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Lost Atlantis 37

The fifth and sixth princes were completely stunned. They didn’t expect that the eldest prince actually…

The fifth prince still didn’t believe it. “Big Brother, have you seen Sein…”

The eldest prince frowned. “I can’t explain it but if you can’t find a third person, you can try it with me.”

The sixth prince leaned thoughtfully against the bed.

The Haiqiu state teacher didn’t have the dignity of a state teacher and he whispered, “I-If not, the array won’t start.”

Xie Xi really wanted to jump out and kill him. Say less words!

The eldest prince said, “So try it. If it doesn’t work, you can find someone else.”

He wanted to know if this Sein was the Sein of his dreams. If so, he could resurrect Sein. If not, he would give up on his dream.

How could this type of past life be real?

Gloominess crossed the eldest prince’s face.

Xie Xi felt something bad. Sure enough, the green progress bar changed back to black and the full progress fell to 16.61%.

He couldn’t read minds but he could guess what the eldest prince was thinking. The prince was doubting the authenticity of the dream, wondering if Sein really existed!

Due to this suspicion, progress was lost, just like the second prince. Sure enough, the process of filling up the bar using Dreaming wasn’t steady!

What to do…

What would happen to the eldest prince’s progress if he wasn’t resurrected?

If Sein was resurrected, would the locked progress bars of the fifth and sixth prince’s also fall?

In addition, there were still the second prince and third prince!

Xie Xi stared at the progress bar and panicked like an ant on a hot pot.

Two green full bars, the black bar was 16.61%, the second prince was 16.62%, the third prince was 16.62%, the fourth prince was 16.64%…

How could the instance be cleared? The big boss was full of blood but he had no blue left to use skills. He could only go crazy with frustration!

In addition, this big boss might have a second life… there was a 99% chance that the work would be undone.

Xie Xi’s head hurt as he grabbed the kitten and messed up his fur.

The kitten’s eyes narrowed as he enjoyed his father’s massage.

The outside also had a result. The sixth prince whispered, “Since Big Brother said so, we will try it.”

Xie Xi didn’t know if it was his illusion but he thought the sixth prince’s tone was very eccentric, especially when he saying Big Brother… there was a bit of teeth grinding.

If Sein wasn’t resurrected, it was necessary for the brothers to find another way. If he was resurrected…

Xie Xi’s!  Brain! Really! Hurt!

The sixth prince said this so the fifth prince also replied with a blank expression, “Okay.”

There was no need to describe how complicated their emotions were.

If they succeeded, their beloved would come back while there was also another strong enemy. If they didn’t succeed, their big brother was still their big brother but what about their beloved person?

Xie Xi felt very complicated. Should Sein live again and how would the state teacher do it?

As if trying to dispel his luck…

The eldest prince asked the state teacher, “After the array is successfully activated, can the resurrection fail?”

The state teacher answered, “No, it can’t fail. I can only resurrect two people in my lifetime and this is the second time.”

The sixth prince’s gaze floated over and the state teacher completely shook with fright. “It will surely succeed unless he isn’t dead!”

Xie Xi, “…” This show-off!

It was over. He definitely couldn’t let the fifth and sixth princes know he wasn’t dead.

If they knew, the green progress would return to 0% in minutes. Then how could Xie Xi leave this world?

Look at the fate of the state teacher! The current sixth prince wasn’t as kind as before!

The sixth prince stated, “Let’s get started.”

The eldest prince glanced at him. “Can your body do it?”

The sixth prince had used medicine and his body was weak. This feeling wasn’t uncomfortable but it required huge perseverance to make the body listen.

The sixth prince took a deep breath and got off the bed. “We can’t delay the time.” He didn’t make it clear but everyone understood that if the eldest prince failed, the fifth and sixth princes would have to go and find a third person as soon as possible.

After all, there was a 15 day time limit. They would be powerless if it was dragged out later.

Xie Xi held the kitten and almost broke his teeth!

The group went to Sein’s bedroom and Xie Xi instantly followed, quietly hiding outside and listening from around the corner.

He didn’t dare get too close and could only rely on Roast Pork Bun for a live broadcast.

Roast Pork Bun cried out, “They’ve started bleeding!”

Xie Xi, “…” This live broadcast wasn’t reliable at all!

Xie Xi was always skeptical about the resurrection of the dead.

Could a person really come back from the dead? What happened when they died? What would happen after they lived again?

The ultimate topic pursued by humanity. Was death really something that could be easily reversed?

This might be a quasi-world but it was about to become a real world. Could it actually detach itself from life and death and surpass death?

Or was it because this was a quasi-world that such a bug appeared?

Xie Xi still had little knowledge of the Central World and the Zone. He often thought about asking X but the number of messages exchanged was still low.

Based on his current understanding, a designer created a quasi-world and once it passed the review of the Zone, it became a quasi-world that could be entered. Collectors, recorders and explorers would enter the quasi-world to complete the tasks and clear the world, finally making the quasi-world a real world.

This was about creating a world? Then why were all the instance clearance tasks he received so sick? Was it because the designer was sick?

Sure enough, X’s brain wasn’t good or how could Xie Xi get such a crazy main task?

Whenever Xie Xi thought about the mysterious ‘Central World’ and the very powerful designer X…

Hehe, a dead pervert.

Jiang Xie stared at his goodwill.

Yan Zhe asked him, “Little Rose hasn’t come out yet?”

Jiang Xie, “…Almost.”

“How is it? Is he having a good time with your souls?”

It was so good that he sent a knife to hack at a poor person.

Jiang Xie was silent.

Yan Zhe felt this topic was wrong because he didn’t want to eat Old Jiang’s dog food. Thus, he changed the subject. “I heard that you are helping Old Qin so you can personally accompany Little Rose in the next world?”

Jiang Xie really couldn’t help it. If he didn’t go, he was afraid that his love at first sight would become a lonely old life.

Yan Zhe said again, “You want to enter a world of your own design, isn’t this cheating?”

“Once he leaves, he should go to the open world.”

An open world was something that everyone could enter, similar to an assembly task. It was a multiplayer task that could be accessed without searching for it.

However, the difficulty of an open world was very different from the assembly task.

The assembly task was still created by a designer. Meanwhile, the open world was derived from the Central Government and was a quasi-world formed by itself.

The open world was randomly generated. Apart from designers like Jiang Xie, other professions of various levels were free to enter. It was even filled with advanced players. Such a world was hard for beginners. Compared to gaining a harvest, the loss of their life was a more possible income.

However, Jiang Xie was certain that Xie Xi would definitely go to the open world to get rid of Jiang Xie’s task.

Yan Zhe wanted to swear. “You old fox, you want to deliberately coax Little Rose to open up in the open world!”

Jiang Xie, “…”

“Don’t think I don’t know your dirty routine. You will let Little Rose see the sinister human hearts in the open world and then take this opportunity to gather his heart. Tut, you are very bad.”

Jiang Xie was silent for a moment before replying shamelessly, “A hero saving the beauty, it is natural.”

Jiang Xie thought about the last time the hero saved the beauty (the rotten pool) and his heart felt a bit weak.


Not surprisingly, the array was successfully activated.

The blood of the eldest prince, the fifth prince and the sixth prince were all eligible!

The state teacher was frightened but couldn’t help thinking curiously, ‘What type of outstanding goblin is this person to bewitch three princes at the same time? If Haiqiu had such a person, would they still worry about not being able to eat people?

It was fortunate that Xie Xi couldn’t hear these thoughts or he would’ve hacked the state teacher to death.

The eldest prince really loved Sein. This caused the eyes of the fifth prince and sixth prince to turn dark.

The eldest prince was stunned and couldn’t recover for a long time.

The dream was real.

Sein Hall was Sein Hall.

He hadn’t even spoken to Sein Hall yet he had fallen deeply in love.

Why was there such a thing?

Were those dreams really memories of a past life? They loved each other but in the end, Randy couldn’t forget him and brought the memory of a past life over?

Who would believe such a thing?

Even he couldn’t believe it. Even if they loved each other before, this life was a different story.

Xie Xi heard the array starting and almost rushed in.

He understood that Sein had to live! Otherwise, the eldest prince’s progress would become less and less, the dream not playing a role anymore. After all, it was a ‘past life’ and the memories would only make reality crueler.

As for what to do after resurrecting, Xie Xi also figured it out.

Sein Hall was in the hearts of the fifth and sixth princes. So what if he came back to live? He could skillfully spin things around and maybe fill up the big boss’ progress while not dropping the progress of the fifth and sixth princes. The situation was like this and Comrade Xie Xi had to take the initiative to walk on the road of cheating!

At this time, the state teacher said, “The array has started. It will take at least 24 hours before he will resurrect…”

Roast Pork Bun relayed the words and Xie Xi’s eyes brightened.

24 hours!

It wasn’t an instant resurrection? He still had 24 hours!

Why wasn’t it 240 hours? Then he could definitely complete the task.

Xie Xi calmed down. 24 hours was already good. He could do many things in this time. He would use this time to take care of the second and third princes. Otherwise, once he was resurrected, he would have to face six princes and might turn into a woolly ball!

He would use these 24 hours to take care of three people. Then after the resurrection, he would stabilize the fifth and sixth princes. Then he would take care of the boss and finally complete the task!

Xie Xi thought very well but unfortunately, fate didn’t let him go so easily.

“I can’t delay the time.” Xie Xi left Sein’s quarters and changed to the first face to find the fourth prince.

On the way, Xie Xi looked at the communicator that belonged to the second face.

There were two messages on it.

Second prince: Little Colin, are you back yet?”

Third prince: You’re not back yet? Then I will go to your house to pick you up!”

Xie Xi hurriedly replied: [I’m on the road and I’m almost back!”

The two princes sent a message at the same time and the contents were also the same. [Come find me, I have something to say to you.]

What was it? Xie Xi agreed because he also wanted to find them. He had 24 hours and needed to fill up the progress no matter what!

Xie Xi went to find the fourth prince only to encounter the fourth prince going out. The two people met and the fourth prince said, “I was going to find you.”

Xie Xi looked at the progress bar and thought he would make the fourth prince happy anyway.

“Is there something I can do for Your Highness?”

The fourth prince paused and held out his hand. “Come in.”

Xie Xi followed and found there wasn’t a single person in the palace. However, the fourth prince liked the quiet and this was normal.

The fourth prince spoke the words he didn’t finish last time. “I don’t intend to inherit the throne and my mother won’t interfere with my marriage. I promise to protect you for the rest of my life so…”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened.

The fourth prince stared at him. “Let’s get married.”

Xie Xi, “!!”

“Are you scared?” The prince wondered. “You might feel that it is a bit sudden but I have seriously thought about it. You don’t need to worry. As long as you are willing, my father, my father and the whole ocean won’t be an obstacle.”

Xie Xi glanced at the progress bar with eyes that were like blocks of stone.

The fourth prince spoke again, “Don’t worry and think about it. I will wait for your answer.”

Xie Xi finally found his voice and stuttered, “I…I…”

“It is fine. Please give me an answer tomorrow.”

Xie Xi left the fourth prince’s palace, wondering what to do…

If he said yes, the progress bar would definitely be full.

If he didn’t say yes, he would lose all the progress!

He only had 24 hours left!

At this time, his communicator rang. Xie Xi took it out and saw a message from the third prince. [You aren’t back yet?]

Xie Xi shook his head. He would forget about the fourth prince for now and go see the third prince.

He replied: [I’m coming!]

He changed to the second face, adjusted his mood, let himself slow down from the shock and entered the palace of the third prince.

He felt that something was wrong as soon as he entered.

What was with the expression on Lieutenant Saul’s face?

Why were all the soldiers peeking at him?

Why were the guards smiling while covering their mouths?

Xie Xi’s heart thumped when he saw the third prince standing in a brand new military uniform with an uncomfortable expression.

Gars glanced at him before quickly looking away.

Xie Xi bowed to him. “Your Highness.”

Gars took his hand and asked, “What do you think of me?”

Why was he asking this? Old Three, what did you want to do?

Xie Xi stuttered, “Y-Y-Your Highness, you are naturally very good.” He almost stuttered himself to the Haiqiu Kingdom!

Gars eyes were full of laughter but he worked hard to suppress this. This appearance was very cute and charming but unfortunately, Xie Xi was full of horror.

Sure enough, this guy touched his nose and declared in an uncomfortable manner, “If I am good… marry me.”

Xie Xi, “………………………………”

The third prince said something similar to the fourth. “I won’t inherit the throne and no one can control how I marry. In short, you don’t have to worry about this. Status isn’t a problem. If you don’t like the constraints of the palace, we can go somewhere else.”

Roast Pork Bun blinked. “Daddy, how many dads do I have?”

This question was excellent. Your father can’t answer it!

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