VCRMM: Chapter 63 Part 2

The day after the fight, Xu Yuheng set up the Jayne siblings and left enough money for them. Then he prepared to leave.

His goal was clear.

He was going to the border to look for opportunities to enter the army escorting the elementalists back to Imperial City. If there was no such thing, he would slowly reach Imperial City by dying over and over again and using his 10 resurrections on the spot.

The only thing he was worried about was getting lost in the wild due to not having a map.

Still, he could take his time and wait at the border to figure out these things.

Baifeng was very reluctant.

The three children were well-behaved and sensible. In addition, they were particularly cute. However, Xu Yuheng was insistent so he could only entrust them to the player who would continue to stay in the central town.

Killing Baker had no impact on the players. The residents who heard about it all clapped and cheered. The mayor and militia closed one eye and didn’t care.

The only difference was that the residents had a much more enthusiastic and respectful attitude toward the players than before. This also facilitated the activities of the players in the central town.

The two of them were prepared to leave today when a broadcast playing in the town succeeded in stopping them.

Imperial City was about to send elementalists over to establish elementalists in the major cities!

In addition, the establishment of major branches was announced.

This caused a stir among the NPCs and in the player forum. The new setting that was like a game update ignited the enthusiasm of the closed beta players.

It was because it was the fifth day after the game opened and the number of players stuck at level 5 was no longer the minority. They were all stuck at this level!

The more important thing was that they wanted to change their class and learn skills!

The videos of elementalists in Mercenary Town controlling wood and soil had long spread, making everyone yearn to learn elementalist skills.

After organizing the information, they found that all the branches would be located near the birthplace in the main cities!

This was aimed indirectly at the players and made those who wanted to explore a new map stop temporarily.

Baifeng was very happy while Xu Yuheng was full of helplessness.

The establishment of elementalist branches in the major cities meant the army would no longer send people to escort children back to Imperial City. His Plan A which required mixing in with the army was directly wiped out.

Now there was only Plan B to keep dying until he reached Imperial City.

“Baifeng, you stay here and wait for the branch to be established.”

Xu Yuheng considered it for a moment before suggesting to part ways with Baifeng.

This made Baifeng puzzled and sad.

He and Xu Yuheng had always been inseparable. He never thought they would end up playing the game separately.

“Brother Yu, why do you have to go to the border? Is it more fun on the other side of the border?”

He raised a question that had been confusing him since the game started.

Xu Yuheng looked at him and told the truth. “I’m not going to the border. I’m going to Imperial City.”

“Why?” Baifeng asked.

Xu Yuheng pursed his lips and answered hesitantly, “I’m going to see Snow Roland.”

He didn’t say his brother’s name. This was an injury he would never touch.

Baifeng was stunned for a moment. “Are you talking about the emperor? Brother Yu, have you also received the elite mission to see the emperor?”

Xu Yuheng didn’t answer which was considered a default agreement.

“Brother Yu, you should’ve said it earlier!”

Baifeng was happy. “I haven’t completed this mission either. We can go together. But… isn’t the road to Imperial City blocked?”

“So I’m going to use an unconventional method.” Xu Yuheng told his crazy plan.

“Wow, that’s a good idea!”

Baifeng was cheerful. “Why didn’t I think about this before? Brother Yu, you are so smart! Then we should go quickly~”

Seeing Baifeng completely supporting him, Xu Yuheng thought about it before saying, “You should stay here and wait for the branch to be established. This is more beneficial to your development in the game.”

“I don’t want it.”

Baifeng answered without thinking. “It is better to go to the new map for fun. I’m tired of staying in this small town!”

Xu Yuheng rolled his eyes. Who was it that kept wanting to stay before?

Then he smiled.

The two of them continued to prepare to go to the border. On the other side, Xu Sili was sorting out the direction of development for the other four major cities when he once again received a message from Xiao Wu.

He thought it was a player planning to murder an NPC again. Then he saw the contents of the message and couldn’t help being taken aback.

[Brother, I have monitored some words that are extremely consistent with the mission objectives. Would you like to listen to them?]

Mission objectives?

Was it… Second Brother?

Xu Sili’s heart jumped. He took a deep breath and nodded to let Xiao Wu send over the conversation.

“Brother Yu, why do you have to go to the border? Is it more fun on the other side of the border?”

“I’m not going to the border. I’m going to Imperial City.”


“I’m going to see Snow Roland.”

“Are you talking about the emperor? Brother Yu, have you also received the elite mission to see the emperor?”


The dialogue was clearly transmitted through the communicator to Xu Sili’s ears. He heard the words ‘Brother Yu’ and his heart almost stopped beating.

The later conversation accelerated his heartbeat.

It wasn’t until he inquired through the mission panel and found that this ‘Yushu Linfeng’ hadn’t received the elite mission of meeting the emperor that he finally confirmed it.

In fact, there was no need to check. Brother Yu’s way of speaking had given him a sense of familiarity but the interference of the sound made him uncertain.

“Xiao Wu, can you take a photo of them?” Xu Sili asked.

[Brother, wait a moment.]

After a moment, a screenshot of a video was sent.

The video showed Xu Yuheng fighting Baker along with the players. It was apparently filmed by a resident of the small town and was intercepted by Xiao Wu.

The picture wasn’t particularly clear.

However, Xu Sili still recognized his second brother instantly. His brother hadn’t changed his appearance and directly entered the game with his original appearance!

Xu Sili looked at the photo and slowly exhaled. He blinked and pursed his dry lips.

He had always believed that his second brother would come to him but sometimes, he couldn’t help doubting it.

After all, almost 10 years had passed in reality. Who knew if anyone still remembered him?

He didn’t expect that his second brother would really come and that they would already have an intersection.

Yushu Linfeng turned out to be his second brother!

He should’ve thought of it a long time ago. This name really fit his second brother’s stinky personality.

Xu Sili sniffed. Then he thought about how his second brother was going to reach Imperial City by dying and frowned.

No, he couldn’t let his brother do this!

He had read the posts in the future forum and knew how tragic this method was.

It was because after a player died, their body didn’t disappear. It stayed there for at least 10 minutes, similar to when going offline. This lead to—

Players who died in the wild were likely to be eaten by the interstellar beasts!

It was okay to be bitten and eaten because their body was gone and they could be resurrected at the birth point. However, players who were swallowed directly and didn’t have time to be digested were tragic.

They couldn’t resurrect in the stomach of an interstellar beast so they could only passively wait for their corpse to be completely digested or choose to go to the resurrection birth point.

Just looking at the description was terrible!

Xu Sili couldn’t let his second brother go through this.

In fact, he could ask Si Sheng to bring his second brother over but… what reason should he use?

Si Sheng was so smart. Would he guess something after seeing Second Brother? He previously suspected that Xu Sili wasn’t the original person!

Xu Sili shook his head and dismissed this idea.

In addition to this, the thought of letting his second brother see Si Sheng made him feel strange in his heart for an unknown reason. He couldn’t explain it.

In any case, he had now confirmed that his brother was in Orchid Moon City. This would greatly shorten his time. He just had to set up a teleportation circle between Imperial City and Orchid Moon City or wait for Chamo to wake up!

Then he could give his second brother a surprise.

Si Sheng walked into the bedroom and saw the young man sitting alone on the sofa with a silly expression.

It was an expression that almost never appeared on his face.

Si Sheng blinked before walking over. His military boots made a clear sound against the ground, successfully attracting the young man’s attention.

However, when the young man looked over, the smile on his face hadn’t faded away. His appearance was like a rose that had just been moistened by rain. Even his face was flushed.

Si Sheng frowned and a vague sense of crisis filled his heart.

Just now… had someone else been here?

His spiritual power quietly swept over the bedroom but he didn’t find any strange aura. It seemed that only Wen Jishan and Li Zhecheng had been here…

He pursed his lips and stood in front of the young man.

“Your Majesty.”

“You’re here.”

Xu Sili sat cross-legged on the sofa and greeted Si Sheng with a smile. His entire body was extremely relaxed.

Seeing his smile, Si Sheng paused before sitting down next to the young man.

The young man didn’t stop him and just picked up a book in order to read it.

Si Sheng was quiet for a moment before he couldn’t help asking, “Your Majesty, you seem to be very happy?”


Xu Sili nodded. He turned his back to the side and continued to use Si Sheng as a human-shaped pillow.

He was holding a book in his hand but he was actually wondering how to make his second brother stay in Orchid Moon City. Then he would secretly give his brother some benefits.

Si Sheng sensed the other person’s absent-mindedness and his lips pursed in a straight line again.

Obviously, previously he would be satisfied as long as he stayed with Lord God and was close to Lord God. Now… he found that he wanted more and more.

He looked sideways at the back of the young man’s head. Then he carefully reached out, gently picked up the silver hair and wrapped it around his fingers.

Xu Sili sensed the movements and noticed that Si Sheng was playing with his hair. He casually pulled his hair back and muttered, “Don’t make trouble.”

After a while, the man secretly reached out again and gently touched his shoulder.

Xu Sili hated others moving when he was thinking about things. He grabbed the restless hand and pulled it forward, directly hugging the arm in front of Si Sheng’s stunned eyes.

“Be good.”

The young man whispered to Si Sheng, suppressing the arm in his arms.

Yet in fact, this pose…

It was more like Si Sheng was holding him from behind, arms over his shoulders while Xu Sili was in his arms.

TL: I am starting a new job and need to do intensive training for it in January. I will have no time to translate at all so all chapter releases will be paused for January. It will resume again in February and hopefully, the schedule will become more stable since this job has steadier hours.



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