IPCFS: Chapter 25 Part 3

Five minutes later, the production assistant came in and called out, “Ji Li, get ready to try the scene.”


Ji Li came to the shooting point and saw Zhou Qingming and the other actors gathering together to talk.

Xu Miaomiao saw his figure and quickly waved. “Ji Li, come quickly. I saw that you have been staying in the lounge this morning.”

“I was on Weibo to look at the makeup photos.” Ji Li spoke in an honest and polite manner. “Your makeup photos are very good.”

Xiao Zhang glanced at Ji Li proudly and said, “Of course, the eyes of the masses are bright. The hot search positions of Brother Ming and Sister Miaomiao are rising very quickly. The book fans are very satisfied with the selection.”

The foundation of the book fans was there. Some supporting actors could gain a temporary heat but it couldn’t last for a long time.

Ji Li heard the implication in his words but he just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Zhou Qingming signaled with his eyes for his assistant to shut up. Then he opened his mouth calmly. “I got up early and heard Producer Mo say that this drama is set to air at the end of the year. It will be on a TV station for three days a week, six episodes a week.”

Xu Miaomiao answered, “Yes, I heard the investment is very smooth. The early scenes are already in the post-editing process.”

The crew still had less than a month left to film but the early scenes had been finished. It was a bit of a rush but they really could start editing.

The drama didn’t have many special effects. If it went well then it could be broadcasted at the end of the year.

“During the Spring Festival holiday, every family has time to watch dramas and it is conducive for viewing.” Xu Miaomiao’s assistant said. “Brother Qingming and Sister Miaomiao have such good characters in the drama that their popularity will definitely increase.”

Zhou Qingming’s lips curved up and most of the accumulated irritability and depression in recent days dissipated.

Since the hot search this morning, his number of fans was rising every second. Many book fans were howling with satisfaction in his comments. To be honest, it had been a long time since he felt this type of ‘quick popularity.’

It was said that in the entertainment circle, popularity could support people and popularity and works could bring confidence.

This was true.

Based on this trend, Zhou could already imagine the grand occasion after the drama finished airing. He had been vaguely worried that Ji Li’s momentum would surpass his male lead. Now after looking at the data comparison this morning, he found there was no need to be worried.

Ji Li was keenly aware of the subtle changes in Zhou Qingming today and didn’t puncture it.

Today’s filming schedule was still very intensive.

Yao Chuan was a serious and efficient director. He didn’t allow the actors to receive too much unexpected news in the middle of filming. Therefore, Ji Li and the others obediently handed over their phones to their assistants and focused on shooting.

Filming continued until 2 o’clock in the afternoon when Yao Chuan called for a break. The crew relaxed in unison and hurried to grab their meals.

“Brother Ji!” Baozi ran over. The smile on his face couldn’t be concealed and his originally bright eyes were shining.

“Why are you so happy?” Ji Li took the mineral water and asked with a smile.

“You are on the hot search! It is also a high hot search!” Baozi was almost jumping up and down.

The moment he spoke, Zhou Qingming passed by them with a terribly cold expression.

His assistant Xiao Zhang followed him and whispered, “What is so great about a hot search you bought yourself? Jumping so hard, I thought you were going to heaven.”

Ji Li frowned slightly and grabbed Baozi who wanted to go forward. “Baobao, what happened in these hours? Did Sister Yu or the company still buy me a hot search?”

Baozi glared fiercely at Xiao Zhang’s back and said softly, “Brother Ji, don’t listen to that nonsense. It wasn’t bought by the company. It is spontaneous heat created by netizens.”

Then he handed the phone to Ji Li. “You take a look. Let’s go back to the lounge and talk slowly, lest we get some sourness.”

Back in the lounge, Ji Li learned about what happened.

More than two hours ago, the crew released a minute long concept trailer about each of the show’s key characters.

To put it bluntly, it was maintaining the heat of the show.

Netizens and fans from all walks of life were really awesome. Not long after the trailer was released, both reposts and comments broke through 10,000 and the number of clicks surpassed one million.

The thing the crew hadn’t expected was that after the release of the trailer, the character who had the most enthusiasm wasn’t the male and female leads or the supporting characters. It was actually Ji Li who only appeared for eight seconds.

It was because Ji Li’s character was too handsome!

There was a saying: the wives of experts are among the common people.

A bigshot in the film and television editing circle singled out Ji Li’s trailer and added the previous behind the scenes video to carefully edit a 20 second video of the ‘Xie Yan’ character.

In the video, Ji Li was dressed in white like an immortal. He moved elegantly and lightly, but ruthlessly. The exquisite bone fan moved in his hands and inadvertently killed people.

Due to the change in angle, the crew kept the clip of Ji Li’s hat falling after the scene.

The hair tied by white ribbon was messy in the wind and fell on the young man’s exquisite facial features. The camera moved forward and focused on the affectionate yet heartless eyes. Even the mole on the bridge of the nose gave off an intoxicating feeling.

He wasn’t only handsome but completely eye-catching!

In just one hour, it was forwarded over ten thousand times.

The topic #Ji Li’s fight scene# went on the hot search due to the netizens and it was almost all praise. There were a few occasional sour comments but this was quickly pushed down by praise.

“I’ve already spoken to Sister Yu and the company’s PR department is watching it. The naturally rising heat hasn’t been grabbed by black fans yet.” Baozi smiled and laid out the food.

It was refreshing to follow Brother Ji, who had a strong sense of business and self-sufficiency.

Ji Li hadn’t used a stand-in since entering the crew.

In order to pursue a better effect, he often stayed under the control of the wire for dozens of minutes. Sometimes when performing a scene, he would repeat it over 10 times.

At the end of each day, it wasn’t just the bruises from the wire that worsened. He also got many new, small injuries on his body.

Now his hard work was being recognized by netizens.

If it was changed to another actor or was done by a stand-in, how could such a hot search topic appear?

“Yes, it is good to keep an eye on the online dynamics.”

It wasn’t a hot search that was bought so it was hard to leave a bad impression in the minds of others.

Ji Li had filmed all morning and was hungry by this time. He put down his phone and started to concentrate on his meal.

As a result, he had barely eaten a few bites when Baozi shouted excitedly, “Brother Ji!”

“Huh?” Ji Li almost choked from the shock.

Baozi hurriedly gave him a glass of water, face red with excitement. “Teacher Cai Ningkang reposted and praised your acting video.”

Ji Li wasn’t clear about this matter so he slowly looked at his phone.

The Teacher Cai Ningkang mentioned by Baozi had forwarded the edited video five minutes ago with the words: Amazing. Good acting.

Baozi saw the doubts in Ji Li’s eyes and asked carefully, “Brother Ji, don’t you know who Teacher Cai is?”

“……” Ji Li coughed. “You tell me.”

Cai Ningkang was almost 70 years old this year. During the time when the Chinese movie and television industry was just developing, he took the lead in making action and kung fu moves. He was especially sought after even among the martial arts stars.

Cai Ningkang was one of the most famous figures among them. The kung fu movies he played in his early years won several international awards. Later, the illness caused by constant filming caused him to announce his retirement.

In recent years, martial arts movies had declined but many martial arts instructors considered Cai Ningkang their teacher. Even the martial arts instructor in the crew, Wang Ruixiang was his apprentice.

Cai NIngkang normally only used his Weibo to repost some martial arts clips. Today, it was rare for him to repost and praise a newcomer.

Ji Li understood the importance of the matter and immediately commented on Cai Ningkang’s Weibo post: Thank you, Teacher Cai.

Baozi was so happy that he hummed a song. He immediately used his entertainment side account to take this opportunity to praise Ji Li wildly, expanding the exposure of the matter.

The news between entertainment bloggers was interoperable. This was soon disseminated to everyone and another topic about Ji Li was added to the hot search. The original edited video rose even faster than expected and broke through 100,000 forwards!

It must be known that Ji Li’s current fans didn’t have a complete fan circle system. The company also didn’t deliberately increase the data. This forwarding data was entirely from passersby.

-This book fan is lying down peacefully. I declare that Ji Li is the best actor for Xie Yan, no one else.

-Help, his acting is so handsome! God knows how long I have been watching this 20 second video!

-Brother, stop playing and come over to hit me (I have to figure out a way to hook him!)

-A passerby entering the pit vertically!

-I used to be a fan of He Ling and I scolded Ji Li before. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This comparison is like the sky to underground! I would like to use rainbow farts for the rest of my life to make up for this lack of eyesight.

Among the many screams, one remark topped the hot comments area.

@It is kiss kiss: So who will play the role of the regent in the drama? Who will play the uncle who has Xie Yan at the tip of his heart, who loves and hates?! Please, Ji Li has completely raised my expectations. Don’t look for just anyone for the uncle @Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth.

The comments below were all in response.

-I also want to know this! This uncle and nephew are the best!

-Wuuuuuu, a sister finally asked what was in my heart! I know the original novel is BG but I can’t hold back from supporting the uncle and nephew CP. They are a perfect match!

-Ji Li’s Xie Yan is really okay! I hope they can find the right uncle!

-I have a personal candidate in mind but the other person only mixes in the movie circle. I dare not say it.

-Upstairs sister, don’t be afraid. Speak up quickly and share it.

-I really can’t imagine the right person for the regent. I hope it won’t be ruined! The feeling given by the regent is really hard for most people to act out.

-The uncle doesn’t have many scenes in the book and there is no gossip from the crew so far. Surely his scenes won’t be deleted, right?

-Impossible! Without the regent, Xie Yan’s villain attributes wouldn’t be established at all! He followed one person all his life, loving and hating this person for a lifetime. He is the core of Xie Yan. Anyone else can be absent from the drama but not the regent [crying].

Ji Li saw these comments and was also looking forward to it.

The ‘regent’ mentioned by the netizens, Xie Yan’s king uncle was indeed an indispensable key figure in Xie Yan’s life.

Anyone who had read the original novel knew that Xie Yan’s love and hatred started with this person. The former’s extremely cold heart could only be warmed up in front of his uncle.

To a certain extent, Xie Yan’s feelings for this person were somewhat detached from common sense. However, the author wrote that the original novel was BG-oriented so CP fans could only make it up in private.

Ji Li had read the entire script. The character of the regent was still present but the actor hadn’t been decided yet.

Not long ago, Ji Li had asked Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing about it curiously but they just shook their heads mysteriously and refused to disclose it.

Ji Li took another bite of his food and said in an unclear voice, “I want to know who is playing my uncle more than the netizens.”

The moment he spoke, the crew’s official Weibo posted a new message.

Ji Li caught a glimpse of the Weibo content and was completely stunned on the sofa. It was only after several seconds that he dared to confirm the authenticity of the news.

@Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth Official Weibo: Follow one person all his life, the love and hatred of his life. All his thoughts are on him. @Qin Yue special starring – Regent Xie Chenyuan.

Very good.

The hot search broke out again.

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