SDC: Chapter 4

Wang Qing laughed with anger when he heard these words. He took a deep look at Mu Huan, shook his head with a smile and turned to leave.

Mu Huan pressed his lips together tightly as he stood there and thought hard. Unfortunately, apart from the rumors circulating outside, he really couldn’t remember anything else about ‘Mu Huan.’

He only knew that ‘Mu Huan’ was crazy. He did things according to his heart and did whatever he wanted. They were two completely different types of people.

Just after ‘Mu Huan’ joined the team and when ‘Li Xin’ hadn’t differentiated yet, there was talk about how the two of them might form a partnership, a ‘strong team.’ Unfortunately, these rumors were never heard again after he differentiated.

Still, he didn’t miss the big picture. It wasn’t hard to guess what ‘Mu Huan’ did when he left the team. If he hadn’t offended people so much, no one would dislike him coming back.

The national team was a place that was thirsty for talent but there was a limit to this eagerness. Those who were disobedient and arrogant wouldn’t be forced to stay here. Everyone had their own ambition. A melon that was twisted by force really wasn’t sweet.

It seemed that it was really difficult to come back. Everything in the past might be a prelude but the pit that ‘Mu Huan’ dug for him was too big!

Mu Huan waited until after lunch. His stomach was grumbling with hunger when Yu Yiman entered the office with a full stomach. Her eyes fell on him and the comfort on her face disappeared without a trace. She wondered coldly, “You’re still here?”

“Coach Yu.” Mu Huan got up.

Yu Yiman took off her jacket and hung it from the coat rack while telling him, “It is useless begging me. You definitely won’t be able to come back to this national team. I have no expectations of you and I won’t have them in the future.”

Mu Huan looked down and listened quietly.

Yu Yiman was surprised that Mu Huan was so quiet. She looked at her again, her expression constantly changing until it finally became cold and her voice sank, “You go.”

Mu Huan opened his mouth at this time. “For the enrollment of July’s training team recruitment, I plan to sign up.”

Yu Yiman looked at him silently.

Mu Huan continued, “The quota for the training team comes from the provincial teams. Can you apply for a quota for me?”

“Heh, help you?” Yu Yiman was amused. “I was bitten by the ungrateful little bunny. Do you think I will be bitten again?”

“Everyone is young and makes various mistakes, but one day they will grow up and regret the mistakes they made.”

“I’m not interested in hearing that.”

Mu Huan continued, “Coach Yu, I hope you will give me a chance to turn over a new leaf.”

Mu Huan finished with a deep bow. He kept bowing like this without moving. He stubbornly waited for Yu Yiman’s answer. He waited a long time. Mu Huan waited until he had a sore back and his body was trembling.

Yu Yiman’s voice was finally heard above his head. “Mu Huan, if you are only at a normal level then don’t ever think about coming back in your life.”


She finally relented!

Mu Huan looked up with joy and smiled. He straightened and exclaimed, “I won’t let you down!”

Yu Yiman opened the lesson plan with a cold face. She lowered her head to write while saying nothing.

After a while, Yu Yiman angrily hit the pen against the table and looked up at Mu Huan. “You aren’t leaving?”

Mu Huan smiled. “I don’t have a place to train. Can you arrange a place for me?”

Yu Yiman frowned. She stared fiercely at Mu Huan for a moment before saying, “If it isn’t training time, you can go to the ice rink.”


This time, Mu Huan really left. He went out of the office and exhaled. There was joy in his eyes.

How difficult are things in the world? As long as you do it firmly, not giving up in any way and persevering, you will always get the result you want. If you don’t succeed then you aren’t doing enough. You must persist and work harder.

It was afternoon when he headed downstairs. The sky that had been cloudy for a few days cleared up. Golden sunlight peeked out from behind the clouds, releasing a warm light.

Mu Huan looked up. The sun fell on his face and shone into his heart. The corners of his mouth were curled up comfortably.


Mu Huan was a man who did what he said. It wasn’t easy to gain this opportunity so he had to race against time to implement it.

He called a taxi and returned to the school dormitory. It was the time for the afternoon nap and the door of Qi Wenfu’s room was closed tightly.

Mu Huan returned to his own room and searched through the boxes and cabinet. However, he couldn’t find his training supplies. He sat on the bed and thought about it for a while before an idea emerged.

Mu Huan took his key card and hurriedly returned to the athlete’s apartment. Thankfully, he knew ‘Mu Huan’ before and remembered the dormitory.

Standing in front of the door, the dormitory building was quiet at noon. Mu Huan was in a pilgrimage-like mood as he brushed the card against the card reader. There was a ‘ding’ and the door opened.

The closed doors and windows, like a year’s worth of gloomy, turned into rampant dust that entered straight into Mu Huan’s nose.

The room was a mess. The washbasin and old, discarded shoes were thrown haphazardly in the middle of the way. The bedding on the bed was messy like he had just left. Gray, checkered boxer briefs hung from the iron wire running through the room, gently swaying in the long-lost wind.

A pair of black ice skates were placed under the desk. One was standing upright and the other was lying down at an angle, covered with dust.

Mu Huan’s throat moved as he closed the door gently and walked to the desk. He slowly bent down, brushing his fingers against the skates and leaving clear finger marks.

For a time, his heart was full of emotions. ‘Mu Huan’ seemed to really not want to skate…

Why? Was it because he didn’t want to suffer? What were the hardships he had suffered in the past years?

Mu Huan didn’t understand. There was no need to understand. That person was gone and now the person standing in front of the skates was himself.

What others regarded as a shoe, he saw as his treasure. He would put on these shoes and skate his own way!

After finding a rag and filling a basin with water, Mu Huan stood in front of the table and little by little, he carefully wiped the ice skates clean.



Let dry.

It was like a dusty sword held in the hands of a mighty black warrior. He flicked his wrist and smoke and dust fell. A cold light shone and a long cry was heard.

The black ice skates were gorgeous, cold and beautiful. Mu Huan looked at them happily before putting them in his bag. He was careful and meticulous.

After cleaning his skates, Mu Huan started to examine the environment.

Coach Yu had promised that he could use the ice rink outside of training time, i.e. noon and evening. It was too troublesome to go back and forth from the school during this time period and a lot of the training equipment for ice sports wasn’t common to other sports. This meant the only way to have better training resources was to stay in this room.

Mu Huan pulled out a mask and covered his face, wiping the table and sweeping the floor. During the time when the washing machine was on, Mu Huan cleaned the ceiling.

Midway through, Qi Wenfu called and asked if he was still going to attend class. Mu Huan asked Qi Wenfu to take a leave of absence for him and fished the bed sheet and quilt cover from the washing machine.

As Qi Wenfu hung up the phone, he said, “You’re a psychopath and I’m too lazy to care about you!”

Mu Huan laughed and put down his phone. He held the bed line and headed to the top floor.

It was rare for the sun to come out so the top floor was full of clothes. They fluttered in the wind like colorful flags. Mu Huan searched for a long time before finding an empty spot in the corner. He unfolded the sheets and hung them on the rope.

“Hey, have you seen the Moments?”

 A voice came from behind the sheets.  Mu Huan thought this person was talking to him and was about to open his mouth when another voice was heard. “Ah, you’re talking about Mu Huan, right?”

“Is he really dead?”


“Really? My Moments are saying that he is dead.”

“It is nonsense. He is alive and well.”

Mu Huan frowned and stepped out from behind the sheets. He was expecting the two people to end the gossip but instead, the two female omegas gave Mu Huan a look and continued talking again.

“The killing for love is false but the love triangle is true.”

“This time, the green tea Han Can is so proud. He sent a clarification on Weibo. Looking at the tone, he is just showing off.”

“I always thought that Mu Huan, a male god, would have nothing to do with this type of love triangle. He should play the world. No one can keep him.”

“You call this type of scumbag a male god? Are you blind?”

“He is handsome.”

“Heh, can you eat with your face? What can he do after leaving the figure skating team? 10 years later, he will probably be fat. What is the use of being handsome?”

Mu Huan thought about his current face. It was only now that he noticed the mask on his face. No wonder why these two people didn’t know him. However, it was too embarrassing to take off the mask now.

Mu Huan hesitated before continuing to shake off the last pillowcase in the basin and hanging it up. Behind him, the two people chatted happily. One basically said that Mu Huan was a scumbag while the other said that his face was justice.

The two people argued and it got a bit unpleasant.

“No, what is your vision? What else is good about him besides that face?”

“A good face is enough. I heard his pheromones smell good and he is a former national champion.”

“What is so good about a past matter?”

Mu Huan listened for a long time. Apart from the gossip, he didn’t hear any information about him leaving the national team so he simply walked around the two people.

Before he could go too far, he heard the omega who had just been attacking him saying, “See? That person just now, he feels a hundred times stronger than Mu Huan. His long legs are just breathtaking.”

Mu Huan went downstairs and all the way back to his dormitory. Once the door closed behind him, he thought about it before picking up his phone and turning on selfie mode again.

On the screen, there was a very beautiful and aggressive face. The long and narrow phoenix eyes looked cold and indifferent. They were sharp and had no affection. The upper light was a bit thin while the lower lip was a bit thick. If motionless, they looked like they were somewhat smiling.

Mu Huan smiled and couldn’t bear to look at it directly. It was simply a scumbag.

He put down the phone in a complicated mood. He felt that Mu Huan’s face really didn’t fit his aesthetics. It was no wonder why he didn’t pay much attention to Mu Huan in his previous life. How self-abusive would it be to become infatuated with this fickle evildoer?

He once again rolled up his shirt and looked down. The muscles of his waist and abdomen were still there. He just had to use a bit of strength and the deep contours would show a high strength under the thin layer of skin.

An alpha was strong. Mu Huan had just cleaned up the room and developed a deep understanding of this. It didn’t take much effort for him to lift a table that was over 100 kilograms and the top of the wardrobe could be touched with a slight lifting of his feet.

Well, his legs were long enough.

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