VCRMM: Chapter 63 Part 1

Recently, there had been many strange faces in town. This was known by many of the residents of the central town. Some witnesses even swore that these people were the braves who came from the summoning circle.

The so-called ‘braves’ didn’t look powerful and many were weaker than newborns.

However, they were very warm and kind.

This was what the residents of the small town knew so far about these braves.

In the past few days, there were many families with only the elderly and children and almost all of them had received the help of the braves.

They would help the elderly people with mobility impairments to cook and clean. They would deliver meals to hungry young children, bathe and sew clothes for them and even tell stories to coax them to sleep.

They were enthusiastic, energetic and full of a vitality that the residents of the small town didn’t have. They were kind and would take the initiative to ask any resident they met if help was needed.

At the end of the day, they smiled and said they would come back tomorrow.

Every trivial matter was small but it was warm to these families who had long lost hope in their lives and were full of trauma, plunging them into endless gloom.

The obstruction on the road meant that the four main cities outside Imperial City had become solitary cities.

In particular, Orchid Moon City’s defense formation wasn’t strong and holes often appeared. This required a large amount of troops to guard the front line and resist the interstellar beasts that entered from time to time.

Orchid Moon City didn’t have many elementalists so more ordinary people were needed to fill the army.

For this reason, the administrator who governed the city had to recruit troops year after year and shift the focus of development to the border.

This was also the reason why the central town of Orchid Moon City had declined. Apart from the old people, weak women and children left behind, almost all the young and middle-aged people had left to go to the border.

Except, of course, scum like Baker.

Baker and his younger brothers weren’t originally from the town. They came here three years ago after the beast wave.

At that time, the administrator and army had already left for the border and only a handful of militia were left in central town. They bought off the mayor and became the bullies of the town.

In the face of six strong men, the remaining elderly people, women and children couldn’t resist at all. They could only endure the oppression.

Therefore, once a battle broke out, all the residents were shocked and shouted, but no one came forward to stop it.

The onlooking residents saw a really unique battle today.

The fighting style of these braves…

It was really hard to see.

The people of the Roland Empire were tough and even these old and weak people had participated in wars. They had never seen a fight so… so insidious!

Dozens of people were attacking one and they even used insidious tricks?

They saw Baker, whose face was covered with flour and who was beaten without being able to see the enemy. In addition to feeling happy, they also had a trace of fear toward these brave people.

In addition to being sly, these braves were really ferocious!

Their intestines were flowing out but these people still looked excited. Their faces were bloody and they laughed even more fiercely! It was very different from their usual mild and polite appearance.

There really was only a line between a devil and an angel.


The besieged Baker suddenly roared angrily. He no longer cared about the two people in front who were cutting him the hardest. He turned around and charged one by one…

The brave people originally surrounding him seemed to have received a signal and they scattered.

If someone entered their team channel at this point, they would hear the commander shout with excitement, “The boss is going on the low health rampage!”

“Who has the aggro? Watermelon Skin, right? Don’t panic and run along the road. Don’t run too fast. The boss is disabled and can’t catch up to you… other people, don’t stop the remote output!”

“The boss only has a bit of health left. 200 Escher coins will soon be in our hands. Brothers, work harder!”

In the end, Baker’s near-death counterattack didn’t work.

No matter who he leaped at, the other person would immediately run away and not want to fight. At the same time, people kept throwing stones at him!

These damn people, did they have no shame?

Dozens of people besieged him and even used insidious tricks. Was this reasonable?

Facts proved that when it came to killing monsters, players had always been shameless.

In addition to the stones, there were even people who grabbed lime powder from an unknown place and threw it straight into Baker’s face!


It hurt!

It was so frustrating!

Baker had never felt so frustrated before. Until his death, he was never freed from these emotions.

Eventually, a stone hit Baker’s temple.

The bully boss, who had done all sorts of bad things and crushed the town’s residents, eventually lost all his health and crashed to the ground.

[Ding~ You have assisted in killing ‘Bully Baker’ and have acquired 500 experience points.]

“Haha, I’ve leveled up!”

“Wow, I won!”

“Oh my god! It’s great! Sure enough, it is really fun to fight! I want to give the commander a compliment!”

The fighting lasted less than five minutes.

There was the boss and five mobs, all of which were defeated without any losses!

The players gathered around Baker’s corpse and cheered for the results. Anyone who saw this scene would get the chills.

The residents even heard them say:

“Quickly pick up the corpse! It isn’t refreshed by the system since it is a small boss. Shouldn’t we check if any equipment or materials have been dropped?”

Then they really started searching through Baker’s clothes. They didn’t even let go of his five little brothers!

The onlookers in the small town were even more horrified! In fact, from the perspective of the players..

Baker’s body was glowing. Light covered the hideous wounds and the blood flowing was also a gleaming golden liquid.

This scene wasn’t bloody or terrifying at all. It could even be called beautiful so…

Fear? It was nonexistent.

After grabbing all the belongings of Baker and his five younger brothers, Xu Yuheng and the others got a few broken clothes, a few used weapons and more than 5,000 Escher coins.

Xu Yuheng had little demand for these trophies.

The received Escher coins were divided evenly by the system and he used 5,000 Escher coins to bid for a broken piece of clothing, which was regarded as making up for the money he promised the players.

As for the weapons that Baker’s group had dropped, he told the players to bid for it themselves before simply quitting the team.

Baifeng spoke a few polite words to the remaining 50 players before handing over the team to the commander just now. Then he left with Xu Yuheng.

The two people quit but people still added them as friends.

Xu Yuheng refused all the requests but Baifeng didn’t refuse anyone. Today’s cooperation wasn’t bad and there might be a chance to cooperate in the future.

Due to this battle, the two of them became famous.

They could resist 300-400 damage from the boss and could definitely be ranked among the top three of all the players at this point.

In addition, they got copper quality weapons!

There was defense and output, who was awesome if they weren’t awesome?

All the big teams threw an olive branch but they were all rejected. Meanwhile, this stoked the enthusiasm of players to do the daily missions.


The invisible armor could be exchanged at the faction warehouse!

There were even silver quality weapons and armor but the reputation cost was too high. It currently wasn’t in reach of the players.

The demand for reputation points meant that players stopped being content with the six rings daily mission. After completing the daily mission, they kept bothering ordinary NPCs to gain ordinary tasks.

This proved to be feasible.

Ordinary people in the Roland Empire had low productivity and were exhausted by the beast waves. There was nothing more comfortable than free help.

These helpers might be strange but they were very clever. They could always think of all types of weird ideas to help solve the problem.

In addition to the life players who targeted the daily missions, there were naturally some who were more militant.

They were inspired by this battle and started to look for the local bullies, robbers and gangsters.

These people were present in almost every major city. After all, not everyone was willing to fight for the empire or risk their lives to defend the city. Otherwise, there would be no traitors who were loyal to the Bewatt Empire.

The empire had no particularly good way to manage these people for the time being. At most, they could only manage Imperial City while the other four major cities were helpless.


Xu Sili received the information compiled by Xiao Wu and was happy.

He was happy to see that these malignant tumors were being eradicated, not to mention he didn’t need to do anything.

However, there were also hidden dangers in this matter.

How could it be determined that the NPCs the players were plotting to kill were really tumors? Once this setting was opened and all the gangsters were killed, would the players turn their knives to the good people?

Players were known as the fourth natural disaster and they were a double-edged sword.

Xu Sili had some troubles.

He could understand the feelings of the players. This group of people were so energetic that they couldn’t take it easy. It was unrealistic to expect them to only engage in life matters without fighting.

At present, he could only carefully screen the information sent by Xiao Wu. He would give a mission to the players if it matched and a warning through Xiao Wu if it didn’t match.

For example, if a player was going to commit a crime then a warning would pop up to remind him that he was committing a crime and what type of punishment he might suffer.

After a few incidents, the players summed up the rules:

Only the NPCs they received a mission for could be killed. If they killed others, their faction reputation would be wiped out directly and they would also be wanted nationwide.

Slowly, fewer people troubled NPCs.

It was also worth mentioning that Xu Sili wasn’t as generous with the follow-up mission rewards. He directly cut it to a quarter!

This might also be the reason for the player’s reduced enthusiasm.

After all, there were only 200 players in each main city. They would have to gather at least 10 people together to fight. There would be a high casualty rate and much fewer rewards when shared. Therefore, it was faster to do the daily missions.

Of course, these were the follow-up matters.



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