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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 13

Xie Xi came out and the birds couldn’t see or hear him because of the stealth charm.

“Sure enough our sage’s charm is invincible. The little rose unexpectedly regretted his marriage in front of Sage Azure Dragon.”

“It must be. Based on appearance, cultivation and sentiment, the sage is definitely better than Sage Azure Dragon.”

“Hey, what type of evil did this little rose do to unexpectedly charm two sages?”

“He looks good but there are many beauties in the flower family. How can the sages be so fond of him?”

“Who knows? This thing called love can’t be read.”

Xie Xi thought in his heart, ‘I don’t understand… I can’t read it either!’

Xie Xi remembered the Azure Dragon and rushed out of Vermilion Bird Palace with his fastest speed.

In such a short time, Azure Dragon hadn’t gone far. He walked out of the Vermilion Bird Palace one step at a time, like he was stepping on his bloody heart.

Xie Xi saw this and his heart cracked.

Vermilion Bird’s facial features were most like Jiang Xie while Azure Dragon’s back was exactly the same as Jiang Xie. In fact, even if there were no similar places, these souls gave Xie Xi a strong sense of familiarity.

This was wonderful. Previously, he hadn’t felt too much but now he knew with one glance that it was Jiang Xie. The souls might not have the memories of the body but these feelings went straight into Xie Xi’s heart.

“Lord Azure Dragon!” Xie Xi called out to him.

Azure Dragon stopped, his back stiff while his fingernails dug into his palms as he tried to stop himself from looking back.

Xie Xi strode forward. “I…”

He only said one word when Azure Dragon’s body flashed and he disappeared.

Xie Xi, “…”

The green dragon flashed through the sky and directly flew away. Yes, he was a dragon. Slowly walking showed his bad mood and there was no problem flying away when angry.

Poor Xie Xi’s setting was a little rose with low mana. Forget flying, he was breathless just from running out of Vermilion Bird Palace.

Could this guy let people finish talking?

Xie Xi didn’t give up. The monk could run away but the temple wouldn’t run with him. Xie Xi would run to the Azure Dragon Palace.

As for the location of Azure Dragon Palace… He would go, even if it was to the end of the earth.

Besides, Xie Xi didn’t believe that Azure Dragon would leave him alone. The two of them spending 60 years together wasn’t a waste. Xie Xi truly knew Jiang Xie to his bones.

Azure Dragon did fly away towards Azure Dragon Palace. However, he quickly turned back and silently watched Xie Xi from the air.

Xie Xi was just a small rose and his man was very low. He had no flying spells at all.

He didn’t even know where Azure Dragon was located. He just ran forward like he wanted to catch up with the person who had long since disappeared.

Why? Azure Dragon didn’t know why this person was chasing him and didn’t dare to ask.

Didn’t Xie Xi already choose Vermilion Bird? He had abandoned Azure Dragon. Why was Xie Xi chasing him? What else did he want to say? Did Xie Xi want to stab Azure Dragon in the heart again?

Azure Dragon admitted that he had used disgraceful means… If this was retribution then he acknowledged it.

Xie Xi was running breathlessly while thinking in his heart, ‘Did Azure Dragon really leave?’ He was so angry that he didn’t want to speak to Xie Xi and headed back to Azure Dragon alone?

It was normal to be angry. In the Vermilion Bird Palace scene, if Xie Xi had been in Azure Dragon’s spot then not only would he be furious, he would’ve hacked that dog man with a knife.

Azure Dragon just left in a desolate manner… well… he was very wronged…

The problem was Xie Xi wasn’t at ease!

This guy was just sulking right now. What if he really became furious?

Jiang Xie didn’t deceive him. He shared the souls memories and had the highest understanding of Azure Dragon’s situation. His words indicated that Azure Dragon was in a very dangerous state.

At this rate, would Xie Xi have to run to Azure Dragon Palace?

By the time he arrived, Azure Dragon Palace would be in mourning… bah! Too unlucky!

Xie Xi became more anxious the more his brain worked. Then he saw a big root protruding from the ground in front of him and got a brainstorm.

He didn’t believe that Azure Dragon was really gone!

Xie Xi gritted his teeth and rushed towards the tree root. This way, he was sure to fall and eat dog poop.

If he fell then he fell. Then he would admit that Azure Dragon wasn’t present!

How could Azure Dragon leave him alone?

He was originally distressed after seeing Xie Xi rushing in a breathless manner. Now Azure Dragon couldn’t help hugging him.

Xie Xi’s body was thrown forward only to be hugged by a strong arm. His back was attached to something cool.

Azure Dragon didn’t say anything. He just helped Xie Xi and then loosened his hand.

Xie Xi stared at the dragon and hugged his arm. “Lord Azure Dragon!”

“There is nothing to say.” Azure Dragon told him, “Go back to Vermilion Bird Palace.”

Xie Xi didn’t expect Old Four to not want to communicate and hurriedly tried to explain, “I said those words in Vermilion Bird Palace because…”

Unexpectedly, he wasn’t able to finish his words when Azure Dragon violently coughed, his veins bulging.

Xie Xi’s pupils shrank and helped him. “How do you feel? Where does it hurt?”

Azure Dragon didn’t speak. His thin lips moved and he spat up a large amount of blood.

Xie Xi’s heart tensed. “Lord Azure Dragon!” Azure Dragon made a very subtle sound. He seemed to be saying something but also saying nothing…

Xie Xi added, “Don’t be angry. I said those words to ease Sage Vermilion Bird’s body. It wasn’t from the heart…”

It was a pity that Azure Dragon had fainted.

Xie Xi, “…”

This person, don’t be as punctual as a TV drama!

Azure Dragon fainted but Xie Xi didn’t panic about being stuck in this desolate place.

There had to be Azure Dragon’s people around here. After all, Azure Dragon’s eyes hadn’t changed, showing they weren’t alone. If there was an outsider, Azure Dragon wouldn’t act like this. They had to be his entourage.

Sure enough, after a while, two men dressed in black came out and spoke. “Lord Xie Xi, please give us the sage.”

Xie Xi replied, “Take me back to Azure Dragon Palace. I will take care of him.”

The two men glanced at each other. Aversion flashed in their eyes but they ended up saying, “Okay, you worked hard. Thank you.”

They were part of Azure Dragon’s entourage and definitely knew Xie Xi’s words in Vermilion Bird Palace. A normal person would be disgusted with this type of half-hearted scum but Xie Xi didn’t care.

The most important thing right now was Azure Dragon. The rest had to be ignored.

Xie Xi followed them back to Azure Dragon Palace. Azure Dragon didn’t have this problem for one or two days and there were already doctors waiting there.

As soon as Azure Dragon arrived, the doctor came to treat him. Xie Xi anxiously waited for news on one side.

The doctor sighed and said, “The sage was angry, leading to a loss in the Yuan vein. He already has a heart demon and now this…” He shook his head and spoke a bunch of words that Xie Xi had little knowledge of. Xie Xi asked, “How can Lord Azure Dragon recover?”

The doctor stared Xie Xi in the eyes. “The sage’s heart has been broken and he bears the pain of broken bones every day. This is very torturous and now that he has suffered a heavy blow, it is really painful…” He noticed Xie Xi’s poor expression and spoke the key point. “He can only rest and stay mentally stable to steady his heart. As for the pain of the broken bones, there is no way.”

Xie Xi felt pained and anxious as he guarded beside the bed for an hour.

After using some medicinal herbs, Azure Dragon’s situation was much better as he regained some colour in his lips.

Xie Xi believed that Azure Dragon would definitely hear him and spoke regardless of who was around. “I spoke those words to help Sage Vermilion Bird recover. Sage Vermilion Bird was seriously injured to save the world and my rose family has always had a good relationship with the bird family. They begged Rose Mountain and I couldn’t sit idly by since it is only speaking a few words to Sage Vermilion Bird. I don’t know why he is obsessed with me but if I can save his life with a few words, how can I ignore it?”

These words were reasonable. The dragon family’s attitude towards Xie Xi significantly improved and even the doctor relaxed his demeanor.

Xie Xi continued his efforts. “My lord, don’t you know my heart? If I don’t want to be with you, how could I dare marry you when I’m just a small rose! Our marriage isn’t viewed well by anyone. Then Lord Azure Dragon, even you aren’t optimistic about it?”

He said this and didn’t know what Jiang Xie’s mood was. His pure little friend was so good at speaking nonsense. Should Jiang Xie cry or howl?

In any case… Azure Dragon was coaxed and his situation suddenly improved.

The entourage spoke to Xie Xi in a nice voice, “Lord Xie Xi, you have been protecting the lord for a long time. Go and rest.”

Xie Xi didn’t leave because he couldn’t feel at ease when Azure Dragon didn’t wake up.

The doctor also added, “You go to rest. We will look after this place. The sage’s condition is stable and it is only a matter of time until he wakes up. We will inform you first.”

The servant continued, “If you are exhausted when the sage wakes up, the sage will blame us.”

Xie Xi looked at Azure Dragon and thought it shouldn’t be a problem. He was still worried about Vermilion Bird and wondered if he should go to Vermilion Bird again.

However, Azure Dragon Palace and Vermilion Bird Palace were separated on the mountain and his short legs…

Forget it, the fire had passed and Vermilion Bird had no reason to die again, even if he woke up.

Xie Xi knew that the souls’ regard towards the loss of face was the same as the main body.

Xie Xi was Azure Dragon’s fiance and arranged in the same area as Azure Dragon.

Xie Xi’s heart was full of thoughts and he couldn’t sleep. He walked back and forth in a circle when something flashed in his mind.

God’s wisdom…

It was hard to obtain and he should take this opportunity to pry into it. His promotion task was also expected to be completed using the god’s wisdom.

Xie Xi looked around and was attracted to a picture scroll on the table.

It was a landscape painting. The flower clusters were very lively and it didn’t seem to match the cold tone of Azure Dragon’s residence.

Xie Xi had no memory of the white rose but when he saw this picture, the words ‘100 Flowers Festival’ appeared in his head. His encounter with Azure Dragon was at the 100 Flowers Festival.

Xie Xi’s hands unconsciously moved towards the picture like he was attracted. In an instant, he seemed to be sucked into the painting.

Xie Xi’s heart jumped and by the time he recovered, he found that he was seriously injured and had fallen into a pool of blood. He felt very uncomfortable and his mouth was calling a person’s name…

“Houqing?” Then Azure Dragon’s voice entered his ears. “Do you know him?”

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5 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! 💕

Mighty Chocobo
Mighty Chocobo
5 years ago

“This person, don’t be as punctual as a TV drama!”

This line is simply gold

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Don’t tell me Lord Azure Dragon also knew Xie Xi liked Houqing and acted like Ax-en to steal him too…

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at least that way their souls won’t keep any grudges because none of them have been cheated on and you didn’t pedalled 5 boats