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Collapsed God 25

There really was no distinction about gender in the rules…

However, look at the whole United States. If they used a knife to force an emotional to join the army, the emotional person couldn’t kill!

What was this thorny head? The army’s management tasted bitterness.

Who didn’t know that emotional loved freedom and were afraid of restraints? The discipline in the army was strict and even harsh. How could an emotional stand it?

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry and watched Jiang Xie’s act.

The civil servant responsible for the registration said, “The environment in the military camp is very bad. Training is from 6 a.m to 6 p.m. It is hard and boring and there is a lot of repetitive training. It is very painful.”

J cried out, “Are you telling me an emotional can’t join the army?”

The civil servant muttered, “You can join the army as long as you are 13 years old and have reached the A-grade…”

J was SSS-grade. He might be emotional but he could still beat the entire United States. J replied, “Then I meet the standards.”

The civil servant was really sincere for his own good. “However, in the training camp, you can’t leave for a year, your food, drinks and sleep are all according to standards. You can’t have any ideas of your own and there are only rational people in the training camp. You…”

J raised an eyebrow. “Are you a s*xist?”

This was a felony and the frightened civil servant shook his head. “I’m not! Don’t talk nonsense!”

Xie Xi found it funny. This was Jiang Xie and the average person wasn’t his opponent.

Ignoring the fact that no emotional had ever joined the army, Jiang Xie gathered enough eyes and successfully signed up!

In the whole process, Xie Xi had no words and watched this person self-direct the play.

They entered the training camp and the allocation of dormitories was another problem.

This might be a high-tech society but the environment in the army was very bad. This was mainly to train the soldiers’ self-care ability.

The main battlefield these days were outer planets. On some undeveloped planets, forget technology, there wasn’t even a basic civilization. The environment was extremely harsh and if soldiers adapted to a high-tech life, they would depend on their limited equipment on barren planets and caused major accidents.

Therefore, the conditions in the training camp were very ordinary and weren’t much better than the Earth age.

One dormitory was for eight people, each person to a capsule bed. It was being squeezed in a variety of senses. They were all rational and no one said anything when sneaking into another capsule bed.

Now they were mixed with an emotional. What should they do? Assign an emotional together with rational people? It didn’t matter to rational people but what about the emotional? What would they do if the emotional person because fascinated by a rational?

In particular, such a young age was filled with rational people who indulged in their impulses. This was too tempting and dangerous for an emotional! Inducing en emotional to like a rational meant they would be accused by the whole United States for going against ethics and morality. It was insane!

Therefore, three emotional people liking the rational Xie Xi was really ‘moral decay’ and ‘insane’ to the extreme!

Xie Xi who had no expression, ‘Don’t push the blame on me.’

After worrying about it, the training camp had to empty a room to specifically accommodate this emotional.

This way, Jiang Xie got his own luxury single room. Xie Xi didn’t understand the meaning of this at first until he heard the emotional whispering about the rational and suddenly realized.

Jiang Xie acting in such a big manner was actually protecting Xie Xi. J became the most eye-catching person and the only topic of conversation, the most ostracized one.

In this way, Xie Xi’s little strangeness seemed normal. J subconsciously remembered Xie Xi’s isolation so he dreamt about joining the army and protecting Xie Xi from the beginning.

Xie Xi couldn’t help smiling as warm syrup dripped in his heart.

The even more interesting thing was that due to the emotional J, the troops ordered the rational people, “Don’t mess around, don’t have an X life!” This was already forbidden but after all, they were underage. It was like putting a ban on middle school students. It was really difficult to put an end to indulging in these impulses.

The same was true for the army. There were requirements but considering the nature of emotional people, these requirements weren’t too strict.

It was different now. There was a real emotional person present and they had to purify the environment!

As a result, Xie Xi’s days became more comfortable. He wasn’t treated as different, even if he didn’t enter Big Jiang’s Fourth Army.

This was Jiang Xie’s good intentions but Xie Xi thought of his nonsense and couldn’t help laughing. He was enjoying it but this man really didn’t know how to be low-key!

The next days were ordinary and the dream moved quickly. He could see that someone was trying to hook him.

Xie Xi had long adapted to this shift in the dreams.

The fast forwarding stopped and Xie Xi was standing at the penalty station. He didn’t know what mistakes he made and perhaps the dreamer didn’t think of it. After all, J was an artist and didn’t know the specific situation of the army. Xie Xi was punished and had to stand until 10 o’clock in the evening.

He stood for so long that his legs were sore and he was very hungry. He went to the cafeteria to check but there was naturally no food to eat. Xie Xi didn’t panic at all. He didn’t believe that a certain someone wouldn’t come out.

Sure enough, Jiang Xie made an appearance. “You are eating so late?”

The ‘weak Xie Xi explained, “I was punished to stand for five hours.”

Jiang Xie was surprised. “What did you do wrong.”

Xie Xi glared at this person in his heart. Who knew what mistake Jiang Xie had him do!

Jiang Xie muttered, “Surely you didn’t mess with people…”

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie smiled. “I’m just joking. I heard that you are very rational.”

The young boy Jiang Xie smiled like this and Xie Xi didn’t dare look. He replied, “Not all rational are like that.”

Jiang Xie was slightly surprised and asked curiously, “Not all rational are the same?”

Xie Xi resented his words. “You are being s*xist.”

The stunned Jiang Xie laughed. “You are very different.”

This good old-fashioned love story, the old man who talked about N times of love thought too much.

After this was a logical development as Jiang Xie split his hidden dinner with Xie Xi. Xie Xi was really hungry and gobbled up the food.

Jiang Xie smiled. “Slow down and be careful not to choke.”

As the dream master, he had the magical skill to make his words come true. So…

Xie Xi choked on something and coughed in a terrible manner.

Jiang Xie hurriedly patted him on the back. “What is your hurry? No one will rob you and if you are hungry then I will give you food.”

Xie Xi thought, ‘Speak less and go back. I am so hungry I can eat all your food tomorrow!

Fortunately, Jiang Xie was afraid that Xie Xi would be uncomfortable. Thus, Xie Xi might be coughing fiercely but his discomfort was just a bit of hunger. Jiang Xie hastily pushed his share of the food to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi shook his head. “How can I do this?”

“I ate a lot at noon. You can eat it.”

“If you are hungry then you won’t sleep well at night.”

Jiang Xie said with a smile, “Yes, you won’t grow taller if you don’t sleep well.”

Xie Xi who was shorter than him, “…” Who felt bad about this person? He would eat!

Xie Xi accidentally ate a lot more. Oh, this much be Jiang Xie’s intention. If he ate too much then they could take a walk together.

Jiang Xie laughed at him. “Look at you. You are until you are bursting.”

Xie Xi, “…” Shut up!

“Just on the basis of eating, you really are a different type of rational.”

Yes, a rational was restrained and calculated. They would never eat to the point of bursting.

Xie Xi wasn’t a rational but he didn’t eat to the point of bursting. It was just that Jiang Xie wanted this so he would…

Well, it was Jiang Xie’s dream and he should be happy. Let him do what he wanted!

Xie Xi stated, “I am a rational.”

The implication was that even if he was different, he was still rational. This person should wake up.

It was too bad he was talking to the dreamer. Jiang Xie just smiled at him. “In any case, you are very interesting. Let’s go, I will accompany you to walk off the food.”

“No, I will go to  the training ground myself and walk around one lap.”

Jiang Xie wondered, “Isn’t it boring by yourself?’

Xie Xi was just being polite. In fact, he would definitely be going with this person.

Jiang Xie blinked and then spoke, “In addition, it is dark and what will you do if there is a ghost?”

Xie Xi really wanted to say, ‘Young man, I am the biggest ghost in your dream!’

Later, they naturally walked together. Xie Xi looked disgusted but his heart was happy.

Under the starlight and in the thin breeze, the two people walked together in a leisurely and relaxed manner. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold hands. Well, it was their first day meeting and Xie Xi was still a rational. He had to be reserved!

The two of them walked around and round until Jiang Xie unwillingly asked, “How about it? Is the food digested?”

Xie Xi thought, ‘What digestion? If this wasn’t your dream then my legs would be broken!’

Xie Xi told him, “I’m going back.”


Xie Xi smiled at him before laying. “Goodbye.”

The 13 year old J stayed in place, stupidly standing until the morning.

Then the emotional J started acting like a fancy and high-maintenance demon again. He went to the logistics department and asked, “Why does everyone have roommates and I don’t?”

The logistics minister’s face was dark. ‘Little brother, you really don’t know why? We are protecting you!’

J questioned, “Do you think that emotional people only have love on ht e brain? Is my head only full of love?”

Xie Xi, who accidentally heard this, thought to himself, ‘It isn’t?’ The logistics minister was afraid to say this.

J sacrificed his amulet. “You are s*xist!”

The logistics minister quickly wondered, “What do you want?” He was afraid of this person.

“I want a roommate.”

The logistics minister smiled. “You are the only emotional person here.” How could they find him a roommate of the same gender?

J wondered, “Does the law stipulate that an emotional can’t be roommates with a rational?”

How could the law stipulate such a thing? Finally, under J’s ‘rights protection campaign’, the logistics department agreed to pick a rational as a roommate.

The method was a no-brainer. J was hard for a rational and the rational people would also be noisy. The fair method was to pick a name. Xie Xi was naturally drawn.

J looked surprised. “What a good coincidence.”

Xie Xi also looked surprised while scolding him, ‘What damn coincidence? If this isn’t your dream, could you pick me when you are so unlucky?’

In any case, J dreamt very well. “Please advise me in the future.”

Xie Xi smiled. “Please advise me.”

They lived together and Xie Xi’s reputation in the training camp improved. The rationals felt that his sacrifice was huge and were sympathetic to him. Thus, they became kinder to him.

What Xie Xi felt wasn’t the goodwill of the rationals but the car derived from Jiang Xie’s inner heart. He wanted Xie Xi to be happy and hoped to make him happy in every way, at any time and under any circumstances.

Xie Xi had to remind himself, ‘I’m here to coax this person, not be coaxed by him.’

The moment the training period was over, they had to join the army and enter the real battlefield.

In reality, Xie Xi chose the Fourth Army. Here… Jiang Xie suggested, “Let’s leave the army.”

Xie Xi wasn’t surprised but had to ask, “Why?”

Jiang Xie explained, “It is fine in the training camp but if I really go to the army, I am afraid of causing trouble.” Jiang Xie’s ability was sufficient but the gender issue would lead to communication obstacles. The army required unity, not individual power. Jiang Xie had the self-knowledge that this wasn’t possible.

Xie Xi pretended to hesitate.

Jiang Xie told him, “We can do a lot when we leave the army.”

Xie Xi looked up at him. “Why is it ‘we’?”

Jiang Xie’s lips curved. “Why can’t it be us?”

“I am rational.”

Jiang Xie corrected him. “You are Xie Xi.”

Who cared about a rational who wasn’t rational or an emotional who wasn’t emotional? The only thing he saw was the person in front of him. No matter what, he didn’t want to let this person go.

Xie Xi whispered, “But…”

Jiang Xie pulled Xie Xi into his arms and spoke softly, “You might find this incredible but we were loved in our first round. You were rational and I was emotional but we were together for more than 200 years. In the end, I entered reincarnation and you didn’t want me to leave you or forget you…”

Xie Xi thought of this memory and the tip of his nose became sour.

Jiang Xie made a warm promise. “…I didn’t leave you or forget you.”

Xie Xi had endured it for a while and finally couldn’t help it. Who could bear this?

Jiang Xie saw Xie Xi’s lips tremble and his heart was moved. “Do you like me?”

They had spent a year together in the training camp. Xie Xi gazed at him and whispered, “I don’t want to leave you.”

Jiang Xie hugged him hard, restrained but also uncontrollable. They retired and returned to the Capital Star. Once they were adults, Xie Xi saw a message.

—The commander of the Fourth Army has died for his country.

Xie Xi, “………………”

How much was this hatred? J, you directly dreamt Big Jiang to death?

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5 years ago

Xie xi: How much was this hatred? J, you directly dreamt Big Jiang to death?

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But even so, they willingly dropped the scheming to prioritize Xie Xi and his happiness.
Somehow, this stopped being “Jiang Xie spuls are despair for being abandoned” and turned into “Jiang Xie souls are stupid and abandoned Xie Xi”. (Is this the soul subconsciously abandoning their entire world (Xie xi?))

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Yu yu
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—The commander of the Fourth Army has died for his country.

Xie Xi, “………………”

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Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
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