seemed a bit ambiguous…

Xie Xi didn’t notice. “It’s good if you choke!”

Jiang Xie was worried. “How can that be done? Our sons are big and small and can’t have s*x. We need to…”

Xie Xi reacted. “W-Who told you this?”

“Don’t be shy. I know you are young and energetic. I am happy if there is a demand…”

Xie Xi quickly poked the water curtain. “Do you not want to go?”

Jiang Xie immediately replied, “I’m going!”

Don’t look at Jiang Xie’s happiness. In fact, his heart was empty. He thought that his memories of this treasure couldn’t be lost again.

The sweet 60 years of memories, if he lost them…

What would his child do? It felt like there was a heavy weight on his chest just thinking of Xie Xi’s sad appearance.

Qin Ge was about to use Equivalent Exchange and Jiang Xie held Xie Xi’s hand. Xie Xi was shy in front of people and wanted to pull away, but Jiang Xie held it tightly.

He couldn’t believe in his luck but believed in Xie Xi. His child was all his good luck.

Xie Xi was vaguely aware of Jiang Xie’s uneasiness but he didn’t allow himself to be affected. This guy always loved to pretend to be pitiful and if Xie Xi really felt heartache, he would fall into a pit again.

Still, even if he fell into this pit, he couldn’t bear to see Jiang Xie upset. Xie Xi gently shook his hand and spoke just as he was about to enter the quasi-world. “It’s fine. Forgetting is okay…”

Jiang Xie’s heart jerked as he heard what wasn’t said.

It’s fine…

Forgetting is okay…

Xie Xi still remembered…

He would tell Jiang Xie over and over again…

Jiang Xie heard the most touching words of love of his life and his soul seemed to melt. Xie Xi regretted it after speaking. He was afraid this guy’s tail would soar high into the sky!

Xie Xi’s mouth was slightly curved and he first glanced at Jiang Xie before reading the information panel.

Where was he?

There was a countdown on the information panel. He couldn’t delay reading it any longer or there could be trouble.

Xie Xi had to check the quasi-world situation first.

[Welcome to the quasi-world. Please read the information board carefully.

Game Name: Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas

Game Summary: The mountains and seas are competing for hegemony. The holy beasts and demon beasts are fighting against each other. Is the holy mountain’s rule more popular or the demon sea’s freedom more desirable? Look at how the wonderful pen draws the weather, the mountains and seas and the bright assemblage of talented individuals.

Main Task: Collect the holy beasts drawings. Side Task: To be refreshed.

Number of Loads: None.

Items Carried: Beginner collectors can carry three items.

Privilege: 10 times the reward money, Camouflage and the Puppet Technique.

Xie Xi saw the privileges and couldn’t help frowning. There were two old friends. 10 times the reward money and Camouflage. The former was negligible. After all, gold coins meant little to Xie Xi. The latter…

Xie Xi couldn’t forget this old friend. After all, in Atlantis it accompanied him ‘through fire and water’ as he paused through countless evil fields.

After seeing the privilege, Xie Xi felt like he had seen the ferocious scene of the souls standing together. The souls in this quasi-world…

It was certain that there were more than one. Xie Xi only asked that it didn’t exceed the number of fingers on one hand!

What to do? Choose an old friend or choose a new friend?

The situation of Puppet was still unclear but he was familiar with Camouflage.

The three original faces were easy to use while with the reserve faces, he could freely come and go in Atlantis.

But… Xie Xi glanced at the game summary and was slightly worried about the background of the quasi-world.

Holy beasts and demon beasts, the mountain and sea. That damn mythical background was this? The reserve faces in this quasi-world might not be meaningful. After all, many people might be able to change their bodies and it could be easily seen through.

The power of Camouflage might be greatly reduced. The original faces still had strategic value if the number of souls was more than two…

Wait. Xie Xi looked at the main task and couldn’t help feeling slightly lucky.

Collecting the drawings of the holy beasts didn’t seem so psychotic?

The drawings of holy beasts weren’t collecting the love of six princes. Perhaps he didn’t have to provoke the souls?

Xie Xi quickly shook this idea away. He thought that Love to the Left or Right was simply surviving for seven days but what was the result? As a result, he stepped on three boats and almost broke his legs!

Xie Xi first refreshed the side task. It was to collect the drawings of the demon beasts.

Since it was the same type as the main task, these should be the core tasks.

Xie Xi spent 300 silver coins and it was still the same task. He didn’t want to waste any more time.

The main and side tasks didn’t give too many clues for the time being. Then… what type of privilege should he choose?

Xie Xi looked at the new friend, the Puppet Technique. There were no introductions. He could only choose without knowing.

What the hell should he choose? It was just about to close when Xie Xi chose the Puppet Technique.

Camouflage might be an old friend but this world was different from Atlantis. Xie Xi thought ti wasn’t useful and it was better to try a new friend!

Xie Xi finally entered the game and looked around for the naughty monster, just in case Jiang Xie lost his head.

Roast Pork Bun cried out, “Daddy, Daddy, where are you?”

Xie Xi, “???”  Was this cat blind?

The kitten flew around like a headless fly. Xie Xi wanted to open his mouth, only to find that this situation wasn’t quite right?

He… it seemed like… he wasn’t a human?

At this time, there was a flash of purple light and a woman who could only be described with ‘as beautiful as a flower’ shouted angrily, “You bear child, you unexpectedly escaped from your marriage!”

Xie Xi, “…” It wasn’t him, it wasn’t him, it must not be him.

The woman continued, “You also dared to change back to your original shape. Do you want to admit that you are a white rose that represents pure love?”

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I don’t think he turned into a bear, the term ‘bear child’ usually means something like a naughty child, but that would be hilarious! 😂

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The new story arc just begun but I’m already hooked and ready for some more action!

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