VCRMM: Chapter 64 Part 1

Xu Sili frowned and fell into thought. He didn’t realize how ambiguous his and Si Sheng’s current posture was.

Si Sheng was told twice and didn’t dare to move.

Still, he was already satisfied. He skillfully maintained his current position and slightly closed his eyes, enjoying the moment of peace.

After a while, he noticed that the young man was still frowning. He leaned toward the young man’s ear and asked quietly, “Your Majesty, what is worrying you?”

His voice was gentle and soft, like a warm breeze.

Xu Sili slightly relaxed his strength, adjusted his sitting posture and his back moved closer to the man’s chest.

His out of focus eyes showed he was still absent-minded. He only said in a perfunctory manner, “Nothing…”

Then he thought of something. “By the way, why did you come to see me?”

Si Sheng saw that the young man didn’t want to talk and didn’t press the issue. He just lowered his eyes.

“The army is almost ready to escort the elementalists to the other main cities. They can leave once the elementalists arrive at the front line.”

Xu Sili nodded. The efficiency of the army was quite high. Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration in his mind.

In fact, his second brother could also follow the army to come back!

The escort team must be the elites. In addition to the escort, there were some surveying missions that needed to be reported back.

In short, it was impossible for these road-savvy veterans to remain in the other main cities. They needed to return to Imperial City for early access to road information and experience.

Security would definitely be greatly improved if his second brother followed them!


In fact, players could also participate in this matter!

There was no way for the players in the other four main cities to change classes but it was possible for the 200 players in Imperial City!

These players had low health and weren’t strong. Being unable to die was their greatest advantage. More crucially…

They could exchange things directly with the faction warehouse!

It was because the entire Escher Star was the territory of the Roland Empire. As long as they were on Escher Star, they were in the faction of the Roland Empire. They should be able to exchange items even in the wild.

In this way, there was no need to worry about the soldiers’ supplies.

Xu Sili’s eyes brightened and he quickly asked Si Sheng, “Tell me about the operation plan of this escort!”

Si Sheng didn’t understand why this person was so excited but seeing the way he was listening, Si Sheng smiled and explained the escort plan to him.

The road construction in the south was faster so two teams were dispatched to Orchid Moon City in the southwest and Glass Sea City in the southeast.

Meanwhile, the road to Twilight Frost and Seizing Star was further away and more dangerous. Therefore, it was slightly delayed for better preparations.

“The two teams will escort 10 elementalist teachers, including a one star professor and nine graduates from the Elementalist Academy.”

“They might be elementalists but they haven’t experienced combat. So they aren’t expected to play a role when encountering interstellar beasts.”

Xu Sili nodded.

The elementalists were going to build a branch. They needed to be able to teach students and didn’t need to be good at fighting.

“Each team is equipped with 100 elites and a military officer level leader. Both of these leaders are close to two stars and they have experience of making the trip at least three times.”

The roads between the main cities were blocked after the beast tide three years ago. During those three years, the army made at least one round trip every year to escort the children with talent from the other main cities to Imperial City.

However, they had to pay a high price every time. The two leaders had three complete experiences and could survive every time. It had to be said that they were very lucky.

Xu Sili nodded. He probably understood the situation.

He finished planning the situation and quickly had an idea. “Okay, tell Qiu Zheng and the others to wait first. I might have to change the plan.”


Then Xu Sili sent a message to Dean Justin and started editing a new mission.


[Ding~ Your personal level has reached Lv 5. Please go to the Elementalist Academy for a talent test to determine your future career direction.]

[Accumulated experience value: 45. After the career direction is determined, this experience can continue to be used for upgrading.]

Su Mo looked at the notifications that suddenly popped up. He pursed his lips, turned them off and continued to do the daily mission.

The construction of Doha Town was in full swing. Chi Yu was the chief engineer and was busy every day.

Unfortunately, Su Mo couldn’t help much.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Su Mo had studied very hard but how could he grow into a master architect in a few days?

The bigshots who played simulation cities were very interested after hearing about this game.

Unfortunately, there were no extra places for them during the first closed beta.

Even so, they would give lectures and explain their professional knowledge to him in game terms. This benefited him a lot.

For now, he at least had some common language with Chi Yu.

Su Mo was convinced by the game’s planning.

Chi Yu was just an NPC in the game but every time he heard Chi Yu’s thoughts, he could recognize this person’s expertise even if he was an amateur.

All he could say was… Starry Sky Age was awesome!

After finishing the final ring and gaining the residency rights for the next seven days, Su Mo planned to prepare dinner for Chi Yu.

Chi Yu liked the food he made very much

Don’t look at where he came from.

In fact, Su Mo was usually very lazy and only cooked occasionally. It was just that the food in the game was really bad. It forced him to cook for himself.

Who knew that after giving it to Chi Yu, this person would like it very much. It was an unexpected pleasure.

He carried the ingredients back to his residence and went into the kitchen to prepare food. Suddenly, a new notification appeared in front of Su Mo.

[Ding~ Successfully triggered the epic mission – Elementalist Branches.]

[Description: The empire will soon send elementalist teachers to the four main cities of Orchid Moon, Glass Sea, Seizing Star and Twilight Frost to set up elementalist branches in the main cities. This is a historic moment!

The road leading to the four main cities is full of powerful interstellar beasts. This road is dangerous and the elementalist teachers need the help of the braves.

Now the empire is sending two teams to Orchid Moon and Glass Sea respectively. If you haven’t already changed your class to an elementalist, please go to the Elementalist Academy and find Dean Justin to sign up within 24 hours.]

Even though he didn’t pay much attention to the game and was just interested in Chi Yu, he couldn’t help being stunned by this notification.

An epic mission!

Just looking at these words was enough to make people boil.

Su Mo hadn’t expected that the first epic mission would appear within one week of the game starting!

F*k, should he pick it up?

Chi Yu came back and saw that Su Mo hadn’t started cooking yet. Therefore, he put down his things to help wash the dishes but he found that there was something wrong with Su Mo’s expression.

Chi Yu was actually quite satisfied with this roommate.

Su Mo might know nothing about construction but it could be seen that he was studying hard. It wasn’t a whim so Chi Yu was quite optimistic about him.

In order to build an empire, it was naturally better for more people to be involved!

He also had to say that Su Mo’s cooking was very delicious. It was much better than his mother’s cooking.

Chi Yu saw that Su Mo didn’t look quite right at the moment and couldn’t help asking what had happened.

He asked some questions and Su Mo’s words made him speechless.

Chi Yu knew that Su Mo was a brave from a different world. He would disappear for a period of time during the day and then reappear again.

After the initial novelty, Chi Yu found that Su Mo had no special place apart from some strange behaviors. Chi Yu treated him as an ordinary friend.

But now…

“You… can be an elementalist?”

Chi Yu looked at Su Mo and asked hesitantly.

Su Mo noticed his strange look but finally nodded. “It should be okay.”

Chi Yu thought for a moment before turning around and leaving the kitchen.

“Chi Yu, where are you going?”

Su Mo hurriedly chased him after seeing Chi Yu running away.

Did he break some taboo of Chi Yu’s by being able to become an elementalist? His mind was in a state of anxiety.

“I’m going to borrow a floating car and take you to the Elementalist Academy. Wait for me at home. I’ll be right back.”

Chi Yu put on his coat and rushed out of the house.

Meanwhile, Su Mo… stood at the door and laughed.


Su Mo’s eyes looked around at this small and shabby house but he felt it was hundreds of times better than the manor he lived in.

By the way, Chi Yu was going to drive him to the Elementalist Academy? The Elementalist Academy seemed to be in the inner city, right?

Did this count as a… date?

Su Mo was nervous and rushed to his room to arrange his things.

—Although he didn’t have any clothes in his current wardrobe.

Unlike Su Mo, who was thinking about dating, the forum had exploded due to this sudden epic mission.

“F*k, an epic mission! How many days has it been since the game started? Damn, I didn’t do the daily missions and I’m currently only Lv 3!”

“Me too? Is there a strategy to quickly level up?”

“Everyone who is going to the Elementalist Academy from Mercenary Town should report to the central square! Sister Qing Yan has found an NPC to borrow a bus and can take us there at 7 o’clock. We won’t wait for anyone.”

“Why do we have to go to the Elementalist Academy to sign up? The Elementalist Academy is in the inner city. Shit! Is there regional discrimination in this game? Are those born in the Imperial City the emperor’s grandsons while the rest of us are nothing?”

“Protesting, protesting!”

“The one protesting, please calm down. This is just a closed beta and the game cabin is free. You get to play the game for free yet there is so much nonsense! If you don’t want to play then give me your quota!”

The players who weren’t in Imperial City were naturally angry. However, there were also many people in the forum who were interested in the game but were unable to play it due to the limited quota. They suddenly became agitated when they saw these words.

In short, the Star Forum was lively.

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