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Open World 26

What should he do?

If he wasn’t covered with bubbles then Xie Xi could wipe himself and wait until there was water before continuing to wash.

Now… what to do with so many bubbles? Did he have to go out in such a sticky manner?

There were no movements inside for a long time and Jiang Xie swallowed dryly. “Are you covered with shower gel?”

Xie Xi helplessly let out a sound of agreement. Unspeakable images flashed through poor Jiang Xie’s adult brain. He coughed and said, “Just wait, I’ll go and bring you water.”

Xie Xi froze. Jiang Xie explained, “There are two barrels of drinking water outside. It will be enough for you to wash your body.”

Xie Xi finally reacted and hurriedly said, “This is too wasteful…”

“I don’t know when the water pipe will be fixed. How can you come out like this?”

It was slippery in the bathroom and would drive Jiang Xie crazy… oh, Xie Xi was going to catch a cold!

Xie Xi didn’t dare overestimate the efficiency of the maintenance team. This close to the new year, how could they repair it in a few hours? How could he wait for so long while feeling sticky?

“Then I will trouble Teacher…”

Jiang Xie told him, “Is it fine for me to come in?”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened with panic. “Why do you need to come in?’

Jiang Xie’s voice was inexplicably lower. “I have to get a big basin.”

Xie Xi could only whisper, “Okay.”

At this moment, the two people separated by a door were nervous.

Jiang Xie had long been clear about his own heart. He just thought this child was still young and anxious. He had to boil the child slowly with warm water like a frog and he had to endure the wait.

Xie Xi knew he wasn’t quite right but he was still confused and didn’t understand his heart.

Then the door pushed open and both people experienced a great shock. Jiang Xie couldn’t help it and Xie Xi also understood.

This bathroom was big and had no obstructions. Thus, Xie Xi had nowhere to hide. He could only stand there covered in bubbles while blushing.

Jiang Xie glanced at Xie Xi and couldn’t remember what he was doing.

The young man’s hair was wet, his eyes were teary and his body was glowing white while covered in bubbles, making the body look s*xier and more charming.

Jiang Xie stared without blinking and Xie Xi felt like his whole body was burning up. “Teacher?”

Jiang Xie tried hard to move his gaze away. “Hmm.”

Xie Xi’s voice trembled. “The basin is over there…”

“Oh, right.” Jiang Xie’s voice was steady as he walked straight to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. “Teacher, it’s over there…”

Jiang Xie’s spirit returned. He managed to control his broken legs and turned to get the basin.

Once Jiang Xie left, Xie Xi placed his head against the cold tiles to cool himself down. Just now, Jiang Xie was coming over…

What did he come over here for? Xie Xi couldn’t think. He felt that his head was going to explode!

Jiang Xie took a while to warm up the water before bringing in the large basin of pure water. This time, he didn’t look. He just put down the water and left, his eyes clean and not daring to even glance at Xie Xi’s toes. He couldn’t look because he didn’t have the water for a cold shower!

Xie Xi’s face was hot when Jiang Xie looked and still hot when he didn’t look. It was because the previous dodgy look was too… it made Xie Xi want to cover up.

Xie Xi tried to tell himself, ‘We are both men. What does it matter?’

Still, his head was full of Jiang Xie’s burning gaze. That… the look wasn’t nothing.

Xie Xi suppressed the thoughts in his head and washed using the water in the basin.

The temperature of the water prepared by Jiang Xie was just right. It wasn’t too cold or hot and a small bowl from the kitchen was also prepared as a water scoop. After all, a real water scoop was rare to see in a modern home.

Xie Xi soon washed off the bubbles and dried himself with a bath towel. He changed clothes and went out.

Jiang Xie was in the living room and the two people happened to see each other when Xie Xi went out.

Jiang Xie asked, “Is it okay?”

Xie Xi’s throat was tight as he bowed his head and replied, “Yes.”

The other person suggested, “It’s still early. Do you want to watch a movie?”

Xie Xi wanted to refuse but his opening was, “I’ll go and clean up the bathroom first.”

“No hurry, I’ll wait for you.”

Xie Xi wiped the group, washed the small bowl and put away the big basin, dawdling for a long time before finally coming out.

Jiang Xie patted the spot beside him. “Come.”

Xie Xi sat down and looked for something to say. “Would you like something to drink?”

Jiang Xie suddenly asked, “Do you want to drink red wine?”

Xie Xi, “!”

Jiang Xie got up and said, “It is fine since drinking a bit helps with sleeping.”

He went to the small bar on the other side of the kitchen, took out a bottle of red wipe, opened it in one go and soon served it in two glasses.

Xie Xi stared at the red liquid for a long time before finally recovering his voice, “I’m not very familiar with drinking.”

Jiang Xie joked, “We’re both adults. Drinking a bit of wine is okay.”

Xie Xi took the glass and spoke slightly nervously, “I don’t know how to drink. It will be a waste of the wine.”

Jiang Xie smiled. “It was born to be drunk by people. It isn’t a waste if you drink it.”

Xie Xi stared at the bottle of wine and couldn’t help asking, “Isn’t it very expensive?”

“Well, if you drink one bottle a day, I should still be able to afford to raise you.”

Xie Xi, “…”

There were too many things in this sentence that he didn’t know what to focus on! Jiang Xie tilted his wine glass and touched it against Xie Xi’s glass. “Taste it.”

Xie Xi took a small sip and then… he frowned. Jiang Xie knew why. “How is it?”

The child was very honest. “It isn’t good to drink.” It was a long way from grape juice!

Jiang Xie laughed loudly. “You are still young. You will know the benefits of this later.”

Xie Xi didn’t agree as he glanced at the glass of red wine. It was so expensive that it was a pity not to drink, but it was really hard to drink!

Jiang Xie took the glass from him. “If you don’t like it then don’t force yourself.”

Xie Xi felt relieved. “I’m going to pour a glass of juice.” Juice was cheap and delicious. Why didn’t people drink it?”

Jiang Xie smiled., “Okay, you can drink juice and accompany me.”

Xie Xi was slightly surprised. “Teacher still wants to drink?”

“I’m in a good mood and will drink a bit.”

Xie Xi didn’t dare think about why he was in a good mood!

The movie playing was an old film called ‘The First Kiss’ and entranced Xie Xi for a while. There were many rich people, talented people, sentimental people and barbarians in the world. Only this person could make you laugh happily.

Xie Xi couldn’t help looking at Jiang Xie. Then Jiang Xie turned his head while the corners of his mouth curved. Xie Xi unconsciously smiled as well.

How lucky was it to have a person who made him happy next to him? Perhaps Xie Xi’s smile was too moving, perhaps the atmosphere was too good or perhaps it was the alcohol. Jiang Xie finally couldn’t resist anymore.

He touched the back of Xie Xi’s hand and wrapped his hand around it. This was an ambiguous move. It wasn’t a simple handshake but was a touch filled with affection.

Xie Xi’s heart jumped, as if fire had passed along Jiang Xie’s palm to his chest cavity.

Jiang Xie didn’t use any force. He just covered Xie Xi’s hand and Xie Xi could easily pull it away, but…

He didn’t want to. Xie Xi’s face was red and slightly intoxicated from drinking juice.

Jiang Xie thought this person was going to pull away and slightly raised his hand. Unexpectedly, Xie Xi actually interlocked fingers with him!

Jiang Xie’s pupils shrank.

Xie Xi bit his lip and his whole body was shivering, but his hand tightly held onto Jiang Xie as if afraid this person would leave him.

At this moment, the steady boiling of the frog in warm water, the waiting for this person to grow up… all grew wings and flew away.

Jiang Xie’s heart was sweet, warm and slightly distressed. He pulled Xie Xi’s hand hard and brought this person into his arms.

Xie Xi’s heart was beating quick enough to emerge from his chest.

Jiang Xie called out, “Xiao Xi.”

Xie Xi’s ears were numb.

“I like you.” Jiang Xie whispered against his ear. Xie Xi’s voice was blocked by heat and he couldn’t speak. If he opened his mouth, he wouldn’t stop crying.

Jiang Xie spoke again, “You don’t have to rush to reply to me. I can…”

He hadn’t finished when Xie Xi stuttered, “I, I…”

Jiang Xie’s heart jumped. Xie Xi shook his head and mustered up great courage, like a drowning man grabbing onto driftwood. “I like you too.”

He liked Jiang Xie. He liked the countless warmth this person brought him, the way he made Xie Xi happy and let him laugh every day.

It didn’t matter if Jiang Xie was a man or his teacher. Xie Xi was certain about his feelings.

He had been alone for 18 years, waiting for this person. Jiang Xie held his face and stared at him. “Say it again.”

Xie Xi stared into his eyes. He had never seen such good-looking eyes, the deep red and deep blue as beautiful as the sunset over the deep sea.

“I like you.” Xie Xi was certain of his heart.

Jiang Xie leaned down and kissed his trembling lips. The tender colour, the sweetness of the juice, the texture of the cute lips…

Xie Xi’s eyes were wide and he was completely paralyzed. His heart pounded and he couldn’t think.

Jiang Xie wanted to give him a gentle and delicate kiss but who knew that he would go out of control as soon as he touched the lips. He wanted to kiss Xie Xi, possess Xie Xi and convey his hot heart.

Was there anything luckier in the world? He liked a person and the person liked him.

By the time Jiang Xie released Xie Xi, Xie Xi was already dizzy.

Jiang Xie leaned against him. “I’m very happy.”

Since meeting Xie Xi, every day was happier than the one before it. He always felt that it was impossible to be happier, only for the new day to give him new happiness.

All of this was given to him by Xie Xi. Xie Xi added an infinite luster to his pale life.

Xie Xi gasped in his arms. “I’m also happy.”

Meeting Jiang Xie was the greatest luck in his boring life.

On the 28th of the 12th lunar month, Jiang Xie pasted the blessings and wedding word on the window and spoke shameless, “Look, shouldn’t it come true?”

Xie Xi, “…”

“We are overcome with joy because we will receive unexpected good news and there will be two simultaneous happy events in the family…”

The front was okay but the back was crooked. Xie Xi couldn’t listen anymore. “There won’t be a child!”

Jiang Xie blinked. “I just wanted to say that the confession meant we got together earlier. What are you thinking?”

Xie Xi, “………………”

Jiang Xie’s tail was almost up in the sky. “Then do you want a child with me? Unfortunately, it isn’t possible in this life. We can make a promise for our next lives but it is dangerous to have a baby…”

Xie Xi directly stuck a blessing to the face of Old Jiang, sealing this naughty monster!

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