SDC: Chapter 3

Mu Huan watched the SUV that seemed to roar with anger. It accelerated and crossed the road, disappearing in the blink of an eye. For a time, he just felt a lot of things and he didn’t know where to start.

Then Qi Wenfu whispered in his ear. “What are you doing? Didn’t we agree to retire together? You offended that devil so much and you still want to go back? Do you think she will let us go back with her temper?”

Mu Huan listened to the words with one ear while analyzing the memories in his mind.

He thought that the most profound memory he had of ‘Mu Huan’ was the tragedy of Mu Huan being stoned to death in front of the school gate. Who knew that when he looked back, he would inexplicably remember many more things?

‘Mu Huan’ was a very talented figure skater. He seemed to be the one who got the most attention wherever he went. He entered the national team three years later and was trained by the national team as a future ‘seed’ athlete. He was a very talented and proud guy.

Yet this glory didn’t last long. Six months after ‘Mu Huan’ entered the national team, he suddenly proposed to retire. This caused a stir in the team.

The specific reason wasn’t known to outsiders. Moreover, at that time, Li Xin was at rock bottom himself due to his pheromones.

Then one day, ‘Mu Huan’ left the national team in an extremely tragic way.

He struck the head coach’s table. He pointed at Yu Yiman and cursed. Some inappropriate comments were posted online.

Finally, he was successfully moved to a school in university to live in.

If it wasn’t for the madness of ‘Mu Huan’, Li Xin would’ve probably sunk into those jeers for a long time and would’ve never been able to stand up again.

Speaking of which, ‘Mu Huan’ could be regarded as inadvertently saving him. He should be thanked.

Now he had entered this body. Mu Huan had a terrible headache as he thought of the mess in front of him and he didn’t know where to start.

He raised his hand to stop a taxi. Then Mu Huan opened the passenger door and sat in directly. “Go to Capital Skating Rink.”

Qi Wenfu hadn’t sat down yet and cried out strangely. “What are you doing? Are you crazy?!”

Mu Huan paused before changing his words. “Go to the Sports University first.”

The vehicle started. Qi Wenfu held the back of the front passenger’s seat and hit Mu Huan’s shoulder. “if you go back, what should I do?”

Mu Huan didn’t know and remained silent.

Qi Wenfu was anxious and nagged and spoke a lot. Mu Huan didn’t listen and just let him speak.

The police station was close to the Sports University. An intersection brought the university’s walls into sight. The taxi driver stopped steadily at the gate and turned to look at the two people.

Mu Huan stated, “You go back first.”

Qi Wenfu refused. “I won’t.”

“Go back first.”

“I won’t! I want to follow you and see what your mental state is like.”

“I am going there to beg. Why are you following me?”

“Damn, you are crazy!”

Mu Huan ordered, “Get out of the car.”

The driver changed his posture impatiently. The beeping of a car was heard behind them.

Qi Wenfu gritted his teeth. “Go. I want to see how you beg and throw your face to the ground!”

“Let’s go, Master.”

After speaking, Mu Huan leaned his body to one side. He looked at the scenery along the way and the confusion in his head couldn’t be cleared.

He had to go back anyway. There was only one place that he couldn’t leave. Once a person put their heart and energy into one thing and struggled for it all their life, even in pain and joy, they could no longer give up.

The scenery outside the window was like a flashing film, indistinguishable. Yet Mu Huan clearly knew where the end of the road led. He remembered every intersection on the road and every building.

People came and went. This road was imprinted in his heart.

“Master, turn left here.”

“Go straight at the intersection.”

“Turn left at this intersection.”

“Yes, stop here.”

The taxi finally stopped at the back of Capital Skating Rink, a six-storey old-fashioned community away from the road. The community looked old but a gate was carefully set up and there were security guards standing guard.

There were many signs on both sides of the gate such as ‘National Sports Winter Program Athletes’ Residence’, National Winter Program Research Center’, ‘National Winter Program Sports Center’ and so on.

Mu Huan got out of the car and heard Qi Wenfu sighing in his ear. “I’m trembling just standing in this place. You really want to come back? Or how about this? I know an Internet celebrity. Can I send your photo to him? You can meet. I’m digging out my heart so don’t you dare toss it.”

Mu Huan sighed after hearing this and turned to look at Qi Wenfu. “I’ll go in by yourself. I remember that your grades aren’t very good. Now that you have been delayed for a year, it will be difficult for you to get good grades when you go back. I should still have a chance. No matter how hard it is, I have to try.”

Qi Wenfu’s words were stuck in his throat and his eyes filled with anger. “You are still looking down on me?”

Mu Huan’s mouth twitched. “Rehabilitation is very hard. Do you want to accompany him?”

“Can’t I? Who are you looking down on? In addition, who said I wanted to accompany you? I just came to watch the fun.”

Mu Huan nodded. “Then I’m going.”

Mu Huan turned his head again. He looked at the familiar scene before him, took a deep breath and took a step. The guard at the door was new and didn’t recognize him. The guard watched Mu Huan vigilantly.

Mu Huan was stopped outside the gate. He was in a hurry and forgot to bring his door card.

His boiling blood was cooled down by a basin of cold water. Mu Huan stood in a daze.

Just then, a hand holding a door card and reached out from behind him, swiping at the gate. Mu Huan turned and saw Qi Wenfu with a beaming smile on his face. Mu Huan laughed. “Why did you come in again?”

Qi Wenfu answered, “How can I watch the excitement without following you? How can I watch you slap your own face?”

Mu Huan smiled. It wasn’t his mistake so what was he afraid of? This self-respect like action would only appear when he made the decision himself. It was just coaxing the female devil. He felt it was okay.

The two of them went all the way into the community.

This community had a long history and the buildings had been repaired twice. The exterior wall had changed from the original red brick to a gravel wall and then brown painted walls. It took 40 years and countless athletes came and went. The only thing that remained unchanged was that the small saplings planted in the flower beds downstairs had now grown into towering, giant trees.

The canopy and the green branches bloomed vigorously in the spring breeze.

The familiar scene was like an old photograph imprinted on his heart. It was deep, elegant and had its own luxurious smile. Even the reluctant Qi Wenfu was plunged into his memories and was extraordinarily quiet.

It wasn’t until they arrived at the office building that Qi Wenfu sighed. “In the beginning, we were dead set on getting out of here. How can you do this?”

Mu Huan smiled lightly as he looked forward. “Everything is in the past. It is all a prelude.”

Tsk. Still showing off your knowledge? Disgusting.”

They entered the office building and faced a mirror that clearly reflected Mu Huan’s face. It was both familiar and unfamiliar. There was a smile on this face and sentimental eyes.

Mu Huan took a look before glancing away. He wasn’t comfortable. In particular, he had changed from an omega to an alpha. Mu Huan was embarrassed to death when he thought about it.

Yu Yiman’s office was on the third floor. As the ‘gold medal coach’ of the figure skating team, Yu Yiman had her own office. She might not be in her office at this time but he always had to see.

Since Mu Huan had crossed to this body, one thing after another had happened and it wasn’t always good. Fortunately, his luck was back. Yu Yiman was really in the office.

She was presumably about to go to training. Yu Yiman got up and was organizing documents. She saw Mu Huan appear in the doorway and slammed the pile of documents in her hand onto the desk.

She raised her eyebrow and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Mu Huan entered and bowed respectfully. “Coach Yu, I was wrong before. I came back to report.”

Yu Yiman’s mouth tightened. “No.”

“Coach Yu…”

There was the clatter of high heels. Yu Yiman walked up to Mu Huan but didn’t even look at him as she went straight out.

The footsteps faded away. She really didn’t look back.

Qi Wenfu smiled with contentment. “Look, didn’t I say it was boring? What type of temper does that devil have? You offended her so much. Do you think so will forgive you? It is good if she doesn’t peel off a layer of your skin.”

He pulled Mu Huan’s shoulder. “Let’s go. There is still class in the afternoon.”

Mu Huan’s mouth tightened. He went straight to a seat and sat down. “You go back first. I’ll wait for her to come back.”


Mu Huan gestured with his head. “Go.”

Qi Wenfu’s mouth closed and he stared at Mu Huan. The more he looked, the angrier he became. Finally, he snapped. “Do you think your words are so special that I will come and go as you speak? Do you think I have no temper?! Do whatever you want! I don’t care!”

Mu Huan saw Qi Wenfu turn to leave and leaned back against the chair.

His gaze swept over the office and eventually stopped on the display cabinet behind Yu Yiman’s desk. There were rows of trophies and awards.

A golden light shone. It was extremely dazzling.

The best pairs skating coach…

How could he miss it?

“Huh? You are… Mu Huan?”

Just as he was looking, a coach walked by the wide open office and stopped in surprise when he saw Mu Huan. He walked into the office and looked at Mu Huan. “Are you looking for Teacher Yu? She should be in training at this time. Are you coming here to transfer?”

Mu Huan got up and called out, “Coach Wang.”

Wang Qing nodded and leaned on the desk. He looked at Mu Huan with his arms folded over his chest. “Have you been okay these days?”


“You don’t have to hurry to retire. It isn’t too late to finish university first and then come over to go through the formalities. I know you are still angry with Teacher Yu but you can’t do anything. Wait two more  years and continue to study.”

Mu Huan told him, “I want to come back.”

“Eh?!” Wang Qing’s hand dropped from his chest and he couldn’t close his mouth in surprise. “What?”

“I said, I want to…”

“Don’t, don’t!” Wang Qing waved his hand. “Don’t struggle. You definitely won’t be able to come back. Even if Teacher Yu agrees, President Xiong definitely won’t agree. Besides, the General Administration has noted you down. You should be thankful that you can finish studying now. What are you struggling for?”

The corners of Mu Huan’s mouth tightened.

He hesitated before asking, “Coach Wang, do you know what I did back then?”