Rebirth of a Supermodel

RS Chapter 168

Chapter 168

RS: Chapter 168

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Chapter 168

[I blame you. I passed by the elevator just now and didn’t see anyone coming up.]

[I blame you. I called Xi Ze an hour ago and he didn’t say he was coming.]

[I blame you. Your studio is facing the elevator yet you didn’t notice it.]

[I blame you. If this design was already done, how could he look so ugly in front of his wife?]


The eyes clashing were quite intense.

When Xi Ze came to the only meeting hall in the Ji an Ya high-end studio, all the design masters and senior tailors ran over. They stood in the meeting hall, communicating with each other through their eyes, all pushing the blame onto each other.

The behaviour of this group of masters, Ming Xiaoyu naturally saw it. He was most sympathetic to the little blonde girl in the middle of the masters. Her blue eyes were blinking innocently. She hadn’t experienced such a ‘big scene’ before, causing her to be a bit dull.

The other masters saw the performance of the little girl and it suddenly became clear.

For a time, all the g*nfire aimed at the little girl as they pushed the responsibility to her.

Ming Xiaoyu saw this group of old people bullying her and couldn’t stand it anymore. He coughed softly and said with a smile, “Masters are good. I am Ming Yu.”

It was a short sentence that directly introduced him.

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t say hello to these masters one by one. It was because among these people, several of them were top design masters of Huaxia with outside activities. There were also some feared senior tailors of Ji and Ya. Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know them so it wasn’t good to greet them one by one. The unified term of ‘master’ wasn’t offensive to anyone.

The original Ming Yu was just trying to held the little blonde girl who was being ‘squeezed’ by everyone. However, he never imagined that after his words, the group of masters walked up to him one by one. They looked at Ming Yu with a smile, not talking.

This look, don’t mention how meaningful it was.

They looked at Ming Yu from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. It was as if they wanted to see all of him! This type of serial overlapping attacks, even Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t bear it!

What’s more, these masters started talking!

“Oh Ming Yu, my name is Chen Xiang, you can call me Uncle Chen. I saw your previous performance at the Sixin fashion show. It is really great! Your atmosphere is very mature and stable, not bad at all.”

—Who was sitting below the stage and criticizing the entire Sixin show?

“Xiaoyu, you can call me Uncle Shu. You have done a great job recently. I went to see the Nidelan May fashion show. Very good. Your performance at the RAmer Charity Gala is also outstanding. A really heroic youth!”

—This was even worse! Directly opening up with ‘Xiaoyu’!

“Ming Yu. My name is Alice. I didn’t expect you to be Mr. Xi’s lover but you are really good. I wish you… oh? Uncle Shu, Old Chen, Old Lao, Emile, why are you looking at me like that? What is on my face ⊙▽⊙?”

Everyone from Ji and Ya, “…”

Ming Xiaoyu who smiled blankly, “…”

Xi Ze who had a grieving expression, “…”

Alice’s big mouth directly pointed out the relationship between Xi Ze and Ming Yu. Even if Ming Yu wanted to act dumb, it was absolutely impossible. Recently, Ji and Ya had been preparing for the high-end show at the end of the month. The entire studio was busy, with everyone having their own work.

Now that these old foxes were visited by the ‘family’s wife’, they wanted to talk to Ming Yu more. But they could only reluctantly return to their jobs, continuing the work that hadn’t been completed.

Next, Xi Ze led Ming Yu around the high-end studio.

“The entire 56th floor is the high-end studio of Ji and Ya. The 55th floor is our materials storage room. The 50th~53rd floors hold all the clothes designed by Ji and Ya in the past few decades, including the high end outfits from this spring and autumn fashion show. The 40th floors and above are related to fashion design. The 30th to 40th floors are the jewelry designs, followed by skin care products, cosmetics, fragrances, bags, watches and so on. As for the laboratory, it is currently established in S City, not the capital.”

Xi Ze gave an introduction while guiding Ming Yu.

Ming Xiaoyu had just greeted several masters but it didn’t mean they were the only people in the Ji and Ya studio.

Elder Chen, Elder Ding, Elder Lao, Emile and Alice were the leading figures in the Ji and Ya studio.

For example, Alice looked young and was less than 30 years old. However, she won an international grand prize more than 10 years ago. She was currently a senior tailor of Ji and Ya. Together with Uncle Shu, she was in charge of the tailoring for each high-end fashion show.

According to Xi Ze, the silver threading of the outfit that Ming Yu wore to the RAmer Charity Gala was led by Alice. She studied it for half a day before using the simplest method to insert it in to the camel fur.

Not everyone in the studio knew Ming Yu’s identity. XI Ze just introduced him as, “This is my friend, Ming Yu.”

The Ji and Ya high-end studio had nearly 100 staff members. Even Xi Ze couldn’t make so many people shut their mouths. Therefore, from the beginning, he only announced his relationship with Ming Yu to Elder Chen. After all, the more people who knew about this type of thing, the harder it was to control.

When they were visiting the fourth tailor’s studio, Xi Ze had to take a phone call. Therefore, he left Alice in charge of Ming Yu. Alice was only a few years older than Ming Yu. XI Ze was reassured that they could get along with each other. This also showed Xi Ze’s ease with this group of people.

Xi Ze chose to let Alice continue bringing Ming Xiaoyu around. However, Alice kept sneaking a peek at Ming Xiaoyu. Ming Yu couldn’t help turning red and he coughed from embarrassment. “Alice, is there something? Why are you staring at me all the time?”

“I think you look really good.”

The other person blurted out words that made Ming Xiaoyu stunned. He wasn’t able to respond when Alice shook her head and explained, “That isn’t what I mean. Ming Yu, don’t misunderstand. I have seen some of your posters and advertisements before. I always think that you are very good. I know that you and Mr. Xi are in such a relationship but I couldn’t believe it.”

Alice smiled a bit when she said this. “Mr. XI is younger than me but he is very mature and stable. His strength is very strong and he is a leader. Even Uncle Shu and Uncle Ding are convinced of this. I never thought that Mr. Xi would like someone one day. But after I saw you, I really think that you are very good.”

The simple words from the blonde girl made Ming Xiaoyu laugh. He nodded, “I know. Xi Ze is very excellent.”

Upon hearing this, Alice misunderstood and anxiously explained, “No, no, Ming Yu. You are very good!”

They had only met for a few minutes but Ming Xiaoyu noticed this girl really had nothing on her mind, despite her age. He smiled and casually asked, “Right, how do you know that Xi Ze and I are in a relationship? Did he tell you before?”

Alice didn’t even think about it. “Oh, you don’t know? It was before the RAmer Charity Gala. Xi Ze suddenly said that he wanted us to make an outfit for his lover in a week and then…”

Look at this. Ming Xiaoyu spoke one sentence and got what he wanted!

This innocent little girl, Alice was about to tell Ming Yu the 18th generation of her ancestors. Suddenly, there was a cough from the corridor. Alice stopped speaking in surprise and saw Elder Chen smiling at her.

Elder Chen had Alice go back to her work while he took Ming Yu around.

Originally, Alice refused. After all, Mr. Xi asked her to take care of Ming Yu. She naturally had to complete Mr. Xi’s task. But once she saw Elder Chen’s expression, the blonde girl quickly turned and left.

They walked through the spacious and bright glass corridor. Ming Yu stood respectfully next to Elder Chen, listening as the other person said, “Xiaoyu, what do you think of Xiaoxi?”

Ming Yu smiled. “He is very good.”

Elder Chen looked at the youth then nodded with satisfaction. He continued speaking, “Although Xiaoxi’s status in the fashion industry has long surpassed us, we have watched him grow up little by little. When he first came to Ji and Ya, Mrs. Ji hadn’t passed yet. He was 14 years old at the time. Now over 10 years have passed.”

“His character is very unruly, especially stubborn and he never admits defeat.” Taking six days to make an outfit, it wasn’t the first time he did it. A long time ago, he also spent a week making an outfit in order to make that old Raymond lose heart.”

Ming Yu paused as soon as he heard this and he looked at the old man walking in front.

Elder Chen also stopped and turned towards him. He smiled and said, “This was when Xiaoxi had just taken over Ji and Ya. At that time, he was only 21 years old. Mrs. Ji suddenly died of a seriously illness and the burden of Ji and Ya unexpectedly fell on his shoulders. One of the world’s top four high-end studios, the current Ji and Ya deserves first place. But in the first year when Mrs. Ji was still alive, it could only be in the top two. It couldn’t be counted as the first.”

“At that time, the popularity of Rosalind in the industry was no worse than ours. After Xi Ze took over Ji and Ya, that old Raymond started to attack Ji and Ya.”

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5 years ago

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Kaguya Magami
5 years ago

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When he said “xiaoxi” i blackened. There is actually a living person dared to call xi ze xiaoxi!! Oh, right, he is an elder…
Thank you for the chapter guys!

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Reply to  Kaguya Magami

He’s family, he watched the youngster grow up. Also, he is an Elder of the industry itself, a craftmaster, no one would dare insult him unless it is another Elder or some arrogant fool who will probably soon disappear if that arrogance is not backed up by the talent of the gods. So yeah, as an Elder & as a teacher who helped shape the guy into his talent, he can call Xi with affection. Also, he is now inspecting the Wife! 😂
On the other side, for such talented & powerful people, they are all silly, starting from the top with XZ. 😅

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maryam amirah
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