IPCFS: Chapter 26

“It is too much! He is just a supporting role! Grabbing your heat like this?”

Xiao Zhang in the lounge was angry. “If I didn’t know better, I would think he was the main star!”

The agent Xu Xiang heard this and tapped on the table, gesturing to the side with his eyes. “Xiao Zhang, stop.”

Zhou Qingming sat on the sofa and stared at the hot search on Weibo.

Half an hour ago, the TV drama’s official Weibo announced that Qin Yue would play the role of the ‘regent’ and the heat of this Weibo post had completely exploded.

Due to his compatibility with the character, even Ji Li’s exposure had repeatedly risen.

Qin Yue Ji Li, Ji Li’s fight scene, Cai NIngkang praised Ji Li… three hot search topics in a row were trending high on the hot search list.

Meanwhile, the subsequent discussion of Zhou Qingming’s hot search wasn’t enough so his ranking slipped again and again. It was almost falling out of the light.

On the day of the official role announcement, the discussion of the male lead wasn’t as good as a supporting villain?

Anyone who had this happen to them would feel ashamed. At this moment, Zhou Qingming’s joy of being ‘praised’ in the morning disappeared.

Xu Xiang shook his head and truthfully opened his mouth. “I can only say that Ji Li’s luck is good and he took advantage of it. I didn’t expect that the crew could invite Qin Yue…”

Who was Qin Yue?

He was the only fully crowned movie emperor in the Chinese movie and television circle. He had complete acting skills and was a box office guarantee.

Nine years later, he was playing a drama role again. It might be a special invitation role but it was enough to surprise fans and passersby.

In addition, the complex emotional relationship between the regent and Xie Yan in the book was very thought-provoking. At this moment, the continuous attention of the book fans was about to soar into the sky.

It was a feast for face dogs!

Xiao Zhang couldn’t help muttering again, “It is clear that Ji Li is making a lot of noise to win over you!”

“I can’t get back what has been taken. He is lucky and I have to resign myself to fate.” Zhou Qingming threw away his phone and there was some panic in his heart.

“What fate?! Brother Ming, the book fans also have a high degree of acknowledgment for you!” Xiao Zhang quickly gave him encouragement and comfort. “We just don’t have as much backing as Ji Li.”

He paused before expressing his inner guess. “I think Teacher Qin Yue must’ve come for JI Li. The previous revelations from He Ling might not necessarily be false.”

Xu Xiang frowned. “Do you have a door in your mouth that makes you unable to shut it?”

“Sister Xiang, listen to my analysis.” Xiao Zhang was stubborn and kept speaking.

“Previously when Brother Ming first joined the crew, didn’t the casting director of Teacher  Qin Yue’s movie call you? He asked Brother Ming had time to appear in the movie but then it didn’t work out.”

Xu Xiang remembered it and nodded.

Zhou Qingming raised his eyes in doubt.

It was obvious that this was the first time he knew about it.

“I have a friend who works in the movie’s crew and I asked him a little bit about it yesterday. Guess what? He originally wanted Brother Ming to play that role but later, Ji Li played it. He also acted against Teacher Qin Yue!”

Xiao Zhang spoke vigorously and looked like he had discovered the truth.

“That is Teacher Qin’s movie yet they let a newcomer in? Even if it is just a small supporting role, Ji Li will be able to show his face after the release!”

Zhou Qingming’s expression changed slightly and his heart became more reluctant.

Yes, acting against Qin Yue in a big production was like taking half a step into the movie circle.

“The crew let Ji Li play Xie Yan and won the investment of Teacher Qin. Now the two of them are acting together again.”

Xiao Zhang was in the lounge and was in front of acquaintances, so he spoke more openly. “Is there such a coincidence in the world?”

“That pretty boy Ji Li must’ve either climbed Teacher Qin Yue or Yu Fuya. The certain thing is that he has a relationship.”

Xu Xiang thought about it silently.

In the entertainment industry, such a relationship wasn’t surprising. Xiao Zhang’s words weren’t impossible.

She saw the unwillingness in her artist’s eyes and crooked thoughts sprang up. “Qingming, do you want me to find a water army to guide public opinion?”

“…Sister Xiang, do you mean the relationship between Qin Yue and Ji Li?”

Xu Xiang spoke vaguely,  “Rest assured, I won’t be as obvious as He Ling and Sun Yong. I will just buy an article and point out that there is someone behind Ji Li.”

As for how the netizens guessed, that was their business.

Ji Li’s current enthusiasm was indeed too high. They had to find a way to suppress it or there should at least be some bad comments.

“I know you don’t like these shady tricks but you can’t avoid them in the entertainment industry. Do you want JI Li to become popular and suppress you all the way from now to the broadcast?”

Zhou Qingming’s heart was filled with sour feelings when he heard these words. He gritted his teeth unwillingly and replied, “…I’ll do as you please.”

The moment he finished speaking, there was a knock on the door of the lounge.

“Who is it?” Before Xiao Zhang could get near, the simple iron door was opened.

YU Fuya smoked an e-cigarette as she leaned against the door. She looked at the three people in the lounge. “I’m sorry, I just happened to be passing by.”

“You can only blame the poor soundproofing of the lounge. I heard you talking about my family’s Ji Li so I stood and listened for a while.”

Xu Xiang’s expression changed dramatically and she carefully got up to greet this person. “Sister Yu, we were just casually chatting.”

“Just chatting?” Yu Fuya blew out some smoke and shrugged. “Okay, what are you chatting about? I’ll talk with you.”

She came in and placed the phone with the taped recording on the table.

The conversation between the three people was recorded without missing a word. The sound quality was somewhat vague but it would be clear with proper post-processing and subtitles.

Now even Zhou Qingming was unable to sit still.

“Sister Yu, it is a misunderstanding, just a misunderstanding.” Xu Xiang suppressed her embarrassment.

In terms of seniority, the other person was still her senior. Besides, they were the ones talking about it first. They had no right to blame Yu Fuya for eavesdropping.

“It seems I’ve been away from the circle for too long…” Yu Fuya put away the e-cigarette and looked at Xu Xiang sharply.

“You dare to arrange at will an artist under my hand? You should go out and inquire. Which one of the artists brought by Yu Fuya wasn’t based on real talent?”

How could she not know Ji Li’s ambition as his artist? If he really had a relationship with Qin Yue, he would’ve signed with Yuexing by now.

Yu Fuya glanced at the assistant Xiao Zhang and sneered. “The emperor isn’t in a hurry but the eunuch is anxious? A mere assistant dares gossip. Let me hear you talking nonsense. I have plenty of ways to let you get out of this industry!”

“What are you thinking by keeping this assistant around? Aren’t you afraid that trouble will come out of his mouth and end up on you?”

This scolding was too direct.

Xiao Zhang was angry and embarrassed. His face instantly turned red and he was speechless.

Zhou Qingming was also embarrassed when he heard this. The other person might be scolding Xiao Zhang but there was always the feeling of scolding him indirectly.

Yu Fuya took back her phone and warned clearly. “I don’t like people doing things in the darkness. Let me make it clear, if you dare to play tricks behind my back, I’ll never let you feel good.”

“Sister Yu, we thought poorly. I will solemnly apologize to you.” Xu Xiang immediately admitted her mistake and repeatedly promised, “Don’t worry, we won’t do anything behind your back.”

Apart from being criticized for her relationship in her early years, Yu Fuya’s courage and ability had never been questioned.

Her contacts covered almost the entire movie and television circle. Even Shi Meng, the boss of their studio, spent some time under Yu Fuya when she was a newcomer. Shi Meng had to call out ‘Sister Yu’ in a disciplined manner.

There were very few agents in the circle who could compete with her.

“Xiao Zhang’s salary will be cut in half this month. I will also ask the company to send a new assistant to help.” Xu Xiang could only push Xiao Zhang out first.

Xiao Zhang hadn’t expected this at all and was dumbfounded for a moment.

How come he lost his job just because of a few words?

He looked to Zhou Qingming for help but he saw that the latter had stood up and was apologizing under Xu Xiang’s eyes.

Zhou Qingming’s heart was full of humiliation but he also knew that the other person couldn’t be offended.

They were discussing making small moves to trouble Ji Li. Then the latter’s agent directly came in and made it clear. They didn’t dare to be angry or to speak, What was more humiliating than this?

“Do you know why you haven’t become popular?” Yu Fuya stared at Zhou Qingming and hit the nail on the head. “It is because you already think highly of yourself even though you haven’t reached the top.”

“What?” Zhou Qingming was stunned.

“Your acting is good but there are mountains beyond mountains.”

Yu Fuya spoke bluntly. “You have this jealous mind and don’t use it to push yourself. The audience will always prefer acting skills that can move people’s hearts.”

“Ji Li can bear the pain and act again and again without a stand-in during the entire process. Can you? He interpreted Xie Yan’s charm to the extreme in his own way. Can you?”

“Thus, he is more popular than you today. You should accept your fate.”

Zhou Qingming was overwhelmed by these questions.

Yes, Ji Li’s acting ability could infect and even influence other actors.

He asked himself, ‘Can I do it?’

Yu Fuya didn’t want to listen to his answer and turned away to leave.

She had wasted so much time. She needed to hurry and see if Ji Li was sneaking milk tea again!

Zhou Qingming stared at the empty doorway. He had never been more ashamed or sober than he was now.

Since his debut, he had been living in the praise of the people around him. He might be modest on the surface but he thought he had excellent acting skills in his heart.

Over time, he forgot how to go any further.

In the entertainment circle, making no progress was the biggest step backwards.


Ji Li hadn’t expected that the much anticipated regent would be Qin Yue making a special appearance.

The hot search was high. In the comment, there were cheers from fans and book fans, but there were also malicious words from black fans.

-It is true! It is true! It is true! I can’t believe I can see these two handsome men in a scene!

-If it is Qin Yue, I don’t have to worry at all. He and Ji Li look good together.

-First I will make it clear that this Qin Yue fan isn’t supporting CP. I just never thought I would see Teacher Qin Yue on a TV drama again. I immediately came in.

-I’m not worried about Brother Li’s acting skills. I hope Ji Li, the newcomer won’t hold him back~

-I’m laughing to death at some Qin Yue fans. Are you still so silly at this time? People with bright eyes can see what the relationship is between Qin Yue and Ji Li, okay? The previous revelations about them must be absolutely true!

-Upstairs +1. I heard Ji Li and Dream Media have terminated their contract? I bet he will sign for Lixing Culture and have the back door opened. Ji Li is great, Qin Yue is great, a dog man is great.

-Some people’s mouths are stinky to death and are spraying nonsense. Go and see the official Weibo of Chaoying Culture. Ji Li has signed with their company. Why must he sign with Lixing? Does your face hurt?

-The comments of the black fans have been reported. I’m laughing to death! Us fans know more about Teacher Qin Yue than you. Get lost.

-Ji Li, jiayou! I am very optimistic about you as a Qin Yue fan.

Chaoying Culture’s welcome Weibo post was released in a timely manner. Combined with the timely control and comments of Qin Yue’s fans, the ‘nonsense’ comments of the black fans were soon blocked.

Baozi was monitoring the Internet in real time and was extremely happy. He refreshed and found that the number of Weibo followers was updating every second. It increased by nearly 300,000.

It wouldn’t be long before the total number of fans broke through one million.

You know, it was just a one-day publicity trailer. It wasn’t known what would happen once the drama would air.

“Our Brother Ji is awesome. You became an overnight celebrity,” Baozi boasted proudly.

Ji Li smiled and glanced helplessly at Baozi.

He carefully considered it before sending a message to Qin Yue. “Brother Qin, I saw the official announcement on the Internet. No wonder why the crew kept it a secret before. I didn’t expect we would be acting together so soon.”

The reply came quickly.

“Director Yao invited me to play the role of regent very early. He was kind to me so I naturally had to accept.”

That year, the movie ‘The Awakening’ was unable to be released for a short time after filming.

He had a gap of no works for some time. It was Yao Chuan who valued him as a new actor and let him play in a drama he directed.

‘Workplace Hunter’ boldly adopted the mode of shooting and broadcasting at the same time.  This aroused continuous hot discussions after broadcasting. Qin Yue’s popularity officially rose at that time.

“After today’s announcement, my PR team has been monitoring public opinion in real time. I won’t let the ‘black materials’ from some time ago affect you and the role itself. Don’t be too stressed.”

Even if Ji Li didn’t say anything, this man managed to see through his phone screen to spy on his true thoughts.

Ji Li saw these words and his mood warmed up. “Thank you, Brother Qin. I am looking forward to our scenes together.”

“No need.” Qin Yue’s response was polite. Then he unexpectedly added, “I am also looking forward to seeing you.”

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2 years ago

Nice that Xiao Zhang and his sour mouth are leaving the scene :3 And ZQM saw the light again, let’s hope he will be a better person and actor in the future.

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

2 years ago

Well good for ZQM for acknowledging his shortcomings instead of that Xiao Zhang assistant.

2 years ago

Thank you very much♡♡♡♡!~

2 years ago

Feeling a bit bad for ZQM sigh, protag halo is really too strong… I hope he does become better and leaves behind his jealous mind and succeeds too! Jiayou, ZQM!

8 months ago

Move Emperor coming to film was a dumb move no real actor would do this they already had almost scandal which is fresh but author decided to use op mc halo instead of actually developing mc which idk on what basis bcz mc is not very capable rn and now it’s more or less this guy helping mc behind the scenes instead of mc going on top himself not very interesting like this