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Lost Atlantis 36

The sixth prince was too efficient! It had only been a few days? He repelled the invading Haiqiu Kingdom and also caught the state teacher?

Haiqiu, what was going on with you guys? Weren’t you supposed to be fierce and brutal?

Don’t be easily beaten back to the abyss by the prince!

Xie Xi was full of curses and really wanted to beat up the Haiqiu state teacher. Couldn’t he protect himself better? Why was he so easily caught?

Xie Xi was furious!

The eldest prince raised an eyebrow and asked, “Resurrect a person?”

The secretary reported, “I heard that it was a guard of the royal family. Previously when the sixth prince was attacked, the guard sacrificed himself to save the sixth prince.”

“He asked to repel the Haiqiu Kingdom for this small guard?”

The secretary whispered, “The sixth prince seems to love him dearly.”

Xie Xi prayed in his heart, ‘Don’t ask for the name, don’t ask for the name, don’t ask for the name!’

Unfortunately, this wasn’t Xie Xi’s dream and he couldn’t shake the eldest prince.

The eldest prince asked, “What is the guard’s name?”

“Sein Hall.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Roast Pork Bun declared that his daddy was already a salted fish.

Upon hearing this name, the eldest prince’s eyes slightly widened and a wave appeared in his calm eyes. “What was he called?” He repeated the question.

The secretary had been following the eldest prince for a long time and knew the temperament of the prince. The eldest prince was forever calm and never moved by anything. Now…

He thought this in his heart but his mouth was honest. “Sein Hall.”

The eldest prince’s thin lips trembled. “Is there any information about him?”

The secretary had naturally gathered information on Sein Hall. After all, the sixth prince was desperate to resurrect this person. The secretary naturally had to investigate and report to the eldest prince.

“This subordinate will give it to you.” The secretary opened his own communicator to transfer the information on Sein to the prince.

The eldest prince couldn’t wait for the transfer time and ordered, “Show me directly.”

The secretary was surprised for a moment.

The eldest prince frowned and his expression became abnormal. “What are you doing?”

The secretary’s spirit returned due to this voice and he hurriedly said, “I-I will.”

He opened Sein Hall’s information.

The photo showed a very good-looking person. His hair was like black ink while his white skin was like a pearl lying on black velvet, radiating a soft light. His facial features were beautiful and his eyes were bright. When he looked straight ahead, it seemed that the scenery of the seabed was reflected in his eyes.

The eldest prince looked stunned.

He thought it was nothing more than a ridiculous dream, an unrealistic illusion of a midnight dream. He thought there wasn’t anyone in this world who could make him pay everything.

Yet the dream had become reality.

His name was Sein Hall. This was exactly the same as the dream.

The prince also felt the desperation and pain of the dream.

Losing him, obtaining him, suffering from loss… the ecstasy that couldn’t be believed at the end.

It was really all true. The person in the dream was real.

Sein, Sein, Sein…

The eldest prince inwardly called out the name and couldn’t remember where he was.

“Your Highness?” The secretary’s voice called back his mind. “What’s wrong?”

The secretary had never seen the eldest prince look so strange. It was as if the prince was in an ice cellar, as if he had lost everything, as if his soul had been taken away…

The eldest prince jerked, his dark eyes hollow as his voice trembled uncontrollably. “He’s dead, he..,” died trying to save Sirius.

The secretary’s heart was beating quickly and he wasn’t sure about the situation. Did the eldest prince and Sein Hall have a relationship? Wasn’t the eldest prince lacking in emotions?

The secretary replied, “Yes, Your Highness… The ship that the sixth prince took to the land was blown up and Sein Hall along with it. No traces of his bones are left.”

There were no bones left…”

The eldest prince’s head was buzzing as he muttered, “It was Father who did it, Father killed him.”

The secretary was shocked and paled. “Your Highness, you… you…” This was too much. Still, he didn’t dare say it out loud.

“He always had an interest in the land and wanted to be king of the world. However, Aix-en and I wouldn’t fight and he couldn’t help it…” Thus, he used the special guards to attack the sixth prince in order to arouse public outrage and stimulate Gars to go to war with the land.

In fact, the eldest prince had long known this but he never acted due to his lack of emotion. Secondly, Sirius wasn’t dead and he wouldn’t let the old king do whatever he wanted.

Now… the eldest prince felt a pain he had never experienced before. His heart seemed to be a messy mass of mud.

Xie Xi wasn’t surprised to hear this. There were only a few people who could mobilize the special guards.

If it wasn’t the princes then it could only be the old king.

Originally, Xie Xi felt that the old king didn’t have enough motives. He only understood after hearing the eldest prince’s words.

An ordinary father who had so many excellent sons wouldn’t be able to shut his mouth from the joy.

An ambitious emperor wasn’t necessarily happy. In particular, things became more difficult once his sons came to power and took key positions.

The sixth prince wasn’t favoured so it was natural for the old king to sacrifice him for private desires.

The secretary was scared. “Your High, Highness, what’s wrong with you?”

The situation of the eldest prince was truly frightening. He was as pale as paper and his lips had lost all colour. His dark eyes were eerily black and the veins on his forehead revealed how much pain he was in.

The emotions that had been missing for 20 years were rising up again and it was enough to drive a person crazy.

Xie Xi felt very anxious but he didn’t dare appear. He could only hide here nervously.

Fortunately, Randy’s mental strength went against the sky. He gritted his teeth for more than a minute and finally calmed down.

The secretary was covered in cold sweat as he asked, “Your Highness, I will bring a doctor.”

The eldest prince waved his hand. “No.”


The eldest prince stood him. He was quiet but no longer as cold and ruthless as before. He said, “I will go and see Sixth Brother.”

They left and the anxious Xie Xi also followed.

The previously empty sixth prince’s palace was now bustling. He won a big victory and there were streams of people coming to congratulate him. The old king also gave him countless rewards.

The eldest prince drove away the outsiders as soon as he came, giving a reasonable justification. “Sixth Brother is still recovering. You should go back first.” It was a big victory but the sixth prince had been injured. This was inevitable. After all, Haiqiu weren’t vegetarians.

Xie Xi was also worried about the sixth prince. He just sneaked in when he smelt a faint cold aroma.

It was the fourth prince’s medicine.

Xie Xi thought of the wonderful effects of the medicine and sighed with relief. The injuries of the sixth prince wouldn’t be a problem and he just needed a good rest.

He thought this but couldn’t help feeling guilty after seeing the sixth prince’s pale face.

The sixth prince dove alone into thousands of enemy forces, killed the other side and captured the important state teacher. It sounded light but it would be really hard to describe the price that the sixth prince paid.

Xie Xi couldn’t understand.

Why were they so persistent?

The eldest prince, the sixth prince and also the fifth prince…

The sixth prince could do things so smoothly because the fifth prince was behind him. The fifth prince might be alienated from the political centre in recent years but he had the power of his mother. He helped the sixth prince and the sixth prince managed to return triumphantly.

The person was dead. Why didn’t they give up?

Xie Xi couldn’t understand it. He never had such blazing feelings.

The eldest prince came over and waved his hand when he saw the weak sixth prince. “Have a good rest. There is no need to be polite.”

The sixth prince stayed in bed and described his experience. He understated it but Xie Xi was still shocked and terrified by his words.

Roast Pork Bun rushed over and rubbed his small head against the sixth prince. “You worked hard, worked hard. Fortunately, your eyes weren’t hurt…”

Xie Xi really wanted to pull this little bastard back. Was the focus the eyes? The actual person didn’t matter?

After the explanation, the eldest prince opened his mouth. “Where is the Haiqiu state teacher?”

The sixth prince replied, “He is with Fifth Brother.”

The eldest prince was surprised. “FIfth Brother?”

“Yes, the teacher was injured and Fifth Brother took him to be treated. They should be back soon.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the fifth prince came back with a middle-aged merman.

Xie Xi hated this state teacher. If looks could kill, this state teacher would’ve been torn to eight pieces!

The state teacher of Haiqiu looked like an ordinary merman on the seabed. If there was a difference with the merpeople of the underwater kingdom, it was the webbing between his fingers.

The state teacher had been treated but his face was still blue and purple. It had presumably eaten a fist. The eldest prince stared at him and asked, “Can you really let a dead person live again?”

The state teacher didn’t reply. Then the sixth prince’s eyes looked over him and he immediately shrank back with fright. “I-I can but there, there are a few conditions…”

The eldest prince’s lips thinned and he clenched his fists. “What are the conditions?”

The state teacher didn’t dare speak and just stared at the sixth prince.

The fifth prince’s eyes narrowed. “Say it!”

It was unknown what he experienced but the state teacher was completely terrified. “T-The death time can’t exceed 15 days.”

Xie Xi’s teeth really hurt. They just needed to hold on for two or three more days. The Haiqiu were really weak!

The state teacher added, “You must have something belonging to him.”

This was too simple. Sein Hall’s residence had long been sealed by the fifth and sixth princes.

Finally, the state teacher gave the third condition. “…There must be the blood of at least three people who love him deeply.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Roast Pork Bun exclaimed, “Three? That’s easy. Daddy has six people madly in love with him.”

Xie Xi wanted to murder a cat.

The fifth prince and sixth prince had obviously known these three conditions. Now that they listened again, they started frowning and looked slightly depressed.

The state teacher added, “If you can’t find three people then he can’t be resurrected.” The fifth prince looked at the sixth prince. “Sein’s family won’t work. The third person…”

They finally caught the state teacher only to have their hope cut off at the last step.

Three people, where were they going to find this third person?

Then the eldest prince abruptly opened his mouth. “Use my blood.”

The fifth prince and sixth prince stared at him with astonishment.

The fifth prince explained, “Big Brother, you must love Sein…”

The eldest prince interrupted him. “Just try it.”

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