SDC: Chapter 2

This cognition scared Mu Huan’s three souls and six souls in half. He used the remaining half of his soul to control his disobedient body and raised his feet to kick forward.



“Mu Huan!”

A series of sounds filled his ears.

It wasn’t until Mu Huan’s gaze focused on the stone that had fallen in front of him and felt his soul that had been shaking before his eyes slowly return to his body.

Mu Huan didn’t care about the chaos around him or who he flung away with a wave of his hand. He rushed over to pick up the stone and squeezed it tightly in the palm of his hand. Only then did his soul fully return.

Mu Huan turned around and glared fiercely at the person who almost killed him.

It was a male alpha with good features. He looked handsome but now he was sitting on the ground while holding his stomach. He didn’t look very good and looked embarrassed. He gritted his teeth and tried to get up using one hand against the ground. However, he couldn’t stand up. He sat back, sucking in air as he glared at Mu Huan, wishing to eat him.

Han Can clearly knew this person. He stood between the man and Mu Huan, anxious and angry. Finally, he cried and yelled, “Zhang Jing, you are crazy. What do you want to do? I broke up with you? Can you not pester me? I, you doing this… it makes me sick and scared. If anything happens to Mu Huan then I-I’m done with you!”

Mu Huan’s grip on the stone tightened and his frantically beating heart hadn’t eased.

Almost. He almost died.

If it hadn’t been for his former ‘self’ suddenly appearing and reminding himself of this scene, perhaps he would’ve fallen to the ground in a bloody manner just now.

What was this situation! For others who experienced rebirth, they had unfinished ideals and goals and wanted to fight for another lifetime.

Meanwhile, he didn’t lack anything.

All those who insulted him and looked down on him had been severely slapped in the face by him. They painfully regretted it. His life might not be perfect but he had no regrets.

Then what was this? Arranging for him to enter the body of this ‘short-lived stallion’ and let him die again? Did God have a vendetta against him?

The sharp corner of the stone pierced his flesh and caused a burst of pain. Mu Huan blinked his dry, red eyes and looked at Zhang Jing who had finally stood up.

Zhang Jing had just attempted to kill someone but he still felt righteous. “You’re lucky but I’m not finished with you.”

Han Can raised a hand to push Zhang Jing. “You’re crazy. Who told you to do this?”

Zhang JIng grabbed Han Can’s wrists and pulled him closer, regardless of the other person’s struggles. He hugged Han Can tightly like a wounded beast. “You are mine. You said you will always be mine.”

“Let go! Let me go. I’m not yours! I don’t like you anymore.”

“No, no. We were still together a few days ago…”

“Ahh! You shut up! Mu Huan, listen to me. He got me drunk and…”

Mu Huan’s hand on the stone repeatedly loosened and tightened. He was so disgusted by these two guys that even his fear of life or death had faded.

‘Mu Huan’, you stupid person! How did you find these two crazy people? You deserve to die early!

He was too lazy to listen to these two people again. Mu Huan turned to look at the person who was protecting him and finally remembered the other person’s name. “Wenfu, call the police.”

Qi Wenfu had been looking fierce. Now he turned around after hearing the words. “Call the police? Isn’t that too much…”

“Call the police.” Mu Huan ordered decisively and squeezed the stone hard. He no longer looked at the two people who were going to live or die in front of him. He looked around and asked, “Will any of you stay to testify for me? He tried to kill me.”

At the last few words, the noisy scene abruptly quieted down. It was so silent that a needle falling could be heard. The wind passed through the treetops and the leaves were whirling. Far away, the school bell rang.

Attempted… murder? Wasn’t this crime too big?

No one spoke. It was just a relationship dispute and not one hair on his head was touched, right? Even Qi Wenfu stopped and looked at Mu Huan with surprise as he was about to make the call.

Zhang Jing  stopped his actions and smiled at Mu Huan. “Why? Are you so jealous of me that you want to wrong me? Where did I hurt you? Tell me! Did I touch one hair on your head?”

Han Can also spoke timidly. “Mu Huan, no. Don’t go so far for me.”

Mu Huan ignored these words. He saw that Qi Wenfu had stopped and simply grabbed the phone, calling the number on the screen.

Qi Wenfu moved his fingers, stared at the stone in Mu Huan’s hand and sighed. “It was really dangerous…”

Zhang Jing snorted cold.y. “Oh, you report it. Feel free to report. Let’s see if you have the ability to lock me up.”

Tears fell down Han Can’s face. “I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. Mu Huan, I’m sorry to you.”

The jumbled voices were too noisy. Mu Huan raised his hand to cover his other ear and watched Zhang Jing vigilantly as he spoke, “Hello, I want to call the police…”


The police came quickly.

The group of people gathered to watch the excitement. They never left and even more people came. The school leaders also heard the news and rushed over.

“It’s okay. It’s nothing. No one is hurt. I troubled you to come over but there is no need to take people away. We can investigate and deal with it.” A school leader stopped the police and spoke carefully.”

Zhang Jing grinned when he heard the words. s”See? Attempted murder?”

Mu Huan thought of the photo on the tombstone and his thin lips gently opened. “I want to go to the police station.”

The school leader was trying to keep the pace and now he turned around and glared angrily at the words.

Mu Huan insisted. He raised the stone in his hand and revealed the sharp edge. “This is the murder weapon.”

This stone was selected well. The grip was the right thickness and the handle was solid. The exposed part was like a sharpened pencil, the front end extremely sharp.

It was really a murder weapon.

The police officer and school leader’s eyes fell on it and their relaxed expressions abruptly disappeared. This weapon was full of careful planning and could kill a person with a single blow. It wasn’t bad compared to a blade.

The police officer stepped forward and picked up the stone. He examined it carefully before looking at Zhang Jing with a serious expression. “Where did this thing come from? Did you chisel it? Come with me.”

The smile on Zhang Jing’s face disappeared abruptly. His eyes fell on the stone in the officer’s hands and kept rolling around.

The school leader saw this and sighed. “Let’s go.”

The police officer opened the path ahead and the related people followed him. The onlookers followed until they saw the people involved getting into the car. Then they took out their phones to post in their Moments.

In a short period of time, the news that two As and one O staged a love and murder drama at the campus gate was all over the school.

Mu Huan knew he was okay and Zhang Jing would be fine.

He had avoided this deadly blow. Apart from the murder weapon that didn’t seem naturally made, there was no evidence to send Zhang Jing to prison.

—Unless he died like last time.

However, he wasn’t interested in losing his life for this madman. Therefore, Mu Huan did all this to wait for a certain person.

The moment Yu Yiman walked into the police station in high heels, all eyes focused on her.

The ‘clatter’ of the high heels sounded like iron nails were installed in the hells. Before this person arrived, the sound was heard first. It was like a soul-stimulating ringtone that could scare the younger members of the team pale, their necks shrinking back.

Yu Yiman’s pheromones were extremely suppressive. Even in the face of the same alpha, she could still be superior.

She didn’t lose to the height of a male alpha. After putting on high heels, her imposing manner was too much and it seemed like she could crush people to slag.

For an alpha like Zhang Jing, his pheromones weren’t strong enough and he had to shrink back.

Yu Yiman entered the office and glanced around. Her eyes paused on Mu Huan for a while before they fell on the police officer and the school leader.

She said, “Hello, I am Mu Huan’s coach. I will pick him up.”

The police officer nodded and handed a blue notebook to Yu Yiman. “Sign here and you can go.”

Yu Yiman took the pen and paper, her body bent in a s*xy line. She was about to write when she suddenly glanced at Zhang Jing. “What about him?”

The police officer looked serious. “Critical education.”

The school leader added, “Warning and disciplinary action.”

Yu Yiman’s lips pursed. She seemed a bit dissatisfied but in the end, she didn’t speak. She just nodded. Then her eyes fell on Han Can’s face and her terrifying aura made Han Can pale.

Yu Yiman retracted her gaze and signed her name in bold, cursive calligraphy. 

“Let’s go.” Yu Yiman got up, glanced at Mu Huan and turned to leave.

Qi Wenfu called out timidly. “Coach Yu, there is still me.”

Yu Yiman glanced at him and left without looking back.

Mu Huan nodded goodbye to the police officer and school leader before quickly following. It was still a bit cold in April. A cold wind blew on his face after leaving the police station.

Yu Yiman had arrived at the car.

Mu Huan gathered his down jacket tighter around him. His mood was like a ‘cold snap during the spring’ and there was nowhere for the cold to go.

Qi Wenfu sighed and whispered beside him, “Why did you have to do this? You provoked this female devil to come over. Are you happy now? We have offended her so badly. Once we go back this time, there won’t be any good fruit to eat.”

Mu Huan walked down the steps and answered quietly, “I was looking for her.”

Wenfu caught up. “Looking for her? For what? Retirement?”

Mu Huan shook his head. “No.”

Qi Wenfu was anxious. “Don’t hook her up again. Last year, how hard did you work to make her give up? You are waiting for retirement now.”

Mu Huan was silent as he walked to the side of the car. He ignored the back door opened by Qi Wenfu and directly sat in the front passenger’s seat.

Yu Yiman had already started the car. She looked at him with surprise and her mouth twitched. “Go back to school?”

Qi Wenfu answered in an obedient manner in the back. “Yes, Coach Yu.”

After the clicking sound of the seatbelt, Mu Huan said, “Coach Yu, is my bed and dormitory still available? I want to go back there to live.”

The car that had just left came to a stop and Yu Yiman raised her eyebrow at him. “What do you mean?”

“Last night, I made a fuss about retiring, right?”

Yu Yiman smiled. “Yes. Why? Do you regret it?”

Mu Huan nodded. “I regret it.”

Qi Wenfu let out a bitter cry from the back.

Then the car fell silent.

Mu Huan felt Yu Yiman’s hot gaze. After considering it, he raised his head and was about to speak when his collar was grabbed by a slender and beautiful hand.

Mu Huan was forced to look at Yu Yiman’s angry face.

“What place do you think this is? You think you can come and leave as you please? Mu Huan, I’m telling you, I don’t need you as a team member. In my opinion, your previous achievements are nothing! You want to come back? No way! Scram! Get out!”

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